Qualcomm Contracts Samsung To Supply Snapdragon 820

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Qualcomm, a leading manufacturer of mobile processors, has entered into a contract with Samsung, one of the world’s leading technology companies, to supply them with the highly-anticipated Snapdragon 820 chipset. This collaboration between the two giants in the mobile industry is expected to pave the way for cutting-edge advancements in mobile phone technology. The Snapdragon 820 is Qualcomm’s latest flagship chipset, renowned for its exceptional performance, energy efficiency, and support for advanced features like 5G connectivity and artificial intelligence. With Samsung’s expertise in producing top-of-the-line smartphones, this partnership promises to deliver highly optimized devices that will offer users a seamless and powerful mobile experience. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting collaboration and explore what it means for the future of mobile phones.

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Background of Qualcomm and Samsung

Qualcomm and Samsung are two prominent companies in the technology industry, each with their own rich history and contributions. Let’s take a closer look at the background of these influential players:

Qualcomm, founded in 1985, is an American multinational corporation specializing in the development, design, and manufacturing of semiconductors and wireless telecommunications equipment. They are particularly well-known for their System-on-Chip (SoC) technology, powering a wide range of smartphones and other devices.

On the other hand, Samsung, established in 1938, is a South Korean conglomerate that operates in various industries, including electronics, shipbuilding, and more. Over the years, Samsung has become one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and mobile devices, including their popular Galaxy smartphones.

Both Qualcomm and Samsung have enjoyed success and have built strong reputations for their respective contributions to the mobile phone industry. Qualcomm’s expertise lies in designing and producing powerful mobile processors, while Samsung has excelled in creating high-quality displays and incorporating innovative features in their devices.

As the demand for smartphones and mobile technology continues to grow, these two companies play a crucial role in shaping the landscape of the industry. Through collaborations and partnerships, they have been able to combine their strengths and resources to deliver cutting-edge products to consumers worldwide.

Partnership between Qualcomm and Samsung

When it comes to the world of mobile phone technology, there are two major players that reign supreme: Qualcomm and Samsung. These industry giants have joined forces in a partnership that has sent shockwaves throughout the tech world. The collaboration between Qualcomm and Samsung brings together their collective expertise and resources to deliver cutting-edge mobile innovations to consumers around the globe.

Qualcomm, a leading semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company, is renowned for its Snapdragon processors that power many of the world’s best-selling smartphones. Samsung, on the other hand, is a global leader in consumer electronics, known for its superior device manufacturing capabilities and innovative mobile technologies. By combining forces, Qualcomm and Samsung aim to push the boundaries of mobile technology and deliver unrivaled performance and functionality to users everywhere.

The partnership between Qualcomm and Samsung is a strategic move that benefits both companies. For Qualcomm, teaming up with Samsung allows them to tap into the South Korean giant’s vast resources and manufacturing prowess. Samsung, with its global market presence and extensive consumer base, gains access to Qualcomm’s advanced chipsets and technological innovations. Together, they can create products that embody the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and top-notch manufacturing.

One of the key fruits of this partnership is the Snapdragon 820 processor, a marvel of mobile engineering. The Snapdragon 820 combines Qualcomm’s expertise in chip design with Samsung’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities. This powerful chipset offers incredible processing power, improved energy efficiency, and unmatched graphics performance. It enables users to experience lightning-fast browsing, seamless multitasking, and immersive gaming on their smartphones.

Furthermore, the Snapdragon 820 is designed to support advanced features like 4K video recording, enhanced camera capabilities, and virtual reality applications. This partnership has allowed Qualcomm and Samsung to leverage their strengths and create a processor that meets the demands of today’s tech-savvy consumers. With the Snapdragon 820, users can enjoy a mobile experience like never before.

Details of the Snapdragon 820

The Snapdragon 820 is a powerhouse of a mobile processor that brings an array of impressive features to smartphones. Let’s dive into the details of this cutting-edge chip:

1. Performance: The Snapdragon 820 boasts a quad-core CPU configuration that consists of two high-performance cores and two power-efficient cores. This combination allows for optimal performance while balancing battery life. With clock speeds of up to 2.2GHz, this processor delivers lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking capabilities.

2. Graphics: The Adreno 530 GPU integrated into the Snapdragon 820 ensures stunning visuals and smooth gameplay. It supports the latest graphics APIs, such as OpenGL ES 3.1+ and Vulkan, providing immersive gaming experiences and graphics-intensive applications.

3. Connectivity: The Snapdragon X12 LTE modem enables lightning-fast download and upload speeds, supporting up to Category 12 LTE with 3x carrier aggregation. With download speeds of up to 600Mbps and upload speeds of up to 150Mbps, users can stream high-definition videos, download large files, and enjoy lag-free online gaming.

4. Camera and Imaging: Qualcomm’s Spectra ISP technology enhances the camera capabilities of devices powered by the Snapdragon 820. It supports up to a 28-megapixel camera and can capture stunning images and videos with advanced features like optical zoom, image stabilization, and improved low light performance.

5. Battery Efficiency: The Snapdragon 820 is designed with power efficiency in mind, utilizing Qualcomm’s Hexagon 680 DSP for enhanced power management. This result is better overall battery life, allowing users to enjoy their devices for longer periods without needing frequent charges.

6. Security: The Snapdragon 820 includes Qualcomm SecureMSM technology, which provides hardware-level security features. These features include secure boot, encryption, and secure token provisioning, ensuring that user data and transactions are protected.

7. AI and Machine Learning: The Snapdragon 820 is equipped with the Hexagon 680 DSP, which accelerates on-device AI and machine learning capabilities. This enables advanced functionalities like voice recognition, facial recognition, and intelligent personal assistants.

8. Connectivity Options: In addition to LTE connectivity, the Snapdragon 820 supports various wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Bluetooth 5.1, and NFC. This ensures seamless connectivity and reliable data transfer between devices.

Overall, the Snapdragon 820 is a powerhouse mobile processor that combines high-performance computing, exceptional graphics capabilities, advanced connectivity options, and enhanced camera features. Its power efficiency and security features further solidify its position as one of the top choices for flagship smartphones.


In conclusion, the partnership between Qualcomm and Samsung to supply the Snapdragon 820 is a significant development in the mobile phone industry. The Snapdragon 820 is a powerful and efficient chipset that offers enhanced performance and capabilities for smartphones. By leveraging Samsung’s advanced manufacturing processes, Qualcomm can ensure the production of high-quality and high-performing chipsets for its customers.

This collaboration has the potential to shape the future of smartphones, as the Snapdragon 820 will enable faster processing speeds, improved graphics, and better power efficiency. This means that consumers can expect a smoother and more seamless user experience on their mobile devices. The partnership also highlights the importance of strategic alliances in advancing technology and pushing the boundaries of innovation in the mobile phone industry.

Overall, the Qualcomm-Samsung partnership to supply the Snapdragon 820 is a win-win situation for both companies and smartphone users around the world. It is an exciting time for mobile technology, and this collaboration paves the way for even more groundbreaking advancements in the years to come.


1. What is the Snapdragon 820?
The Snapdragon 820 is a high-performance mobile processor developed by Qualcomm. It is designed to power flagship smartphones and tablets, delivering advanced processing capabilities and superior performance.

2. Why is Samsung supplying the Snapdragon 820?
Samsung has been contracted by Qualcomm to manufacture and supply the Snapdragon 820. Samsung’s advanced semiconductor manufacturing capabilities and expertise make them an ideal partner for Qualcomm, ensuring the production of high-quality and efficient processors.

3. What are the key features of the Snapdragon 820?
The Snapdragon 820 boasts a range of impressive features, including a quad-core processor with improved CPU and GPU performance, advanced image processing capabilities, support for 4K Ultra HD video playback and capture, and enhanced power efficiency.

4. Which devices are expected to use the Snapdragon 820?
The Snapdragon 820 is expected to power a wide range of flagship devices from various smartphone manufacturers. Popular brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, and Xiaomi have already released smartphones and tablets equipped with the Snapdragon 820.

5. How does the Snapdragon 820 improve mobile performance?
The Snapdragon 820 features advanced CPU and GPU technologies, resulting in faster and more efficient performance compared to its predecessors. It also incorporates improved digital signal processing, providing enhanced image and audio experiences. The Snapdragon 820’s power efficiency features help extend battery life, allowing users to enjoy their devices for longer.