Odin Flash Tool: Everything You Need To Know

As innovation arises, we can’t avoid encountering problems brought by them. This is true especially when technology is concerned. There are a lot of flagship phones available. With this number...
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What Is the Best Phablet? A Buying Guide for 2020

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Best Budget Phone Under $200: 2020 Edition

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Best Gaming Phones 2020 Buying Guide

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Best Phone Speakers for Audiophiles and Movie Streamers

Phone speakers aren’t particularly paid more attention to, if not at all, before any phone specification. Even manufacturers don’t highlight speaker specs. For one, not everyone seems to have an...
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Best Mobile Processors: Top 10 High Performing Smartphones

Are you into playing video games using your mobile phones? Do you hate it when your phone lags when you play your favorite games? This might be a result of...
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Top 12 Phones With The Best Battery Life (2020 Edition)

When shopping for a smartphone, one of the most important specs to consider is its battery life. It's a feature that many manufacturers are improving with every new release. Nobody...

Casetify Holiday Gift Guide 2019: Cases & Accessories To Buy

Casetify offers a wide range of smartphone cases and accessory options in time for the holiday season. Inspired by today's millennial culture, it has custom products that showcase funky designs....
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15 Best Waterproof Smartwatches That You Can Buy Now


Samsung Teases New Foldable Flip Smartphone Design

Exciting news smartphone geeks! Samsung has revealed a new foldable device concept of what appears to be a traditional flip smartphone. The tech giant gave a sneak peek to the...

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Boosts Samsung Earnings

Samsung suffered multiple difficult quarters in the past years. The Korean technology giant was predicted to have up to 56% of the decrease in profits. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and...
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Samsung Pay vs Apple Pay: Which Is Better?

Samsung and Apple have always come head-to-head for almost everything. Whether it's mobile or home assistance, or even for mobile applications, their rivalry stories are endless. With competition, there goes...
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The Ultimate 15 Best Camera Phones in 2019

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Newest Addition To Samsung Galaxy A Series: Samsung Galaxy A70s

Samsung released the newest addition to the Samsung Galaxy A Series. The Samsung Galaxy A70s was released on September 28, 2019 in India. The newest Galaxy A70s is now only...