8 Amazing Battery Operated Space Heater For 2023

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Introducing our expertly researched and curated selection of the top 8 amazing battery-operated space heaters for 2023. As winter approaches and the need for extra warmth becomes essential, these innovative and portable heating solutions offer a convenient and efficient way to keep cozy in any space. Whether you're looking to warm up your office, bedroom, or even outdoor areas, our comprehensive list showcases the most cutting-edge and technologically advanced heaters available on the market. Join us as we explore these remarkable devices that provide reliable and comfortable heat, without the limitations of cords or electricity.


The GRIZZLY HEATERS Portable Space Heater is a compact and lightweight mini heater designed to provide efficient heating without any burning smell. With two heating modes and low noise operation, this PTC ceramic space heater is perfect for college dorms, home, office, bedroom, desk, or garage. It offers 450/800 watts of power and is easy to use with its simple plug-and-play functionality. The heater is safe to use with built-in overheating protection and is made of flame retardant materials. Portable and versatile, it is ideal for any indoor space. However, it lacks tip-over protection and the fan runs at the same speed in both modes. Overall, it is a good option for small areas that require additional warmth.

Key Features

  • Designed to provide comfortable and efficient heating solution
  • Low noise operation at a comfortable level of 28d B
  • Offers two heating modes – 450W eco mode and 800W high-power mode
  • Simple plug-and-play functionality with 110V power compatibility
  • Compact and portable with dimensions of 6.29’’ height x 6.69’’ length x 4.72’’ width
  • Crafted out of flame retardant materials with built-in overheating protection
  • Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 4.72Lx6.69Wx6.29H
  • Size: Small
  • Pros

  • Provides efficient heating without burning smell
  • Compact and lightweight for easy portability
  • Low noise operation
  • Simple plug-and-play functionality
  • Built-in overheating protection
  • Cons

  • Lacks tip-over protection
  • Fan runs at the same speed in both heating modes

    The GRIZZLY HEATERS Portable Space Heater is a reliable and convenient option for small spaces that need additional heat. It offers efficient heating without any burning smell and operates quietly. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use in various indoor settings. While it lacks certain safety features like tip-over protection, its built-in overheating protection ensures safety during operation. Overall, it is a good value for the price and provides adequate warmth for college dorms, home, office, bedroom, desk, or garage.


    The ZYNCUE Portable Car Heater is a 2 in 1 car battery operated space heater that provides efficient heating and convenient features. With its strong net bar design and large blowing area, it accelerates heating and is made from high temperature material. The high temperature and transparent electric heating radiator ensures fast heating, defrosting, and defogging, while also offering air purification function. The 180 ° rotation and special support design make it easy to adjust and practical for various uses. The thickened and lengthened pure copper wire ensures fast heating without damaging the battery or automobile lines. This portable car heater is perfect for camping trips and ensures a comfortable driving experience.

    Key Features

  • Strong net bar design for accelerated heating
  • High temperature and transparent electric heating radiator
  • 180° rotation for convenient adjustments
  • Thickened and lengthened pure copper wire for fast heating
  • Specifications

  • N/A
  • Pros

  • Efficient and fast heating
  • Defrosting and defogging capabilities
  • Air purification function
  • Convenient 180° rotation
  • Cons

  • No specifications provided
  • Limited information on durability

    The ZYNCUE Portable Car Heater is a reliable and versatile heating solution for your vehicle. Its strong design and high temperature heating radiator ensure efficient heating, defrosting, and defogging. The added air purification function is a bonus feature, providing cleaner air inside your car. The convenient 180° rotation allows for easy adjustment, making it suitable for multiple uses. The thickened and lengthened pure copper wire guarantees fast heating without compromising the battery or automobile lines. Although lacking specifications, the ZYNCUE Portable Car Heater is a highly recommended product for camping trips and ensuring a comfortable driving experience in cold weather conditions.


    The andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater is a compact and portable heater perfect for home and office use. With dimensions of 4.33’’L X 3.63’’W X 6.39’’H, it is easy to carry and use with simple manual controls. This mini heater features a 500W ceramic heater with a fan, providing comfortable temperatures for your room. The power indicator light lets you know when it's plugged in, and the fan operates quietly. It is designed for safety, with an automatic overheat system, power indicator light, and ETL certification. Whether you need to warm up your office desk or have a cozy dream at night, this small heater is a versatile and convenient choice.

    Key Features

  • Small and portable design
  • 500W ceramic heater with fan
  • Easy to control with a single power switch
  • Suitable for office or room use
  • Safety features including automatic overheat system and ETL certification
  • Specifications

  • Color: Blue
  • Pros

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Efficient heating and ventilation
  • Quiet fan operation
  • Power indicator light
  • Safety features for peace of mind
  • Cons

  • No temperature control
  • Can be easily tipped over
  • May emit a new heater/plastic smell initially

    The andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater offers convenience and warmth in a compact package. With its portable design and simple controls, it can easily be used in different settings such as the office or bedroom. The 500W ceramic heater with fan provides efficient heating and ventilation, while the safety features ensure worry-free operation. Although it lacks temperature control, this mini heater delivers powerful heat. Just be cautious of its tendency to tip over and the initial scent it may emit. Overall, the andily 500W Space Electric Small Heater is a reliable and affordable option for anyone in need of a portable heating solution.


    The GiveBest Small Electric Space Heater is a compact and efficient device that provides quick heating in minutes, perfect for small spaces such as desks, offices, and tables. With its PTC ceramic heating technology and high-speed fan, this heater can heat up to 200 square feet in no time. It is energy-efficient and helps save on electricity bills compared to centralized heaters. Safety is also a top priority with its flame retardant material and tip-over and overheat protection features. It operates quietly, making it suitable for use in bedrooms and other quiet spaces. This portable desk heater is easy to carry around and is ideal for indoor use in various settings. Stay warm and cozy with the GiveBest Small Electric Space Heater!

    Key Features

  • Quick Heating in Minutes with PTC ceramic heating tech
  • Energy-efficient and helps save on electricity bills
  • Safe and Reliable to Use with tip-over and overheat protection
  • Quiet for Sleeping Undisturbed, operates below 45d B level
  • Portable Desk Heater, takes up little space and easy to carry
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Small
  • Pros

  • Quick heating up of small spaces
  • Energy-efficient, saves on electricity bills
  • Safe to use with tip-over and overheat protection
  • Quiet operation, suitable for bedrooms
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Cons

  • No temperature control
  • Weak fan force
  • Issues with wattage requirements

    The GiveBest Small Electric Space Heater is a reliable and efficient solution for heating small spaces. It offers quick heating, energy-efficiency, and safety features like tip-over and overheat protection. The device operates quietly, making it ideal for use in bedrooms and other quiet areas. Its portable design allows for easy transportation and placement in different indoor settings. While it lacks temperature control and may have a weak fan force, it still provides subtle but effective heat. Overall, this small space heater is a good choice for individuals looking for a compact and reliable heating solution for their desks, offices, or tables.


    The Metkiio Space Heater is a portable and energy-efficient solution to keep your home and office warm during colder days. It offers 3 heating modes with a maximum power of 900W, as well as a cooling fan for refreshing air circulation. The heater is equipped with overheating protection and an automatic shut-off feature when overturned, ensuring safety. It heats up quickly and operates quietly, making it suitable for use while sleeping, reading, or working. The compact and stylish retro design adds a touch of charm to any space. It is lightweight and easy to carry, making it ideal for use in bedrooms, offices, camping, and more.

    Key Features

  • 3 heating modes: 900W high power, 400W medium power, cooling fan
  • PTC ceramic heating technology for quick and efficient heating
  • Overheating protection and automatic shut-off when overturned
  • Compact size of 7.7 x 4.4 x 5-inch for portability
  • Chic retro design that blends well with any decor
  • Specifications

  • Color: Klein Blue
  • Dimension: 7.70Lx4.40Wx5.00H
  • Pros

  • Powerful heating despite its small size
  • Cute and stylish retro design
  • Long cord for convenient placement
  • Fast heating with no light functions
  • Quiet operation for undisturbed use
  • Cons

  • Lowest heating setting may stop working over time
  • Intermittent rattling noise raises safety concerns
  • Legs are not secure and may cause instability

    The Metkiio Space Heater is a fantastic portable mini heater that combines functionality, style, and safety. Its compact size makes it versatile for various settings, while its powerful heating capabilities quickly warm up any space. The retro design adds a charming touch to your home or office decor. Though there are some minor concerns with the lowest heating setting and occasional rattling noise, overall, this heater proves to be a reliable choice. Stay warm and cozy with the Metkiio Space Heater!


    The Portable Space Heater is a 2-in-1 ceramic heater that provides heat during winter and cool air during summer. Its small size makes it suitable for personal use and can help save on electric bills. It operates quietly and heats small spaces quickly. With its lightweight and compact design, it can easily be placed anywhere in your living room, bedroom, or office. The heater also comes with a money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction. However, some downsides include its lack of power for larger rooms, a short power cord, and the absence of safety features. Overall, the Portable Space Heater is a convenient and reliable option for personal heating and cooling needs.

    Key Features

  • 2 in 1 heater fan: provides heat and cool air
  • Small and powerful: portable mini heater
  • Quiet and fast heating: suitable for small spaces
  • Suitable for anywhere: lightweight and compact design
  • Risk-free buying – Customer first: money-back guarantee
  • Specifications

  • Color: 白色
  • Pros

  • Can be used for both heating and cooling
  • Saves on electric bills
  • Quiet operation
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Cons

  • Not powerful enough for larger rooms
  • Short power cord
  • No safety features

    The Portable Space Heater is a versatile and efficient device for personal heating and cooling. Its 2-in-1 functionality, compact size, and quiet operation make it a convenient choice for individuals looking to warm up small spaces. The risk-free buying option ensures customer satisfaction. However, it may not be suitable for larger rooms and lacks safety features. Despite these limitations, the Portable Space Heater offers a great combination of performance and affordability, making it a worthwhile investment.


    The andily Compact Portable Ceramic Space Heater is a versatile and efficient heating solution for your home, dorm, office, desktop, and kitchen. With its advanced PTC ceramic heating element and Quick Heat technology, this space heater provides faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters. It features three heat settings, including high heat, low heat, and fan mode, allowing you to customize your comfort level. The adjustable thermostat ensures that you can maintain a comfortable temperature, while the compact size and easy grip handle make it portable and convenient to use. With its advanced safety features, including automatic overheat shut off and tip-over switch, you can enjoy peace of mind while operating this heater. ETL listed for certified safe use.

    Key Features

  • Advanced PTC ceramic heating element with Quick Heat technology
  • Maximizes heat output without open coils for longer lasting use
  • Quiet operation
  • Auto Safety shut off system with multiple levels of safety
  • Adjustable thermostat for comfortable temperature
  • Three heat settings with fan mode for versatile use
  • Compact size and lightweight design with easy grip handle
  • Energy efficient and fully assembled
  • ETL listed for certified safe use
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 7.48Lx9.64Wx5.31H
  • Size: 7.48" X 5.31" x 9.64"
  • Pros

  • Provides faster and more efficient heating
  • Quiet operation
  • Safety shut off system for peace of mind
  • Adjustable thermostat for personalized comfort
  • Compact and lightweight design with easy grip handle
  • Cons

  • May become very hot and caution is needed in placement
  • Cord length could be longer

    The andily Compact Portable Ceramic Space Heater is an excellent heating solution for small spaces. It offers efficient heating with its advanced ceramic technology and Quick Heat feature. The adjustable thermostat and three heat settings allow for customized comfort, while the compact and lightweight design makes it easy to move around. With its advanced safety features, you can use this heater with peace of mind. The only drawbacks are the potential for excessive heat and the relatively short cord length. Overall, if you’re looking for a portable and efficient space heater, the andily Compact Portable Ceramic Space Heater is a great choice.


    Stay warm and cozy during the winter with the Ontel Handy Heater Pure Warmth Ceramic Space Heater. This compact 1200-Watt portable electric heater features adjustable heat settings and a removable filter. It not only heats up your room or office quickly and quietly but also removes pollutants from the air. Designed with advanced ceramic technology, it transforms cold air into soothing heat, maintaining moisture in the air and preventing dry and irritated skin. The lightweight and energy-efficient heater can be used anywhere and comes with a True Shield filter for clean air. Keep yourself comfortable with the Ontel Handy Heater!

    Key Features

  • Ceramic Small Space Heater
  • Heater For Bedroom, Office & More
  • More Than A Heater
  • Use It Anywhere
  • Clean and Energy Efficient
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 7.99Lx7.01Wx9.76H
  • Size: (Pack of 1)
  • Pros

  • Powerful yet compact
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Removes pollutants from the air
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Energy efficient and whisper-quiet
  • Cons

  • Design flaw with heat control button
  • Hard plastic makes it less comfortable
  • Limited heating for the body

    The Ontel Handy Heater Pure Warmth Ceramic Space Heater is a reliable and efficient solution to keep any small space warm. Its compact size and adjustable heat settings make it suitable for use in bedrooms, offices, and more. The advanced ceramic technology ensures a cozy environment while maintaining moisture in the air. The built-in filter not only heats the room but also purifies the air. Although it has a few drawbacks like the design flaw with the heat control button and limited heating for the body, overall, this handy heater provides excellent warmth and comfort. Stay cozy with the Ontel Handy Heater!


    Buyer's Guide: Battery Operated Space Heater

    A battery operated space heater can provide warmth and comfort in areas where traditional heating options are limited. Whether you need a portable heating solution for your office, camping trips, or emergencies, finding the right battery operated space heater can be a daunting task. Worry not! We have compiled a comprehensive buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision. Read on for everything you need to know before purchasing a battery operated space heater:

    Factors to Consider

    When selecting a battery operated space heater, keep these important factors in mind:

    • Heating Capacity: Determine the area you need to warm up and choose a space heater with appropriate heating capacity. Look for the unit's maximum heating output, which is usually measured in British Thermal Units (BTUs).
    • Power Source and Battery Life: Check the type of batteries required by the space heater and ensure they are readily available. Consider the battery lifespan under different heat settings and make sure it aligns with your needs.
    • Safety Features: Safety should be a top priority when using any space heater. Look for models with features such as tip-over protection, overheat protection, and cool-to-touch exteriors. These features ensure that the heater automatically shuts off if it is knocked over, gets too hot, or prevents burns when touched.
    • Portability: If mobility is a key factor for you, opt for a lightweight and compact battery operated space heater. Look for built-in handles or handles for easy transportation.
    • Noise Level: Consider the noise level produced by the space heater. While most space heaters generate some noise, choose one that operates quietly, especially if you plan to use it in a bedroom or office.
    • Controls and Settings: Check for easy-to-use controls and intuitive settings. Look for options such as adjustable heat levels, timers, and thermostats to provide a customizable heating experience.
    • Price and Warranty: Compare prices among different models while considering their features and functionality. Also, check if the space heater comes with a warranty, as it provides peace of mind and protects against possible defects.

    Types of Battery Operated Space Heaters

    Now let's explore different types of battery operated space heaters available in the market:

    1. Portable Fan Heaters: These compact heaters use batteries to power a fan and distribute warm air evenly. They are lightweight, easy to carry, and provide fast heating in small areas.
    2. Baseboard Heaters: These heaters utilize battery power to warm a metal coil or ceramic element, releasing radiant heat. They are typically larger and offer focused heating in specific spaces.
    3. Ceramic Space Heaters: Ceramic heaters use battery power to heat a ceramic element, which then radiates warmth to the surrounding area. They are energy-efficient, compact, and best suited for personal use.
    4. Infrared Space Heaters: These battery operated heaters emit infrared radiation that heats objects and people directly instead of heating the air. They are ideal for outdoor use or in areas that require quick and targeted heating.
    5. Radiant Panel Heaters: These heaters consist of a flat panel that uses batteries to power an electric heating element. They emit infrared radiation and provide gentle and consistent heat in small to medium-sized spaces.


    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Q: Can battery operated space heaters replace traditional heating systems?
    A: No, battery operated space heaters are meant for supplementary heating and cannot replace permanent heating systems. They are ideal for providing heat in specific areas or during emergencies.

    Q: Are battery operated space heaters safe to use while sleeping?
    A: It is generally not recommended to leave any heating device unattended while sleeping. However, some battery operated space heaters feature built-in safety mechanisms that automatically shut off when tipped over or overheated, making them safer for indoor use.

    Q: What are the advantages of using battery operated space heaters?
    A: Battery operated space heaters offer portability, making them convenient for use in various settings. They also provide a backup heating option during power outages and can save energy by allowing you to heat only the necessary areas.

    Q: How long do batteries last in a battery operated space heater?
    A: The battery life of a space heater depends on various factors, such as the heat setting, battery quality, and usage duration. It is essential to check the product specifications or user manual to determine the estimated battery life under different conditions.

    Q: Are battery operated space heaters energy-efficient?
    A: Battery operated space heaters can be energy-efficient in terms of heating specific areas or achieving localized warmth. However, they may not be as efficient as central heating systems. Look for models with energy-saving features like thermostats and timers to maximize efficiency.