What Is A Function Point (FP)?

What is a Function Point (FP)?

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What is a Function Point (FP)?

Welcome to the DEFINITIONS category of our website! In this section, we bring you easy-to-understand explanations of various terms and concepts related to our industry. Today, we dive into the world of software development and explore the fascinating concept of Function Points (FP).

Function Points (FP) are a unit of measure used to quantify the functionality delivered by a software application. They provide a standardized method to estimate the size and complexity of a software system, helping developers and project managers better understand the effort required for its development and maintenance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Function Points (FP) are a unit of measure for quantifying software functionality.
  • They help estimate the size and complexity of a software system, aiding in project planning and resource management.

Now that we have our key takeaways, let’s delve deeper into what exactly Function Points (FP) entail:

1. Measuring Software Functionality

Function Points (FP) provide a way to capture the functionality of a software application independently of the technology or programming language used. They focus on the business requirements and user interactions, disregarding implementation details. By quantifying the functional components of a system, Function Points help in estimating development effort, resource allocation, and project planning.

2. Factors Influencing Function Points

Function Points (FP) take into consideration the following key factors:

  • User Inputs: This factor represents the various ways a user can provide inputs to the system, such as entering data or clicking buttons.
  • User Outputs: It includes the outputs generated by the system, such as reports or messages displayed to the user.
  • User Inquiries: This factor describes the functionality that allows the user to retrieve or view information from the system.
  • File Interfaces: It includes the processes involved in reading from or writing to files.
  • External Interfaces: This factor considers the interactions with external systems or services.

Considering these factors, Function Points assign a numerical value to each component based on its complexity or level of effort required. These values can then be summed up to calculate the total Function Points for a given software application.


Function Points (FP) serve as a valuable metric in the world of software development. By quantifying the functionality delivered by a system, they aid in estimating project effort, resource allocation, and overall project planning. Understanding the concept of Function Points can help software professionals gain insight into the complexities of their work and ensure better management of software development projects.