Samsung Galaxy Watch 2: What’s the Price, Release Date, and Features

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Ever since the introduction of the Samsung smartwatch, people have been clamoring to know about the next model and new updates. The original Samsung Galaxy Watch gained a lot of attention and traction when it first entered the arena way back in 2018. Now, everyone is itchy to learn everything new about the new Samsung smartwatch.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 going to cost? When is it hitting stores? And, most importantly, what can we expect from it?


Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Release Date

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A common question that has crossed every smartwatch enthusiast’s mind is, “When is the new Samsung watch coming out?” That is a tricky question to answer, mainly because Samsung has made no announcement yet concerning the release date of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

A lot of Samsung lovers expected the brand to release it alongside the Samsung Galaxy S10 range in 2019, a year after the release of the original model. When that did not happen, many expected it to drop along with the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. However, that failed to take place as well.


Release Date Assumptions

The timing of the new Samsung smartwatch’s release is certainly a point of contention among tech pundits in the industry. A vast majority of them were surprised that Samsung has yet to capitalize on the Galaxy Watch 2, especially considering the fact that the Galaxy Active 2 arrived a mere six months following the release of the first Galaxy Active Hybrid Watch. As of writing, Samsung has still made no effort to announce anything remotely related to the new Samsung watch.

That being said, though, there have been rumors flying around, and they are not without basis. Official certification documents in China have indicated the arrival of a new Samsung watch soon, while in the United States, the certification has also appeared for something listed as “Samsung Galaxy Watch.” Of course, this does not directly confirm the existence of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 as much as it suggests that there is a new Samsung watch in the works. Whether that is the Galaxy Watch 2 or the Galaxy Active 3 remains up for debate.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that certifications usually pop up when a device is nearing launch. Given past trends, that means the South Korean tech giant will likely make an announcement about a new Samsung smartwatch fairly soon.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Expected Price

For most people, the first thing they consider when buying something new is the price. Even with outstanding features, a lot of buyers balk at the mention of a price tag that is way over their budget. The same goes for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. So, how much is the new Samsung watch anyway?

The bad news is since Samsung has yet to make an announcement, there is no price point we can work with as of now. Tech giants have been known to hike up the price tag of their products if enough new features and advancements arrive with it. And that makes sense, of course. After all, the company must cover the cost of developing those new features and then installing them on a mass scale.

Currently, there are no rumors or hearsays about the price of the new Samsung watch. So, people have no basis to set a budget for a new Samsung smartwatch just yet. On the plus side, we can make an assumption on how much the new Samsung watch will cost based on historical data. The original Samsung Galaxy Watch started with a price tag of $329 (£279 or AU$499). Since price trends tend to go upwards, we can expect the new Samsung watch to cost at least $329 or more.


Samsung Galaxy Watch 1 vs Watch 2

New Samsung Watch
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Arguably the most exciting part of every new model, though, is the features. Technology evolves with each passing moment. One discovery or breakthrough can change the lives of millions of people. In fact, it was not too long ago when the World Wide Web was a mere thought, an idea in the mind of computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee that blossomed into a full-fledged phenomenon. Today, no one can imagine a world without the connectivity and readily available information that the World Wide Web presents.

In this case, there is not a lot of information about it yet, and that includes its supposed features. An FCC listing, though, may shed some more light on what the upcoming iteration may have to offer. Keep in mind, though, that the listing does not make it clear whether it is for the Galaxy Watch 2 or the Galaxy Active 3. Additionally, Samsung has yet to confirm nor deny these rumors, so it is best to take this news with a grain of salt.

That being said, let us break down the alleged features of the watch. Sketches that come with the FCC listing indicate that the new Samsung watch will come with a 5 ATM water resistance rating, Gorilla Glass DX, and a 45mm stainless steel case. It will also boast military-standard durability, GPS, and LTE capabilities.


Design, Size, OS, and Storage

SPECS Samsung Galaxy Watch 2
Size 40mm, 44mm
Storage 8 GB
Battery Life 24-60 hours, depending on workouts and display
OS Tizen OS (One UI)
Design Titanium model

Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 1, reports indicate that the follow-up will consist of a physical rotating bezel. Considering many pundits and consumers praised this feature making navigation simple, it is easy to see why Samsung would want it on the Galaxy Watch 2 as well. The same reports also suggest that the new model will run on Samsung’s smartwatch operating system, Tizen, out of the box.

However, unlike the previous model, the new Samsung watch is expected to come in two smaller sizes. The Watch 1 had two versions measuring 46mm and 42mm, making it appear and feel bulkier. The upcoming model will purportedly have two versions as well, this time at 44mm and 40mm, similar to the Galaxy Active 2. Beyond that, the new Samsung watch will also supposedly have 8 GB of space, which is double its predecessor’s storage. This means you can download more music and apps from the Galaxy Store.

Rumors have also suggested that the new Samsung watch may come in a titanium version. If this is true, people can expect a higher price tag for the titanium model, as it is a lighter and more durable material than aluminum and stainless steel.


Similar Galaxy Active 2 Features

New Samsung Watch ECG monitoring & bezel
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Tech developers often borrow features from existing devices and put them into newer ones. It is not an uncommon move, especially since it is impractical to have entirely new features on every new model. Although the Galaxy Active 2 and the Galaxy Watch 2 are two different beasts, it is safe to say that these smartwatches may share similar features.

The Galaxy Active Watch 2 came with ECG (electrocardiogram) capabilities built-in, so it may also come with the new Samsung watch. This feature allows you to monitor your heart’s rhythm and can warn you if the rhythm becomes dangerous. Since Apple’s wearable also has this feature on board, it is highly likely the Galaxy Watch 2 will also have it.

Another feature of the Galaxy Active 2 is a digital rotating bezel. Although rumors indicate a physical rotating bezel on the new Samsung watch, the tech giant could go for a digital one instead. Since the Galaxy Watch 2 is expected to be smaller, a digital rotating bezel could make the design more compact.


Unlikely Features

New Samsung Watch body fat measurement
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Out of the many rumors circulating in the blogosphere, one stands out as an unlikely feature on the Samsung watch. According to a patent seen online, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 may come with the ability to measure body fat percentage. The device achieves this with the use of electrodes built into the wearable’s strap. 

This is certainly an attractive quality, but it remains to be seen whether Samsung can achieve such a feat. It is important to note that tech giants file countless patents every year. Some of them come to fruition, but a large number only gathers dust on the sidelines.

Although the body fat feature is on the more improbable side of the spectrum, having such a capability will certainly push the new Samsung watch into the spotlight. After all, while there are many who purchase smartwatches for their chic convenience, there are also those who buy them for their fitness features.


No Confirmations Yet

Ever since the world embraced the idea of smartwatches, tech giants like Samsung have made efforts to evolve the wearable landscape with every new model they release. It will come as no surprise when Samsung continues down this path and unveils the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 for all to see. After all, the company does not shy away from revealing progressive products at competitive price points.

The hotly anticipated new Samsung watch will definitely make a splash once the brand introduces it. As of now, though, the South Korean company has yet to announce any details about it or even confirm its existence. While we can guess and theorize the release date, price, and features of the upcoming iteration, it is important to remember that these have not been verified yet. As such, readers must take this news with a grain of salt.