The 10 Best Battery Phone Case You Should Be Getting Now

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Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone 11 Pro

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Runsy Battery Case for Samsung Galaxy S10

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Fey-US Battery Case for Huawei P30

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Does your phone battery always run out? Do you find yourself charging your smartphone frequently and relying on charging? You should try checking out a battery case. It offers a convenient solution to your problems. It also acts as a second battery to your smartphone, which will extend your phone’s usage time. 

There are a lot of interesting phone cases nowadays. Like the game boy phone cases, or these battery cases. Akin to a traditional power bank, a battery case is an external battery pack in the form of a case that stays attached to your phone. Why choose this one over a power bank? One reason is that you won’t bring extra things with you since the case is already attached to your phone. Most of these cases allow charging to pass through which can charge both of your smartphone’s battery and the case. 

One downfall of these cases is that they add bulkiness to your smartphone whether or not you decide to use them. Its battery capacity will vary depending on the model you buy, but you can usually get one full charge to your device. But this is just a small drawback because they can charge and protect your phone in one. 

Ready to find the best one for your smartphone? Here are some of our favorites.

Are you an iPhone 11 Pro user? If yes, then this one’s for you. It not only gives you longer battery life, but offers great protection for your phone. The inside of the case has a soft microfiber lining that helps protect your phone. It has a silky soft-touch finish of the silicone exterior that feels great in your hands. Plus, a soft elastomer hinge design makes it easy to put the case on and remove it off. 

This iPhone battery case features a dedicated camera button to launch the camera app even on lock screen. A quick press of this button takes a photo that works for both the front and the back camera, and a longer press captures a QuickTake video. 

When fully charged, the Smart Battery Case delivers up to 50% longer battery life. This is also compatible with Qi-certified chargers. Another great thing about this case is that you can simultaneously charge your phone and the case. No need for a separate charge. Your iPhone Lock screen and in Notification Center will display the intelligent battery status. This is so you will know how much battery the case has left. 

Don’t worry Samsung Galaxy users, there’s also a pack for you! ZeroLemon Slim Power is a 5,000 mAh Li-polymer battery case for Samsung Galaxy S10. This has full edge protection making sure to protect your smartphone from scratches and other daily wears and tears. Its soft TPU case offers a 360° shield that delivers protection to your device all day.

Another feature that sets this case apart is that it has a file transfer technology. You don’t need to remove the case off when transferring files and data between Galaxy S10 and your computer. Plus it only ways 6.4 ounces. And can extend the battery life of your phone up to 100%.

It also features a fast-charging passing through the case and can only happen when you’re using a cable and an adapter that is both fast-charging supported to charge the case and the phone. But when you are using the battery pack only to charge the phone, the fast-charging is not supported. And one last thing, wireless charging is also supported. You won’t need to remove the battery pack when you’re charging your Galaxy S10 wirelessly.

Another battery case for iPhone 11 users, Alpatronix iPhone Case has a slim, lightweight and compact design for portability. It has a 360° protection against everyday wear such as scratches. The top and bottom slide-in design helps the case be more secure and makes it easy to put it on and off the phone.

The covered buttons allow easy access to all ports, switches, and buttons. The camera window is wide open making sure that you still get to take pictures and videos of your favorite moments. It is compatible with Apple Pay and CarPlay.

This case is Qi-enabled which supports universal wireless charging. This only means no more cables and wires. Like other battery packs, it has a pass-through charging. Its power LED indicator can help indicate the level of power your case charges. Plus it is available in all iPhone 11 variants. Overall, this is a good choice for an iPhone battery case.

Another case for iPhone 11, Newdery is specifically designed for wireless charging. It’s charging case has a built-in wireless charging receiver that supports quick and convenient wireless charging. It will charge your case and phone at the same time. Plus its advanced chips will protect your device from overheating, short-circuit and overcharging. 

This iPhone 11 battery case is with a raised bezel screen protector that safeguards your touch screen from accidental dropping and has a microfiber flannel that protects the camera. The backside of the case shields your smartphone from scratching and scuffing due to daily use. 

Aside from its protective case, it has a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery power that gives your iPhone 11 that extra 100% battery life so that you can enjoy your phone more. No more low battery anxiety and awkward moments. This model also provides a 12-Month warranty with a 100% money-back guarantee or replacement policy. This assures that you will only get the best case there is.

Even if you have an iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, there’s a battery pack for you. Mophie juice pack has a lightweight case that features rubberized support pads on the interior that protects your phone from drops and hard falls plus raised corners for added protection against cracked screens. It is specifically made for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 making the charging port and buttons easily accessible and forward-facing speakers for superior sound quality.

Charge Force Wireless Technology powers this juice pack. And that does away with all the wires and introduces a whole new way of charging your phone’s battery without the use of cables. It is compatible with Qi and other wireless technologies so you can top off your phone and case using wireless charging systems, including those you can find at coffee shops or airports and in many new cars. 

This iPhone battery case has 2,525mAh that can provide up to 100% more battery life. You can see how much left to charge in the case with its LED light indicator, You can also sync your phone to your computer or laptop without removing the case.

If you want to extend your Samsung Galaxy S10 battery life by 150%, better get a Runsy battery case.  This 6000mAh rechargeable case can extend your smartphone’s talk time up to 14 hours, plus 15 hours of filming and 56 hours more of playing music. This is very ideal for a hard-working day, long-distance journey and business trips. Like other models, you can charge without removing the case. Although, wireless charging isn’t supported.

This high-quality case has reinforced corners and side protection. Its 360º full protection and advanced silicone protection on the sides shield your smartphone from bumps, scratches, and dust. It doesn’t protect your screen, so it is better to install a screen protector for full coverage. No chin design meaning there’s no excessive bulk. It perfectly fits your hand.

It doesn’t only charge your phone, it also has a built-in short circuit that protects it from overcharging. This case also has an integrated power switch which allows you to turn the case on and off quickly. It also has a 4 LED-light indicator that shows the power status of the battery and each light represents 25% of the power.

Another battery case from manufacturer Newdery that is compatible with Google Pixel 4. Like the one for iPhone, it also designed for wireless charging. Although, the type-C port does not support file and data transmission. You will need to remove the case if you need to synchronize your file on your computer. 

It is also not just your normal case. It is also a protective case that shields your phone from any scratches and daily wear and tear. It has an elastic soft material that makes it easy for you to put it on and off your phone. Plus, this case also has advanced chips that protect the phone from overcharging, overheating, and short-circuit.

The Newdery Google Pixel 4 battery case has a built-in 5000mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery power bank that offers 100% more battery life for your smartphone. This is great for travelers and heavy users. It also has a 12-month money-back guarantee so you are sure that your smartphone is really protected.

Are you getting tired of finding a charger whenever your iPhone 11 Pro Max is running out of battery? Not anymore! Euhan battery case is the solution to your problem. It has a built-in 6500mAh that adds an extra 140% battery life to your smartphone. This is why it is perfect for traveling, business trips, and outdoor occasions. 

The batteries used for this case are Grade A+ batteries with CE and Rhos certification to protect your phone from short-circuiting, discharging and overcharging. Keep in mind that you should fully charge the case with your original phone cable before using it. You can switch the powerbank on and off with its power button.

When it comes to design, it is very thin and fits well in your hands. The upgraded design features an elastic soft material so you can just simply slide your iPhone into the case and you can now start using it. Euhan has a 24 hours customer service online, a 100% money-back guarantee, a 1-year replacement warranty, and a lifetime technical support. Surely, you will be worry-free with your Euhan battery case.

LG users, rejoice! There’s a battery case compatible with your phone. Get an extra 100% battery life for your smartphone with Newdery battery case. It has a rechargeable extended 4200mAH li-polymer battery. And a single USB Type-C cable allows charging your LG V30 / V30+ and the case via USB to a computer system or power adapter at the same time.  

Unlike other Newderycases, this model doesn’t support any wireless charging and is also not compatible with any fast-charge technology. Although, you can transfer your file to your computer or laptop without removing the case. It supports headphones so you can listen to your favorite music while charging the phone. 

A 360°Full Edge Protection that has a soft TPU frame design that provides a comprehensive shield from scratches, bumps, drops, and more. It has a slim fit that is convenient enough to fit your hand or pocket. Make sure to use a screen protector for superior protection. A lifetime warranty is also included for extra protection.

Get an extra 150% battery life for your Huawei smartphone with Fey-US battery case. This case has a 5000mAh capacity that can keep your phone charged the entire day. It can give you an additional of up to 18 hours of talk time or up to 12 hours of web-browsing time. It also has an additional USB power bank that allows you to charge another iPhone, Android or any device. 

It is very fashionable and convenient. It also has a slim design with accurate cut-outs for your ports. You can easily access the buttons of your phone without removing it. The battery comes in a high-density, flexible, soft, TPU anti-drop material with 360° protection so your phone is free from scratches and other daily wear and tear. 

Fey-US case only uses Grade A+ batteries with CE and RoHS certification. Its internal safe chips can protect your phone from overcharging, overcurrent, and overheating for safe and reliable fast-charging. It also has a bonus feature that could let you watch videos handsfree! And like other models, it comes with a 24-month warranty for replacement or refund.


Battery Case Buying Guide

Best Battery Case Buying Guide
Photo by StockSnap from Pixabay

When choosing a normal case for your smartphone, you can make all sorts of adjustments. If you want to preserve the look of your device, then you’ll get a very thin case that doesn’t give much protection. If you want extra protection on your phone, you are stuck with a bulkier one.

But this isn’t the case when you’re buying a battery case. You need to base your purchase on the features that are important to you. There are several factors that you will need to consider before buying one, here are some of our suggestions:


Milliamp-hour (mAh)

Milliamps- or mAh is the measurement used for mobile battery capacity. When shopping for this kind of case, you need to make sure the mAh of the case you are buying is sufficient enough to charge your smartphone. Check how much mAh your phone has and match it to a battery case that can supply that amount. To reduce overcharging your phone, you can check out battery saving apps.


Capacity and Bulkiness

The more mAh a battery has, the bulkier it will be. As a general rule of thumb, you should assume that a battery case will increase the weight and volume of your smartphone by 100-200%. So if you don’t want a bulky case, it only means that you’re gonna get a lesser battery boost.


Charging Methods and Data Syncing

When purchasing a battery pack, you should consider getting a pass-through charging. This means that you can charge the case and your phone at the same time, no need to remove the case. When paired with phones with the best battery life, you save a lot of battery and charge time as well. Some offer wireless charging, if this is something you need, purchase one that has this technology. If you need to sync your data without removing the case, buy one that has this feature.


Capacity Indicators

There is a wide range of cases that have different indicator styles. On-screen indicators are not yet available in the market, but you can get one that has an LED light indicator and can show you much battery the case has left.