Verizon Prepaid Plans: What Are the Best Plans to Get Now?

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Verizon Prepaid Plans are some of the best plans out there. You can expect that they have prepaid plans that will best suit your needs, at the best prices possible.

Verizon is best known for being one of the leading US providers of products and services in technology, communications, information, and entertainment. For almost two decades now, the company has delivered the best services to its clients and it only gets better from here. 

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Whether you’re a business or someone looking to get a personal plan, you can trust that Verizon will have something for you in their roster of services. From prepaid plans, unlimited plans, and even specialized plans — they will have the right plan for you. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at Verizon’s prepaid plans, how you can avail of them, and even some alternatives to the network just in case you’re having trouble accessing Verizon.


Verizon Prepaid Plan Options

As mentioned, Verizon offers a variety of plans that will adequately suit the needs of every user. To give you an idea of the plans that are available, here’s a rundown of Verizon prepaid phone plans that you can get today.

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Take note that all prices here include the $5 monthly discount you will get when you subscribe to Verizon’s AutoPay service. Additional taxes and fees may also apply.


1. Call and Text Only

Among the prepaid plans that Verizon offers, its call-and-text-only service is the cheapest and that’s because of an obvious reason. For $30 per month ($35 without AutoPay) subscribers will get unlimited calls and texts in the US. But if you have contacts from other US territories, you can upgrade your plan and get call service to Canada and Mexico for an additional $5 per month. You can also avail of the Travel Pass support to these countries to get a call-and-text package for an additional $5 a day.

Now you might be thinking, where’s the internet data allowance? Unfortunately, Verizon’s $30 plan doesn’t include highspeed data. This might be a bummer, but there are still other packages that can fulfill your need for mobile internet.


2. Limited Data Plan

If you are the type of person who likes to occasionally browse the web using your smartphone, it might be best to avail of the limited data plan package. Verizon has two packages that provide limited internet allowance for the subscribers. Both of these packages also include unlimited call and text service in the US.

Let’s start with the cheaper data plan of Verizon, the $35 ($40 without AutoPay) package. For just an additional five dollars, you might be able to enjoy the perks of unlimited calls and texts plus a 5 GB high-speed data allowance.

If it isn’t enough and you want a higher data allocation, you may avail of the $45 ($50 without AutoPay) plan, which will give you 15 GB mobile browsing data. Free calls to Mexico and Canada are also included in the $45 package, while you need to shell out an additional five dollars if you are subscribed to the cheaper plan. For the Travel Pass support, both plans require a five-dollar extra fee.

What’s good about the limited data plan is that you can share your data allocation with other devices without additional charges through mobile hotspot and tethering. However, once your high-speed data is used up, your internet bandwidth will reduce to 2G speed for the remainder of the month unless you decide to give it a boost.


3. Unlimited Data Plan

Want to stay connected to the internet all the time? Why not avail of the Unlimited Data Plan? This Verizon prepaid plan offers unlimited high-speed data on top of unlimited US call and text, calls to and from other US territories and parts of Latin America, and international travel pass. We can all agree that this is the most complete prepaid plan Verizon has offered so far. But these perks come at a hefty price in the tune of $65 sans AutoPay discount.

Mobile hotspot and tethering are not included in the unlimited data plan, but you can still avail of it by upgrading for five dollars per month. This gives you 10 GB high-speed data for sharing, which will reduce to 600 kbps once maxed up.


How to Get Verizon Wireless Plans?

The first step to getting a Verizon prepaid phone plan is to choose your desired cellphone unit. Verizon has a variety of phone models to choose from including models from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, and Nokia among others. You can trust that they have some of the best models available so that you can avail of a plan and have the phone of your dreams. 

From there, you’ll be able to choose your plans and your desired payment method for them. Take note that you may be asked to pay an additional fee for the device payout.


1. Get a Verizon-Compatible Phone

It is vital to check if your phone is compatible with the Verizon network before you get a plan. Not all phones work with the network. If your phone is locked and tied to a different carrier, the chance is it won’t support a SIM card from Verizon. If this is the case, you can get a Verizon prepaid phone just to make sure that everything will work well.  Verizon has a good selection of smartphones, which ranges from high-end to entry-level.


2. Check the Network Coverage in Your Area

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You must also check the network coverage of Verizon in your area. Verizon generally covers the majority of the US population including some parts of Latin America. They are widely known for having one of the best coverages, and they have also earned accolades for their coverage such as RootMetrics’ #1 overall network performance and J.D. Power’s #1 network quality. 

You can quickly locate a cell tower map to check if your area is covered by Verizon. Alternatively, you can access the interactive map on their website. The map on the website is interactive and you can use it to search for a specific address to check if their 4G LTE Coverage, 4G LTE without 3G CDMA, 3G/1X Coverage, Prepay Voice & Data are available in that area. 

If you’re looking to avail of their 5G services, they have a separate map for it as this service is only available for selected areas of cities. However, you might not want to rely on 5G yet because Verizon’s 4G is just as good as 5G, which means that you might not entirely need 5G, to begin with.


3. Sign Up for a Verizon Prepaid Plan

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After checking, all that’s left is for you to sign up for your Verizon Wireless Plan. You can opt to head to a Verizon store near you to avail of a plan. 

You can also opt to get your prepaid Verizon plans through the Verizon website. Simply choose your desired device, plans, and payment options through the website for faster and easier transactions. You have the option to have your items delivered to your home or picked up at a Verizon store.

Another option is to download the Verizon mobile app. Apart from getting the plans, you can access your account details, track your data usage, and score rewards. The app is available on Android and iOS


How to Enroll Non-Verizon Devices in Verizon Prepaid Plans?

If you’re using a non-Verizon phone, you can still get one of Verizon’s prepaid phone plans. Contrary to other networks, Verizon makes transferring your number and getting their plan easier. 

Verizon has a program called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD. This program allows users to activate a monthly plan on an unlocked phone or a Verizon Wireless 4G LTE. 

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Through the BYOD program, you can choose to enroll in a postpaid or prepaid plan. This service is otherwise known as Verizon’s No Annual Contract Plan that allows you to pay for the service you want when you want it. 

To avail of the program, you can get it online on their website or go to the nearest Verizon store. But before that, you might want to make sure that your phone is compatible with the service. 

You can check Verizon’s list of compatible BYOD phones on their website.


Verizon Alternatives

If it happens that you can’t avail of any of the plans or if you’re out of Verizon’s coverage area, don’t worry! There are some alternatives 


AT&T logo
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AT&T provides prepaid plans, unlimited data plans, and even bundles that include your TVs. The company has a wide variety of plans and services that you can choose from. Each plan is unique and is guaranteed to provide its users with the best service possible. The company is also the parent company of WarnerMedia, making AT&T one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world in terms of revenue.



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T-Mobile is more than just a wireless network provider. They also carry more than just your usual unlimited and prepaid plans. With T-Mobile, you can avail more deals such as brand deals, working coverage in Mexico and Canada, and even protection against scams. 

If you’re looking for the ideal alternative to Verizon that provides the same level of efficiency and coverage, T-Mobile is one that you should consider.


Google Fi

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Google Fi is a telecommunication service by Google. They provide everything from calls, SMS, and even mobile broadband. 

They aim to provide users with simpler pricing and smarter coverage that’s handled by Google. Further, you can also avail of the services from the comforts of your home without having to worry about going to stores, paying activation fees, and contracts. 

But what is Google Fi exactly? If you want an in-depth guide to their services, we have a guide that can help you out!


Final Word

Whether you’re a student or a professional, there is a Verizon Prepaid Plan that is the ideal match for you. Not only is Verizon accessible throughout the United States but you can also use the service outside of the States too. 

Verizon is easily one of the networks that you should consider because their plans are both flexible and manageable. Moreover, you won’t have trouble accessing your accounts and tracking your data as you can easily be accessed through the mobile app. 

In all, if you’re looking to get prepaid plans, Verizon has some of the best plans that you should consider enrolling in.