Best Earthquake Apps to Track Earthquakes Now

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Earthquakes can range from an annoyance to a life-threatening situation. Thus, it goes without saying that earthquakes can be extremely terrifying. The fact that you don’t really know how strong an earthquake is going to be until it strikes can give you anxiety.  Although earthquakes can’t be prevented, you can learn how to be prepared for them so that when disaster strikes, you know what to do. And to be prepared, it’s best to have an earthquake app to inform you of earthquakes ahead of time. 

This is especially useful if you live near a fault line or any place where earthquakes are common. Thus, in this article, we’ve created a list of the best earthquake apps for you to use. You’ll likely be able to find the best earthquake app for you from this list.


1. 3D Earthquake

3D Earthquake is perhaps one of the most unique apps on this list. That’s because it allows you to view the world on a 3D hollow globe, giving you a remarkable tracking experience. It’s not just a useful earthquake tracker, but it can also be a fun app to tinker with. 

It gives a live earthquake map and offers you a visualization of tectonic plates as well as earthquake magnitude. 3D Earthquake also shows the latest earthquakes from around the world and prioritizes the strongest ones. It also gathers data from the USGS earthquake database. 

On top of that, you can use this earthquake app to see earthquakes that have happened for up to a month. Alternatively, you can view earthquakes that transpired during the last hour, day, or week. This app is completely free but does have ads. However, you can opt for in-app purchases to remove ads and support the developers. It’s available on the Google Play Store.

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2. Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake Alert! earthquake app
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This earthquake alert app is one of the most flexible out there. Earthquake Alert shows you a map of where earthquakes have already occurred and gives you the option to track earthquakes in list view. With it, you can also filter what you want to see.

The map and list both display the magnitude of the earthquakes that have occurred. It’s mainly based in the US, and tracks earthquakes from magnitude 1 and above in the US. Although, it does show 4.5+ magnitude earthquakes from all over the world. 

Perhaps the most useful feature this app has is the ability to set warnings, as well as push notifications. You have the option of being notified whenever an earthquake happens near you, and you can share this alert on social media. Additionally, you can report if you felt any shaking to the USGS. This app is free on the Play Store.

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3. Earthquake – American Red Cross 

Earthquake - American Red Cross
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Red Cross is famous for having apps related to various natural disasters. Among their apps for disaster awareness is their earthquake app. This app tells you whenever there is an earthquake occurring in your vicinity and gives you a rough history of earthquakes that have occurred near you.

This app is probably the best earthquake app for learning more about earthquakes. Using this app, you’ll find out what to do to prepare for earthquakes and what to do during and after them. It comes with fun quizzes to test your earthquake knowledge, as well as information for earthquake emergencies.

Like any good earthquake app, this one comes with earthquake notifications. It goes above and beyond as well since it allows you to immediately alert your friends and family that you’re safe. You can also use it to find Red Cross shelters that are open near you.

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4. Earthquake – Map & Alerts

Earthquake - alerts and map earthquake app
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As the name suggests, this app can give you alerts whenever an earthquake occurs. It monitors earthquakes worldwide, so no matter where you live, this app is useful. The interface has a good design and overall looks pretty nice, too. 

This earthquake warning app lists earthquakes around the world and displays all of their details, from the magnitude to the epicenter. It comes with epicenter tracking so you’ll know which places are nearest to the epicenter. Using this app, you can see which cities are most likely to be affected by an earthquake.

Additionally, this app lists some earthquakes as events. You can see the most significant earthquakes as well as their details. Not only that, but this app also has a built-in seismograph which is useful for measuring how dangerous an earthquake is. It has alerts for tsunamis in addition to earthquakes. This app is available on both iOS and Android. It also has a Pro version with additional features.

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5. Earthquake Network

Earthquake Network is a comprehensive earthquake app that functions as an all-in-one app. It has an earthquake map and has real-time earthquake detection. Before an earthquake occurs, it will inform you of the impending danger as well as how much of a threat the earthquake poses. 

Moreover, Earthquake Network gives you user reports on earthquakes and even has a chatroom for exchanging information whenever an earthquake occurs. The best part is that it contains information about earthquakes throughout the world. It also has a paid version that you can buy for extra features. 

Buying the pro version gives you notifications and allows the app to notify you through a voice synthesizer. Additionally, you’ll get a visualization of earthquakes through augmented reality. The pro version also gives you chat priority over other people when earthquakes happen.

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6. Earthquake Pro

Earthquake Pro interface
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Earthquake Pro’s interface is among those that are the easiest to comprehend. It has a view of the entire world in a globe view and has a list of earthquakes around the world. Its database is updated frequently and can be personalized to your location. 

Furthermore, this earthquake app has an event search bar so you can search for specific earthquakes that have happened. And similar to Map & Alerts, Earthquake Pro also shows places closest to the epicenter. It also displays the shape of tectonic plates. 

Using this app, you can have earthquake alerts with control as to the location, distance, and magnitude of earthquakes. This app also comes equipped with a seismograph and has real-time statistics. And to top it all off, there are also tsunami notifications and real-time felt reports. 

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7. Earthquakes Tracker

Earthquakes Tracker interface
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The interface on this earthquake app is quite plain. However, it provides some of the most detailed information possible, which is really the only thing you need. It has an accurate and detailed map to show you where earthquakes are occurring, as well. 

This app has real-time seismic activity tracking, and you can see seismic activity on a graph. It gives you push notifications and has options for voice notifications. If you don’t want to be notified by small quakes that are insignificant, you can opt to set custom criteria for notifications. Additionally, you can choose the locations you want to monitor.

However, the only problem with this app is its outdated interface. Some parts of the interface don’t mesh well with others, which can be irritating to look at. Nonetheless, if you can get past that, this app is excellent overall and offers some of the most complete information possible. 

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8. LastQuake

This app is the certified app of the Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center. If you want detailed information from all around the world, this earthquake app is for you. It offers information on earthquake now, has real-time data, and customizable notifications. 

You’re even provided access to comments and photos by eyewitnesses as to the situation in affected areas. Additionally, you can share your information with others since it has connections to social media. LastQuake comes in multiple languages, as well. 

This app also offers information as to what you should do in case of a strong earthquake. Similar to the American Red Cross app, you can notify your loved ones that you’re alright after an earthquake. It’s an excellent app if you want to travel across Europe. This app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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9. My Earthquake Alerts

My Earthquake Alerts interface
Photo by App Store

My Earthquake Alerts is perhaps one of the easiest earthquake trackers that you can use. It has a beautiful interface with matching icons, making it easy for anyone to understand. Just like any good earthquake app, it has a live earthquake map that displays locations around the world where earthquakes are happening.

In addition, it also has earthquake alerts that can warn you whenever there is strong seismic activity. It also comes with a useful search feature that you can use to research strong earthquakes that occurred dating back all the way to the 70s. This information comes from a wealth of sources such as the EMSC and USGS.

The best thing about My Earthquake Alerts is the ability to customize your notifications. The cherry on top is the fact that you can find the exact site of the epicenter relative to your location. It’s free and available on both iOS and Android but does have in-app purchases.

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10. MyShake

MyShake is strikingly similar to most other earthquake apps out there. The difference is that it’s developed by the UC Berkeley Seismology Lab and sponsored by the California Office of Emergency Services. 

If you live in California, this is a no brainer. It’s the premier California earthquake app as it provides early warnings in California for 4.5 magnitudes and higher. Additionally, you’ll receive notifications about nearby earthquakes and the ability to report your experiences. You will also be able to see reports created by other users. 

MyShake makes your phone become an earthquake sensor and assists a network of smartphones in getting information about seismic activity. It’s readily available on iOS and Android devices.

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11. ShakeAlertLA

ShakeAlertLA was developed by the Los Angeles County in partnership with USGS. It was designed to become an early warning system in case of an earthquake in Los Angeles. It promises to save lives by notifying you in advance so you have ample time to take action.

In the event of a strong earthquake, it will immediately alert you beforehand. ShakeAlertLA immediately tells you whether you should be worried about the earthquake you’re about to experience or not. Moreover, it houses a database full of the recent earthquakes that have happened in the vicinity. 

This earthquake app displays a map with the magnitude level, as well as a rough approximation of what areas are affected. ShakeAlertLA was developed to be a countermeasure to the “Really Big One”, which is speculated to be one of the most powerful earthquakes in recent times. It is available on both iOS and Android and is completely free.

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12. Tremor Tracker

Tremor Tracker interface
Photo by App Store

Available exclusively on iOS devices, Tremor Tracker is a free app with an interactive globe that displays all the latest seismic activity. It shows you all the latest earthquakes that have happened all across the world.

On the app, you each tap each individual earthquake to show magnitude, location, as well as time. Tsunami warnings are also included on this app. Additionally, it provides you with information on seismic activity from the last hour, day, week, and even month. You can go back to a specific time period and see all the earthquakes that have happened then.

Tremor Tracker is an incredibly useful and reliable source of information. It gets its data from other reliable sources such as the USGS, Earthquakes Canada, and Geoscience Australia, among others. 


13. Volcanoes And Earthquakes

Volcanoes & Earthquakes interface
Photo by App Store

As you might know, volcanoes and earthquakes are closely related to each other. Hence, this app came about. By using this app, you’ll see volcanoes that are erupting or close to an eruption, as well as receive real-time earthquake and volcano updates. There’s always news on major volcanoes and earthquakes.

You also have the option of receiving notifications regarding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. All seismic activity is monitored on this app, not just earthquakes. It also takes all of its data from reliable sources. 

This earthquake app has a complete listing of all volcanoes worldwide, as well as extensive filtering options for volcanoes and earthquakes. Additionally, you can report if you felt an earthquake and see other people’s reports too.


The Final Word

Earthquakes are one of the scariest natural disasters known to man. Despite this, some people might think that earthquake apps aren’t very useful since strong earthquakes rarely occur. But that’s exactly why you need an earthquake app; what if there was a strong earthquake today?

Even though it can’t prevent the earthquake from happening, an earthquake app will surely be useful. Having an earthquake app at your disposal will assist you in knowing what to do in case an earthquake happens. And now that we’ve given you some of the best earthquake apps out there, all you need to do is download one.