8 Best Wireless Earbuds Iphone X for 2024

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Introducing the "8 Best Wireless Earbuds iPhone X for 2023." In this guide, we delve into the top wireless earbuds options tailored specifically for the iPhone X. As technology continues to evolve, it's crucial to invest in innovative audio solutions that seamlessly integrate with our beloved devices. Whether you prioritize exceptional sound quality, immersive features, or utmost comfort, we have curated a selection of wireless earbuds that meet your specific needs. Join us as we explore the market's finest choices, allowing you to elevate your audio experience to new heights in the year 2023.


Experience outstanding sound quality with PALOVUE iPhone Headphones Earbuds Earphones. These lightning connector earphones are officially MFi certified, ensuring seamless compatibility with your iPhone or other Apple devices. The included MEMS microphone allows for easy control of calls, Siri, and music playback. The 10-millimeter dynamic drivers deliver crisp mids and deep bass, while the in-ear design minimizes ambient noise. With reliable product quality and a responsible replacement policy, these earphones are built to last. Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices, including iPhone 14 and earlier models, iPad, and iPod touch. Choose PALOVUE for an immersive and melodic listening experience.

Key Features

  • MFi Certification for seamless compatibility
  • All-in-one Control with MEMS Microphone
  • Outstanding sound quality and Noise Isolation
  • Quality and Durability for steady listening experience
  • Compatibility with a wide range of Apple devices
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Pros

  • Officially MFi certified for seamless compatibility
  • In-line control for easy handling of calls and music
  • Impressive sound quality with noise isolation
  • Reliable and durable product
  • Compatible with a wide range of Apple devices
  • Cons

  • Stiff ear tips may cause discomfort
  • Microphone may experience clipping at certain volumes
  • Not ideal for phone calls
  • May have quality control issues

    PALOVUE iPhone Headphones Earbuds Earphones provide a budget-friendly option for those seeking lightning connector earphones with good sound quality. The MFi certification ensures seamless compatibility with Apple devices, and the in-line control offers convenience. The sound is impressive, with clear mids and deep bass, while the in-ear design minimizes noise. However, the stiffness of the ear tips may cause discomfort, and the microphone may face clipping issues. Despite these drawbacks, PALOVUE offers good customer service and a responsible replacement policy. If you’re looking for an affordable pair of earphones for music listening, PALOVUE is a solid choice.


    The PALOVUE Lightning Headphones are premium in-ear earphones that are MFi Certified and compatible with iPhone models. With a built-in DAC and Φ10 dynamic driver, these earphones deliver detailed, crisp, and clear sound with powerful bass. They feature a stylish and ergonomic design with a lightweight aluminum body and comfortable in-ear fit. The magnetic earbuds make them convenient to carry around and easy to untangle. The earphones also come with a universal control and MEMS mic, allowing users to control their music, volume, and even wake up Siri with ease. Overall, the PALOVUE Lightning Headphones offer excellent sound quality, convenience, and compatibility for iPhone users.

    Key Features

  • Premium sound with powerful bass
  • MFi-Certified and compatible with i Phone models
  • Stylish and ergonomic lightweight design
  • Magnetic earbuds for easy carrying and untangling
  • Universal control and MEMS mic for convenient use
  • Specifications

  • Color: Metallic Red
  • Pros

  • Detailed and crisp sound quality
  • Convenient magnetic earbuds
  • Stylish and ergonomic design
  • Universal control and MEMS mic
  • Compatible with various i Phone models
  • Cons

  • Sound quality may not satisfy audiophiles
  • Buttons may be difficult to distinguish without looking
  • Connection may become loose over time

    The PALOVUE Lightning Headphones offer a great combination of sound quality, convenience, and compatibility for iPhone users. With their MFi certification, users can enjoy a plug-and-play experience without the need for additional apps. The built-in DAC and dynamic driver provide detailed and powerful sound with a solid bass response. The lightweight aluminum body and comfortable in-ear design make them easy to wear for extended periods. The magnetic earbuds add extra convenience for carrying and untangling. The universal control and MEMS mic make it easy to control music playback, volume, and even activate Siri. While the sound quality may not satisfy audiophiles, these earphones are a fantastic choice for everyday listening and a great alternative to more expensive options like AirPods. Overall, the PALOVUE Lightning Headphones deliver value, performance, and compatibility.


    Experience high-quality stereo sound and clear bass with the Earbuds Wired Earphones by BCRKLO. These in-ear headphones are designed for iPhone models, offering compatibility with the iPhone 13/12/11 lineup as well as the iPhone 7/8/X/XS/XR/XS Max and iPad. The soft silicone earplugs provide a comfortable fit and reduce external noise interference, allowing you to fully enjoy your music. Built with a microphone, these earphones allow for easy music control, call answering, and volume adjustment. To use, simply connect the earphones to your device's Bluetooth and enjoy seamless audio in just a few seconds. With its affordable price and satisfactory performance, these earphones are a great option for anyone looking for a reliable audio solution.

    Key Features

  • Stereo sound quality with clear bass
  • Comfortable silicone earplugs for a better fit
  • Reduces external noise interference
  • Built-in microphone for music and call control
  • Compatibility with various i Phone and i Pad models
  • Specifications

  • Color: 1 pack-White
  • Size: L
  • Pros

  • Affordable price
  • Good sound quality
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Cons

  • Not ideal for smaller ears
  • Sound quality can be grainy or distant
  • Requires Bluetooth connection even when plugged in

    Overall, the Earbuds Wired Earphones from BCRKLO offer a cost-effective solution for iPhone users in need of reliable audio performance. With its stereo sound quality, clear bass, and comfortable silicone earplugs, these earphones provide an enjoyable listening experience. The built-in microphone allows for convenient music control and call management. While some users may find the fit not suitable for smaller ears and the sound quality somewhat lacking, these earphones still offer good value for the price. It’s important to note that Bluetooth connection is required, even when using the wired headphones. Despite these limitations, the Earbuds Wired Earphones serve as a decent option for those seeking a budget-friendly audio accessory for their iPhone.


    The ZIZVAV EASYDOG Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds are high-quality earphones that provide a stable and low latency listening experience. With advanced Bluetooth 5.3 technology, these earbuds support various audio profiles, including HSP, HFP, A2DP, and AVRCP. They feature 13mm large speaker drivers and triple-layer composite diaphragms, delivering powerful bass, stunning treble, and clear mids. The earbuds have a noise-cancelling microphone for clear phone calls, and the ANC+ENC noise reduction technology ensures your voice is heard clearly. These earbuds also offer smart touch control for easy volume, track, and call management, along with hassle-free pairing with iOS/Android devices. They are IPX5 sweat and water-resistant, making them suitable for sports activities. The dual LED digital display on the charging case allows for easy monitoring of battery status. With a 27-hour playtime and compatibility with various devices, the ZIZVAV EASYDOG Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds provide an exceptional audio experience.

    Key Features

  • Bluetooth 5.3 technology
  • Superior clear call & Hi Fi stereo music
  • Smart touch control & simply pairing
  • IPX5 sweat & water resistant
  • 26H play time & dual LED digital display
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 1.77Lx2.36Wx0.98H
  • Pros

  • Powerful bass and clear sound quality
  • Noise-cancelling microphone for clear calls
  • Smart touch control for easy operation
  • IPX5 sweat and water resistance
  • Long battery life with dual LED battery display
  • Cons

  • May not stay secure during intense physical activities
  • Muffled sound quality during calls

    The ZIZVAV EASYDOG Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds offer impressive features and performance at an affordable price. With advanced Bluetooth technology, these earbuds provide a stable and low latency listening experience. The 13mm large speaker drivers deliver powerful bass and clear mids, while the noise-cancelling microphone ensures crystal clear phone calls. The IPX5 rating makes them suitable for workouts and other activities. The long battery life and dual LED battery display add convenience. Although they may not stay securely in place during intense physical activities and the call quality may be slightly muffled, these earbuds provide excellent value for their price. Overall, the ZIZVAV EASYDOG Wireless Bluetooth 5.3 Earbuds are a solid choice for anyone seeking reliable wireless earphones.


    The PALOVUE Lightning Headphones Earphones Earbuds in-Ear Magnetic are a stylish and comfortable option for iPhone users. With a built-in DAC and Φ9.2 dynamic driver, these earbuds deliver an elevated listening experience. They are MFi-certified and flawlessly compatible with iPhone/iPad/iPod, making them easy to use. The lightweight aluminum body and in-ear design help reduce ambient noise, while the magnetic earbuds make them convenient to carry around. The universal control and mic allow you to wake up Siri, take calls, play music, and control the volume with ease. Overall, these earphones offer good sound quality and comfortable wear at an affordable price.

    Key Features

  • Built-in DAC & Φ9.2 dynamic driver for elevated listening experience
  • MFi-certified lightning earbuds compatible with Apple devices
  • Lightweight aluminum body with in-ear design to reduce ambient noise
  • Magnetic earbuds for easy carrying and tangle-free storage
  • Universal control and mic for convenient usage
  • Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Dimension: 3.07Lx0.79Wx0.71H
  • Pros

  • Good sound quality for the price
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Stylish aluminum body design
  • Convenient magnetic earbuds
  • Universal control and mic functionality
  • Cons

  • Wiring could be stronger
  • Some users experienced issues after a few months of use

    The PALOVUE Lightning Headphones Earphones Earbuds in-Ear Magnetic are a great choice for individuals seeking affordable and reliable earphones for their Apple devices. With good sound quality and a comfortable fit, these earbuds offer a satisfying listening experience. The stylish aluminum body adds a touch of elegance, while the magnetic feature ensures hassle-free storage. The universal control and mic add convenience to your daily activities. However, some users have reported issues with the durability of the wiring. Overall, considering the price and performance, these earphones are a worthwhile purchase.


    The 2 Pack-iPhone Earbuds with Lightning Connector are a great choice for iPhone users looking for a reliable and affordable wired headphone option. These earbuds feature a 10-millimeter dynamic driver in each ear, providing high-fidelity stereo sound with crisper mids and deeper bass. The built-in DAC chip ensures minimal loss in sound transfer and cancels out surrounding noise. With wide compatibility, you can use these earbuds with all lightning connector devices. The remote control allows you to adjust volume, control playback, and answer calls with ease. While the earbuds have received positive reviews for their sound quality and price, some users have reported issues with durability, microphone quality, and sound level adjustment.

    Key Features

  • High Fidelity Stereo Sound
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Remote and Microphone
  • Risk-free Guarantee
  • Connection method
  • Specifications

  • Color: Lightning
  • Size: 2
  • Pros

  • High-quality sound with fine-tuned acoustics
  • Compatible with all lightning connector devices
  • Remote allows volume adjustment and call control
  • Risk-free guarantee with 12 months warranty
  • Multiple connection methods for convenience
  • Cons

  • Some users reported issues with durability
  • Poor microphone quality for calls
  • Lack of noise cancellation
  • Issues with sound level adjustment

    Overall, the 2 Pack-iPhone Earbuds with Lightning Connector offer decent sound quality and convenience at an affordable price. They are a suitable option for listening to music and making phone calls. However, users should be aware of the potential drawbacks, such as durability issues and subpar microphone quality for calls. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly wired headphone option for your iPhone, these earbuds could be worth considering. Just keep in mind that they may not provide the same level of durability and advanced features as higher-priced alternatives.


    Experience impressive audio quality with the 2 Pack-Apple Earbuds with Lightning Connector. These in-ear stereo headphones provide clear and top studio-quality performance with driving bass, tight mid, and precision treble response, allowing you to feel high definition music. The built-in microphone and volume control add full functionality, enabling you to easily play/pause music, adjust volume, skip tracks, answer/end calls, and activate Siri without taking out your phone from your pocket or bag. These headphones are widely compatible with iPhone models and support all iOS systems. With a quick and easy connection process, you can start using them right away. The 2 Pack-Apple Earbuds also come with 12-month customer service for your peace of mind. Upgrade your audio experience with these versatile and convenient headphones.

    Key Features

  • -Impressive Audio Quality
  • -Full Functionality
  • -Wide Compatibility
  • -Quick and Easy Connection
  • -After-Sales Service
  • Specifications

  • Color: Lightning-2 Pack
  • Size: White
  • Pros

  • Clear and top studio-quality sound
  • Built-in microphone and volume control
  • Wide compatibility with all lightning connector devices
  • Quick and easy connection process
  • 12-month customer service
  • Cons

  • Confusing setup for some users
  • Inconsistent earbud functionality
  • May not fit well in small ears
  • Average sound quality
  • Bluetooth connection required

    The 2 Pack-Apple Earbuds with Lightning Connector offer impressive audio quality and full functionality with their built-in microphone and volume control. While they may have some setup confusion and inconsistent functionality for certain users, they provide a wide compatibility with iPhone models and a quick and easy connection process. These headphones are a good option for those looking for an affordable and convenient audio solution. However, they may not be suitable for individuals with small ears as the fit can be challenging. Overall, the 2 Pack-Apple Earbuds provide a satisfactory audio experience at an affordable price.


    The Beats Studio Buds are true wireless earbuds that deliver an immersive audio experience coupled with noise-canceling technology. Designed for compatibility with both Apple and Android devices, these earbuds offer convenience, superior sound quality, and a sleek design. The standout features include custom acoustic platform for balanced sound, Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency mode, up to 8 hours of listening time, high-quality call performance, sweat- and water-resistant design, and compatibility with Apple and Android devices. With an IPX4 rating and a compact design, these earbuds are perfect for workouts and daily commutes. The Beats Studio Buds provide a powerful and dynamic audio experience while offering the convenience of wireless connectivity and advanced features such as noise cancellation. Whether you're a music lover or simply seeking a reliable and functional pair of earbuds, the Beats Studio Buds are worth considering.

    Key Features

  • Custom acoustic platform delivers powerful, balanced sound
  • Control your sound with two distinct listening modes: Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) and Transparency mode
  • Three soft ear tip sizes for a stable and comfortable fit while ensuring an optimum acoustic seal
  • Up to 8 hours of listening time (up to 24 hours combined with pocket-sized charging case)
  • Industry-leading Class 1 Bluetooth for extended range and fewer dropouts
  • High-quality call performance and voice assistant interaction via built-in microphones
  • IPX4-rated sweat- and water-resistant wireless earbuds
  • Beats wireless headphones and earphones are compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • What’s in the box – Beats Studio Buds true wireless noise cancelling earphones, charging case, ear tips with three size options, USB-C to USB-C charging cable, Quick Start Guide, warranty card (USB-C power adapter sold separately)
  • Specifications

  • Color: Red
  • Dimension: 2.83Lx2.01Wx1.00H
  • Size: One Size
  • Pros

  • Powerful and balanced sound quality
  • Active Noise Cancelling and Transparency mode
  • Long listening time
  • Sweat- and water-resistant design
  • High-quality call performance
  • Compatible with Apple and Android devices
  • Cons

  • Sensitive touch controls may lead to accidental commands
  • No wireless charging for the case

    The Beats Studio Buds offer an impressive audio experience with their powerful sound quality and advanced noise cancellation capabilities. They provide a comfortable fit, long battery life, and high compatibility with both Apple and Android devices. The earbuds are sweat- and water-resistant, making them suitable for workouts and outdoor activities. However, the touch controls can be overly sensitive, and the lack of wireless charging may be a drawback for some users. Overall, if you’re looking for true wireless earbuds that deliver great sound and convenient features, the Beats Studio Buds are a solid choice.


    Buyer's Guide: Wireless Earbuds for iPhone X

    *Are you in search of the perfect wireless earbuds for your beloved iPhone X? Look no further! We have compiled an extensive buyer's guide to help you make an informed decision. Keep reading to find the ideal wireless earbuds that perfectly complement your iPhone X.*

    Factors to Consider

    1. Sound Quality: Opt for wireless earbuds that deliver rich, immersive audio. Look for high-quality drivers and active noise cancellation to enhance your music experience.
    2. Connectivity: Ensure the earbuds you choose provide a seamless and stable connection with your iPhone X. Bluetooth 5.0 or higher versions are recommended for improved connectivity.
    3. Battery Life: Long battery life is essential for uninterrupted music sessions. Consider earbuds with a decent battery life that can last throughout your day without frequent recharging.
    4. Comfort and Fit: Look for earbuds that come with various ear tip sizes and secure ergonomic designs. A snug fit will offer comfort during extended listening periods and prevent them from falling out.
    5. Compatibility: Check if the wireless earbuds are specifically designed for the iPhone X or if they work with other devices as well. This ensures versatility and usability across different platforms.
    6. Controls and Accessibility: Choose earbuds that offer convenient touch controls or physical buttons for easy access to music playback, calls, voice assistants, and volume adjustments.
    7. Water and Sweat Resistance: If you lead an active lifestyle or plan to use your earbuds during workouts, opt for models designed with a certain level of water and sweat resistance to prevent damage.

    Popular Wireless Earbud Brands

    • Apple AirPods Pro
    • Sony WF-1000XM4
    • Jabra Elite 75t
    • Bose QuietComfort Earbuds
    • Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
    • Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2



    Q: Can I use any wireless earbuds with my iPhone X?
    A: Yes, most wireless earbuds are compatible with the iPhone X as long as they support Bluetooth connectivity.

    Q: Do wireless earbuds offer better sound quality compared to wired earphones?
    A: Yes, wireless earbuds can provide exceptional sound quality, especially those with features like high-quality drivers and active noise cancellation.

    Q: How do I pair wireless earbuds with my iPhone X?
    A: In most cases, you can simply activate pairing mode on the earbuds, go to your iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, and select the earbuds from the list of available devices. Detailed instructions can be found in the user manual of your specific earbuds.

    Q: Are wireless earbuds suitable for sports and workouts?
    A: Many wireless earbuds come with sweat and water resistance, making them perfect for sports and workouts. However, it’s always advisable to check the specifications of the particular model you’re interested in.

    Q: What is the average battery life I should expect from wireless earbuds?
    A: The average battery life varies among different models. However, it’s common to find wireless earbuds with four to six hours of playback time, with the charging case extending it to a total of 20-25 hours.

    Q: Are there any wireless earbuds that offer noise cancellation?
    A: Yes, there are several wireless earbuds available that boast active noise cancellation, which helps eliminate unwanted background noise and lets you enjoy your music in peace.

    Q: Can I use wireless earbuds separately, or do they always need to be used as a pair?
    A: While some wireless earbuds require both earpieces for functionality, others can be used independently, providing flexibility when you need to use only one earbud.

    Q: How do I know if wireless earbuds will fit comfortably in my ears?
    A: Most wireless earbuds come with multiple sizes of ear tips, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your ears. Additionally, ergonomic designs ensure comfort and secure placement during extended use.

    Q: Do wireless earbuds support voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant?
    A: Yes, many wireless earbuds offer integration with voice assistants, allowing you to easily access Siri, Google Assistant, or other voice-controlled functionalities.

    Q: What is the typical range of Bluetooth connectivity for wireless earbuds?
    A: The range varies, but most wireless earbuds can maintain a stable connection within a range of around 30 feet. Interference, obstacles, and other factors can affect the range.

    Q: Yes, wireless earbuds are generally compatible with older iPhone models as long as they support Bluetooth connectivity. However, some advanced features might only be available on newer iPhone models.
    A: Achieving the perfect harmony between your iPhone X and wireless earbuds is now within your reach. With the information provided in this buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to make an educated decision and find the ideal wireless earbuds that enhance your iPhone X experience. Happy listening!