8 Best Smartwatch Waterproof for 2024

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Introducing the "8 Best Smartwatch Waterproof for 2023" – your go-to guide for the ultimate selection of future-ready smartwatches that seamlessly combine style, functionality, and waterproof capabilities. As technology continues to evolve, these next-generation smartwatches are designed to not only enhance your daily life but also withstand any water-related adventures you embark upon. With their incredible features, innovative designs, and utmost durability, these eight waterproof smartwatches are set to revolutionize the way we stay connected and stay active in the year 2023. So, dive into our curated list and get ready to choose the perfect companion for all your upcoming escapades.


The Pautios Smart Watch is a versatile and stylish fitness tracker designed for both women and men. With its 24/7 heart rate tracking, SpO2 oxygen saturation monitoring, and sleep tracking capabilities, this smartwatch allows you to monitor your health and develop better sleep habits. The 44mm touch color screen with customizable dials offers a vibrant and personalized display experience. It is equipped with 10 sports modes and supports automatic sports recognition and GPS positioning, making it perfect for active individuals. The watch is waterproof up to 5ATM, allowing you to wear it even while swimming. With a battery life of up to 10 days, this smartwatch offers long-lasting performance. Its compatibility with iOS and Android phones ensures that you can receive all calls and notifications on your wrist. The Pautios Smart Watch combines functionality, durability, and affordability, making it a great choice for fitness enthusiasts.

Key Features

  • 24/7 heart rate tracking and Sp O2 oxygen saturation monitoring
  • Sleep tracking for better sleep habits
  • 44mm touch color screen with customizable dials
  • 10 sports modes with automatic recognition
  • 5ATM waterproof level for swimming
  • Long battery life of up to 10 days
  • Compatibility with i OS and Android phones
  • Specifications

  • Color: Light Green
  • Dimension: 10.90Lx0.75Wx3.74H
  • Size: 44mm
  • Pros

  • Accurate heart rate and Sp O2 monitoring
  • Customizable and vibrant display
  • Wide range of sports modes
  • Waterproof design for swimming
  • Long battery life
  • Compatibility with i OS and Android phones
  • Cons

  • Smaller screen than depicted in pictures
  • Inaccurate blood oxygen measurement
  • Short watch band for larger wrists

    The Pautios Smart Watch offers an impressive range of features and functionalities at an affordable price. With its accurate heart rate and SpO2 monitoring, customizable display, and wide range of sports modes, it caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts. The watch’s waterproof design and long battery life make it suitable for various activities, including swimming. However, some users have reported that the actual screen size is smaller than expected, and the blood oxygen measurement may not always be accurate. Additionally, individuals with larger wrists may find the watch band too short. Overall, the Pautios Smart Watch provides excellent value for money, combining style, performance, and affordability.


    The Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch is a rugged and durable outdoor GPS fitness watch designed for men. It features a HD AMOLED always-on color screen and has passed 15 military-grade tests, making it suitable for extreme environments. The smart watch supports four global navigation satellite systems, blood oxygen saturation measurement, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, weather tracking, and more. With an ultra-long battery life of up to 18 days, 10 ATM water resistance, and over 100 sports modes, it is an ideal companion for active individuals. The watch also serves as a personal assistant with notifications for calls, messages, and alarms, and can be synced with popular health and fitness apps. The Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a reliable and feature-packed smart watch for outdoor enthusiasts.

    Key Features

  • HD AMOLED always-on color screen
  • 15 military-grade tests passed
  • Four global navigation satellite systems
  • Blood oxygen saturation measurement
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Sleep monitor
  • Weather tracker
  • Sunrise and sunset monitor
  • Moon phase display
  • Compass and barometric altimeter
  • Ultra-long 18-day battery life
  • 10 ATM water resistance
  • Over 100 sports modes
  • Notification alerts
  • Music playlist control
  • 4-positional GPS
  • Sync to favorite health apps
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 2.00Lx2.00Wx1.00H
  • Pros

  • Durable and rugged design
  • Long battery life
  • Water-resistant up to 100 meters
  • Wide range of sports modes
  • Notification and music control features
  • Syncs with popular health apps
  • Cons

  • Cannot use while charging
  • Textured band may cause discomfort
  • App interface not very intuitive

    The Amazfit T-Rex Pro Smart Watch is a highly capable and rugged outdoor companion. With its military-grade durability, long battery life, and extensive features for fitness and exploration, it offers great value for its price. While there are some minor limitations, such as the inability to use the watch while charging and the textured band causing discomfort for some users, overall it delivers on its promises. The watch’s wide range of sports modes, notification alerts, music control, and compatibility with popular health apps make it a reliable and convenient accessory. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone looking for a reliable smart watch for fitness tracking, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is definitely worth considering.


    The Military Smart Watch for Men is a rugged and durable smartwatch that is perfect for outdoor activities. With 10 military grade certifications, this smartwatch can withstand harsh environmental conditions. It features Bluetooth dialing and a built-in speaker, allowing you to make and answer calls directly from your wrist. The watch also supports calorie and distance calculations, weather forecasts, and message notifications. As a fitness tracker, it offers 7 sports modes and can connect to your phone's GPS for accurate activity tracking. It has a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones. The watch has a long battery life and is waterproof. Overall, it is a reliable and versatile smartwatch for active individuals.

    Key Features

  • Military grade standard with 10 certifications
  • Bluetooth dialing and built-in speaker
  • Multi-sports modes and long battery life
  • Heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking
  • Great compatibility with i OS and Android smartphones
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black 1
  • Dimension: 12.05Lx1.81Wx0.47H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Rugged and durable design
  • Allows for phone-free calling and music control
  • Accurate fitness tracking with GPS connectivity
  • Waterproof for added convenience
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones
  • Long battery life for extended outdoor activities
  • Cons

  • Blood pressure monitor accuracy can be shaky
  • Specific and potentially hard-to-replace charger
  • Certain features may not work consistently
  • Durability could be better
  • Sleep tracker may not be completely accurate

    The Military Smart Watch for Men is a reliable and feature-packed smartwatch designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Its rugged design and military-grade certifications ensure durability in harsh conditions. The ability to make calls, control music, and receive notifications without a phone is a convenient feature. The watch’s fitness tracking capabilities, including GPS connectivity, make it a valuable tool for tracking workouts. While there are some minor drawbacks like the accuracy of the blood pressure monitor and the durability of the watch, overall, it offers great value for its price. If you’re looking for a versatile and durable smartwatch for outdoor activities, this is a solid choice.


    The Fitpolo Smart Watch for Android Phones is an advanced health smartwatch designed for women. It features a 1.33-inch TFT-LCD full touch screen and offers various tools for sleep tracking, sport recording, menstrual health tracking, relax guidance, and more. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, this smartwatch allows you to receive alerts for calendar events, SMS, incoming calls, and social media notifications. The watch also includes a 24/7 heart rate monitor and sleep tracker to help you analyze your sleep patterns and make adjustments for a better lifestyle. With an IP68 waterproof rating, it can be worn while swimming without any worries. The Fitpolo smart watch offers long battery life and comes with many practical gadgets and exercise modes to enhance your fitness journey.

    Key Features

  • -⌚【2023 Upgraded Women’s Smart Watch】 Equipped with 1.33 inches TFT-LCD full touch screen, make a great breakthrough in button touch fitness watch and advanced health smartwatch
  • -⌚【Smart watch for Android Phones Samsung i Phone】- Compatible with most i OS 8.0 & Android 4.4 above smartphones.
  • -⌚【24/7 Heart Rate Monitor & Sleep Tracker】Automatically monitor your real-time heart rate and your sleep (Deep sleep, Light sleep and Awake time)to tell you how long and how well you sleep during
  • -⌚【IP68 Waterproof Fitness Watch & Long-lasting Battery】- Fitpolo Smart Watches are designed with IP68 waterproof rating, which allows you to swim in the pool with it with no worries.
  • -✔【More Practical Gadgets & 9 Exercise Modes】- Fitpolo smart watch has features with many practical tools, such as customized watch faces, alarm clocks, stopwatch, timer,music controller, sedentary reminder, adjustable brightness, find phone.
  • Specifications

  • Color: Rose Gold
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Pros

  • Waterproof design for swimming
  • 24/7 heart rate monitor and sleep tracker
  • Long battery life
  • Compatible with most smartphones
  • Practical gadgets and exercise modes
  • Cons

  • Heart rate monitor may have lag
  • App needs to be synced daily for notifications
  • Limited alarm setting and activation options
  • Notification for calls and texts can be intrusive

    The Fitpolo Smart Watch is a great fitness tracker and smartwatch for women. It offers a stylish design, comprehensive health tracking features, and compatibility with both Android and iOS smartphones. The waterproof design is perfect for swimming enthusiasts, and the long battery life ensures continuous usage. While the heart rate monitor may have some lag and the alarm settings are limited, the overall performance and functionality of this smartwatch are impressive. Whether you’re tracking your workouts, monitoring your sleep, or staying connected with notifications, the Fitpolo Smart Watch provides a reliable and affordable solution. If you’re looking for a feature-packed fitness tracker and smartwatch specifically designed for women, this is a fantastic option.


    The SKG Smart Watch is a versatile fitness tracker that offers a range of health monitoring features. It has a large high-definition touch screen and can track metrics such as heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep quality, and stress level. With its 14+ sports modes and water-resistant design, it's suitable for various activities, including swimming. The watch is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones and comes with a user-friendly app for easy tracking and monitoring. With an impressive 8-day battery life and quick charging, you can wear this watch all day without worrying about running out of power. Overall, the SKG Smart Watch is a reliable and affordable option for those looking to track their health and fitness goals.

    Key Features

  • Blood oxygen saturation measurement
  • Sleep quality analysis
  • 14+ activity tracking modes
  • Water-resistant up to 50 meters
  • 8-day battery life
  • Specifications

  • Color: SKG V7 Black
  • Dimension: 1.75Lx1.48Wx0.53H inches
  • Size: 1.7 x 1.48 x 0.53 inches
  • Pros

  • Accurate health tracking
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof design
  • Large and user-friendly touch screen
  • Compatible with i OS and Android
  • Cons

  • App can be buggy
  • Inconsistent step tracking
  • Limited information and support
  • Heart rate monitor may require tight fit

    The SKG Smart Watch offers a great combination of features, durability, and affordability. With its reliable health monitoring capabilities and versatile sports modes, it’s a suitable companion for anyone looking to stay active and monitor their fitness progress. The long battery life and waterproof design make it convenient for everyday use, including swimming. Although the app may have some issues, the overall performance of the watch and its user-friendly interface make it a worthwhile investment. Whether you’re an Android user or an iPhone owner, the SKG Smart Watch is a reliable choice that won’t break the bank.


    The EURANS Smart Watch 41mm is a full touchscreen smartwatch and fitness tracker that offers a range of features to help you monitor your health and stay active. It has 24-hour heart rate and sleep monitoring, as well as SpO2 monitoring for blood oxygen levels. The watch supports 8 different sport modes and can track your steps, distance, calories burned, and more. With a customizable dial and a range of watch faces to choose from, you can personalize the watch to suit your style. It also offers smart notifications, music control, and other handy features. With a battery life of up to 7-10 days and IP68 waterproof rating, you can wear the watch all day, even while swimming. Overall, the EURANS Smart Watch 41mm is a versatile and affordable option for those looking for a smartwatch and fitness tracker.

    Key Features

  • 24 Hours Heart Rate Sleep & Sp O2 Monitoring
  • Fitness Tracker with 8 kinds of Sport Modes
  • Customizable Dial
  • Smart Notifications
  • Up to 7~10 Days Battery Life with IP68 Waterproof
  • Specifications

  • Color: Purple
  • Dimension: 10.16Lx1.39Wx0.39H
  • Size: 41mm
  • Pros

  • Accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring
  • Multiple sport modes for tracking different activities
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Smart notifications for messages and calls
  • Long battery life and waterproof design
  • Cons

  • Issues with the app functionality
  • Limited watch face selection
  • Charger can be unreliable
  • Not suitable for advanced fitness tracking

    The EURANS Smart Watch 41mm offers an impressive range of features at an affordable price. It provides accurate heart rate and sleep monitoring, as well as various sport modes for tracking different activities. The customizable dial and watch faces add a personal touch, while the smart notifications and long battery life enhance the overall user experience. However, there are some issues with the app functionality and limited watch face selection. Additionally, the charger may be unreliable for some users. Overall, this smartwatch and fitness tracker is a solid choice for those who want basic health monitoring and convenient features without breaking the bank.


    The Smart Watch is a feature-packed fitness tracker designed for both men and women. With 24 sports modes and 5ATM water resistance, this smartwatch allows you to accurately track your daily activity, including steps and distance. It also features a sleep monitor to track the quality and duration of your sleep. Stay connected with smart notifications, and enjoy a long battery life of up to 7 days. Compatible with both iPhone and Android devices, this smartwatch offers a personalized experience with customizable dials. With its affordable price and impressive functionality, it is a great option for those looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch.

    Key Features

  • Multi-Function Smart Watch for all-around body data tracking
  • 24 Sports Modes to track steps and distance
  • 5ATM Water-resistant for swimming
  • Smart Notifications for calls, messages, and other apps
  • 1.7" HD Touchscreen with customizable watch faces
  • Compatible with i OS and Android devices
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 5.50Lx0.50Wx3.50H
  • Pros

  • Accurate tracking of activity and sleep
  • Long battery life of up to 7 days
  • Affordable price for the features offered
  • Compatible with both i OS and Android devices
  • Customizable watch faces to express yourself
  • Cons

  • Dated navigation system
  • Inaccurate blood pressure measurement
  • App synchronization issues

    Overall, the Smart Watch is a great budget-friendly option for those in search of a reliable fitness tracker. It offers a wide range of features including accurate activity and sleep tracking, customizable watch faces, and smart notifications. The long battery life and water resistance make it suitable for everyday use, including swimming. However, the navigation system could use improvement and the blood pressure measurement may not be as accurate as desired. Despite these minor drawbacks, the Smart Watch provides excellent value for its price, making it a recommended choice for individuals who want a versatile and affordable smartwatch.


    The LULUDDM Kids Smart Watch Phone is a waterproof smartwatch designed for kids aged 3-13 years. It features a touch screen, 5 learning games, camera, alarm, SOS call function, and more. With its IP67 waterproof rating, kids can wear it without worrying about splashing rain or washing their hands. The watch allows parents to call their children and also includes an SOS key for emergency situations. It's an ideal gift for birthdays and holidays. The watch is available in a pink color. Overall, the LULUDDM Kids Smart Watch Phone provides safety and entertainment for kids in a durable and user-friendly design.

    Key Features

  • Keep Kids Safe with SOS Call
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • 5 Learning Games
  • Multiple Functions
  • No App & Easy to Set Up
  • Specifications

  • Color: Pink
  • Pros

  • SOS call feature for emergencies
  • Waterproof design
  • Includes 5 learning games
  • Multiple functions for added convenience
  • Cons

  • Lacks some listed functions
  • Issues with charging cable
  • Mixed customer reviews

    The LULUDDM Kids Smart Watch Phone is a reliable and entertaining device for kids. It offers safety features like SOS calling and is waterproof for everyday use. The inclusion of 5 learning games adds educational value, while the multiple functions make it a versatile device. However, some customers have reported issues with charging and missing functions. Overall, it’s a great gift option for children, providing them with both fun and practical features.


    Smartwatch Waterproof Buyer's Guide

    So you're in the market for a waterproof smartwatch, huh? Whether you're an adventure enthusiast, fitness fan, or just someone who loves the convenience of a wearable device, a waterproof smartwatch can be a game-changer. No need to worry about water damage or taking it off when things get wet. But with so many options out there, finding the perfect waterproof smartwatch can be overwhelming. Worry not, my friend! I'm here to guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision.Here's your ultimate buyer's guide for waterproof smartwatches:

    1. Determine your needs and preferences

    Before diving into the world of waterproof smartwatches, take a moment to consider your needs and preferences. Different watches offer varying features and capabilities, so understanding what you're looking for will make your search much easier.

    • Fitness tracking: Are you primarily interested in tracking your fitness activities like steps, distance, heart rate, or sleep? Make sure the smartwatch you choose has robust fitness tracking capabilities.
    • Swimming features: If you're a swimmer, look for a smartwatch that offers accurate swim tracking, stroke count, lap timer, or even open water swimming capabilities.
    • Notifications and connectivity: Do you want to receive calls, texts, or app notifications on your smartwatch? Consider models with good connectivity options that sync seamlessly with your smartphone.
    • Battery life: Think about how frequently you want to charge your smartwatch. Longer battery life can be a significant advantage, especially if you're planning to use it during extended outdoor activities.
    • Design and style: Smartwatches come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Decide if you prefer a sleek and minimalistic look or a more sporty and rugged design.
    • Compatibility: Check whether the smartwatch you're interested in is compatible with your smartphone's operating system (iOS or Android).

    2. Look for appropriate water resistance ratings

    Not all smartwatches are created equal when it comes to water resistance. To ensure that your smartwatch can handle water activities without getting damaged, you need to understand the meaning behind the water resistance ratings.

    • ATM or meters: Water resistance is usually measured in ATM (atmospheres) or meters. The higher the number, the better the water resistance. For example, a smartwatch with a 5 ATM rating can withstand water pressure equivalent to 50 meters of depth.
    • IP code: Some smartwatches may also have an IP (Ingress Protection) code, indicating their level of dust and water resistance. Look for a minimum of IP67 or ideally IP68, where 6 represents protection against dust, and 7 or 8 signifies water resistance.

    3. Consider additional durability features

    Apart from water resistance, durability is another crucial aspect to look out for in a waterproof smartwatch, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Consider these additional durability features to ensure your smartwatch can withstand the wear and tear of your adventures:

    • Shock resistance: Look for a smartwatch with shock resistance capabilities, which adds an extra layer of protection against accidental bumps and drops.
    • Scratch-resistant display: Opt for a smartwatch with a display that can resist scratches, ensuring your watch face remains clear and readable even after rough usage.
    • Corrosion-resistant materials: Choose a smartwatch made from corrosion-resistant materials like stainless steel or titanium to prevent damage caused by exposure to water or harsh elements.
    • Strap options: Some smartwatches come with interchangeable straps, offering versatility and the ability to choose straps that suit different activities or styles.

    4. Evaluate fitness and health tracking features

    If you're keen on using your waterproof smartwatch for fitness and health monitoring, consider the following features:

    • Heart rate monitoring: Look for continuous or on-demand heart rate monitoring capabilities, which can provide insights into your workouts and overall health.
    • GPS tracking: GPS-enabled smartwatches allow accurate tracking of outdoor activities like running, cycling, hiking, or swimming, providing detailed data on distance, pace, and routes.
    • Sleep monitoring: If you want to track your sleep patterns, select a smartwatch with sleep monitoring features. It can provide valuable insights into your sleep quality and help improve your overall well-being.
    • Workout modes and coaching: Some smartwatches offer specific workout modes for various activities such as running, swimming, yoga, or strength training, providing real-time coaching and guidance to enhance your performance.

    5. Additional features to consider

    While water resistance and fitness tracking are key aspects to focus on, don't forget to consider other features that can enhance the overall functionality and convenience of your waterproof smartwatch:

    • Smartphone integration: Ensure that the smartwatch seamlessly integrates with your smartphone, allowing you to receive notifications, control music playback, or use voice assistants.
    • Battery life and charging: Check the battery life of the smartwatch and the charging mechanism it uses. Features like wireless charging or long battery life can be a significant advantage.
    • App ecosystem: Assess the availability and quality of the app ecosystem associated with the smartwatch. This ensures that you have access to a variety of apps, watch faces, and customization options.
    • Display quality: Consider the quality and readability of the smartwatch display, especially under different lighting conditions and while performing outdoor activities.
    • Third-party compatibility: If you use specific fitness apps or want to connect your smartwatch with other devices like bike sensors, make sure it offers compatibility with third-party apps and accessories.



    Q: Can I wear a waterproof smartwatch in the shower?
    A: Yes, most waterproof smartwatches can be worn in the shower. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specific water resistance ratings and recommendations of the manufacturer.

    Q: Can I use a waterproof smartwatch while scuba diving?
    A: It depends on the water resistance rating of the smartwatch. Some models are specifically designed for scuba diving and offer higher water resistance ratings. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines before using your smartwatch for scuba diving.

    Q: Are all waterproof smartwatches suitable for saltwater activities?
    A: While most waterproof smartwatches can handle freshwater activities, not all of them are suitable for saltwater usage. Saltwater can have corrosive effects on certain materials, so it’s essential to check if the smartwatch is specifically designed for saltwater environments.

    Q: Can I track my swimming laps with a waterproof smartwatch?
    A: Absolutely! Many waterproof smartwatches offer accurate swim tracking, including lap counting and stroke analysis, making them perfect companions for swimmers.

    Q: Are all waterproof smartwatches suitable for diving into deep water?
    A: Not all smartwatches are designed for deep-sea diving. Some models have specific water resistance ratings for depths beyond what typical swimming or snorkeling activities require. Always check the water resistance rating and manufacturer recommendations before diving into deep water.