Fleshy Mobile Phone Case That Feels Like Human Skin

Mobile Accessories

When it comes to mobile phones, not only do people look for the newest phones available. These consumers are also on the lookout for the latest mobile phone accessories out in the market. Sometimes, the most avid cellphone enthusiasts subscribe to news regarding accessories such as a new headphone or the latest mobile phone case. The most up to date information regarding these accessories allow consumers to research ahead of their purchase. 

Whether an item’s price justifies its value or not, mobile enthusiasts are always looking for new items on the horizon. Take for example a simple phone case, people prefer something fashionable or even eye-catching to other people. Sometimes, people take eye-catching to a whole new level and even into the extreme.


Artificial Skin Mobile Phone Case

Skin-On mobile phone case to replication sensation you can feel via touching.
Photo by andreas160578 via pixabay.com

When we told you people will take things to the extreme, we are not kidding. Introducing a mobile phone case that looks and feels like artificial human skin. Created by Marc Teyssier along with researchers from several institutions, this skin case is truly head-turning. Made from silicone and sensors, this skin case will either amaze or creep out people next to you. 

According to an article by newsscientists.com, Teyssier said: “I wanted to pinch my phone” in response to a question regarding the design’s inspiration. Teyssier and his colleagues have also created numerous other accessories made from the same material. These items include a touchpad and smartwatch which will be part of their ACM Symposium presentation.

You might be curious how does this artificial skin case works, right? Aside from being lifelike, this artificial skin mobile phone case has some of the most advanced features ever on a mobile case.



Marc Teyssier’s Skin-On project focuses on implementing artificial skin on numerous smart devices. These products will feature not only lifelike looking skin but also something that functions like the real thing. According to Teyssier’s website, their goal is to make everyday devices to have a more human interface much like our skin. 

Skin-On products drew inspiration from real human skin composition. Several layers of silicon and sensors will mimic the different levels found in our skin. For example, it will feature an inner skin much like the Dermis, which has sensors and nerves that transport the sensation to our brain. 

Teyssier also has documentation of the process of creating Skin-On products. These include notes and videos that show how they created their artificial skin.


Touch Recognition

Remember the time that you were stopping yourself from pinching something out of anger and frustration? Well, Teyssier’s mobile phone case recognizes certain emotions that are associated with simple gestures. These include emotions such as anger, comfort and wanting attention. For the skin to recognize these emotions, simple actions such as stroking and tapping can be felt by the skin sensors. Teyssier’s artificial skin case has copper wires in between the silicone layers that change the electrical charges within the case. 

As far as future iterations of the case, Teyssier and his group are looking to add hair and body heating to their product. These features will undoubtedly make these products more humanlike.

For those who are interested in getting one of these cases, I’ve got some bad news. Skin-On cases are not yet purchasable as of this moment.