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Apple has always been known for their innovative marketing strategies, and their latest iPhone 6s commercials are no exception. In a brilliant move, Apple has enlisted the help of several high-profile celebrities to promote their newest flagship device. These star-studded commercials not only capture the attention of viewers but also generate buzz and anticipation for the iPhone 6s. By featuring familiar faces like Taylor Swift, Bill Hader, and Taraji P. Henson, Apple succeeds in making their commercials relatable and engaging to a wide range of audiences. From showcasing the device’s impressive camera capabilities to highlighting its advanced features, these commercials not only sell the product but also create an emotional connection with the viewers. In this article, we will dive deeper into Apple’s strategy of using celebrities in their iPhone 6s commercials and explore the effectiveness of this marketing approach.

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Overview of iPhone 6s Commercials

The iPhone 6s was released by Apple in September 2015, and it quickly became one of the most popular smartphones on the market. One of the key marketing strategies employed by Apple to promote the iPhone 6s was the use of captivating commercials. These commercials showcased the innovative features and capabilities of the iPhone 6s, helping to create a strong desire among consumers to own this cutting-edge device.

The iPhone 6s commercials presented a seamless blend of aesthetically pleasing visuals, engaging storytelling, and a focus on the unique selling points of the smartphone. The commercials highlighted the advanced camera technology, the iconic 3D Touch feature, the faster and more efficient A9 chip, and the vibrant Retina HD display.

Apple’s iPhone 6s commercials were known for their high production value and attention to detail. They were carefully crafted to elicit an emotional response from viewers, showcasing how the device can seamlessly integrate into the everyday lives of individuals and enhance their experiences.

The commercials often featured stunning visuals of people using the iPhone 6s to capture memorable moments, communicate effortlessly with loved ones, explore new places, and unlock new possibilities through the wide range of available apps. The use of creative and relatable scenarios helped consumers envision how the iPhone 6s could become an integral part of their lives.

Additionally, the commercials were designed to highlight the durability and resilience of the iPhone 6s. They showcased the device’s robust construction and showcased its ability to withstand various challenges, such as water splashes and accidental drops, which added to the appeal of the smartphone.

Overall, the iPhone 6s commercials played a crucial role in communicating the unique features and benefits of the device to consumers. By combining persuasive storytelling, stunning visuals, and a focus on how the smartphone can seamlessly integrate into people’s lives, Apple successfully captured the attention and desire of consumers, contributing to the popularity and success of the iPhone 6s.

Celebrities Featured in iPhone 6s Commercials

The iPhone 6s was one of Apple’s most successful smartphone models, and the marketing team was keen on utilizing the influence of celebrities to promote its features. The company knew that by featuring popular personalities in their commercials, they could capture the attention of a wider audience and create a buzz around the product. As a result, they enlisted the help of several high-profile celebrities to showcase the iPhone 6s in a series of captivating ads.

One of the most memorable iPhone 6s commercials featured renowned actor and comedian, Bill Murray. The ad showcased Murray using the iPhone 6s’ advanced camera capabilities, such as slow-motion video and burst mode, to capture hilarious moments during his daily routine. The commercial not only highlighted the device’s impressive camera technology but also showcased Murray’s comedic talents, making it both entertaining and informative.

Another celebrity featured in the iPhone 6s commercials was pop music superstar, Taylor Swift. In a series of ads, Swift demonstrated the phone’s interactive 3D Touch feature by using it to browse her music, take selfies, and connect with fans through social media. The commercials were a hit among both Swift’s loyal fanbase and tech enthusiasts, effectively showcasing the iPhone 6s as a stylish and innovative device for music lovers.

The iPhone 6s commercials also included appearances by actor and singer Jamie Foxx, basketball superstar LeBron James, and comedian Stephen Curry. Each celebrity brought their own unique style and appeal to the ads, helping to convey the versatility and desirability of the iPhone 6s to different target audiences.

These celebrity endorsements were not only strategically chosen but also played a significant role in boosting the popularity and sales of the iPhone 6s. By associating the product with well-known personalities, Apple created an aspirational image, making people feel that owning the iPhone 6s would elevate their status and keep them connected with the latest trends.

The influence of these celebrities on consumer behavior should not be underestimated. Studies have shown that celebrity endorsements can significantly impact purchase decisions, with consumers often associating products with the qualities of the celebrities endorsing them. Through the celebrity-driven iPhone 6s commercials, Apple successfully leveraged this phenomenon to increase brand recognition and ultimately drive sales.

Impact of Celebrity Endorsements on iPhone Sales

Celebrity endorsements have long been a powerful marketing tool for brands looking to increase their sales and enhance their brand image. When it comes to the world of smartphones, Apple has utilized this strategy to great effect with their iPhone lineup. The iPhone 6s commercials, in particular, featured a star-studded cast of celebrities, contributing to the immense success of the device.

By featuring celebrities in their commercials, Apple leverages the influence and popularity of these individuals to create a connection with consumers. Celebrities are often seen as trendsetters and influencers, and their endorsement of a product can sway consumer perception and purchase decisions. When a well-known celebrity is seen using the iPhone 6s in a commercial, it not only enhances the appeal of the device, but it also adds a sense of desirability and status to the brand.

The impact of celebrity endorsements on iPhone sales cannot be understated. Numerous studies have shown that celebrity endorsements have a significant influence on consumer behavior. Consumers are more likely to trust and be influenced by the recommendations and choices of their favorite celebrities. This leads to an increased likelihood of purchasing the product being endorsed, in this case, the iPhone 6s.

Moreover, celebrity endorsements can help increase brand visibility and awareness. When celebrities endorse a product, it attracts media attention and generates buzz around the brand. This increased exposure can lead to a boost in sales and create a positive perception of the brand among consumers. By featuring celebrities in their commercials, Apple ensures that the iPhone 6s remains in the public eye and captures the attention of potential buyers.

Apple has strategically chosen its celebrity endorsers for the iPhone 6s commercials. Well-known figures such as Taylor Swift, Kobe Bryant, and Jimmy Fallon were featured, contributing to the massive success of the device. These celebrities have a vast fan base, and their endorsement of the iPhone 6s resonates with their followers. This not only drives immediate sales but also cultivates a sense of loyalty and brand affinity among consumers.

The success of the iPhone 6s commercials can be measured by the impressive sales figures that Apple achieved during the product’s launch period. The device sold millions of units in its debut weekend, breaking previous records set by its predecessors. The combination of cutting-edge technology and the allure of celebrity endorsements played a crucial role in driving these sales numbers.


Throughout the years, Apple has consistently captivated audiences with its innovative products and clever marketing strategies. The use of celebrities in the iPhone 6s commercials was a brilliant move to showcase the device’s capabilities and appeal to a wide range of consumers. By featuring familiar faces such as Jamie Foxx, Stephen Curry, and Taylor Swift, Apple effectively tapped into the power of star power to capture attention and generate interest in their latest smartphone.

The inclusion of celebrities not only added a touch of allure to the commercials but also served as a testament to the iPhone 6s’ popularity among high-profile individuals. The seamless integration of these famous personalities into the ads created a sense of aspiration and desire, further boosting the iPhone 6s’ desirability factor.

In conclusion, Apple’s decision to spotlight celebrities in their iPhone 6s commercials was a masterstroke in marketing. By leveraging the influence and appeal of these notable figures, Apple effectively showcased the features and capabilities of their flagship device while generating widespread excitement and interest. It’s this combination of stellar product design and ingenious marketing tactics that has established Apple as a leader in the mobile phone industry.


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