12 Best Fishing Apps To Download In 2020

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Going fishing can be both peaceful and riveting for anyone who tries it. The peaceful and calm wait as you watch the water and surrounding nature can soothe the soul. Later on, when something bites onto your fishing line, your heart starts pumping faster as excitement and adrenaline take over. Consequently, you find yourself going from being placid to thrilled in the blink of an eye.

However, fishing isn’t always this pleasurable of an experience due to all the unpredictability. You have to watch for the weather, research the best fishing times, and keep track of the best fishing conditions. It can be both tiring and frustrating if you go unprepared. Hence, finding the best fishing apps to assist you on your fishing journey can be a great help. In this article, we list the 12 best fishing apps you can find to make your fishing experience more convenient.


12 Best Fishing Apps

What are the best places to fish near me? How about where to buy a good fishing tackle nearby? Whether you’re in search of ideal fishing places or great equipment, there are fishing apps available to give you answers. Here are the 12 best fishing apps you can download to help you fish better and smarter.



ANGLR fishing apps
© Photo by ANGLR on App Store

If you’re serious about fishing, ANGLR is one of the best fishing apps to get. Why? Well, because ANGLR allows you to input all your fishing information over time. It’s hassle-free as well, so you can just press start and not have to worry about constantly fiddling with the app. ANGLR automatically tracks your route via GPS, weather status, and even water conditions like temperature and water flow.

Apart from these, ANGLR also allows you to include photos and other records so you can track your progress. Over time, you can analyze the effectiveness of the baits you use and better inform yourself for future fishing expeditions. ANGLR truly gives you useful information that can help you get better and catch more fish! You can download it for free on iOS and Android. However, if you want upgraded features, you’ll have to pay a fee.

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2. Deeper Smart Sonar

Deeper Smart Sonar fishing apps
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A lot of times, fishing can be a very slow waiting game — which is part of its charm. However, it can be frustrating to wait all day without getting a single catch before sundown. That’s why fishing apps like Deeper Smart Sonar were made to help fishermen like you track down those elusive fish. 

How does it work, you ask? Well, Deeper Smart Sonar is meant to be used together with the Deeper fish finder. With the app, you can do amazing things like map out the water below you. You can measure water depth, topography, water temperature, and even find fish right on the app!

Furthermore, you can set alarms for certain depths and certain fish, just in case you want something more tailored. You can also plan your fishing trips by using its solunar calendar and weather forecasting functions to inform your scheduling. Above all, Deeper Smart Sonar has fishing modes for boat, onshore, and ice fishing! You can take it with you to your fishing adventures in colder locations. It’s free to download on both iOS and Android. 

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3. FishAngler

FishAngler fishing apps
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Some apps are great for logging your fishing information, while others are great for planning your next trip. However, it can be clunky to shuffle between apps while on your journey. Wouldn’t you want fishing apps that serve all the functions in one? Enter FishAngler, an app that attempts to give you everything you need for fishing.

With FishAngler, you can log your catch, monitor the weather, map your trip, and even connect with fellow fishermen! Maybe you want to explore new fishing areas or check out a week-long daily fishing forecast — use FishAngler. Perhaps you need a place to organize a detailed description of your catches over the years — use FishAngler.

How about asking other fishermen for help when you’re stuck or just want to talk about fishing? You can use FishAngler for that too! It’s versatile and all-encompassing, that is why it’s one of the best fishing apps we recommend. Check it out for free on iOS and Android.

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4. Fishbrain

© Photo by Fishbrain on App Store

Fishing apps don’t always need to have the highest-end fishing detection or location mapping features. Sometimes, all you require is good advice from fellow fishermen within the areas you want to check out. With over 9 million users and counting, Fishbrain has the largest network of fishing enthusiasts on any fishing app. This is why Fishbrain has made its way as one of the mainstream fishing apps beloved by many. 

With Fishbrain, you can do the basics like log and record fishing progress. It also helps you find updates on fish in certain areas in your current time and forecasts your fishing. Furthermore, it can also find fishing hotspots, show you locations from a crowdsourced database, and more. However, some of the higher-end features do hide behind a paywall. Otherwise, it’s free to download on iOS and Android. 

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5. Fishidy

Fishidy fishing apps
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You’re new to fishing and you don’t know where to start. Consequently, you turn to everyone’s best friend, Google. After opening Google Chrome, you type in “fishing areas near me” or “best places to fish near me”. However, it can be troublesome to have to ask Google every time you want to go fishing. That’s why fishing apps like Fishidy exist — to give you just that and more.

Apart from letting you find, save, and record favorite fishing spots, Fishidy offers much more under the hood. It’s an app that also provides you with a functional map of over 17,000 waterways. What’s more, it can tell you about current reports regarding each of those waterways to give you a detailed picture. You can also decide based on those reports on how, where, or when you’re going to fish. Furthermore, a subscription to its premium service offers more resources like detailed underwater and offline maps, hotspots, and tips.

Lastly, if you picture fishing as a lonesome hobby, think again. That’s because you can use Fishidy as a sort of fishing social media site. Share what you caught with all your friends on the app and flaunt your amazing skills! Check out the basic app on iOS and Android for free.

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6. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time
© Photo by Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time on App Store

Are you looking for the best fishing times today? It can be tricky to find out the best times to fish — especially if you’re new to fishing. However, more seasoned fishers can have a little trouble telling if it’s the right time. That’s why apps like Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time are great finds — they do all that thinking for you!

Animal habits can be difficult to predict if you’re not an expert. With Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time, you can easily track their feeding and movement directly on your phone. You’ll find approximations for major and minor periods and sun/moon rise, zenith, and set times.

Moreover, you can check a 5-day weather forecast for your location. It’s a simple app, but it gets the job done when you want to find the best fishing times. What’s more, it’s free to download on Android, although it does have a paid version. However, the paid version only removes ads and includes only minor features. Also, Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time is only available on Android. Sorry, iPhone users; better luck next time.

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7. Fishing Knots

Fishing Knots fishing apps
© Photo by Fishing Knots on App Store

Let’s face it, tying knots is one of the most confusing parts about fishing for first-timers. In addition, with so many knots to memorize per fishing line, it can be extremely confusing! Thankfully, fishing apps like Fishing Knots exist to help you find and choose the best knot for your line. With photos and detailed instructions about each knot, you’ll never have to curse your memory again! Of course, it’s ideal if you can memorize most of the knots you use for fishing. Nonetheless, Fishing Knots certainly takes the headache out of learning and is handy for when you forget certain knots. Check it out for free on iOS and Android.

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8. Fishing Points

Fishing Points fishing apps
© Photo by Fishing Points on App Store

Some fishing apps can feel a bit too overwhelming with the number of features they offer. Sometimes, all you need is a trusty map, log, and forecaster so you can focus on fishing. With Fishing Points, you get just that.

Fishing Points allows you to save your favorite spots, trotlines, and more on the map. You can get back to certain points easily with Google Maps guiding the way. At the end of the day, you can record all of the things you managed to catch.

If you’re planning a future trip, you can use Fishing Points’ forecaster for the weather, tides, solunar calendar, and fish movement. It’s pretty straightforward and does what you just need without doing too much fuss. If you want something more advanced though, try the in-app purchases to acquire more detailed info and unlock more features. Otherwise, it’s free on both iOS and Android.

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9. FishTrack

FishTrack fishing apps
© Photo by FishTrack on App Store

Navigating the seas used to be an explorer’s greatest ambition — but also one of most people’s greatest fears. That’s because the seas can be unpredictable. Many things can go wrong on just one trip to the ocean. The weather could be dangerous and not knowing how to navigate the waters made seafaring treacherous.

Luckily, fast forward to 2020, and navigating the seas isn’t as crazy as it used to be. With FishTrack, you can easily find information on the current saltwater status. You can find everything from sea surface temperature (SST) charts, satellite and chlorophyll imagery, water currents, and more.

Using FishTrack makes seafaring easier than ever because you can make and save navigation routes for fishing. Moreover, the app also shows weather forecasts to further inform your navigation and fishing trips. However, the only downside is that it comes with a $15 monthly/$18 yearly subscription on both iOS and Android. It does offer a 15-day free trial, but beyond that, you need to fork up the cash.

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10. iAngler Tournament

IAngler Tournament
© Photo by IAngler Tournament on App Store

Are you more of the competitive type? Then you might have tried tournament fishing before. However, whether or not you have, getting a dose of competitive fishing can be a thrilling experience. When you’re pit against other registered fishers, you’re more determined to catch the best fish there is.

With iAngler Tournament, you can easily join these fishing competitions without a sweat. Just download the app, look for a tournament near your area, and register. Once the tournament begins, you can focus on fishing! As you’re participating, you can use the iAngler Tournament to log your catch information while you’re still fishing.

You can also check on the status of your competitors by viewing the live leaderboard. Of course, the app also gives you weather and tide information to ensure the safety of participating fishers. Download it for free on iOS and Android.

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11. Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes

Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes
© Photo by Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes on App Store

Navigation might not be your strong point, but it doesn’t have to be your weak point either. With Navionics Boating Marine & Lakes, you get access to all the information you’ll need to navigate the waters. You can check on nautical charts and use the built-in navigation tools to assist you on your journey. The app offers many features like sonar charts, finding routes, community notes, and more. 

Of course, finding routes and navigation isn’t the only thing Navionics has to offer. It also gives you information on the weather and tides, so you can plan if it ever gets dangerous. With Navionics, you barely have to worry about the troubles of navigation while you’re out fishing. Just focus on catching that fish! Perhaps the only thing you have to worry about is the price of in-app purchases and subscriptions because it’s only free for 15 days. Check it out on iOS and Android.

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12. Pro Angler

Pro Angler
© Photo by Pro Angler on App Store

Saltwater isn’t the easiest place to fish, especially given how difficult it is to navigate. With Pro Angler, you can find hotspots, check weather maps, view regulations, and find out about various fish species. If you’re planning for a trip, you can check out what’s biting around your area with weekly updates. Furthermore, apart from finding hotspots and reefs for you, it also has guides for knots and gear. You can truly fish out at sea like a pro! Check it out for free on both iOS and Android.

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Best Fishing Apps: Conclusion

There are many fishing apps to choose from that can help you in different aspects of your fishing journey. Some apps are more well-rounded that can give you the weather, navigation, logs, and more all at once. However, others are stripped down, focusing on a specific aspect of fishing that can help you focus on that area. Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one or just trying to figure out how to tie a knot, there’s a fishing app out there for you.