The Ultimate Car Phone Holder Guide for 2021

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The US is the second-largest country of car owners for majority of Americans have cars. And with millions of car accidents per year, you need something to help you stay safe — say, your mobile phone placed on your car dashboard or windshield for emergency navigation and communication.

But how can you have your trusty gadget easily accessible inside your car? The solution is a car phone holder. It’s a must-have accessory for safe, hands-free use of your gadget. Another great thing about a car phone holder is that it allows you to charge your phone with a portable charger or a power bank.

So if you’re thinking about buying car phone holders, here’s a handy guide that lists everything you need to know about those accessories.


Inside This Article

  1. Best Car Phone Holders on the Market
  2. Where to Buy a Car Phone Holder
  3. How to Use a Car Phone Holder
  4. Pros and Cons of a Car Phone Holder
  5. What to Consider When Buying a Car Phone Holder
  6. FAQs on Car Phone Holders


Best Car Phone Holders on the Market

1. WeatherTech CupFone

The WeatherTech CupFone is easy to use.
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  • Integrates a cup-style base that comes in different sizes, so you can insert it into your car’s cup holder no matter the latter’s size is
  • Easy to adjust thanks to the back knob, which also loosens the grip at your preference and allows tilting at any angle
  • Supports only vertical or portrait orientation
  • Features an open bottom for easy charging access


Get this item today and you’ll never worry about your phone while you’re driving.


2. iOttie Easy One Touch 4

Make your commute easier with the iOttie Easy One Touch 4.
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  • Designed to keep your phone intact no matter how bumpy the road
  • Can rotate at a 360-degree angle
  • Bottom footholds can adjust to phone size while the arm can extend to your preference
  • Comes with a pad that has a strong grip to hold your mount in place
  • Has a knob you can loosen or tighten to fit your preferred angle


You can get the iOttie Easy One Touch 4 on Amazon to make your commute easier.


3. iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2

iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is perfect for on-the-go charging.
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  • With built-in wireless charger that works on iOS and Android phones
  • Has a lock and release feature to secure your phone
  • Integrates an extendable telescopic arm you can adjust for optimal viewing
  • Comes with a suction you can attach (for one-time use) on either windshield or dashboard


For on-the-go charging, iOttie Easy One Touch Wireless 2 is your best choice. Just make sure your phone supports wireless charging before buying the accessory.


4. BesTrix Universal Phone Holder

The BesTrix Universal Car Phone Holder is the best choice.
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  • Attachable to your car’s CD slot, but may compromise your use of the slot
  • The ball head design allows you to use the holder at any angle you prefer.
  • Has a lock to secure your phone without the use of screws
  • Equipped with three different styles of rubber pads to fit any kind of CD player
  • Compatible with many smartphone sizes


To keep your phone secure, check out the BesTrix Universal Phone Holder today.


5. Mpow Car Phone Mount

The Mpow Car Phone Holder is durable and sturdy.
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  • Equipped with a reusable gel pad that is easy to clean
  • Has double-locking levels for either smooth or textured dashboards
  • Comes with an arm that can extend up to 5.9 in
  • Has a clamp width of 2.2 to 3.9 in


For a sturdy and reliable car mount, buy the Mpow Car Phone Mount now.


6. Kenu Airframe Pro

The Kenu Airframe Pro is a lightweight and compact car phone holder.
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  • Different sizes to choose from to fit any device
  • Equipped with expandable grip to secure phone
  • Allows 360-degree rotation for horizontal and vertical viewing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Comes with a push-button clip to slide into vents


For a light and easy-to-use phone holder, buy the Kenu Airframe Pro on Amazon today.


7. Arteck Universal Car Mount

Arteck Universal Car Mount is versatile and lightweight.
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  • Attaches using a stick pad instead of a standard suction cup
  • Can be mounted on various surfaces
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Withstands the test of time


For a versatile and durable choice, get the Arteck Universal Car Mount on Amazon.


8. Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount

For hands-free driving, check out the Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount
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  • Comes with an adhesive pad to attach to your phone or phone case
  • Works with any type of car vent (horizontal or vertical)
  • Its magnet may look small, but has an incredible hold on your phone regardless of size


Buy the Olixar Magnetic Vent Mount to enjoy a hands-free driving experience.


Where to Buy a Car Phone Holder

Car phone holders are useful for hands-free navigation.
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All phone holders listed above are available on Amazon or their brand’s official website, so you can check them out anytime. You can also find phone holders in auto accessory stores and supermarkets near you.


How to Use a Car Phone Holder

Usage is simple. All you need to do is hook up your phone mount to your preferred location. Some models allow for both dashboard and windshield hook-up. Others have a more limited range, such as those specifically for vents or cupholders. You can choose a specific type of mount depending on your preference and car, but we’ll get into that later.


Pros and Cons of Getting a Car Phone Holder

Why should you use a car phone holder?
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Car phone holders are very useful for drivers. Here are a few things to consider if you’re getting one.

Advantages of Having a Car Phone Holder

Improved navigation

Rather than relying on a map or someone else to read it for you, you can use the apps available on your phone. Useful GPS apps like Waze can help you navigate traffic with ease. With a car phone holder, you can do this even by yourself. Think about that the next time you get lost in a foreign city.

Hands-free communication

With car mounts keeping your phone in place, you don’t have to reach down and open it. Some car mounts even have completely hands-free features. They can connect to Amazon Alexa for instance, and allow voice-activated commands. You can also call your family or text your boss while driving.

Keeping your phone in place

Investing in a car phone holder can help keep your phone from getting jostled by the car’s movement. If it slid down the seat and fell off, you would have to take your eyes off the road to retrieve it. And that could be very dangerous.


Disadvantages of Having a Car Phone Holder

Using car phone holders has its negatives
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A car mount can be distracting. Depending on its position, there’s a possibility that a car mount can obstruct your view of the road. Windshield mounts, for example, block out a small part of your windshield. But you can place them at strategic locations so they won’t distract you as much. There are also other alternatives such as air vent holders.

Car phone holders are illegal in some states as of this writing. Out of the 50 states, 23 permit the use of car mounts and GPS navigation. And out of those 23, eight states are still on the fence about how you use it. Before buying one, it’s best to check out your state laws on car mounts.

Here is a list of states that DON’T allow the use of car mounts:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Montana
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • North Dakota
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming


What to Consider When Buying a Car Phone Holder

What are the things you should consider?
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Phone compatibility

Not all phone holders can support the type of phone you have. There are some that only support Android, or only support iOS. It’s also good to consider whether your phone mount can fit the size of your phone, or can at least adjust to it. Look for secure grips, and arms or magnets that won’t break in a short amount of time.


The car’s interior

Some car mounts may not be compatible with your car’s model. For instance, if your car’s air vents are smaller, then it may not be wise to use a big car phone holder. It may block the flow of the vents. You can opt for a smaller car phone holder or one that has a long arm to keep it out of the ventilation’s way. You may also need to consider the slope of your dashboard, and whether that will distort the angle of the phone.


The installation method of your car phone holder

There are a few different types of car phone holders with different ways to install it. Each has benefits and restrictions, depending on your preference.

Magnetic phone mount

This kind of phone mount is perfect if you want a more minimalist design. It usually comes with a small magnetic clip you can attach to the back of your phone or slip into your phone case. This will allow your phone to fasten to the mount. Some magnetic phone mounts even come with wireless charging.

Suction cup phone mount

These phone holders are attachable to your windshield or dashboard. They are useful for an eye-level view of your phone. The strong grip of the suction cup will ensure that your phone won’t fall off on your lap or the pedals while driving.

Cup holder phone mount

Unlike windshield or dashboard mounts, the cup holder mount is set a little lower. It’ll allow you to have a fuller view of the road. It also won’t distract you too much when there is an incoming notification. It’s easier to charge your phone, too, because you won’t have any wires getting in the way of steering.

Air vent phone mount

If you want a phone mount that’s not too high or low, the air vent phone holder may be the best choice for you. Mounts like these come with clips you can attach to the vents of your car. Though if you also have the heater on, they may affect your phone as well.

Steering wheel phone holder

These are mounts that you can strap to your steering wheel. They’re easy to set up and use, and you don’t have to dart your eyes too far from the road. These holders come with a secure grip so you won’t worry about them sliding down the wheel, although they only support landscape orientation. But they shouldn’t be a problem if you only plan to use them for navigation — a good choice if you’re going for cheaper options.


Your phone’s battery and power source

It’s important to consider your phone’s power source and battery life. Some car phone holders have built-in charging capabilities such as wireless charging, which is great if you use battery-draining apps on your gadget. Other phone holders have slots or spaces allowing you to connect your phone to a power bank. Some don’t have these options altogether. So, find out whether your phone is compatible with each of these features.


How to Keep a Phone Holder in Good Condition

Do the proper cleaning process

Some phone holders, especially suction cup mounts, may get dirty over time. That can affect their stickiness. To clean them, you need to gently rinse the holders with warm water and use a cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleansers because those can degrade the suction cup. You can use a gentle soap instead.

Learn how to fix phone holders

Some phone holders will eventually wear out and won’t hold as well as they used to. But you can try to make them sticky again with a few methods.

For suction cups, there are ways to make them hold up on your windshield and console again. You should try this method at your own risk, and preferably at a safe location. You can watch the video below for instructions.


FAQs on Car Phone Holders

Will a magnetic phone holder damage my phone/battery?

No. It’s a common misconception that magnets may damage your phone in some way. But today’s modern technology ensures that this won’t happen. Some smartphones may already have magnets inside of them anyway. Plus, only a strong magnetic field can interfere with your phone’s compass — something far bigger than a phone holder’s capacity. And even then it may take a few years to do some damage.

How to make a DIY car phone mount?

If you want to reap the benefits of this kind of product but are on a budget, you can make one for yourself. The know-how can also be useful if you’re going on a trip and plan to rent or borrow a car.

Here is a helpful instructional video to show you how to make your own car phone holder.



That’s it for our ultimate guide on car phone holders. We hope you’ve found the best options on the market and some useful tips and tricks to make the most of what you bought. If you need more articles like this, make sure to check out Cellular News’ section for mobile accessories.