8 Amazing Monster iPhone Memory Sticks For 2024

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Introducing the 8 Amazing Monster I-Phone Memory Stick for 2023, an innovative storage solution designed to revolutionize the way we store and access data on our iPhones. This cutting-edge memory stick offers a staggering amount of storage space, ensuring that you never have to worry about running out of space for your photos, videos, and files again. With its sleek design and advanced features, this monster memory stick is set to become the go-to choice for all iPhone users in the coming year. Discover the future of mobile storage with the 8 Amazing Monster I-Phone Memory Stick for 2023.


The MFi Certified 128GB Photo-Stick-for-iPhone-Storage is a convenient and reliable solution for freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad. With its external storage capacity of 128GB, this iPhone USB flash drive allows you to store and transfer photos, videos, and contacts easily. The high-speed USB 3.0 port ensures fast and stable file transfer, and the MFi certified quality guarantees compatibility with all iOS devices. The included app makes it simple to back up and manage your files, and you can even watch movies and play music directly from the drive. Despite some initial difficulty in figuring out all the features, this product proves to be a valuable tool for those in need of additional storage for their Apple devices.

Key Features

  • 🎡🎧 MFi certified i Phone USB flash drive with 128GB external storage
  • 🎡🎧 Store and play videos, audios, and music directly from the drive
  • 🎡🎧 Easy backup of photos, videos, and contacts
  • 🎡🎧 High-speed USB 3.0 transmission for fast file transfer
  • 🎡🎧 Compatible with all i OS devices and comes with 18-month warranty


  • Color: Silver
  • Dimension: 2.51Lx0.51Wx0.35H
  • Size: 128GB


  • Convenient external storage for i Phone and i Pad
  • Fast and stable file transfer
  • Easy backup and management of files
  • Compatibility with all i OS devices
  • Watch movies and play music directly from the drive


  • Initial difficulty in understanding all features
  • Booklet instructions can be overwhelming
  • Ejecting the drive from a computer can be time-consuming


The MFi Certified 128GB Photo-Stick-for-iPhone-Storage is a reliable solution for expanding the storage capacity of your iPhone or iPad. With its fast file transfer, easy backup capabilities, and compatibility with all iOS devices, this photo stick offers convenience and peace of mind. While the initial setup may require some patience and understanding, once you get the hang of it, this iPhone USB flash drive proves to be a valuable tool for travelers, photographers, and anyone in need of extra storage space. Despite a few minor drawbacks, this product offers great value for its price and is a worthy investment for Apple users.


The iOS MFi Certified Backup Photos-Stick 128GB is a reliable and convenient solution for freeing up space on your iPhone or iPad. With its MFi certification, it offers compatibility and stability with iOS devices. The USB 3.0 functionality allows for high-speed file transfers, while the backup feature ensures that your important data is always secure. The compact size makes it perfect for travel and business use. With the iOS MFi Certified APP Hi Pro, you can easily backup and store photos, videos, and contacts from your iPhone or iPad. While the device may have some limitations, such as the software compatibility, it is still a useful tool for managing your storage needs on iOS devices.

Key Features

  • I OS MFi Certified for i Phone USB Flash Drive
  • Automatic Backup-Store Important Data
  • PLUG-AND-STAY with i Phone Photo Backup Stick
  • HIGH-SPEED USB 3.0 Flash Drive Photo Stick
  • 2-in-1 i Pad Thumb Drive &18-Month Warranty


  • Color: Silver
  • Dimension: 2.09Lx0.91Wx0.31H
  • Size: 1 Count (Pack of 1)


  • Certified for i Phone and i Pad
  • Provides extra storage space
  • Easy to use and backup data
  • High-speed file transfers
  • Compact and convenient for travel


  • Software compatibility issues
  • Limited support for certain i Pad models
  • Selection of individual photos can be time-consuming
  • Device can get warm during use


The iOS MFi Certified Backup Photos-Stick 128GB offers a reliable and efficient way to free up space on your iPhone or iPad. While it may have some limitations, such as software compatibility issues and the need to select individual photos for backup, it provides essential features like automatic backup, high-speed file transfers, and a compact design. Overall, it is a handy tool for managing storage and ensuring the security of your important data on iOS devices.


The iWALK Small Portable Charger is a compact and convenient power bank that offers reliable charging capabilities. It features a fashionable design, upgraded capacity, and an ultra-compact size. With a capacity of 4500mAh, it can fully charge an iPhone 8 1.5 times or an iPhone X once. The built-in Lightning cable has been upgraded to support thicker cases, eliminating the need to remove the case before charging. The size of a lipstick, it easily slips into your pocket or purse for on-the-go charging. It comes with one power bank, one USB C cable, and a manual. While it provides reliable charging power and a decent battery life, its design hampers phone usability during charging. If you prioritize charging capability over extensive phone usage while charging, this product could be a suitable option.

Key Features

  • Fashion Design: Smooth face and better texture
  • Upgraded Capacity: 4500m Ah
  • Upgraded built-in Lightning Cable: Supports thicker cases
  • Ultra-Compact: Size of a lipstick, easy to slip in pocket or purse
  • You Will Get – 1x Power bank, 1x USB C Cable, 1x Manual


  • Color: White


  • Reliable charging power
  • Decent battery life
  • Compact and portable design
  • Fashionable and unique appearance
  • Upgraded built-in Lightning cable for convenience


  • Difficult to comfortably hold and use phone while charging
  • Doesn’t work with certain thick cases


The iWALK Small Portable Charger offers reliable charging power and a decent battery life in a compact and fashionable design. It is ideal for on-the-go charging, fitting easily into a pocket or purse. However, its design limits phone usability while charging, making it less convenient for tasks such as texting or browsing. If you prioritize charging capabilities over extensive phone usage during charging, this power bank could be a suitable option. It is especially useful for travelers or situations where a power outlet is not readily available. Overall, it is a reliable and stylish accessory for keeping your devices powered up on the move.


The Driving Force is an educational show for kids that combines monster trucks with science and math. It features engaging storylines that teach concepts like buoyancy, adhesion, force, and more. The show is suitable for both younger and slightly older children, making it a great choice for family viewing. The characters are well-loved by kids, and the show keeps them entertained while they learn. With episodes available on demand through Amazon, parents can access a wide range of content that may not be available through other providers. While some parents find certain concepts too complicated for younger children, they appreciate the educational value the show offers. Overall, The Driving Force is a fun, educational show that kids will enjoy watching.

Key Features

  • -Engaging storylines
  • -Teaches concepts of science and math
  • -Suitable for younger and slightly older kids
  • -Wide range of content available on demand


  • N/A


  • -Engaging and educational
  • -Entertains kids while they learn
  • -Well-loved characters
  • -Wide range of content available


  • -Certain concepts may be too complicated for younger children
  • -Season pass structure may be misleading


The Driving Force is a fantastic educational show that combines the excitement of monster trucks with learning. Kids will be entertained while they absorb important concepts in science and math. The engaging storylines and well-loved characters make this show a hit with both younger and slightly older children. Although there are some opinions that the show may introduce concepts that are too complex for younger toddlers, most parents appreciate the educational value it provides. With a wide range of content available on demand, The Driving Force is a great choice for parents looking for a fun and educational show for their kids.


The MFi Certified 128GB Photo Stick for iPhone Flash Drive is a high-quality USB memory stick that provides excellent performance and data storage for iPhone, iPad, Android, and PC. With its MFi certification, it ensures high quality and safe data storage. The flash drive features multiple ports, including USB, Lightning, and Type C, allowing for easy data transfer between different devices. It offers one-click backup for photos, videos, and phone books, as well as compatibility with iOS, Android, and computers. The flash drive also provides privacy protection with encryption options. Overall, it is a convenient and reliable storage solution for mobile devices.

Key Features

  • MFi certified high-quality iphone flash drive
  • Multi-Port usb drive
  • One-click backup
  • Compatibility and transfer speed
  • Protect your privacy


  • Color: Silver
  • Dimension: 3.94Lx1.97Wx0.59H
  • Size: 128GB


  • High-quality and safe data storage
  • Multiple ports for easy data transfer
  • One-click backup and compatibility with various devices
  • Privacy protection with encryption options


  • Clunky interface and image file renaming
  • Relatively slow load times


The MFi Certified 128GB Photo Stick for iPhone Flash Drive is a reliable and convenient solution for mobile data storage. With its high-quality construction and excellent performance, it ensures safe storage for photos, videos, and phone book backups. The multiple ports allow for easy data transfer between devices, eliminating the need for cables or cloud storage. The encryption options provide privacy protection for your data. However, the clunky interface and image file renaming issues can be frustrating. Overall, it is a recommended choice for individuals looking to expand their mobile storage and protect their data.


The Flash Drive 256GB for iPhone USB Memory Stick Thumb Drives is a versatile and high-quality storage device for smartphones and computers. Made with frosted aluminum metal, it features a retractable design and a convenient keychain attachment, ensuring durability and easy portability. With multiple interfaces including USB, iPhone connection port, micro USB, and type C, this USB stick allows for seamless data transfer between different devices without the need for data cables or cloud services. One-click backup functionality saves time and storage space by directly storing videos and photos taken on the flash drive. The device also offers data protection through password and touch ID security features. The Flash Drive 256GB for iPhone USB Memory Stick Thumb Drives is backed by excellent customer service that provides refunds or replacements. Overall, this product offers convenience, functionality, and privacy protection.

Key Features

  • High-Quality flash drive with retractable design
  • Multi-Port usb drive for easy data transfer
  • One-Click Backup for videos and photos
  • Protects privacy with password and touch ID
  • TRYVAT USB memory stick with quality assurance


  • Color: A-Blue
  • Dimension: 2.10Lx0.90Wx0.30H
  • Size: 256GB


  • Durable and portable design
  • Multiple interfaces for easy data transfer
  • One-click backup saves time and storage space
  • Data protection through password and touch ID
  • Quality assurance and excellent customer service


  • Device heats up during transfer process
  • Error message displayed at the end of transfer
  • Does not support i Phone with a case on the bottom
  • Converts ‘live’ photos into non-live PNG files
  • Searching for specific photos may be difficult


The Flash Drive 256GB for iPhone USB Memory Stick Thumb Drives is an excellent solution for users seeking additional storage for their smartphones and computers. With its high-quality construction, versatile interfaces, and one-click backup functionality, it offers convenience and efficiency. The added data protection features ensure privacy and security. While there are some minor drawbacks such as heating up during transfers and compatibility issues with iPhone cases, these do not significantly hinder the overall performance of the device. With its reliable performance and dedicated customer service, this USB memory stick is definitely worth considering for those in need of extra storage capacity.


The TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod is a versatile and portable accessory that combines the functionality of a selfie stick with the stability of a tripod. Made of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, this tripod is perfect for capturing steady shots and videos at various heights. It features a built-in foldable legs that can be used as a tabletop tripod or as a stand tripod when fully telescoped. The tripod also includes a rechargeable wireless remote control for easy hands-free operation, allowing you to snap photos from a distance of up to 10 meters. With its adjustable design and compatibility with both iPhone and Android devices, this tripod is a game changer for mobile photography enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • All in 1 Phone Holder
  • 60” Telescopic Pole
  • Reinforced Tripod Base
  • Chargeable Remote Shutter
  • Portable & Rotation


  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 11.14Lx1.38Wx1.38H


  • Versatile design for various shooting angles
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Rechargeable wireless remote control
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones


  • Difficult to secure phone on the slide rail
  • Can tip over easily when brushed against
  • Remote control response slows with distance
  • Lacks a wrist strap attachment


The TONEOF 60″ Cell Phone Selfie Stick Tripod is an excellent accessory for mobile photography enthusiasts. Its versatile design, lightweight construction, and rechargeable remote control enhance the convenience and quality of capturing photos and videos on the go. While it may have a few limitations, such as securing the phone on the slide rail and its susceptibility to tipping over, these are minor drawbacks compared to its overall performance. With its affordable price and impressive functionality, this tripod is a game changer for anyone looking to enhance their mobile photography experience.


The EATOP USB Flash Drive is a versatile storage solution that allows you to easily transfer photos and videos between multiple devices. With its 4-in-1 design, it is compatible with Android, iPhone, iPad, and PC devices. The one-click backup feature enables quick and simple backup of all your photos, videos, and files. The USB 3.0 technology ensures high-speed transfers with up to 80 MB/s reading and 30 MB/s writing speed. The flash drive also prioritizes privacy protection by offering file encryption function. With a storage capacity of 1TB, it provides ample space to store your favorite movies, music, and images. The EATOP USB Flash Drive is a convenient and secure way to free up memory space on your mobile devices.

Key Features

  • 4-in-1 design for compatibility with multiple devices
  • One-click backup for quick and easy file transfer
  • High-speed transfers with USB 3.0 technology
  • File encryption function for privacy protection
  • 1TB storage capacity for ample space


  • Color: Purple
  • Dimension: 1.60Lx0.60Wx0.16H
  • Size: 1TB


  • Versatile compatibility with multiple devices
  • One-click backup for effortless file transfer
  • High-speed transfers for smooth video play
  • Privacy protection through file encryption
  • Ample storage capacity for various media


  • Occasional issues with device recognition
  • Limited space on the 1TB drive
  • Reported instances of files disappearing


The EATOP USB Flash Drive is a reliable and convenient storage solution for those in need of extra memory space on their mobile devices. With its versatile compatibility, high-speed transfers, and privacy protection features, it offers great value for users. While there have been some reported issues with device recognition and limited space, the overall performance and ease of use make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you want to back up your files, enjoy seamless video playback, or securely share files with others, the EATOP USB Flash Drive has you covered.


Buyer’s Guide: Monster i-Phone Memory Stick

Whether you’re a photographer, a movie lover, or someone who just can’t have enough space on their phone, a monster i-Phone memory stick is the solution to all your storage woes!Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision:

1. Determine your storage needs

  • Assess how much additional storage you require for your iPhone. Do you need a few extra gigabytes or a whopping terabyte? Knowing your requirements upfront will help you narrow down your options.

2. Consider the device compatibility

  • Ensure that the memory stick you choose is compatible with your iPhone’s operating system. Some older models may not support the latest memory stick models, so it’s essential to double-check before making a purchase.

3. Check the storage capacity

  • Memory sticks for iPhones come in various storage capacities. Determine the suitable size for your needs. If you’re an avid photographer or videographer, a larger capacity may be necessary to accommodate your files.

4. Look for fast transfer speeds

  • Time is of the essence, especially when transferring large files. Make sure the memory stick you choose has fast transfer speeds, preferably USB 3.0 or higher, to save you from the agony of waiting.

5. Consider additional features

  • While storage is the primary purpose of a memory stick, some models come with bonus features. These can include built-in encryption for added security, compatibility with other devices, or even a lightning connector for direct iPhone connectivity.

6. Evaluate durability and design

  • A memory stick that withstands the test of time is worth its weight in gold. Look for memory sticks with a sturdy build and materials that can endure everyday wear and tear. Additionally, consider the design and form factor to ensure it fits seamlessly with your iPhone.

7. Read reviews and check ratings

  • Before investing your hard-earned money, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and check ratings from other users. Pay attention to their experiences, both positive and negative, to get a better understanding of the memory stick’s performance and potential drawbacks.

8. Compare prices

  • Memory sticks with similar features can vary significantly in price. Take the time to compare prices across different retailers and online platforms to ensure you’re getting the best deal possible. Keep an eye out for promotions or discounts that may be available, saving you even more.



Q: Are monster i-Phone memory sticks compatible with all iPhone models?
A: Compatibility may vary depending on the model. It’s crucial to check the specifications and confirm compatibility with your specific iPhone model before making a purchase.

Q: Can I transfer files from the memory stick to other devices?
A: Yes, many memory sticks offer compatibility with other devices such as computers, laptops, and some Android phones. However, it’s important to ensure cross-device compatibility before transferring files.

Q: Do monster i-Phone memory sticks require any additional apps or software to function?
A: Most memory sticks work seamlessly with the native file management apps on iPhones. However, some advanced features, such as encryption or automatic backup, may require additional apps or software. It’s recommended to clarify this before purchasing.

Q: Can I use a monster i-Phone memory stick to directly play media files?
A: Yes, many memory sticks allow direct playback of media files stored on the stick. However, it’s important to check the supported file formats and ensure compatibility with your media player app.

Q: What happens if I lose or forget my password for an encrypted monster i-Phone memory stick?
A: Losing or forgetting the password for an encrypted memory stick can lead to permanent data loss. It’s advised to keep a backup of your data and consider writing down passwords in a secure location.