10 Best AI Homework Helpers to Help Students Solve Their Homework


Homework is simply part of the life of every student. However, it’s not always easy to find time in your schedule to finish all of those assignments, and some homework tasks can feel almost impossible to complete. That’s where homework AI tools come into play.

An AI homework helper can help you with any type of homework, from math equations to science essays. This guide will look at the top 10 homework helpers available in the market today, including both free and paid options.

  1. HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall
  2. GeniusTutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Multiple Subjects
  3. ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for All Grade Levels
  4. HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy
  5. Question AI – Best AI Homework Helper to Use for Free
  6. Mathful – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Problems
  7. The Homework AI – Best AI Homework Helper for Foreign Languages
  8. Smodin – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Responses
  9. Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper to Support Learning
  10. TutorAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Tutoring

HIX Tutor – Best AI Homework Helper Overall

HIX Tutor

Kicking off our list, we have HIX Tutor. This tool is part of the extensive and highly-rated suite of HIX.AI tools, which also include AI chatbot, AI writing tools, and AI humanizer. With HIX Tutor, students can enjoy flawless, high-quality help with any homework task.

Powered by some of the best tech on the market, HIX Tutor sets the standard for speed, reliability, and accuracy. It quickly understands any homework task and delivers precise solutions to every problem. More than just providing answers, HIX Tutor offers detailed explanations, enhancing your comprehension of the subject matter.

What’s more, students using this tool have demonstrated an average grade improvement of up to 15%. This impressive result underscores the effectiveness of HIX Tutor in not only completing homework but also facilitating learning and continual improvement.


  • Powered by advanced AI technology
  • Provides reliable, accurate solutions
  • Offers detailed explanations for better understanding
  • Can tackle even complex subjects


  • A little more expensive than other tools

GeniusTutor – Best AI Homework Helper for Multiple Subjects


GeniusTutor is another trusted AI homework helper that can help out with literally any subject on the curriculum. Math, science, literature, foreign languages, and more – you can tackle any of them with the help of this homework AI solver.

The best part is that GeniusTutor provides detailed, in-depth explanations for the answers it provides. Students can then read through those explanations to figure out how a problem is solved, thereby improving their own knowledge and understanding.


  • Works with any topic
  • Ideal for helping you boost low grades
  • A great value homework helper


  • Would benefit from extra features

ExamUp – Best AI Homework Helper for All Grade Levels


No matter whether you’re in middle school, high school, or even in college, ExamUp is the perfect AI homework helper for you. Boasting an exceptionally extensive knowledge base, ExamUp is crafted to offer assistance across all grade levels and subjects.

With a primary focus on enhancing learning outcomes and elevating grades, ExamUp goes beyond merely providing answers. It always provides detailed, easily-understood explanations, helping students develop their knowledge and potentially get better grades in the future.


  • Always accessible and ready to help
  • 99% accuracy rating
  • Helps students master even complex subjects


HomeworkAI – Best AI Homework Helper for High Accuracy


Imagine having your own super-intelligent AI assistant to answer questions, solve problems, and help out with any homework task you get. That’s what HomeworkAI is all about. This AI homework platform is one of the smartest around, guaranteeing accurate responses every time.

Covering all major subjects, HomeworkAI is ready to help out any student with the topics they tend to find tricky. It provides step-by-step solutions you can read through and understand, along with the most up-to-date info to ensure your solutions are always on point.


  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Perfect for helping with tricky subjects
  • An extensive, up-to-date academic database


  • Requires an internet connection

QuestionAI – Best AI Homework Helper to Use for Free


Many homework AI platforms charge a subscription fee, but QuestionAI offers a comprehensive free version for users to try. This is great if you’re on a strict budget or don’t necessarily want to spend money getting help with your homework.

What’s more, QuestionAI is very impressive when it comes to technology and benefits. It offers a 98% accuracy rate when solving homework problems and also boasts 24/7 accessibility, along with multi-lingual support for homework problems that aren’t in English.


  • Completely free to try
  • Can help you get better grades
  • Various input methods to choose from


  • Could use a tutoring feature

Mathful – Best AI Homework Helper for Math Problems


Math is always one of the trickiest subjects for many students. If you have trouble with algebra or find geometry difficult to understand, Mathful could be the perfect AI homework helper for you. As the name implies, it’s designed to provide expert-level mathematical assistance.

Mathful can break down complicated formulas and tricky equations for you, step-by-step, showing you exactly how to solve them. It’s an amazing tool that can help students master mathematics once and for all.


  • Can help you get better grades in math
  • Really quick and easy to use
  • Much cheaper than a math tutor


  • Only useful for math

The Homework AI – Best AI Homework Helper for Foreign Languages

The Homework AI

With support for over 10 different languages, like French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, The Homework AI is a super tool to use if you need to complete homework for your foreign language classes. Created by two students named Ilson Joao de Oliveira Neto and Allen Ebulue, this tool can produce accurate and detailed results, free of grammar mistakes or typos.

Available 24/7, this AI homework helper is ready and able to provide on-demand AI homework help. It also works with most subjects, capable of summarizing pieces of literature, solving science problems, or just teaching you about topics you’re unsure about.


  • Made by students, for students
  • Instant, on-demand help
  • Can help you learn more about tricky subjects
  • Has its own mobile app


  • Site has obtrusive ads

Smodin Omni – Best AI Homework Helper for Detailed Responses

Smodin Omni

Next up, we have Smodin’s Omniscient. This AI homework helper is part of the extensive Smodin suite of great value and free-to-try AI tools, aimed at students of almost any age or grade level.

With Smodin, users can simply type their subject or query into the box and get entire homework assignments, papers, and essays generated for them. Smodin sources its info from a vast academic database and actually provides citations references for the text it creates, helping you see and learn as you read through each detailed response.


  • Good value for money
  • Works with a vast array of subjects
  • Supports dozens of languages


  • Results can vary and may need manual editing

Brainly – Best AI Homework Helper to Support Learning


Brainly is another AI homework helper to try if you’re struggling with hard homework or tight deadlines. It launched back in 2009 by a Polish development team and has its HQ in New York City. For many years, Brainly only offered human tutoring services, but has recently evolved into AI.

With the Brainly AI learning companion, students can scan their homework and get instant answers and step-by-step explanations. What’s more, Brainly also pairs you with real human tutors and experts to provide more context and information for difficult subjects.


  • Powerful mix of human and AI support
  • May help with grade improvement
  • Free to try


  • Can be very expensive

TutorAI – Best AI Homework Helper for Tutoring


As the name implies, TutorAI is a homework AI tutor service that can also help with various pieces of homework. It has a super simple and beginner-friendly interface, with a single text box that you can type subjects or queries into to get help.

Created by AI developer Daniel Habib, this simple tool can teach users all about almost any subject, from the American Civil War to the Theory of Relativity. It’s easy to work with and can be useful for saving you time when researching new or tricky subjects.


  • Completely free to use
  • Easy interface for new users
  • Fast processing speeds


  • Struggles with certain subjects

Do You Need an AI Homework Helper?

There are many people who can benefit from using an AI homework helper. Students who have busy lives and hectic schedules, for example, may appreciate an AI tool to help them save some time when working on those tricky homework assignments.

AI homework bots can also be useful for improving your grades and helping you get to the next level at school. They provide expert solutions you can read through to understand subjects that might usually perplex you.

Even grade-A students can benefit from AI homework helpers to help out with the subjects or topics they struggle with, and these AI tools are amazing time savers when it comes to proofreading your homework or making edits and enhancements to impress your teachers.

What Should You Look for in an Homework AI Assistant?

So, we’ve seen a list of some of the best AI homework helpers, and we’ve also looked at who can benefit from these handy tech tools. But, with 10 super tools to choose from, you might not know exactly how to choose between them or which one you should pick to use yourself.

Well, to help out, here’s a list of key factors that you can focus on to make sure you find the ideal AI homework assistant:

  • Ease-of-use: First, it’s important to find an AI homework helper that you can comfortably work with, without any confusion or awkwardness. Some tools are aimed at more advanced users, but if you’re a beginner, it’s best to start off with one which is easy and intuitive, like HIX Tutor or ExamUp.
  • Subject: You also need to consider which subject you need help with. Remember, some tools are specially trained to help with specific subjects. Mathful, for example, is great at helping out with math homework. Others are more generalized and can provide assistance with a wider range of subjects, from science to literature.
  • Features: Also check out the list of features included with your chosen AI homework helper. Some of them will just let you type in a question and get an answer, but others are much deeper than that, able to help you with essays, outlines, complicated formulas, research, translation, and more.
  • Price: Don’t forget to see how much each AI homework helper costs, too. Some of them are free to use or free to get started with, but a lot of the best ones come with paid plans and various monthly or annual fees. Consider how much you’re happy to spend and try to find a tool that can fit your budget, rather than exceeding it.

Summing Up

Overall, as this guide has shown, an AI homework helper can make such a big difference to the life of the average student. They can help you de-stress, enjoy more free time, master any subject, and save cash that you might usually have to spend on real human tutors. Try an AI homework tool today to see how much it can help you.