Gameboy Phone Case: How Does It Work? (A Buying Guide)

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The Game Boy and its later releases, the Game Boy Color and Advance are a big part of our childhood. They are some of the earliest instances of games on a mobile platform. And they provided children all over the world with fun and enjoyment back in the day. And now, you can enjoy them again. Gameboy phone cases are now available for your smartphones.

These phone cases give protection to your phone and allow you to play games from your childhood. Remember those games that made your childhood awesome? Well, you can now play them again! 

It’s time to get nostalgic, here are the top Gameboy phone case models available today!


Gameboy Phone Cases Catalog


KOBWA Gameboy Case for iPhone

KOBWA Gameboy phone case for iPhones
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Ever wanted your phone to look like a Gameboy console? Well, Kobwa’s Gameboy case for iPhones does that and more. This case allows you to play your favorite games from your childhood. In a world of breathtaking graphics, it is good to revisit the past and experience games that influenced our landscape today.

The case features a screen and responsive buttons that you will use to play more than 30 retro games. This is perfect for road trips or short plane rides as the battery will allow you to play for up to 5 hours. If your case’s battery is getting low, you can plug it into your portable charger. This is possible since the case comes with a USB cable for charging purposes.

Check out the KOBWA Gameboy phone case for iPhones today and relive your childhood today!


Autbye Gameboy Phone Case

Autbye Gameboy Case
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Want to play Super Mario Bros. and other video games from your childhood? Well, you should take a look at Autbye’s Gameboy phone cases for iPhones. This case allows you to play 36 games from your childhood and is a perfect companion when traveling

This Gameboy phone case is made from ABS and TPU plastic which ensures its durability. It also comes with its lithium battery that can last for up to 5 hours. Also, this case comes with a micro-USB charging cord that you can plug into a power bank or adapter.

Check out the Autbye Gameboy phone case today and get nostalgic with your favorite childhood games.


VOLMON Game Console Case

VOLMON Phone Case
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The other two Gameboy phone cases that came before this one required you to flip your phone vertically. VOLMON’s Game Console case will only require you to turn your iPhone for easy access. This case features 36 games which you can then play after turning on the system. That is a lot of games to remind you of how fun your childhood was.

This case is available in different colors and features a button layout that is easy to use. It comes with a USB charging cord and a lithium battery. 

Check out the VOLMON Game Console Case and play all your favorite childhood games today!


Wanle Gameboy Phone Case for iPhones

Wanle Phone Case
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This case from Wanle is made from durable TPU plastic that protects your phone from sudden bumps. Wanle’s Gameboy phone case features a screen that shows the game that you are playing. This case also has a speaker which can help enhance the nostalgic feeling while you’re playing. It also features the same button layout to that of a Gameboy and the inputs are simple and responsive.

But, compared to other items on this list, the games are a bit simpler than others. However, it is still nostalgic enough to remind you of your childhood. 

Check out the Wanle Gameboy phone case today and give your iPhone that nostalgic touch.


How Does It Work?

Button layout
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Gameboy phone cases work like the real thing except that the switch is at the front part. Not on the side like the real thing. Press the on button and wait for a few seconds to start the device. Then, once you’re in the user interface, you can then select the game you want to play. The button inputs will function like the Gameboy of old.

Most of the models have a built-in battery which you can charge through a port in the case.

If you’re interested, here is a video that talks about how one of the models work:


The Pros and Cons of Gameboy Phone Cases



The first thing you’ll notice about it is that its design is unobtrusive. It doesn’t interfere with how your iPhone normally functions. It also allows full port access for chargers and headphones. Allowing you to switch from playing to answering a call, then go back playing while said call is on. Most of these Game boy phone case models allow you to play your favorite retro games. But, they are also durable enough to protect your phone.



There are some minor issues though. Like the material quality used in making it. The buttons also don’t work as they should be on some occasions. And those are some of the common complaints. There’s also the fact that some of the buttons aren’t placed well. Making them removable, even on hard gaming. This can lead to the above complaint of them not work. But, the games work and they work well. Leading to quite a bit of traffic for the case.

You will also have to be careful as a simple fall can damage the screen. This will result in the Gameboy phone case only being useable as a normal phone case. Avoid dropping your phones to ensure the longevity of the product.


An Android alternative

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Never fear though, for there is something like this for the Android side of the spectrum. The Smartboy by Hyperkin allows you to stick in your phone inside and play it like you would a Gameboy game. Which is quite amazing. Another perk is the fact that when combined with a smartphone, it looks like a Gameboy. Which can trigger nostalgia feels for some players.

There are some issues for this iteration though. First is the fact that you need the original cartridges for you to play using the Smartboy. Another issue, and it’s a big one, is that you can’t charge and play at the same time. And finally, can’t take a call all while playing Gameboy games or other similar actions like the Gamers Console. So there are some issues there. But, the ability to blow some dust on the original cartridges you got is enough for some buyers to take it. Check out the Smartboy on Amazon and experience nostalgia with your Android phone.


Final Word

All in all, it seems to work as intended and people do note they love using it even with these tiny gripes. The case functions like a usual phone case, and the games in color are fun and filled with nostalgia. If you wish to relive the good old days and play some classics, then the Game Boy Case is for you.