LG Ditches G6 Curved Display Plans, According To Reports

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According to recent reports, LG has made the decision to abandon its plans of incorporating a curved display in its upcoming flagship device, the LG G6. This surprising shift in strategy comes as a departure from the company’s previous focus on curved screens, which had been a signature feature of its recent smartphone models.

While the reasons behind LG’s change of heart have not been officially confirmed, industry insiders speculate that the move may be driven by a desire to differentiate the LG G6 from its competitors and cater to consumer preferences for a more traditional flat display. Additionally, a flat screen design could potentially offer cost savings and improved durability.

As the mobile phone market continues to evolve, LG’s decision to forego the curved display trend raises interesting questions about the future of smartphone design and user preferences. In this article, we will explore LG’s choice in more detail, discuss the potential implications, and provide insights into the overall trajectory of mobile phone displays.

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Article Title: LG Ditches G6 Curved Display Plans, According To Reports

Reports suggest that LG has made the decision to abandon its initial plans of incorporating a curved display in its highly anticipated G6 smartphone model. According to sources, the company has opted to revert to a more traditional flat display design, primarily driven by cost considerations.

This shift in strategy can be seen as a response to the lukewarm demand for curved display smartphones in recent years. While curved displays were initially seen as a futuristic and innovative feature, consumer interest has dwindled, leading to a decline in sales. Additionally, rival companies have made significant advancements in their own smartphone displays, making it necessary for LG to reevaluate its approach.

By choosing to eliminate the curved display from the G6, LG can now allocate its resources towards other areas of the smartphone that will provide a competitive edge in the market. This includes focusing on camera technology, enhanced battery life, and improved software features.


In conclusion, the decision by LG to ditch the curved display plans for the G6 comes as a surprise to many. The curved display trend has been gaining popularity in the smartphone industry, with manufacturers opting for this design to provide a more immersive and visually striking experience for users.

However, LG’s decision to forego the curved display on the G6 may indicate a shift in consumer preferences. It could be a strategic move by LG to differentiate itself from competitors and offer a unique selling point to potential buyers. By focusing on other aspects such as a larger screen size and improved processing power, LG might aim to attract a wider range of consumers who prioritize functionality over design.

While the curved display may not be featured in the G6, LG is still expected to deliver a high-quality smartphone with advanced features and an exceptional user experience. It remains to be seen how this decision will impact the market and whether other manufacturers will follow suit in their future device releases.


Q: Why did LG ditch its plans for a curved display on the G6?
A: LG made the decision to abandon the curved display on the G6 based on consumer feedback and market trends. They recognized that users preferred a flat-screen design over a curved one. By listening to their customers, LG was able to make a more informed decision and create a device that better aligns with consumer preferences.

Q: Will the absence of a curved display affect the functionality of the LG G6?
A: No, the absence of a curved display on the LG G6 does not impact the functionality of the device. While the curved display offered a unique aesthetic appeal, it does not provide any significant functional advantage. The LG G6 still boasts a high-quality display with vibrant colors, excellent brightness, and a sleek design that enhances overall usability and user experience.

Q: How does the flat display on the LG G6 compare to the curved display on other smartphones?
A: The flat display on the LG G6 offers a different visual experience compared to curved displays on other smartphones. While curved displays can create an immersive and futuristic feel, flat displays provide a more traditional look. The flat display on the LG G6 delivers excellent viewing angles, accurate color reproduction, and sharp image quality, ensuring an enjoyable multimedia experience.

Q: Are there any advantages to having a flat display on a smartphone?
A: Yes, there are several advantages to having a flat display on a smartphone. Firstly, a flat display offers better screen protection since there are no curved edges that are prone to cracks and damage. Secondly, a flat display allows for easier use and navigation, as it eliminates unintentional touches and accidental activations that can occur with curved displays. Lastly, a flat display often results in a lower production cost, making the smartphone more affordable for consumers.

Q: Are there any future plans for LG to reintroduce a curved display on their smartphones?
A: While there are no public announcements regarding LG’s plans to reintroduce a curved display on their smartphones, it’s important to note that technology and consumer preferences can change rapidly. LG continues to innovate and adapt to market demands, so it’s possible that they may consider revisiting the curved display concept in the future if there is a strong demand or a notable advancement in display technology.