Refurbished Apple Watch: What It Is and Where to Get It

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The Apple Watch is all the rage today because of its style, function, and features. It’s one of the best smartwatches to have today if you’re looking for a competitive smartwatch. However, the downside of all of this is that the Apple Watch is a bit pricier than other brands. If you don’t want to splurge on a brand new model, a refurbished Apple Watch offers the same functionality at a cheaper price.

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But what exactly does having a refurbished Apple watch mean? In this article, we’ll be looking at what it is and where you can get them.


What Is a Refurbished Apple Watch?

While refurbished products like phones aren’t new to the market, there’s still a lot of misconceptions about them. Most secondhand products in the market today are used and might have some issues that come with them when you buy them. Refurbished products, on the other hand, makes it look like you’re buying a brand new product.

Put simply, a refurbished Apple Watch is a secondhand item that was returned for a variety of reasons. However, unlike secondhand products that you’ll find in marketplaces, a refurbished watch is restored to its full working condition and comes with the same packaging as a brand new Apple Watch – assuming that you buy it directly from Apple.

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Refurbished products are guaranteed to be in full working order and any errors that they might have had before being returned to the store have been fixed. Apart from technical issues, physical components such as parts are also replaced in the refurbishment process.


Where to Get a Refurbished Apple Watch?

Apart from Apple Stores, there are several other places where you can buy refurbished Apple Watches. Here are a couple of trustworthy places.


1. Back Market

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Back Market is a marketplace that’s dedicated to selling refurbished products at great prices. They guarantee that their devices are 100% functional and are in full working condition. Back Market–refurbished items carry their quality control label and they make sure that all their catalog items have gone through their certification process before putting them up on the website.

An interesting fact about Back Market is that they can work with their clients’ budgets. They will restore the device to its 100% functionality and let the client choose its aesthetic appearance. The more pristine the condition that you want the product to be, the higher the price could be. But you can also opt for something that shows a bit more wear at a cheaper price. Either way, you’ll still get a fully functional device regardless of its aesthetic condition.

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2. RefurbMe

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Like Back Market, RefurbMe is also a marketplace dedicated to providing users with the best deals for refurbished Apple Watches and other Apple products. However, unlike Back Market and Apple, they don’t provide refurbishment services. Instead, they curate a list of refurbished products from different sites that allow users to easily compare offerings among them.

RefurbMe shows refurbished Apple products that range from refurbished iPhones, Macbooks, Apple TVs, and of course Apple Watches. RefurbMe makes it easier for users to navigate through other websites to find the ideal refurbished product for them. You’ll be able to score the best deals possible at this site for any Apple product.

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3. Walmart

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Walmart is also an option if you’re looking to score a refurbished Apple Watch. Like RefurbMe, they don’t offer their refurbishment services, but they have a strict Certified Refurbished Program. It ensures buyers that they’ll be getting a fully refurbished product that is 100% functional and passes the Walmart criteria for refurbished electronics.

All their refurbished items come with the necessary accessories and cables so that you’ll be able to use them without having to worry about tracking down missing items. Walmart carries a variety of products from wearables, cellphones, and headphones, among others.

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4. Amazon

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Another safe marketplace to purchase a refurbished Apple Watch is Amazon.

Amazon’s Amazon Renewed program features products that are open-box, pre-owned, and refurbished. With this program, Amazon allows buyers to discover secondhand products that have been reworked to function and look like new by Amazon suppliers or from one of their trusted third-party vendors.

All items under Amazon Renewal go through a full diagnostic test, which includes cleaning, testing, and replacing any defective parts. While they don’t guarantee that they can restore a device to its pristine condition like Back Market, Amazon guarantees that the products will still look the same with just minor dents and scratches. Amazon also sells refurbished products with complete cables and accessories. While these might not be the original ones or from the same brand, they guarantee that the accessories work just the same.

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5. Apple

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Ultimately, the best place to get a refurbished Apple product is Apple itself. Apple takes preloved or secondhand products that may have been returned because of performance issues or swapped for other models. Once returned, they go through a very rigorous refurbishment process by Apple to ensure that they are fit for selling.

Apple-refurbished products come out like new and are packaged in a sleek white box that includes all of the cables and accessories. They even include a one-year warranty and AppleCare support among others.

The models that you can get from the Apple store include Apple Watch Series 3 to Series 5 watches among others. Take note that refurbished Apple products from Apple itself sell out quickly so it’s best to get them while they’re in stock.

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Refurbished Apple Watch Buying Tips

Before you check out your refurbished Apple Watch or before you even think about adding one to your cart, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Here are some of them.


Check the Prices

The most important thing to look out for when buying a refurbished Apple Watch is the price. One of the reasons why users opt to purchase a refurbished device is because they cost less than the brand new ones. Compare other refurbished items with the model that you’re eyeing to make sure that they’re in the same price range. This is an important thing to look at because you might easily get conned into thinking that you’re buying a refurbished model when they’re only giving you an old stock.


Check Its Inclusions

Different marketplaces have different offerings for product inclusions. Some marketplaces will give you accessories from the same brand, some accessories will be original and some marketplaces will give you accessories that differ from the brand that you’re getting. If you’re particular about getting items from the same brand, you might want to check for a shop that sells brand-exclusive items like RefurbMe. Alternatively, Amazon is great if you don’t mind using different brands with your refurbished Apple Watch.

Either way, most marketplaces will have the product inclusions in their descriptions so it’s best to always read and review them before deciding on where to buy one.


Check Your Options

Ideally, the best place to purchase a refurbished Apple Watch is Apple. However, most Apple-refurbished items sell out quickly, and if you’re the type of buyer who thinks twice before buying things, you might just run out of items. It’s best to always keep an open mind and keep options just in case your first choice doesn’t work out. There are a lot of places where you can purchase refurbished products, it’s just a matter of looking for the right one for you.

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Check Product Warranty and Support

Warranty is an important factor when buying any type of device. Most sellers include a 30-day money-back guarantee for your item if it doesn’t work, and others will have a 12-month warranty for your items. It’s best to check which will work best for you.

Support is another important aspect to look out for in case you need product assistance. Most of the marketplaces listed in this article offer customer support when you buy devices from them. Apple also offers AppleCare support.

It’s best to purchase an item from a marketplace that has its customers’ interests in mind before making a purchase. This ensures that you’re not only buying from a safe place but you’ll also be getting help along the way.


Buy Directly From Apple

In the end, it’s always safer to buy from Apple if you’re purchasing a refurbished Apple Watch. Not only will you be able to get the most out of your purchase but you’ll also get original cables and accessories. Further, you’ll also get AppleCare support and a 12-month warranty with the product that you buy. Buying directly from Apple is your best bet to getting the best deals on refurbished products.


Top Reasons for Getting a Refurbished Apple Watch

Still don’t see why you should get a refurbished Apple Watch? Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider getting one.


Cheaper Pricing

Refurbished Apple Watches are cheaper than brand new watches. A refurbished Apple Watch is your best bet at getting a smartwatch that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Depending on where you intend to buy your Apple Watch from, you can also get them at a much cheaper price with discounts.


Variety of Options

Depending on where you look, you’ll find a variety of refurbished Apple Watches for sale. If the model that you’re looking for becomes unavailable in one place, you can look for it on another website. RefurbMe is a great site that will help you look for the same model across different platforms. It’s also a great tool to help you compare prices from different platforms to find the best deals available for you.

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Most refurbished products will receive certification from the website where it is available at. If the refurbished Apple Watch is from Apple, it will get Apple’s certification, and if it’s from a third-party vendor like Back Market, it will get Back Market’s certification.

Keep in mind that the certification and grading system per vendor differs. That said, you will have to study the grading systems per vendor properly so that you won’t end up disappointed if you don’t get the product that you expected.


Bad Things About Refurbished Apple Watches

Like other gadgets, there are also downfalls when it comes to buying refurbished Apple Watches. To keep your expectations in check, here are a couple of things to remember about the downside of buying a refurbished Apple Watch.


Different Packaging

Don’t expect your refurbished Apple Watch to have the same packaging as a brand new device. Refurbished Apple Watches don’t necessarily get the same packaging as the brand new ones. Most vendors include in their product descriptions that the packaging won’t be the original one.

Apple also abstains from using its signature packaging on refurbished devices. Instead, you’ll get them in a simple white box with a plain Apple Watch logo etched on it. It differs from vendor to vendor but it would help to keep your expectations in check as far as packaging goes.


Not Original Accessories

Most vendors will guarantee that your refurbished Apple Watch will come with complete accessories, but this does not guarantee that they’ll be from the same brand or the original accessories that your device originally came with.

Vendors like Amazon explicitly state that, while you will receive complete accessories and cables, they might not be original. Regardless of what you receive, they will be fully compatible with your device.


Prone to Malfunctioning

Most refurbished products are returned because of issues. It’s no surprise that they’ll be more prone to malfunctioning than brand new ones. Remember that you’re essentially buying a secondhand device, although fully restored. That said, it helps to take proper care of your refurbished device so that it doesn’t easily break.



In all, there is no harm in purchasing a refurbished Apple Watch. If anything, it will help you save money compared to purchasing a new one. A properly refurbished watch functions just the same as a brand new one. It will function to its full capacity despite lacking its original packaging.

Always remember to shop at trusted vendors so that get your money’s worth and a guarantee that you have an original refurbished device with you.