8 Amazing Wireless Phone Charger For Samsung For 2024

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Introducing the future of charging – 8 Amazing Wireless Phone Charger For Samsung For 2023. As the demand for convenience continues to rise, wireless phone chargers have become an essential accessory for Samsung users. With advancements in technology, these chargers offer a seamless and hassle-free charging experience. Say goodbye to tangled cords and hello to effortless power transfer. Designed specifically for Samsung devices, these innovative chargers provide efficient charging capabilities while complementing the sleek design of your phone. Get ready to upgrade your charging experience with the top 8 wireless phone chargers for Samsung in 2023.


Experience the safest charging with the INIU Wireless Charger. With fast charging capabilities and a self-adaptive LED indicator, this charging station provides an efficient and sleep-friendly charging experience. Featuring four charging modes and NTC Temp°Guard Battery Protection, it ensures optimal charging while protecting your phone's battery. The certified super-conductor dual coils provide a wider charging area, allowing you to use your phone in different orientations without interrupting the charging process. Enjoy the convenience and reliability of the INIU Wireless Charger, backed by a 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support.

Key Features

  • From INIU–the SAFE Fast Charge Pro
  • Save Up to 45 mins via Next-Gen 15W
  • No More Annoying Lights
  • 4 Upgraded Charging Modes
  • Exclusive NTC Temp°Guard Battery Protection
  • Certified Super-Conductor Dual Coils, Wider Charging Area
  • What You Get
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 2.88Lx3.40Wx4.20H
  • Size: Stand
  • Pros

  • Safe and fast charging
  • Self-adaptive LED indicator
  • Wide charging area
  • 3-year warranty
  • Cons

  • Inconsistent charging for certain phone models
  • May require frequent resetting

    The INIU Wireless Charger offers a safe and efficient way to charge your mobile devices. With its fast charging capabilities, self-adaptive LED indicator, and wide charging area, it provides a convenient charging experience. The NTC Temp°Guard Battery Protection ensures the safety of your phone’s battery, while the 3-year warranty offers peace of mind. However, some users have reported inconsistent charging for certain phone models and the need for frequent resetting. Overall, the INIU Wireless Charger is a reliable option for wireless charging, especially for those who value safety and convenience.


    The SAMSUNG Wireless Charger Fast Charge Pad is a powerful and versatile charging pad that is universally compatible with both Android and Apple devices. With its slim, smooth, and compact design, it fits perfectly in any space, making it easily accessible whenever your phone or earbuds need some extra juice. The Fast Charging feature allows your device to reach 100% battery in no time, and the LED charging indicator ensures you are always aware of your device's charging status. While the pad may not work with cases or extended cameras, it provides a convenient and efficient charging solution for all your wireless charging needs.

    Key Features

  • Powers your favorite devices
  • Compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • Slim, smooth, and compact design
  • Fast Charging support up to 9W
  • LED charging indicator
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 5.00Lx4.00Wx7.00H
  • Size: 9W
  • Pros

  • Universally compatible with Qi-enabled phones
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Fast charging capability
  • LED indicator for charging status
  • Cons

  • May not work with cases or extended cameras
  • Base has the potential for phone slippage
  • Phone positioning can be critical for charging

    The SAMSUNG Wireless Charger Fast Charge Pad is a reliable and efficient wireless charging solution for your Qi-enabled phones. Its compatibility with both Android and Apple devices, along with the fast charging support and compact design, make it a convenient and practical choice. The LED charging indicator adds a helpful touch, while the ability to charge your devices quickly is a major plus. However, the pad may not work with certain cases or extended cameras, and the phone positioning can be a bit tricky. Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable wireless charger that ticks all the right boxes, this charger pad is definitely worth considering.


    The 30W Wireless Charger Pad is a fast wireless charger that works with all wireless charger devices, including the latest iPhones, Samsung phones, and wireless earbuds. It features a lightweight design with an aluminum alloy material that allows for rapid heat dissipation and temperature control, ensuring safer charging. The charger pad is compact and portable, making it convenient for travel or home use. It is easy to use, allowing you to charge your phone or earphone immediately by simply placing it in the middle of the pad. The charger is compatible with lightweight plastic/silicone cases up to 5mm thick, and it supports multiple output power schemes. Overall, it offers efficient and convenient wireless charging for various devices.

    Key Features

  • 30W Fast Wireless Charger
  • Lightweight design with aluminum alloy material
  • Easy to use with case compatibility
  • Charger broad compatibility for various devices
  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.94Lx3.94Wx0.31H
  • Pros

  • Fast wireless charging
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Temperature control for safer charging
  • Convenient for travel or home use
  • Supports multiple output power schemes
  • Cons

  • Lacks instructions on how it works
  • Slower charging speed
  • May not charge phones to 100% without readjusting

    The 30W Wireless Charger Pad offers fast and efficient wireless charging for a wide range of devices. Its lightweight and compact design make it portable and convenient for everyday use or travel. The temperature control feature ensures safer charging, and the compatibility with lightweight cases adds to its convenience. While it may lack instructions and have a slightly slower charging speed, it still provides reliable performance and versatility. Overall, this wireless charger is a good option for anyone in need of a fast and reliable charging solution.


    The Wireless Charger by Samsung is a versatile and efficient charging stand that is compatible with both new and old phone models. It offers optimized fast charging for various Samsung Galaxy and iPhone series, delivering up to 10W/7.5W power. The charger stand is designed with 2 coils arranged in an '8' shape, allowing for versatile viewing positions. It can charge your phone horizontally for watching videos or vertically for messaging and facial recognition. With a case-friendly design, it can deliver a wireless charge through cases up to 0.2in thick. The stand also features a sleep-friendly indicator with a ring LED that turns off after 20 seconds of proper charging. Backed by certifications for safety, it offers temperature control and protection against overcharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage. The Wireless Charger is available in black and comes with an adapter.

    Key Features

  • Optimized fast charging for Samsung Galaxy and i Phone series
  • Versatile viewing positions with 2 coils in an '8' shape
  • Case-friendly design allows wireless charging with up to 0.2in thick cases
  • Sleep-friendly indicator with automatic turn-off
  • Safety features with temperature control and protection against overcharge, overcurrent, and overvoltage
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Size: Stand
  • Pros

  • Fast charging for various phone models
  • Versatile viewing options
  • Case-friendly design
  • Sleep-friendly indicator
  • Safety certified
  • Cons

  • No lip on the stand for better phone stability
  • Short charging cord
  • Not as fast as the original Samsung charger

    The Samsung Wireless Charger is a convenient and efficient option for wireless phone charging. Its compatibility with a wide range of Samsung Galaxy and iPhone models, along with its versatile viewing positions, make it a versatile choice. The case-friendly design allows for hassle-free charging without removing the phone case, and the sleep-friendly indicator ensures a disturbance-free charging experience. With safety certifications and features like temperature control and protection against overcharge, this charger provides a reliable and safe charging experience. However, the lack of a lip on the stand may make the phone unstable, and the charging cord could be longer for more flexibility. Overall, the Samsung Wireless Charger is a solid choice for wireless charging needs.


    The Yootech Wireless Charger is a versatile and user-friendly charging pad that is compatible with a wide range of devices. It offers three charging modes to accommodate different phone models, including iPhone 14/14 Plus/14 Pro/14 Pro Max/13/13 Mini/SE 2022/12/11/X/8 and Samsung Galaxy S22/S21/S20. The charger also features a unique design that is perfect for AirPods, with a rubber ring to keep them secure. It is safer to use, with temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention. The charger is made of fire-resistant ABS material and has a UL Certificate for added safety. The sleep-friendly design includes a green LED indicator that turns off during charging to avoid disturbance. With its package including a charging pad, a USB Type C cable, and a user manual, along with reliable customer service, the Yootech Wireless Charger provides a convenient and secure charging experience.

    Key Features

  • 3 charging modes available for different phones
  • Unique design perfect for Air Pods with rubber ring
  • Safer and easier to use with intelligent protect technology
  • Sleep-friendly design with green LED indicator
  • Package includes charging pad, USB Type C cable, and user manual
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.72Lx0.48Wx3.72H
  • Pros

  • Versatile compatibility with different phone models
  • Secure charging for Air Pods
  • Safety features for temperature control and surge protection
  • Sleep-friendly design with LED indicator
  • Package includes necessary components
  • Cons

  • Adapter not included
  • May require specific cables for fast charging

    The Yootech Wireless Charger is a reliable and convenient solution for wireless charging. With its compatibility with various phone models and the unique design for AirPods, it offers a versatile charging experience. The safety features and sleep-friendly design further enhance the user’s confidence and convenience. While the charger may require specific cables for fast charging and an adapter is not included, the overall performance and value provided by the Yootech Wireless Charger make it a highly recommended option. Whether it’s for home or office use, this charging pad is an excellent investment in wireless charging technology.


    The Wireless Charger is a 2-pack fast charging pad that is compatible with iPhone 13/13 Pro/13 Mini/13 ProMax/12/SE/11 and Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/Note 10/Edge Note 20Ultra/S10, as well as AirPods Pro. It features a 15W high-speed charging model for select Samsung devices and a range of other charging models for different smartphones. The charger is easy to use with its centering design and LED light indicator. It also offers safety features such as foreign object recognition and multiple protections against overheating and over-current. With an upgraded non-slip design, it provides a secure charging experience and supports charging through phone cases. This wireless charger is available in black and comes with a convenient 2-pack.

    Key Features

  • 15W high-speed charging model for select Samsung devices
  • Other charging models for different smartphones and wireless earbuds
  • Easy-to-read LED light indicator
  • Built-in smart chip for safety features
  • Upgraded non-slip design and compatibility with phone cases
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Pros

  • Fast charging for compatible Samsung devices
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Safe and reliable charging experience
  • Non-slip design prevents slipping on smooth surfaces
  • Supports charging through phone cases
  • Cons

  • Not as fast for non-compatible devices
  • May have connectivity issues with some phones

    The Wireless Charger 2-Pack is a great value for those in need of fast and convenient charging for their devices. It offers a high-speed charging model for select Samsung devices and a range of other charging models for different smartphones. The charger is easy to use with its centering design and LED light indicator. It provides a safe charging experience with its built-in smart chip and offers compatibility with phone cases. While it may not be as fast for non-compatible devices and may have connectivity issues with some phones, the overall performance and value make it a reliable choice for wireless charging needs.


    The HOLYJOY Foldable 3 in 1 Wireless Charger is a versatile and convenient charging solution for Samsung and Android devices. With this charger, you can simultaneously charge your galaxy phone, galaxy watch, and galaxy buds. It features a foldable design, making it perfect for travel or setting up in different locations. The charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Samsung Galaxy phones, Galaxy Watches, and Galaxy Buds. It supports fast charging and is case-friendly, allowing you to charge your phone without removing the case (recommended case thickness is ≤ 0.2 inches). The charger is equipped with multiple safety features to protect your devices, including over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current protection. With its LED indicator switch, you can easily turn off the breathing light when sleeping. Overall, the HOLYJOY Foldable 3 in 1 Wireless Charger offers convenience, versatility, and peace of mind when charging your Samsung and Android devices.

    Key Features

  • Foldable 3 in 1 Wireless Charger
  • Widly Compatibility
  • Case Friendly
  • Safe Charging
  • Foldable Design & LED Indicator Switch
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 5.10Lx2.80Wx1.10H
  • Pros

  • Versatile 3-in-1 charging
  • Fast charging support
  • Case-friendly design
  • Safe and reliable charging
  • Foldable design for travel
  • LED indicator switch for convenience
  • Cons

  • Charging pad for headphones may be finicky
  • Fast charging may not be as fast as advertised

    The HOLYJOY Foldable 3 in 1 Wireless Charger is a convenient and versatile charging solution for Samsung and Android devices. It offers the ability to charge your phone, watch, and earbuds simultaneously, making it ideal for travel or setting up in different locations. The charger is case-friendly and supports fast charging, ensuring that your devices are charged quickly and efficiently. With its foldable design, it takes up less space and is easy to carry. The LED indicator switch allows you to turn off the breathing light when sleeping, providing a more peaceful charging experience. While there may be some minor issues with the headphone charging pad and the speed of fast charging, overall, the HOLYJOY Foldable 3 in 1 Wireless Charger is a reliable and convenient choice for Samsung and Android users.


    The SAMSUNG 15W Wireless Charger Duo is a super fast charging pad that allows you to charge two devices at once. It supports up to 15W of Fast Charging and is compatible with USB PD and Adaptive Fast Charging travel adapters. The charger features a direct cooling fan to keep your phone cool while charging, and has a slim, compact design. It also has an LED indicator to show the charging status of your device. With its convenience and versatility, this wireless charger is a great option for Galaxy phone and device users.

    Key Features

  • Super fast wireless charging
  • Multi device charging
  • Direct cooling fan
  • Device design
  • LED indicator
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 15W
  • Pros

  • Charges two devices at once
  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • Well-made and sturdy
  • Cons

  • Can be a bit expensive
  • Not suitable for very large devices

    Overall, the SAMSUNG 15W Wireless Charger Duo is a high-quality wireless charger that offers fast and efficient charging for your Galaxy devices. It allows you to charge two devices simultaneously, making it convenient for everyday use. The charger’s design is sleek and compact, fitting well in smaller spaces. Although it may be a bit pricey and not suitable for very large devices, its performance and reliability make it a worthwhile investment. With its impressive features and solid construction, this wireless charger is a great choice for anyone in need of a reliable charging solution for their Galaxy phones and devices.


    Buyer's Guide: Wireless Phone Charger for Samsung

    Finding the perfect wireless phone charger for your Samsung device can be a daunting task. With the plethora of options available in the market, it's important to make an informed decision. To help you navigate through this maze, we've put together a comprehensive buyer's guide. So let's dive right in and discover what factors you need to consider when purchasing a wireless phone charger for your Samsung!

    Key Considerations

    When selecting a wireless phone charger, keep the following factors in mind:

    1. Compatibility: Ensure that the wireless phone charger is compatible with your Samsung device. Different Samsung models may have variations in charging specifications, so double-check if the charger supports your phone.
    2. Charging Speed: Consider the charging speed offered by the wireless charger. High-quality chargers can deliver faster charging times, ensuring that your Samsung phone quickly reaches full battery.
    3. Qi-Enabled: Verify if the wireless charger is Qi-enabled. Qi is a wireless charging standard used by many smartphone manufacturers, including Samsung. Choosing a Qi-compatible charger ensures compatibility with a range of devices beyond your Samsung phone.
    4. Design and Portability: Assess the design and portability of the wireless charger. Opt for a sleek and compact charger that fits your style and is easy to carry around, especially when you're on the go.
    5. Safety Features: Look for safety features such as temperature control, overcharge protection, and foreign object detection. These features help protect your Samsung device from potential damage caused by excessive heat or overcharging.

    Types of Wireless Phone Chargers

    There are various types of wireless phone chargers available, each offering distinct features. Consider the following options:

    • Wireless Charger Stands: These chargers hold your Samsung phone at an optimal viewing angle, allowing you to use it comfortably while it charges.
    • Wireless Charging Pads: These flat chargers provide a convenient platform to place your Samsung phone while it charges. They are usually compact and easy to carry.
    • Wireless Power Banks: These portable chargers not only offer wireless charging but also serve as a backup battery. Ideal for on-the-go charging, they provide a portable power source wherever you are.
    • Multi-Device Chargers: Some wireless chargers can charge multiple devices simultaneously. These chargers are great if you have other Qi-enabled devices that require charging.

    Additional Features to Consider

    In addition to the key considerations mentioned above, here are a few more features to keep in mind:

    • LED Indicators: Chargers with LED indicators make it easier to monitor the charging status. These indicators can inform you if your Samsung phone is charging, fully charged, or if there's an issue with the charging process.
    • Compatibility with Phone Cases: If you use a protective case on your Samsung device, ensure that the wireless charger is capable of charging through the case. Thick or metal cases may interfere with the wireless charging capability.
    • Price: Consider your budget when exploring wireless charger options. While it's tempting to go for the cheapest option, investing in a charger from a reputable brand may offer better quality and durability in the long run.
    • Brand Reputation and Reviews: Take the time to research and read customer reviews of the wireless charger you are considering. A reliable brand with positive reviews indicates a higher chance of product satisfaction.
    • Warranty: Check if the wireless charger comes with a warranty. A warranty offers peace of mind and ensures that you have support in case of any malfunction or defects in the charger.



    Q: How does wireless charging work?
    A: Wireless charging works by using electromagnetic fields to transfer energy between the charger and the device. The charger creates an electromagnetic field that induces an electric current in the receiver coil of the device, enabling it to charge without the need for a physical connection.

    Q: Can I use a wireless phone charger with a non-Samsung device?
    A: Yes, most wireless phone chargers are compatible with a range of devices that support Qi charging, not just Samsung phones. However, it’s always best to check the compatibility of the charger with your specific device before purchasing.

    Q: Is wireless charging slower than wired charging?
    A: Wireless charging can be slightly slower than wired charging due to energy loss during the transfer process. However, high-quality wireless chargers can offer fast charging speeds comparable to wired chargers.

    Q: Can I use my phone while it is charging wirelessly?
    A: Yes, you can use your phone while it charges wirelessly. However, if you want to maximize the charging speed, it’s advisable to minimize phone usage during the charging process.

    Q: Will wireless charging damage my Samsung phone's battery?
    A: Wireless charging, when used properly, should not damage your Samsung phone’s battery. Modern wireless charging systems are designed with safety features to prevent overcharging and excessive heat. It’s important to use a Qi-certified charger and avoid using chargers that are damaged or counterfeit.