9 Best 4 Pin Aviation Connector for 2024

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Welcome to the world of aviation connectors! In this guide, we will explore the best 4 pin aviation connectors available in 2023. These connectors play a critical role in aerospace industries, providing secure and reliable connections for a range of applications. Whether you are working on a commercial aircraft, military vehicle, or unmanned aerial vehicle, having the right connector is crucial for optimal performance and safety. After thorough research and analysis, we have identified the 9 top-notch 4 pin aviation connectors that are set to dominate the market in 2023. From their durability to their compatibility with different systems, these connectors have proven their worth in the field. Join us as we delve into this comprehensive review and discover the 4 pin aviation connectors for the future.


The DGZZI 5Pairs GX16 4Pin Male Female Circular Aviation Connector Plug is a high-quality product that offers stable and firm connections. The product is equipped with a connecting head that can be easily disassembled and fixed with two screws, ensuring durability. It has a shiny and corrosion-resistant appearance, thanks to its rust-resistant material. The contact pins are made of silver-plated copper, providing excellent conductivity. The black rubber bakeute insulation adds safety by preventing electric shocks and is flame retardant. The package includes 5 pairs of male and female aviation plugs. Whether you need to replace a broken connector or create new connections, this product offers great value for money.

Key Features

  • -Product bottom is equipped with a connecting head, using two screws fixed, stable and firm, easy disassembly
  • -It looks shiny, not easy to rust, corrosion resistance
  • -The contact pin is made of silver plated copper, It has good conductivity
  • -High-quality black rubber bakeute makes it Insulation and flame retardant
  • -What is in the package: 5* Male Aviation Plug + 5* Female Aviation Plug
  • Specifications

  • N/A
  • Pros

  • Stable and firm connections
  • Shiny and corrosion-resistant appearance
  • Good conductivity with silver-plated copper contact pins
  • Insulation and flame retardant with high-quality rubber bakeute
  • Great value for money with 5 pairs of plugs included
  • Cons

  • Some connectors may have quality issues
  • Confusion with packaging
  • May not fit all specific applications

    The DGZZI 5Pairs GX16 Connector Plug is a reliable and durable product that offers great value for money. With its stable and firm connections, shiny appearance, and good conductivity, it ensures efficient performance. The insulation and flame retardant features provide safety. However, some connectors may have quality issues, and packaging confusion can occur. It’s important to note that it may not fit all specific applications. Overall, if you need to replace broken connectors or establish new connections, this product is a worthy choice.


    The Hxchen 4 Pin Metal Male Female Panel Connector is a reliable aviation plug with a silver finish. It is made of high-quality metal and hard plastic material, ensuring durability and stability. The package includes 2 sets of female and male aviation connector plugs. The product bottom features a connecting head that can be easily assembled and disassembled with two screws. This plug is widely used in aviation, navigation, and various electronic equipment systems. It is suitable for data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio/video, communications, automotive, and other industries.

    Key Features

  • Model: GX20-4P
  • Type: Male Female Plug
  • Contacts Pin Number: 4 Pins
  • Material: Metal and Hard Plastic
  • Package Included: 2 Sets x Female and Male Aviation Connector Plugs
  • Product bottom with connecting head, stable and firm
  • Rated Current Voltage: AC 250V
  • Max Current Voltage: 250V
  • Rated Current Amp: 7A
  • Plug Hole Diameter: 20mm
  • Specifications

  • Size: GX20-4P
  • Pros

  • Durable metal and hard plastic construction
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Widely used in various industries
  • Cons

  • May not be suitable for all types of electronic equipment

    The Hxchen 4 Pin Metal Male Female Panel Connector is a reliable and versatile aviation plug suitable for a range of applications. Its sturdy construction and easy assembly make it a convenient choice for users in various industries. However, before purchasing, it is important to ensure compatibility with specific electronic devices. Overall, this aviation plug offers great value for its price and is highly recommended for those in need of a reliable connector solution.


    The DIYhz GX16 4 Pins Panel Metal Mount Circular Metal Aviation Connector Adapter Male Female Plug Socket is a versatile product that is widely used in various industries. With a rated current voltage of 250V and a rated current amp of 15A, this connector adapter is suitable for data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio/video, communications, automotive, and more. The exterior and antenna material is made of copper plated silver, ensuring durability. The package includes 5 GX16 Metal Aviation Plug Connectors with 4 pins each. Score: 8.2/10

    Key Features

  • Widely used in data acquisition systems, computer automation measurement and control systems, mechanical equipment, audio/video, communications, automotive and other industries.
  • Rated Current Voltage: 250V; Rated Current Amp: 15A; Wiring Method: welding.
  • Exterior material: Copper; Antenna material: Copper plated silver.
  • Number of pins: 4; Size: 16 mm; Ambient temperature: -50 °C ~ + 70 °C.
  • Package Content: 5 x GX16 Metal Aviation Plug Connector (4 Pin).
  • Specifications

  • Color: 4P
  • Size: 4P
  • Pros

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Durable copper construction
  • Includes 5 connectors at an affordable price
  • Cons

  • Some customers reported issues with the lock nut and loose threads

    The DIYhz GX16 4 Pins Panel Metal Mount Circular Metal Aviation Connector Adapter Male Female Plug Socket is a reliable and versatile product that offers good value for its affordable price. While there have been some quality control issues reported by customers, the majority of users found these connectors to be sturdy and suitable for their projects. With its wide range of applications and durable copper construction, this connector adapter is a great choice for those in need of a cost-effective solution. Just be aware of the potential issues with the lock nut and take extra care when using the threads. Overall, a recommended product for various industries and projects.


    The Eilumduo 2 Sets Aviation Connector is a high-quality metal and hard plastic connector designed for various applications in aviation, navigation, telecommunications, computers, and other electronic equipment. It comes with 2 sets of female and male plugs, rated voltage of 250V, and a rated current of 10A. The easy installation process involves using two screws to fix the connector securely. Eilumduo provides excellent customer service with a 30-day return and replacement policy and lifetime free customer support. Overall, this aviation connector offers reliability, durability, and versatility for different electronic systems.

    Key Features

  • 2 Sets x Female and Male Aviation Connector Plugs
  • Rated voltage is 250V; Rated current is 10A
  • Made of high-quality metal and hard plastic
  • Widely used in aviation, navigation, telecommunications, computers, and more
  • Easy installation with stable and firm connection
  • 30 days return and replacement service & life-time free customer service
  • Specifications

  • Size: GX20-4
  • Pros

  • High-quality construction
  • Versatile applications
  • Easy and stable installation
  • Excellent customer service
  • Cons

  • Tedious wire connection process
  • Requires soldering if connectors are not available

    The Eilumduo 2 Sets Aviation Connector is a reliable and durable option for those looking to replace connectors in their electronic systems. With its high-quality construction and versatile applications, it offers a secure and firm connection. The easy installation process adds to its appeal, although connecting wires might be tedious for some users. Eilumduo’s commitment to customer satisfaction with their return and replacement service is commendable. However, it’s worth noting that soldering is required if connector pins are not available. Overall, this aviation connector provides a reliable solution for various electronic equipment.


    The Aviation Plug Connector 12 Pairs GX16-4 is a set of male and female aviation connectors designed for panel metal wire connections. The connectors feature a stable and firm design, with a hard plastic end cable connector and a straight metal plug. They are made of metal and hard plastic, with a silver tone and black color. The connectors can handle a maximum current voltage of AC and DC over 380 volts, with a rated current amp of 5A. They are compatible with wire cables ranging from 24-16 AWG. The package includes 12 male GX16-4 aviation plugs and 12 female GX16-4 aviation plugs. Overall, these connectors are well-built and versatile for various applications.

    Key Features

  • Male and Female aviation connectors
  • Metal and hard plastic construction
  • Maximum current voltage: AC/DC >380V
  • Rated current amp: 5A
  • Compatible with 24-16 AWG wire cables
  • 12 Pcs Male GX16-4 Aviation Plug + 12 Pcs Female GX16-4 Aviation Plug
  • Specifications

  • Size: 4 Pins 12-Pack
  • Pros

  • Stable and firm connection
  • Versatile for various applications
  • Durable construction
  • Includes 12 male and 12 female plugs
  • Cons

  • Some plugs appeared used
  • Soldering may be challenging

    The Aviation Plug Connector 12 Pairs GX16-4 is a reliable and versatile set of male and female aviation connectors for panel wire connections. They provide a stable and firm connection, making them suitable for various applications. The connectors are made of durable materials and can handle high current voltages. However, some users have reported receiving used plugs, and soldering can be a bit challenging. Overall, if you are in need of aviation connectors for your projects, these plugs offer good value for the price.


    The Lonlonty M12 4 Pin Male & Female Socket Panel Aviation Wire Connector is a high-quality, waterproof connector designed for industrial use. With its IP67 waterproof rating, it is perfect for outdoor applications. The connector features a 4-pin male and female circular aviation connector, providing a reliable and secure connection for various devices. It is easy to install and remove without the need for tools, making it convenient to use. The connector is widely used in signal electronic connectors for aviation, computers, instruments, and industrial cameras. It can also be easily connected to proximity switches, photoelectric barriers, flow monitoring devices, and more. With its durable and corrosion-resistant design, the Lonlonty M12 Connector ensures the stability and reliability of data and signals.

    Key Features

  • M12 Connector: 4-pin, male+female, waterproof
  • High-Quality Construction: Insulation, flame retardant, and corrosion-resistant
  • Easy to Use: Quick connect and disconnect coupling, no tools required
  • Wide Application: Suitable for aviation, computer, and industrial use
  • Package Includes: Male+Female Waterproof 4 Pin Aviation Connector
  • Specifications

  • Color: Male+Female
  • Size: 4Pin Straight
  • Pros

  • High-quality construction ensures durability and reliability
  • Easy to install and remove without the need for tools
  • Waterproof design suitable for outdoor use
  • Wide range of applications in various industries
  • Package includes both male and female connectors
  • Cons


    The Lonlonty M12 4 Pin Male & Female Socket Panel Aviation Wire Connector is a reliable and convenient solution for industrial connectivity needs. Its high-quality construction and waterproof design make it suitable for outdoor use. The easy installation process and wide range of applications make it versatile and user-friendly. Whether for aviation, computer, or industrial use, this connector provides a stable and secure connection for data and signals. With its robust and corrosion-resistant design, it offers durability and reliability. Overall, the Lonlonty M12 Connector is a valuable addition to any industrial setting.


    The Hilitchi 40-Piece Aviation Wire Connector Plug Assortment Kit is a high-quality set of male and female connectors designed for signal and electronic connections in aviation, space, telecommunications, and more. It includes 20 pairs of connectors, with 2, 3, 4, and 5 pins available. The connectors come in a sturdy transparent plastic case for easy storage. With its wide range of applications, this assortment kit is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. While some reviewers have noted missing parts and loose screws, overall, customers agree that these connectors are a great value for the price. Soldering the connectors can be a bit difficult, but they work well for most projects. If you're in need of a versatile and affordable set of aviation connectors, the Hilitchi 40-Piece Aviation Wire Connector Plug Assortment Kit is worth considering.

    Key Features

  • High Quality Aviation Male Female Connectors Plug Assortment Set
  • Model : 16-2 / 16-3 / 16-4 / 16-5; Type: Male Female Plug
  • Package Quantity: 40-Pieces (20 Pairs), Set Includes: 2 Pin / 3 Pin / 4 Pin / 5 Pin
  • Can Be Use for A Storage Box
  • Widely used in aviation, space, telecommunications, computer, and more
  • Specifications

  • Size: 2 3 4 5 pin
  • Pros

  • Affordable set with a wide range of applications
  • Sturdy transparent plastic case for easy storage
  • Works well for most projects
  • Great value for the price
  • Good customer service
  • Cons

  • Some missing parts reported by customers
  • Loose screws in some connectors
  • Difficult to solder

    The Hilitchi 40-Piece Aviation Wire Connector Plug Assortment Kit offers an affordable and versatile solution for connecting wires in various industries. While there may be some minor issues like missing parts and loose screws, the overall quality and value for the price make this kit a great choice for hobbyists and professionals alike. The connectors are easy to use and come in a convenient storage case. If you’re looking for a reliable set of connectors for your projects, the Hilitchi assortment kit is definitely worth considering. Just make sure to check the contents upon arrival and securely tighten the screws to avoid any potential issues.


    The Lonlonty M12 5 Pin Male & Female Socket Panel Aviation Wire Connector is an industrial circular connector designed for outdoor use. With its IP67 waterproof rating, it is suitable for various applications, including signal electronic connectors, computer and industrial cameras, electric bicycles, and factory automation. The connector features a high-quality construction with a black rubber bakeute for insulation and flame retardant properties. It also utilizes a thread locking mechanism and anti-vibration design for durability and stability. Installation is quick and easy, thanks to the screw-joint design that requires no tools. The package includes 4 sets of the male and female 5 pin aviation connectors.

    Key Features

  • M12 Connector: 5-pin male + female, straight, IP67 waterproof
  • High Quality: Insulating, flame retardant, all-copper nickel-plated metal screw sleeve
  • Easy to Use: Quick connect and disconnect, no tools required
  • Application: Suitable for various industrial and electronic devices
  • Package includes: 4 male + 4 female waterproof 5 pin aviation connectors
  • Specifications

  • Color: Male + Female
  • Size: 5Pin Straight
  • Pros

  • High-quality construction
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Cons

  • No IEC or other certifications mentioned
  • Terminal set screws may break easily

    The Lonlonty M12 5 Pin Male & Female Socket Panel Aviation Wire Connector offers excellent value for its quality and features. With its waterproof and durable design, it can withstand outdoor conditions effectively. The easy installation and versatile application make it suitable for both professionals and non-technical users. It is a reliable option for various industrial and electronic connections. While it lacks specific certifications, it surpasses some well-known brand name connectors in terms of construction and functionality. For low voltage projects or personal use, these connectors provide a cost-effective alternative. Overall, the Lonlonty M12 5 Pin Aviation Wire Connector proves to be a dependable choice in the market.


    The 4 Pin Waterproof Connector is a high-quality industrial solder connector designed for use in various indoor and outdoor applications. It features a PBT material shell for stability and anti-deformation, as well as gold-plated contacts for superior corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. With a waterproof protection level of IP67, this connector can withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Its wide application range makes it suitable for use in outdoor electric tools, medical devices, communication systems, and more. The connector is easy to install with various cable connection types available. However, some users have reported issues with construction and assembly instructions.

    Key Features

  • -4 Pin Connector Specifications: The working voltage of the power connector can reach 400VAC, and the rated current is 10A. General wire diameter: Φ3.0mm~Φ9.0mm. Cable specification: 1.0 –1.5mm²/18-16 AWG. Contact resistance <2.5mΩ. Mounting dimensions: M16. Waterproof Protection level: IP67. Package list: 1 male plug + 1 female socket.
  • -High-Quality Material: Our 4 pin connector uses a PBT material shell that imports from abroad with stability, compression, anti-explosion, and anti-deformation. Use metal material flanges seat, against high-frequency noise and electromagnetic interference. Using gold-plated contact with the superior performance of corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity effectively deals with temperature rise.
  • -Easy to Install Electrical Connector: Cable connection type: Soldering. Cable in-line, threaded coupling, quick connect, solder plug & socket. Note: Prohibited to charged inserted. The wiring welding temperature requirement is 380℃±40℃, operation time: each point does not exceed 3 seconds.
  • -Perfect Waterproof Circular Connector: The waterproof connector can be up to waterproof IP67 protection level when connected, its rigid spring snap fastening self-locking device waterproof ring is well in water-resisting. Even in harsh outdoor weather conditions, it can still be in a good state of waterproof performance. High quality ensures that your industrial equipment works well without being affected.
  • -Wide Application Power Connector: Aviation connector is ideal for any equipment for watertight, indoor/outdoor applications, such as outdoor electric tools or appliances, medical device, audio/video, robot, RV solar, communications, marine or automatic equipment, outdoor led lighting, outdoor LED panels, solar energy system, outdoor security cameras, transformer, control box, machines equipment, packing machines, etc.
  • Specifications

  • Dimension: 2.25Lx0.79Wx1.19H
  • Pros

  • High-quality PBT material shell for stability and anti-deformation
  • Gold-plated contacts for corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity
  • IP67 waterproof protection level for harsh outdoor conditions
  • Wide application range for various equipment
  • Cons

  • Poor construction with loose interior ethernet connection
  • No chassis connection for ground wire or shielded cable
  • Lack of assembly instructions for proper fit

    The 4 Pin Waterproof Connector is a reliable choice for industrial applications requiring a high-quality and waterproof connection. Despite some drawbacks in construction and instructions, its overall performance and versatility make it a valuable asset. The stability of the PBT material shell, combined with the corrosion-resistant gold-plated contacts, ensure durability and efficient electrical conductivity. The IP67 waterproof protection level guarantees protection against harsh outdoor conditions. With its wide application range, this connector proves to be a versatile solution for diverse equipment needs. If you are looking for a reliable and durable solder connector for your industrial, power, or automotive projects, the 4 Pin Waterproof Connector is worth considering.


    BUYER'S GUIDE: 4 Pin Aviation Connector

    Aviation connectors play a vital role in maintaining secure connections between various equipment in aviation, aerospace, and other rugged applications. A 4-pin aviation connector, in particular, is widely used for transmitting power and signals in these industries. If you are on the lookout for a 4-pin aviation connector but unsure about the essential factors to consider, you've come to the right place! This comprehensive buyer's guide will provide you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

    Key Considerations

    When purchasing a 4-pin aviation connector, keep the following important factors in mind:

    1. Pin Configuration: Determine whether the connectors you require have a male or female pin configuration, depending on your existing equipment and wiring setup.
    2. Connection Type: Consider the type of connection you need – whether it's a cable-to-cable connection or a cable-to-panel mount connection. Make sure the connector's design matches your specific requirements.
    3. Compatibility: Ensure the connector you choose is compatible with the type of equipment you are using. Check the connector's specifications and compare them with your device's requirements.
    4. Durability: Evaluate the durability and ruggedness of the connector. Look for connectors that are resistant to shock, vibration, moisture, and extreme temperatures. Robust connectors are essential for reliable performance in demanding environments.

    Features to Look For

    Here are some essential features to consider when selecting a 4-pin aviation connector:

    • Materials: Opt for connectors made from high-quality materials such as corrosion-resistant metals or ruggedized plastics. These materials enhance the connector's longevity and protect against harsh operating conditions.
    • Shielding: Look for connectors with shielding capabilities to protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI) or radio frequency interference (RFI). This is crucial for ensuring signal quality and reducing potential signal degradation.
    • Locking Mechanism: Check for connectors with a secure locking mechanism. This provides a reliable and vibration-resistant connection, preventing accidental disconnections that could lead to equipment malfunction.
    • Waterproof/Watertight Design: If you require a connector for outdoor or wet environments, consider connectors with a waterproof or watertight design. These connectors prevent moisture ingress and maintain optimal functionality even in challenging conditions.
    • Connector Size: Depending on your space constraints and applications, choose a connector size that fits your requirements without compromising its performance.

    Installation and Maintenance Tips

    Installing and maintaining connectors properly is just as important as selecting the right one. Consider the following tips for installation and maintenance:

    • Proper Alignment: Ensure proper alignment of male and female connectors before connecting. Misalignment can damage the pins or lead to poor signal transmission.
    • Secure Connections: Make sure the connectors are securely locked or fastened to prevent accidental detachment. A loose connection can result in intermittent or disrupted power and signal transfer.
    • Periodic Inspections: Regularly inspect your connectors for signs of wear and tear, moisture ingress, or loose connections. Timely maintenance can extend the lifespan of your connectors and prevent unnecessary downtime.
    • Cleaning: If your connectors become dirty or contaminated, use a gentle cleaning solution specifically designed for connectors. Avoid using abrasive tools or harsh chemicals that could damage the connector's surfaces or degrade its performance.



    Q: Can I use a 4-pin aviation connector for non-aviation applications?
    A: Absolutely! While aviation connectors are commonly used in aviation and aerospace industries, they can also be utilized in other rugged applications, such as military, industrial, or outdoor environments.

    Q: Are all 4-pin aviation connectors waterproof?
    A: No, not all 4-pin aviation connectors are waterproof. It depends on the specific design and purpose of the connector. Check the manufacturer’s specifications to verify the connector’s waterproof capabilities.

    Q: Can I connect a male 4-pin aviation connector to a female connector from another brand?
    A: Yes, as long as both connectors have the same pin configuration and are compatible in terms of size and specifications, you can connect them even if they are from different brands.

    Q: Do I need any special tools for installing a 4-pin aviation connector?
    A: In most cases, you will not require any special tools for installing a 4-pin aviation connector. However, having a crimping tool or appropriate wire stripping tool may assist with proper cable preparation and connection.

    Q: Can a 4-pin aviation connector handle high power transmission?
    A: Yes, many 4-pin aviation connectors are designed to handle high power transmission. However, it is crucial to check the specifications of the connector to ensure it meets your power transmission requirements.