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Smartphones nowadays are designed to be used as it is without extra embellishment but almost everyone will use a case for it. Some people use a phone case as protection while some use it for pure aesthetic. But if you want to use a case for both reasons, then you should consider buying a RhinoShield phone case.

A phone case can be fashionable and stylish, expressive and personal, practical and purposeful. It can add functionality to your device, makes it easier to hold and can make your smartphone more accessible to harsh environments.

But the primary purpose of having a case on your phone is for protection. Which is where this case from Evolutive Labs comes in. RhinoShield started life from its CrashGuard bumper model on Kickstarter and was able to raise over $240,000 to design and bring to life “a slim profile bumper case that provides amazing drop protection… that does not compromise on the original design.” There’s a lot of cases that promise the same thing nowadays, but does RhinoShield deliver on its promise of a protective and well-designed case? Let’s find out from their list of products that rage from phone cases to camera lenses.


RhinoShield Phone Cases

SolidSuit is the most popular phone case from RhinoShield. This case boasts its impact resistant technology so you never have to worry about breaking your valuable glass-backed phone. It has a certified military-grade custom ShockSpread polymer material that absorbs the impact of at least 3.5m or 11 feet fall and an inner honeycomb structure that provides an additional 10% defense against knocks.

When it comes to design, SolidSuit follows the original contours of your phone making sure that your tough case wouldn’t look like a slab of brick. This case with a minimal design with a premium finish comes in two different colors: white or black and has a matte finish that improves resistance to scratches.

It is very slim and its simple form gives you a snag-free experience that fits in your pocket. The improved buttons are responsive and easy to press. You can swap the button colors making your case personalized. Its coating is stain-resistant so you can clean scuff and inks. It is BPA/BPS/BPF free. Oh, and it’s also recyclable.

Check out this SolidSuit case today and protect your phone from potential damages.

The first bumper case from RhinoShield, CrashGuard also has a ShockSpread technology that absorbs an impact of at least 11 feet fall. This is proven by multiple drop tests so you are sure that your phone is protected. Even though it’s 20% thinner than other cases, its inner honeycomb structure helps absorb 10% more impact.

If you are into a more minimalistic design, this bumper case is for you. It leaves the phone’s back open so you can enjoy the original glass-backed look of your phone. This case has a matte finish which enhances your grip on your device. Its finish makes the bumper more durable and harder and scratch. It is available in different colors that match your style and personality.

CrashGuard is user-friendly. You can access and control all your phones’ buttons. It also has precision cutouts for all your phone’s ports. Weighing at only 12 grams, it is one of the lightest cases available right now. Even though it is super lightweight, it is still capable of providing at least the same level of impact protection.

Check out the CrashGuard now on Amazon and protect your phone from fall damage.

Are you looking for a case that is compatible with wireless charging? It’s time for you to get a RhinoShield Mod NX. It also has an improved modular system so you can mix and match your case depending on what you like. You can use it as a standard case (Frame + Backplate + Buttons) or bumper case (Frame + Rim + Buttons). Customize your Mod case depending on your mood. The starter set includes Frame + Rim +Buttons + Clear Backplate.

Like other RhinoShield products, it has an impact-resistant technology, giving you that peace of mind that your valuable glass-backed phone is protected. Its ShockSpread polymer is extremely durable and moderately flexible. Because of this, the case can bend without breaking or loosening whenever you put it on or off.

Even though it’s a tough case, it’s not bulky and can slide into your pocket. The case follows the original contours of your phone that’s why it is very slim. Its design protects the camera and screen from any direct impact. You are sure that you get a protective light-weight case.

Check out the RhinoShield Mod NX and never worry about your case interfering with your phone’s wireless charging function.

What would happen if you combine a RhinoShield Crashguard and a Mod NX? You get a ChrashGuard NX. It’s a customizable bumper case. You can change the rims and the buttons, mix and match so you can make the case truly yours. It has a wide range of colors so you can create one for your every mood.

This bumper case is also convertible. To get a standard case with a back cover, just simply switch the back rim to a Mod NX backplate. The case is user-friendly, you can easily install and remove it. It is both tough and flexible, something that you wouldn’t expect to go hand in hand. Its sides are scratch-resistant so you are sure that the case will last a long time.

Like all RhinoShield, it has shock protection. Every RhinoShield lives up to expectation so you are sure that you get maximum protection whatever kind of case you get for your phone. You are also sure that you’re safe because it’s BPA free, which is rarely seen in a phone case.

Check out this offering from RhinoShield and customize the way you protect your phone, today!

Are you very picky about your phone case’s design? Do you prioritize aesthetics above all? Are you worried that protecting your device will make it bulkier? Don’t worry, RhinoShield PlayProof is a marriage of aesthetics and protection. This case will protect your phone from any fall and everyday knocks while making sure it still looks stylish and playful.

It is a hybrid construction built from hard and soft shells. Made from a unique polymer that offers excellent shock absorbency. The soft inner shell uses Eggdrop technology that makes sure your smartphone is protected from any drop. The honey-com structure enhances its impact protection by suspending the phone.

Even though the case is very technical, its thickness is under 2mm which is the first of its kind in the rugged case market. This makes RhinoShield PlayProof strong, sleek and durable. There is also an option for you to customize the design of the case, giving you the freedom to have a unique case.

Check out the PlayProof on Amazon today to experience a mix of aesthetics and protection in one package.


Other RhinoShield Products

Aside from phone cases, RhinoShield also offers advanced skin for your phone. It is the only impact-resistant skin on the market combined with RhinoShield protective technology. This skin provides protection for most everyday knocks. It absorbs 5 times more impact than Gorilla Glass 3 and leaves other protective films in the dust.

The cut of this skin is compatible with any RhinoShield bumper case. There are different colors available for this skin, so you have the option to choose which one matches your personality. It is also precisely cut, making sure that every skin fits your smartphone accurately.

It is very easy to install, no need to spend hours of multiple failed attempts to get it right. Plus these skins aren’t fingerprint-magnet so you won’t have to worry about prints and oily smudges. It may cover up your phone but it won’t block the ability to charge your phone wirelessly. This is surely a great smartphone skin to have!

Check out the Impact Skin and protect that back of your phone, today!

Do you want to maximize the protection of your smartphone? Or do you always crack your screen? If you answer yes to both of these questions then you should get a RhinoShield Impact Screen Protector. It makes your phone screen impact resistant and can survive any accidental knock or drop. This screen guard is extra tough and durable as it absorbs over 5 times the impact energy of Gorilla Glass 3

And even though the screen guard is loaded with protection, you can still enjoy crystal viewing experience due to its 99% transparency rating. It is ultra-thin, you will soon forget that your phone has a protective film. This product is compatible with touch sensitivity, pressure sensitivity, and 3D touch.

Most of all, it is easy to install. Its no-residue adhesive makes sure that the protector stays on but can be repositioned just in case you weren’t able to stick it perfectly the first time. Included in it packages are a dust removal sticker and microfiber cloth so that you can prep and clean your screen before installation. It is scratch-resistant and anti-fingerprint. No more cleaning your screen almost every time you use it.

Check out this product now and get one of the best screen protectors in the market right now.

What makes 9H tempered glass different from other tempered glass is the protection it gives to your screen. It has a 9H-level hardness material that provides superior scratch protection against everyday objects such as keys, coins, and pens. Tempered glass protects your screen against knocks and moderate drops because it is tougher than ordinary glass.

This product features a 3D curved edge which makes it slightly contoured to the edge of the curved-screen for a more natural look and better edge protection because of its wider coverage. You can now experience a full, non-obstructed screen display because the protector goes to the edge.

It also has high optical clarity. You can enjoy crystal clear viewing experience because of its 99% transparency rating. It also has water and oil repellency. So you can now say goodbye to fingerprints, smudges, greases, dirt, and marks caused by moisture. It is also very easy to clean, just simply use a microfiber cloth.

Check out this product now and give your phone’s screen an added layer of protection

RhinoShield also offers a bumper case for your beloved Apple Watch. The CrashGuard NX for Apple Watch has a two-part design that allows you to customize color pairings. It has 7 frame colors and 11 rim colors to choose from, you can build a case that is perfect for you and your style.

It is also compatible with Apple Watch straps. You can now have the freedom of using any Apple Watch straps you like, especially those you already own. This bumper case for Apple Watch is compatible with all official Apple Watch bands (38/40mm & 42/44mm) and most third party straps.

Like all RhinoShield products, CrashGuard NX for Apple Watch uses ShockSprea, the very popular impact-resistant polymer. It provides up to 1.2m / 4ft drop protection. Whether you’re on the court for a game of basketball or hiking up a mountain, RhinoShield will keep your Apple Watch safe from any knocks and bumps.

Check out this product and protect your Apple Watch from potential bumps and scratches.

Your smartphone photography and videography got better with the RhinoShield add-on lens. For most people, their phones have become their go-to camera. Whether for the everyday snap of their daily life or for documenting their travels. Add-on lenses are a great way to get the most out of your phone camera, especially when you’re creative juices are flowing.

It has a 4K HD Wide + Macro lenses. The 0.62X 4K HD Wide + Macro add-on lens is the best add-on lens you can find. This 2-in-1 lens allows you to take photos of lavish landscapes and architecture, while the macro lens can be used for close-up photography.

Another add-on lens is the Wide + Macro. This Macro lens is the perfect all-around pick for budding users who want to up their phone photography game. This 2-in-1 lens will allow you to shoot wide-angle photos to capture sceneries and a macro lens for close-up photography.

Check out the 4K HD 2 in 1 lens on Amazon and start taking photographs as a hobby.


How to Clean Your RhinoShield Case

So you have your RhicoShield case but it is now dirty. Don’t worry, we have the trick for you! Follow the 3 easy steps below and you can have a clean RhinoShield case in no time! Here is how:

  • Dilute a cup of bleach with ordinary water.
  • Soak the bumper case in the diluted bleach solution for around 8 hours, you may soak them for longer than 8 hours if necessary.
  • Rinse the bumper with clean water. They will be as clean as new.