LG G4 Vs. IPhone 6 Plus: In-Depth Comparison

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The LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus are two flagship smartphones that have captured the attention of tech enthusiasts around the world. Packed with powerful features and cutting-edge technology, these devices offer users a seamless mobile experience. But when it comes to choosing between the LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus, many consumers find themselves torn. Which one is truly the better option? In this in-depth comparison, we will delve into the key features, performance, camera capabilities, and overall user experience of both devices. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of the unique strengths and weaknesses of each smartphone, allowing you to make an informed decision on which one suits your needs and preferences best.

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Design and Build Quality

When it comes to design and build quality, the LG G4 and the iPhone 6 Plus are both stunning devices that exude elegance and sophistication. However, they have distinct design features that make each device stand out.

The LG G4 boasts a removable leather back cover, giving it a premium and luxurious feel. The back features a subtle curve, which not only adds to the phone’s aesthetics but also enhances ergonomics. Additionally, the G4 sports slim bezels around the display, maximizing screen real estate and providing an immersive viewing experience.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus flaunts a sleek and slim aluminum unibody design. The device feels solid in hand and exudes a sense of premium craftsmanship. The rounded edges and smooth finish make it comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

When it comes to device durability, both phones are built to withstand everyday wear and tear. The LG G4 features a durable construction with metal accents and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on the front, protecting the display from scratches. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, utilizes Apple’s proprietary blend of aluminum, which offers a good balance of strength and lightness.

Overall, the LG G4 and the iPhone 6 Plus excel in design and build quality, with each device offering a unique and visually appealing design. Whether you prefer the G4’s leather-clad back or the iPhone 6 Plus’ sleek aluminum body, both phones are sure to turn heads.

Display Technology and Size

The display technology and size are crucial factors to consider when comparing mobile phones. The LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus offer distinct features and characteristics in this aspect.

Starting with the LG G4, it boasts a 5.5-inch IPS LCD Quantum display. This technology not only delivers vibrant and accurate colors but also enhances the overall sharpness and clarity of the visuals. With a resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, the LG G4 offers a pixel density of 538 pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in incredibly detailed and crisp images.

In contrast, the iPhone 6 Plus features a 5.5-inch Retina display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Despite offering a slightly lower pixel density of 401 PPI, the Retina display is known for its excellent color reproduction and clarity.

Both devices employ different display technologies, with LG G4 utilizing IPS LCD and iPhone 6 Plus utilizing IPS LCD Retina display. The IPS LCD technology provides wider viewing angles and better visibility in sunlight for the LG G4.

The LG G4 also stands out with its slight curve design, which adds a unique touch to its display. This not only enhances the aesthetics but also offers an immersive and comfortable viewing experience.

Ultimately, the choice between the LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus display comes down to personal preference. If you prioritize a larger pixel-dense display with vibrant colors, the LG G4 may be the best option. On the other hand, if you prefer a more balanced and reliable display with excellent color accuracy, the iPhone 6 Plus is a strong contender.

Camera Performance and Features

The camera performance and features of a smartphone are often crucial factors in the purchasing decision. Let’s compare the camera capabilities of the LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus to determine which device comes out on top.

The LG G4 boasts an impressive 16-megapixel rear camera with a wide f/1.8 aperture, allowing more light to enter the lens and producing vibrant and detailed images even in low-light conditions. The camera also features optical image stabilization for blur-free shots, especially useful during handheld photography or capturing moving subjects. The 8-megapixel front camera takes sharp selfies and supports an array of creative features such as gesture shot and beauty mode.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus excels in its image processing technology and software optimization. Despite having a lower 8-megapixel rear camera, the iPhone 6 Plus delivers stunning image quality with true-to-life colors and excellent dynamic range. The camera app is user-friendly and offers features like panorama mode, burst mode, and slow-motion video capture.

Both phones offer manual controls for advanced photography enthusiasts. The LG G4 provides manual mode that allows users to adjust settings like ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, giving users more creative control. The iPhone 6 Plus, on the other hand, offers a simpler interface but still provides basic adjustments for exposure and focus.

When it comes to video recording, the LG G4 supports 4K video capture, allowing for stunningly sharp and detailed footage. The iPhone 6 Plus, while limited to 1080p video recording, delivers smooth and high-quality videos with its reliable image stabilization. Both phones also offer slow-motion video capabilities at varying frame rates.

It is important to note that camera performance can also be subjective; it depends on individual preferences and shooting conditions. Some may prefer the natural and well-balanced images produced by the iPhone 6 Plus, while others might lean towards the versatility and advanced controls of the LG G4.

Operating System and User Interface

The operating system plays a crucial role in shaping the user experience of a mobile phone. In this section, we will compare the operating systems and user interfaces of the LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Starting with the LG G4, it is powered by Android, which offers a highly customizable and user-friendly interface. LG has incorporated its own skin called “LG UX” on top of Android, providing added features and a unique look. The LG UX offers a neat and intuitive layout, making it easy for users to navigate through the phone’s menus and settings.

On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus runs on iOS, which is developed exclusively for Apple devices. iOS is known for its simplicity and seamless integration across Apple products. The interface is clean, elegant, and user-friendly, with a focus on smooth performance and intuitive gestures.

One notable difference between the two operating systems is the availability of customizability. Android on the LG G4 allows users to personalize their device by changing themes, widgets, and even using third-party launchers. iOS, however, has limited customization options, with a more standardized and streamlined approach.

Both operating systems offer a wide range of apps and a well-established app store. Android users can access the Google Play Store, which has a vast collection of apps, games, and utilities. iPhone users have access to the Apple App Store, which is known for its high-quality and curated selection of apps.

In terms of updates, Android devices, including the LG G4, often experience delays in receiving the latest Android version due to the fragmented nature of the Android ecosystem. On the other hand, Apple releases regular updates to its iOS, ensuring that iPhone users have access to the latest features, bug fixes, and security enhancements.


After diving deep into the comparison between the LG G4 and the iPhone 6 Plus, it becomes evident that both smartphones have their unique strengths and weaknesses. The LG G4 impresses with its exceptional camera capabilities, expandable storage, and stunning display. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus boasts a sleek design, seamless integration with Apple’s ecosystem, and a user-friendly interface.

Choosing between the two ultimately comes down to personal preferences and priorities. If you value a superior camera experience and the freedom to expand storage, the LG G4 might be the perfect choice for you. However, if you prefer a more streamlined design and prioritize software integration and ease of use, the iPhone 6 Plus is the way to go.

Regardless of your preference, both the LG G4 and the iPhone 6 Plus are powerful smartphones that excel in their respective areas. With their advanced features and impressive performance, they continue to be popular and reliable choices for cellular enthusiasts worldwide.


Q: Which is better, the LG G4 or the iPhone 6 Plus?
A: The LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus are two popular smartphones that offer different features and functionality. The best smartphone for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and needs. While the LG G4 has a larger display and a removable battery, the iPhone 6 Plus offers a more seamless and intuitive user interface. Consider factors such as operating system, camera quality, battery life, and design when choosing between these two devices.

Q: Is the LG G4 compatible with all carriers?
A: The LG G4 is compatible with a wide range of carriers, but it is always advisable to check with your specific carrier to ensure compatibility. The LG G4 uses a micro-SIM card and supports GSM, CDMA, and LTE networks, making it compatible with major carriers worldwide.

Q: Can I expand the storage on the iPhone 6 Plus?
A: No, the iPhone 6 Plus does not have expandable storage. It comes with fixed storage options ranging from 16GB to 128GB. Therefore, it is essential to consider your storage needs when purchasing an iPhone 6 Plus. If you require additional storage, you may need to consider the higher storage capacity models.

Q: Does the LG G4 have a removable battery?
A: Yes, the LG G4 has a removable battery. This feature allows users to easily replace the battery if it becomes worn out, or carry a spare battery for extended usage. The ability to swap out the battery is a significant advantage for those who rely heavily on their device throughout the day.

Q: Which phone has a better camera, the LG G4 or the iPhone 6 Plus?
A: Both the LG G4 and iPhone 6 Plus have excellen

t cameras, but they have slightly different strengths. The LG G4 features a 16-megapixel camera with advanced manual controls and a wide aperture, making it a great choice for photography enthusiasts who want more control over their shots. On the other hand, the iPhone 6 Plus has an 8-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, which helps capture sharper images in low-light conditions. Ultimately, the choice between these two phones depends on your specific photography needs and preferences.