Available in America: The Newest Asus Gaming Phone


Asus is a brand that has been known throughout the world as a reliable producer of gaming hardware. Under their Republic of Gamers or ROG branch, the brand has produced optimal gaming equipment for both casual and hardcore gamers.

When Asus went into the mobile market, they made it a point to create the ultimate gaming phone. Thus the ROG Gaming Phone was launched earlier this decade but now the time has arrived. The Newest Asus Gaming Phone is now available in the United States.

Meet the ROG Phone II, the latest model from Asus and it’s ROG branch. Giving mobile gamers the best possible hardware to work with, this mobile phone boasts top of the line specs that you’ll want for yourself. The phone is now available for $899.99 and can be purchased from Asus or Amazon sellers.

Right now, the only available option for US buyers is the “Elite” Edition but Asus has plans to release the “Ultimate” Edition on a latter date.

Interested in buying the latest Asus Gaming Phone? Let’s now take a look at its specs and see how awesome it is.


ROG Gaming Phone II Specs


The newest Asus gaming phone is now available for purchase
Photo by Jeff Kampman from rog.asus.com

GameCool System – Of course, when you are playing video games will push your devices to its absolute limits. Whether be it a console or a mobile device, playing for extended hours can lead to overheating and possible decommission. The newest Asus gaming phone features a cooling system that allows your phone to breathe while playing. This system includes multiple vents, a 3D vapor chamber, and a copper sink.

Quick Charge 4.0 Support – Hate your phones taking too long to be at maximum battery life? ROG Gaming Phone 2’s quick charge compatibility allows owners to play at maximum capacity for the shortest amount of time.

2340 x 1080 AMOLED panel – Want better visual resolution for your mobile games? Don’t fear as the latest Asus gaming phone displays games at a higher resolution. This also allows players to see minute details that are not present in smaller screens.

12 GB RAM – The highest quality of mobile games need maximum input for optimum output. The ROG Phone II: Elite Edition features an insane amount of RAM.

Dual Camera – When you want to take a break from playing games and take selfies, Asus’ latest gaming phone provides you with 48 megapixels on its main camera and 13 megapixels on its secondary camera. How about the front camera? 24 megapixels to give you the clearest image possible. Lastly, these cameras feature Sony’s IMX586 sensor which helps make your shots crisper than the norm.

If you want more information regarding the other tech details, then you can visit ROG’s homepage by clicking here.

So there you have it, the ROG Phone II: Elite Edition is now available in the United States. Before purchasing you might want to know if your GSM provider supports this phone.