Are AirPods 2 Waterproof?

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Music has become an integral part of life for people everywhere, transcending generations and cultures. Wired earphones have become a companion to every music lover. With the new technology developed by Apple, earbuds such as the Airpods 2, provide the freedom to enjoy great sound on the go wireless. While they might provide convenience and portability, one important factor remains – are the Airpods waterproof? Read on to find out all about AirPods 2 waterproofing.


Key Takeaways:

• Apple AirPods 2 are the second generation of wireless earbuds, released in March 2019, that features a wireless charging case, improved battery life, and voice command activation.

•AirPods 2 has an IPX4 rating, offering water-resistant protection in your adventures.

• Always ensure the Airpods are securely inserted into ears and use a lint-free cloth to quickly remove any moisture. Avoid using heat sources to dry them.


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  2. Is Apple AirPods Waterproof?
  3. What to Do If My AirPods 2 Get Wet?
  4. Tips for Using AirPods 2 in Wet Conditions
  5. How to Clean AirPods 2?
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How Do AirPods 2 Differ from the Original AirPods?

With the release of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, they revolutionized how we experience music. Building on their success, AirPods 2 launched in 2019 with many amazing features such as:

  • It’s built to withstand daily use no matter the environment with an IPX4 water resistance rating – equal in protection to Apple’s latest Airpods 3rd and AirPods Pro 2nd generation.
  • With their wireless charging case and extra-long battery life, these headphones offer a convenient listening experience that can last for a day.
  • Apple AirPods 2 now features their new H1 chip, providing unprecedented connectivity and an impressive 50% increase in call time.


Is Apple AirPods Waterproof?

Are AirPods 2 Waterproof

No, Apple Airpods such as Airpods 2 are not waterproof but they are water resistant. The IPX rating system is used to measure the water resistance of electronic devices. IP stands for “Ingress Protection,” and the X in IPX means that the device is not rated for dust resistance but for water resistance only. Apple AirPods 2 has water resistance ratings of IPX4, meaning they are water-resistant but not waterproof. Water-resistant devices can withstand some exposure to water, such as splash or light rain, while waterproof devices can be submerged in water without being damaged.

AirPods 2 are the perfect companion for a sweat-drenched workout session, or even if you just want to walk in the rain. With an IPX4 water resistance rating covering its earbuds and charging case, they’ll be safe from any water splashes – but keep them away from your swimming pool or even showering.


What to Do If AirPods 2 Get Wet?

AirPods 2 are easily vulnerable to water damage so taking extra precautions is vital to prolonging its life. Follow these three tips for maximum protection from moisture and liquid:

  1. Remove the AirPods from the water. When the liquid comes into contact with your AirPods, retrieve them quickly to minimize any potential damage. Make sure to immediately dry them with a lint-free cloth.
  2. Allow the AirPods to dry. Leave the wet AirPods out in a dry and warm place for at least 24 hours. Avoid using any heat source such as a hairdryer, and refrain from charging or utilizing them until they have been dried completely.
  3. Reset the AirPods. If your AirPods appear to be unresponsive, you can easily reset them by simply pressing and holding down the setup button on their charging case and then checking for a LED light that indicates they are ready to be reconnected.


Tips for Using AirPods 2 in Wet Conditions

Enjoy your music even in wet conditions with AirPods 2! Featuring water-resistance capabilities, these headphones have got you covered. For additional protection, follow these simple tips.

  1. Use a waterproof case. Protect your water-resistant Airpods with the use of affordable waterproof cases available at the market.
  2. Be extra cautious. Handle them with extra care and use different earbuds with a higher level of water resistance to get extra protection from water damage.
  3. Use ear hooks. Airpods are great for staying connected on the go. With ear hooks, you can rest assured they’ll remain firmly in place as you move. Make sure your audio experience is always secure!


How to Clean AirPods 2 Safely?

a pair of Black AirPods with a black charging case
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Keep your AirPods 2 clean and perform their best by regularly wiping away sweat and dirt. Grab a soft cloth to rid any dust from the buds and charging case, then use a brush with gentle bristles to thoroughly clean out any dirt hiding in its mesh covers. Remember not to get them wet, dry-cleaning will do!



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AirPods 2 may have an IPX4 water-resistance rating shell and can withstand splashes or moisture. Nevertheless, they are not meant for swimming or any form of water submersion. Fortunately, if you require something more suited towards activity in wet conditions there are numerous other options available on the market today which is perfect for anyone who likes listening while getting active.