How To Tell Which HTC Phone I Have

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Are you an HTC phone owner? Do you find yourself wondering which model of HTC phone you own? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. With a wide range of HTC models available, it can be confusing to differentiate between them. However, there are several ways to determine the specific HTC phone you have. By looking at the device’s model number, checking the system settings, or examining the physical appearance and design, you can confidently identify your HTC phone model. In this article, we will explore different methods to help you understand how to tell which HTC phone you have. With this information, you will be able to make informed decisions about software updates, compatibility with apps, and more. So, let’s dive in and discover the secrets to identifying your HTC phone model!

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How To Tell Which HTC Phone I Have

HTC, a well-known brand in the mobile phone industry, has produced a wide range of smartphones over the years. With so many different models and variations available, it can sometimes be challenging to determine which HTC phone you have. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! We’re here to help. In this article, we’ll guide you through several methods to identify your specific HTC phone model.

1. Checking the Model Number:

The model number is a unique identifier assigned to each HTC phone. To find your model number, start by removing the battery cover or looking at the back of your device. You should see a label with information about your phone, including the model number. The model number typically consists of a combination of letters and numbers, such as HTC One M8 or HTC Desire 820.

2. Examining the Physical Appearance:

Each HTC phone has distinct physical features that can help you recognize its model. Look at the size and shape of your phone, the placement of buttons and ports, and the design elements. For example, if your phone has a dual-camera setup, it is likely an HTC U12+. If it has a large display with minimal bezels, it might be an HTC U11+. Take note of any unique characteristics that can provide clues about your phone’s model.

3. Accessing the System Settings:

If you have your HTC phone in hand, you can also find its model information within the device settings. Start by unlocking your phone and navigating to the Settings menu. Depending on your HTC phone’s operating system, the exact location of the model information may vary. Look for an “About phone” or “System” section, where you should find details about your phone model, software version, and more. It may display the full model name or just a code, so cross-reference it with online resources if necessary.

4. Using Online Resources or HTC Support:

If you’ve exhausted the above options and still can’t identify your HTC phone model, turn to online resources or contact HTC support for assistance. HTC’s official website provides comprehensive information about their phone models, including product descriptions, specifications, and visual references. You can also visit HTC’s support page or reach out to their customer service for guidance. Be prepared to provide any available details about your phone, such as serial numbers or IMEI numbers, to help them assist you better.

Now that you know how to determine which HTC phone you have, you can confidently navigate device-specific tutorials, troubleshoot issues, or seek appropriate accessories for your phone. Remember, identifying your HTC phone model is a crucial first step in utilizing and enjoying the full capabilities of your device.

# 1. Checking the Model Number

If you’re wondering how to identify which HTC phone you have, checking the model number is a reliable method. The model number provides specific information about the device and can help you differentiate between different HTC phone models. Here’s how you can check the model number:

1. Look for the model number on the packaging: When you purchased your HTC phone, it likely came in a package with a label that includes the model number. The model number is typically displayed prominently on the box, making it easy to find and identify.

2. Check the back panel or battery compartment: In many cases, the model number is imprinted on the back cover or inside the battery compartment of your HTC phone. Remove the back cover or the battery if necessary, and look for a series of alphanumeric characters that represent the model number.

3. Check the SIM tray: If your HTC phone has a SIM card slot, you may find the model number inscribed on the SIM tray. Remove the SIM tray and inspect it closely to find the model number. Be sure to handle the SIM tray carefully to avoid any damage.

4. Access the device’s software information: Another way to check the model number of your HTC phone is by accessing the software information. Go to the “Settings” menu, then navigate to “About phone” or “About device.” Look for the “Model number” or “Device model” section to find the specific model number of your HTC phone.

Knowing how to check the model number of your HTC phone can be helpful in various situations. It allows you to identify and locate the correct firmware or software updates, troubleshoot issues, and find compatible accessories or parts for your specific device. By following these steps, you should be able to determine which HTC phone model you have with ease.

# 2. Examining the Physical Appearance

Examining the physical appearance of your HTC phone can provide valuable clues about its model and identity. Here are a few key elements to look out for:

1. Size and Form: HTC phones come in various sizes, from compact models to larger, more feature-rich devices. Pay attention to the size and form factor of your phone to help narrow down the possibilities.

2. Display: Take a close look at the display of your HTC phone. Note the screen size, resolution, and whether it has any unique features such as curved edges or a notch. This information can help in identifying the specific model.

3. Buttons and Ports: Observe the arrangement and presence of physical buttons and ports on your phone. Check for the location of the power button, volume rocker, and any additional buttons. Also, note the presence of any charging ports, headphone jacks, or other connectors.

4. Design Elements: HTC phones often have distinctive design elements that set them apart. Look for any unique patterns, textures, or finishes on the back cover or bezels. These aesthetic features can be helpful when determining the exact model.

5. Camera Setup: Examine the camera setup on your HTC phone. Take note of the number of lenses, their arrangement, and any additional sensors or features. Different models have varying camera configurations, which can aid in identification.

Remember, it’s important to compare these physical characteristics with information available online or in official HTC documentation for accurate identification. By examining the physical appearance of your HTC phone, you can gather valuable information to help determine its model and make the most of its features.

# 3. Accessing the System Settings

Accessing the system settings on your HTC phone is a straightforward process and can provide you with valuable information about the device. Here are the steps to help you access the system settings:

1. Start by unlocking your HTC phone and navigating to the home screen. From there, locate the “Settings” app, which is usually represented by a gear icon. Tap on it to open the settings menu.

2. Once you are in the settings menu, you will see various categories such as “Wireless & Networks,” “Sound,” “Display,” and more. Scroll through these categories until you find the option named “About Phone” or “System.” This option may be located at the end of the list or within one of the categories.

3. Tap on the “About Phone” or “System” option to access detailed information about your HTC phone. Here, you will find essential details such as the device model, Android version, kernel version, and more.

4. Within the “About Phone” or “System” section, you can also explore additional settings or information specific to your HTC phone model. Some options may include “Software Updates,” “Status,” “Phone Identity,” and “Hardware Information.” These subsections can provide you with even more details about your device.

5. Take your time to explore the various options available in the system settings menu. You can customize your device preferences, manage app permissions, view storage information, and perform other functions that optimize your HTC phone’s performance.

By accessing the system settings, you will have a better understanding of your HTC phone’s specifications and features. This information can be useful when troubleshooting any issues, installing software updates, or seeking assistance from HTC support.

Remember to exit the system settings menu by pressing the “back” button or navigating to the home screen once you are done exploring or making any necessary adjustments.

# 4. Using Online Resources or HTC Support

If you’re still having trouble identifying your HTC phone model, don’t fret! There are several online resources and HTC support channels that can assist you in determining the exact model of your device.

One of the first places you can visit is the official HTC website. They typically have a dedicated support section where you can find helpful resources such as user manuals, FAQs, and even product catalogs with detailed specifications of each phone model they have released. By referencing the information provided on their website, you can match the features and design elements of your phone to identify the correct model.

In addition to the official HTC website, there are also third-party websites and forums that specialize in smartphone discussions and troubleshooting. These platforms often have sections or threads dedicated to HTC phones, where users share their experiences and knowledge. By posting a description, along with clear photos of your phone, members of these communities can assist in identifying the model based on their expertise and familiarity with HTC devices.

If you prefer a more direct approach, you can always reach out to HTC support for assistance. You can contact their customer support through phone, email, or live chat. Provide them with the necessary details and they will guide you through the identification process. HTC support agents are trained to handle various inquiries and are well-equipped to help you determine the specific model of your phone.

Remember, the more information you can provide about your HTC phone, such as the carrier, region, and any unique features or specifications, the easier it will be for online resources or HTC support to assist you.

Using online resources or reaching out to HTC support is a reliable and convenient way to identify your HTC phone model, especially when other methods have proven unsuccessful.


In conclusion, identifying which HTC phone you have can be a simple process with a few key steps. By checking the device’s physical features, software information, or model number, you can gain clarity on the specific HTC phone model you own. Remember to pay attention to details such as the design, display, camera specifications, and overall performance to fully understand the capabilities of your device.

Knowing which HTC phone you have is crucial for various reasons, including device troubleshooting, software updates, and even resale value. It allows you to make informed decisions about compatible accessories, cases, and apps that enhance your device’s functionality. If you’re still uncertain about your HTC phone model, consider reaching out to HTC customer support or consulting the user manual for further assistance.

With this knowledge, you can fully enjoy the features and capabilities of your HTC phone, stay up-to-date with the latest software updates, and make the most out of your mobile experience.


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