10 Best Wallet Phone Case To Carry Your Essentials

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Tired of pulling your wallet in and out to get certain cards? If rummaging through all the receipts you hoarded to pull a bill is such a hassle, then the wallet phone case is for you. This case will let you bring your wallet essentials while protecting your phone.  They are the best replacement for your body bag or pouches. It lets you carry your phone, cash, and cards altogether to slide in your pocket.


10 Best Wallet Phone Case

If you want to rock a minimalist style, this phone case from Spigen is for you. In fact, it doesn’t look like a wallet at all with its sleek design. With its storage capacity of 2 cards, this design won’t look bulky inside your pocket. Check out the different colors of this Spigen Wallet S Case.


Key Features

  • Dual Layers + Air Cushion Technology
  • Exterior card slot holds up to 2 cards
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior
  • Polycarbonate exterior
  • Slim design


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 8, iPhone 7

The Incipio Esquire Wallet Case may look like an ordinary phone case at first, but it’s not. The back part is an invisible pocket that can store 3 cards and 2 bills. Avoid broken screens with the shock-absorbing feature of this product. Perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

Get this Incipio Esquire Wallet Case and protect your phone now.


Key Features

  • Holds up to 3 cards in a slot flush
  • Sliding compartment door
  • Shock-Absorbing exterior
  • Heavy duty
  • Precise fit


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 7

Rock the edgy look with Under Armour criss-cross laced Protect Arsenal Case. This wallet phone case is perfect for a quick trip to the gym or a night out. It is compatible with a lot of system mounts like magnetic gym mount, bike mount, armband, and others. But, if you’re engaging in an activity that requires a lot of moving,  you should still keep an eye on your cards and cash. There is a possibility that it might slip out.


Key Features

  • Shockproof polycarbonate with padded interior
  • 10-foot drop protection
  • Simple, one-step installation


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone X, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8

Access your cards and cash in one pull with this Smartish CM4 Q case. This product will let you store 5-6 cards and 3 bills, but it will look bulky. The back part, designed to function as a pocket, will look bulky with a lot of stuff. Cramming your cards inside this case will also make it too tight to pull them out.


Key Features

  • Fits 3 cards and cash
  • High-grip textured sides
  • Protective air-pocket corners
  • Ultra-light & durable construction


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S7

This wallet phone case has 3 slots for cards and a wide pocket to accommodate bills or other cards. The magnetic clasp of this product is strong, but it won’t activate the auto-sleep function. What highlights this product is its exterior that looks both sleek and classy.


Key Features

  • Fits 3 cards and cash
  • Firm magnetic closure
  • Supports wireless charging


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

Working women deserve more. And this Ulak Flip Case would be perfect for amazing, always on-the-go women. The different designs and colors of this case highlight elegance and class. It can be a portable version of hand pouches. What sets it apart from other cases is its photo slot. Display wallet-sized images of your loved ones to have a dose of good vibes whenever you need it.

All designs of ULAK Flip wallet case available here.


Key Features

  • Shockproof
  • Kickstand feature for convenient hands-free viewing
  • See-through slot for wallet-sized photo


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus

Ran out of gift ideas? This cute Lupa case can be an ideal gift. Lupa offers a good storage capacity with 3 card slots and a cash pocket. This case comes with a deluxe gift box, making it the perfect gift. The wide range of chic-looking colors of this case will compliment men and women of any age.

For a colorful choice, check out the best Lupa Wallet Phone Case.


Key Features

  • Carries cards and a maximum of 4 bills
  • Comes with a deluxe gift box
  • Eco-friendly
  • The leather material used in this product will not stain or fade


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone X, iPhone XS

The Burkley Magnetic Detachable Wallet Case is the perfect wallet phone case.  The durability and functions of this case are so far the best. Made with classy leather, Burkley guarantees this phone case can last for years. What sets this wallet case apart from the other cases is its detachable phone case. For days when you don’t like to carry a wallet case around, you can still protect your phone with this phone case.


Key Features

  • Holds more card than any other wallet phone cases around
  • Detachable phone case
  • Sleek design
  • Made from premium leather


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro

The Flyee Wallet Case will complete your dandy look. Its sleek design wide range of colors and design makes it ideal to consider having this case. Although the phone case might attract some dust after some time, cleaning it once a week will work to keep it neat. Get this Flyee Wallet Case with a guaranteed lifetime warranty on Amazon.


Key Features

  • Detachable Wrist Strap
  • N50 Pattern Magnet is much stronger than the normal N38 and your phone
  • Easily convertible  into a stand
  • Lifetime warranty on Amazon


Compatible Phone Models: iPhone X, iPhone XS, Samsung Note 10


Vena’s phone case can hold at least 3 cards inside its hidden pocket. Travelers and people-on-the-go choose this case for easy access. With one flip, your cash and cards will come into view. This product is also useful for relaxing. The back part is not just for storage. You can fold it into a back stand for hassle-free viewing of your favorite videos. Go hassle-free with with the Vena Wallet Phone Case.


Key Features

  • Hidden card slot
  • Dual-layer polycarbonate coat
  • Multi-angle magnetic lock stand
  • Magnetic car mount feature


Compatible Phone Models: Samsung Galaxy s10, Samsung S10 2019, iPhone 11


Why Should You Get One?

Buying phone accessories can be frustrating. Spending several bucks and realizing its useless is something we want to avoid. Here are several things that you can consider before purchasing a wallet phone case.


Pro: It protects your phone.

As we go through our day-to-day activities while carrying our phone, we may drop or scratch it. Although there are ways to remove the scratches on your phone, it’s always better to keep it protected. The impact of falling and scratches from sharp objects will leave a mark on your precious phone. These cases protect your phone by covering it and blocking the impact.


Pro: They will tighten the grip on your phone.

Does your phone slip from the table with just a slight force or when it vibrates? That’s because most phones have a smooth outer casing that will make it prone to unintended dive. Covering it with a phone case increases friction between your phone on any surface.


Pro: This type of case will let you use other convenient features of your phone.

If you find it hard to constantly turn your phone off, the wallet is a good solution. Most wallet phone case designs will save you from the hassle of turning the screen on and off. With just a quick flip, it will automatically open or close your phone screen. Other designs will even let you answer a call without flipping your case open.


Pro: This type of case can be your portable wallet and phone stand as well.

Bringing your bag or pouch is such a hassle on a night-out. Why not just carry your phone, cards, and cash? Store them all in your wallet phone case and slide it inside your pocket. This type of case won’t just give you ready-to-carry storage for your essentials. It will also help you get through boredom as you can turn some designs into a phone stand. No need to buy a separate phone stand to watch your favorite movie!


Pro: Wallet phone cases are stylish.

You can choose your phone color but you can unleash your aesthetic side with wallet phone cases. Wallet phone cases come with different designs and colors. The wide range of choices will make the plain back door of your phone reflect your personality. If you want a unique one, other shops offer to customize wallet phone cases or you can make a DIY phone case design.


Con: You will lose everything if you lost your wallet phone case

The things that can fit into your wallet phone case are cards, cash, IDs, and your phone. Things that are painfully important to lose all at once. The moment you forgot where in the world you placed it will be the moment that you lost all those valuables.


Con: It covers the natural design of your phone

Wallet phone cases offer a protective coat to your mobile phone unit. Which means the phone case will cover every part that needs protection. If your phone design is important to you, this is something you should consider.


Con: Some wallet phone cases can make your phone look bulky

Wallet phone cases hold your essentials in one portable storage. You won’t need to carry a bag or fumble through your things but some cases put too many pockets. Putting too much stuff inside those pockets will make your phone look too bulky. Which won’t fit inside your pocket and will require you to carry a bag anyway.


Types Of Wallet Phone Case

Wallet Phone Cases in different colors
Photo by 호영 이 from Pixabay


Rubber Cases

Rubber is one of the most common materials for phone cases. This type of wallet phone case is very easy to install and won’t need much force as it is elastic. In line with that, rubbers are very flexible so they won’t get torn. So rest assured that you won’t worry about replacing your wallet phone case for a period of time. But, rubber wallet phone cases contain silicone which attracts dust.  Rubbers are resistant to most damages. But using it for a period of time may cause the rubber to become loose and have some discoloration. Rubber wallet phone cases would be perfect for people who want to change their cases every now and then. Also, it has a variety of styles and colors available online.


Plastic Cases

Plastic is the cheapest production material, making plastic wallet phone cases cheap.  Various designs can be easily printed in plastic materials. This customizable wallet phone case has various designs. It has an almost durable casing as rubber. It can also damage the outer part of your phone if ever it gets broken out of impact. If you’re looking for a unique wallet phone case, you might consider getting a plastic wallet phone case.


Leather Cases

Leather wallet phone cases keep your phones protected while looking classy. The leather’s durable make does not accumulate dust like plastic and silicone. Though it is a bit more costly than other types, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time. Leather wallet phone cases often have more pockets for additional items.


Waterproof Wallet Phone Cases

Waterproof wallet phone cases are perfect for the adventurous type of people. Go bagless for the quick out of town getaway and have your cards with you in case of an emergency with this case.   It won’t just keep your stuff in one portable case but will give you the assurance that they won’t get wet. You can engage with water activities without worrying while using a waterproof phone case. Research showed that phones acquire damages through liquids. Having this kind of protection will surely spare you a few bucks for repair.


Shockproof Cases

Shockproof wallet phone cases will keep your phone protected from unexpected falls. Some designs might make your phone look bulky. This type of case will spare you from dealing with cracks and malfunctions due to the impact of falling. Most shockproof wallet phone cases range from a mid-high range of prices.


Fabric Wallet Phone Cases

Although fabric wallet phone cases are quite unique, this case offers only minimal protection for your phone. It’s also prone to dust and stains from food and other liquids. As it is highly customizable, it’s perfect for people who want to incorporate their artistic side to their wallet phone case.


Types Of Case Locks

Photo by LUM3N from Pixabay


Magnetic Clasps

Magnetic clasps are the most common type of locks used in wallet phone cases. It is the most convenient and easy to use. You can pull it apart to open the case while sticking it together keeps your case closed.


Zipper Closures

Zipper closures are rarely used. But wallet phone cases with this type of closure ensures that your essentials won’t fall down or slip out.


Button Locks

Button lock is quite like the magnetic clasp when it comes to being user-friendly. However, it might be a hassle too as some buttons are too tight or too loose to your liking.


Velcro Locks

Velcro locks are more traditional locks. First used in 1940, this type of lock is familiar to any generation. The level of comfort in using velcro locks is almost the same as the magnetic locks. But it might get loose after continuous use.


How To Customize Wallet Phone Cases

If you want your phone case to be more artistic, there are some physical and online stores that can do it for you. They can customize whatever design you prefer, given that you buy the case from them. This option will cause you to pay extra bucks for the print and shipping fees.

Another option would be to do the design yourself. You can choose the materials and fit them according to your budget. Learn how to customize your phone by watching the video found below.


Where Can You Buy One?

Phone cases in store
Photo by F. Muhammad from Pixabay


These are available both in physical and online stores. Buying from department stores will let you see the item in person. It also lets you decide on the spot as you can see everything. However, you get limited choices. Online stores, on the other hand, let you choose from a wide variety of types and designs.


How To Care for Your Wallet Phone Case

Some types of wallet phone cases mentioned above have higher price ranges. (That you may or may not have bought with closed eyes.) Caring for your wallet phone cases will save you from the hassle of getting a new one. Or, going to a phone accessory center. Here are some tips to help keep your wallet phone case look good as new.


Avoid exposing it to UV rays or high temperatures

Materials like leather, plastic, and rubber easily react to heat and sun rays. Long exposure to the sun may cause discoloration and brittleness. It may also induce damage to your phone as well.


Keep it away from any liquid or chemicals

Liquid substances will not just damage your phone, but corrode the prints on your case as well. Moreover, water, in particular, causes leather to become brittle and ruin its appearance.


Don’t take your phone to the dining room

Most of us carry our phones even in the bathroom but the dining table should be an exception. Food can leave unwanted stains and smells on the phone case. Not to mention, you’ll improve your table manners by doing so.


How To Clean Your Wallet Phone Case

How to clean
Photo by Selling of my photos with StockAgencies is not permitted from Pixabay


If it’s too late and you’ve already acquired undesirable markings on your wallet phone case, this is for you. We listed the most effective ways to remove these markings and undo damages. Make your wallet phone case look good as new with these hacks.


Wash it with soap and water

Rubber and plastic cases often accumulate dust and fingerprint markings due to day-to-day usage. Brush it with your old toothbrush gently with soap. Whatever soap you have at home will work to clean those fine particles.


Use bleach soap and water

If normal soaps didn’t work, particularly with stains, you can try mixing bleach soap with water. Carefully rub it repeatedly through the surface that you want to clean. As bleach soap is stronger than regular soaps, applying it to your case with caution.


Clean with toothpaste

This might sound bizarre but it actually works. Tried and tested, toothpaste will clean smooth surfaces of plastics, rubbers and other metals. Toothpaste can remove stains to your fabric wallet phone case depending on what kind of fabric it is.


Using paper erasers

Paper erasers will also work well with stains in plastic and rubber materials. Just rub it gently with your desired part and watch as it slowly erases the traces of stains.