How To Get Rob Gronkowski In Madden Mobile

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Are you a fan of Madden Mobile and dream of dominating the game with the dynamic skillset of Rob Gronkowski? Well, you’re in luck! In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to acquire the legendary tight end for your Madden Mobile team. Rob Gronkowski, also known as “Gronk,” is an iconic player known for his exceptional athleticism, powerful catches, and dominant presence on the field. With his speed, strength, and undeniable skill, having Gronk on your team can offer a significant advantage in dominating your opponents and leading your team to victory. So, let’s dive in and learn how to get Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile!

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  1. Point 1: Understanding Rob Gronkowski’s Importance
  2. Point 2: Completing the Required Sets
  3. Point 3: Participating in Live Events
  4. Point 4: Utilizing the Auction House
  5. Conclusion
  6. FAQs

Point 1: Understanding Rob Gronkowski’s Importance

When it comes to Madden Mobile, there are few players as significant as Rob Gronkowski. The towering and talented tight end has made a name for himself on the football field with his ability to dominate opposing defenses. In the game, Gronkowski reflects his real-life prowess, making him a highly sought-after player for any team.

Having Rob Gronkowski on your Madden Mobile roster can provide a significant advantage. His combination of size, speed, and strength makes him an unstoppable force in the passing game. With his exceptional catch radius and ability to break tackles, Gronkowski can turn routine plays into game-changing moments.

Furthermore, Gronkowski’s presence on the field opens up opportunities for other players on your team. Defenses often have to allocate additional attention to cover Gronkowski, which can create mismatches for your other receivers. By drawing double coverage or taking a safety out of the equation, Gronkowski helps create a more favorable passing game for your entire team.

Not only does Gronkowski excel in the passing game, but he is also an asset in the running game. His blocking abilities are crucial for creating running lanes and protecting the quarterback. With Gronkowski on your team, you can enjoy a more balanced offense and exploit both the running and passing game effectively.

It’s important to understand that acquiring Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile is no easy feat. His popularity and skill level make him a highly sought-after player by millions of gamers around the world. However, with the right strategy and determination, you can increase your chances of adding Gronkowski to your roster.

Point 2: Completing the Required Sets

Completing the required sets is an essential step in acquiring Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile. Sets are collections of specific player items that you need to gather to unlock a particular reward, such as Gronkowski himself. These sets can be found in the “Sets” section of the game.

Firstly, you need to identify which sets are necessary to obtain Rob Gronkowski. In most cases, there will be a set specifically dedicated to acquiring this elite player. Pay close attention to the requirements listed in the set description.

Next, focus on obtaining the player items needed to complete the set. These items can be obtained through various methods, such as completing events, opening packs, or trading with other players. Keep an eye out for specific events or packs that offer the required player items.

Oftentimes, completing sets requires specific player items with a certain overall rating or belonging to a specific team. Be strategic in your gameplay and try to acquire these items through different means, such as trading or bidding in the Auction House.

Once you have gathered all the necessary player items, navigate to the “Sets” section and locate the set dedicated to Rob Gronkowski. Follow the instructions provided in the set description to add the required player items and complete the set.

Upon successful completion, you will be rewarded with Rob Gronkowski, who will improve your team’s performance and unlock new possibilities in your Madden Mobile experience.

Remember, completing the required sets may take time and effort, but the satisfaction of finally adding Rob Gronkowski to your team will make it all worthwhile. So keep grinding, collect the necessary player items, and strive to complete the sets!

Point 3: Participating in Live Events

Participating in live events is a crucial aspect of obtaining Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile. These events provide opportunities to earn specific items or collectibles required to complete sets that unlock Gronkowski. Here are some key tips to maximize your chances of getting Gronkowski through live events:

1. Prioritize Gronkowski-related Events: Keep an eye out for events specifically tied to Gronkowski or the set completion process. These events often offer better rewards and higher drop rates for the required items. Focus your energy on these events to increase your chances of success.

2. Check Event Schedules: It’s important to know when the Gronkowski events are scheduled to take place. Madden Mobile typically updates its events regularly, so stay tuned to the game’s announcements and event calendars. Plan your gameplay accordingly to ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

3. Play Daily Events: Daily events are a reliable source of collectibles and resources. Make it a habit to participate in these events every day. Even if they don’t directly reward Gronkowski items, they can provide valuable resources that will help you progress faster in the game and increase your chances of success overall.

4. Stay Active during Promotional Events: Madden Mobile often introduces promotional events tied to real-life NFL happenings, such as the Super Bowl or draft day. These events frequently offer unique rewards and increased drop rates for desirable items. Take full advantage of these opportunities to boost your Gronkowski collection efforts.

5. Utilize Stamina Efficiently: Stamina is a limited resource in Madden Mobile. Be strategic in how you spend your stamina during live events. Focus on events that offer the best chances of obtaining Gronkowski items or provide additional rewards that can help you progress faster towards completing the required sets.

By actively participating in live events and following these tips, you can significantly improve your chances of obtaining Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile. Keep grinding and stay dedicated, and before you know it, Gronk will be a key contributor to your virtual football team.

Point 4: Utilizing the Auction House

The Auction House is a key feature in Madden Mobile that allows players to buy and sell items, including player cards. This is an excellent avenue to acquire a Rob Gronkowski card if you are unable to complete the required sets or obtain him through live events. Here are a few tips on how to effectively use the Auction House to your advantage:

1. Research the Market: Before making any purchases, take some time to browse the Auction House and familiarize yourself with the current prices of Rob Gronkowski cards. This will give you an idea of the average selling price and help you spot any potential bargains.

2. Set a Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on acquiring a Rob Gronkowski card. Setting a budget will help you stay focused and prevent overspending. It’s important to remember that prices can fluctuate, so be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

3. Use Filters: Utilize the filtering options in the Auction House to narrow down your search results. You can specify the player, position, overall rating, and other relevant attributes to find the specific Rob Gronkowski card you desire. This will save you time and help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

4. Snipe Opportunities: Keep an eye out for sniping opportunities in the Auction House. Sniping refers to finding cards listed at a significantly lower price than their market value. These listings usually occur when sellers make mistakes or overlook the true worth of a card. Being vigilant and quick to take advantage of these opportunities can lead to significant savings.

5. Bid Wisely: When bidding on a Rob Gronkowski card, be strategic with your bids. Carefully observe the bidding pattern and try to outmaneuver other potential buyers. Avoid getting caught in bidding wars that might drive up the price beyond your budget. Bidding at the last moment, known as “sniping,” can sometimes be effective, but it requires timing and precision.

6. Sell Your Assets: If you have valuable assets or duplicate player cards, consider selling them in the Auction House to generate some extra coins. This can help fund your efforts to acquire a Rob Gronkowski card. Make sure to set competitive prices to attract potential buyers and maximize your profits.

By utilizing the Auction House effectively, you can increase your chances of obtaining a Rob Gronkowski card in Madden Mobile. Remember to be patient, conduct thorough research, and seize opportunities when they arise. Good luck in your quest to add Gronkowski’s powerhouse skills to your team!


Getting Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of acquiring the talented tight end for your ultimate team. Remember to utilize the Auction House, complete sets, and participate in events to earn the necessary resources to land Gronkowski on your roster.

Once you have secured Gronkowski, be sure to take full advantage of his formidable skills and dominant presence on the field. With his exceptional speed, catching ability, and blocking prowess, Gronkowski can greatly enhance your offensive strategy and lead your team to victory.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to add this legendary player to your Madden Mobile lineup. Start implementing these strategies and embark on your journey to acquire Rob Gronkowski today.


1. How do I get Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile?

To get Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile, you will need to participate in specific events or complete certain objectives. Look out for limited-time promotional events or sets that offer Gronkowski as a reward. You can also try participating in in-game auctions or trading with other players who may already have Gronkowski in their lineup. Keep an eye on the Madden Mobile community for any news or updates related to Gronkowski’s availability.

2. Can I purchase Rob Gronkowski directly from the in-game store?

No, you cannot directly purchase Rob Gronkowski from the in-game store in Madden Mobile. The game encourages players to engage in events, challenges, and auctions to acquire players like Gronkowski. This adds an element of excitement and competitiveness to the gameplay experience.

3. Are there any specific requirements to unlock Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile?

While there may not be specific requirements to unlock Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile, some events or challenges may have certain prerequisites, such as team overall rating, power level, or specific player cards. It’s crucial to continuously improve your team and work towards meeting the necessary criteria to maximize your chances of unlocking Gronkowski and other elite players.

4. Can I use Rob Gronkowski in all game modes within Madden Mobile?

Once you have acquired Rob Gronkowski in Madden Mobile, you can use him in various game modes, including Head-to-Head, Season mode, and Live Events. Gronkowski’s exceptional skills and attributes will undoubtedly enhance your team’s performance and give you a competitive advantage over your opponents.

5. Is Rob Gronkowski a valuable addition to my Madden Mobile team?

Undoubtedly, Rob Gronkowski is a valuable addition to any Madden Mobile team. Known for his exceptional catching ability and physicality, Gronkowski is considered one of the top tight ends in the NFL. Having him in your lineup will significantly boost your offense and provide a reliable target for your quarterback. Whether you’re a casual player or a competitive gamer, Gronkowski’s presence on your team will greatly enhance your chances of success.