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Portable chargers, also known as power banks, are essential to almost all people of today. They can store large amounts of mAh or milliamp-hours, the battery capacity of a device. This is the reason why it is beneficial to people. However, it is important to know the battery capacity of any portable chargers. This is because it helps to understand how much power is needed to charge a device. Moreover, it gives an idea of how often a device should be charged. Because of this, people can rely on a power bank to charge their Android phones and iPhones when they aren’t home.

There may be some options on how one can recharge their phone. However, these power banks are portable and keeping them inside the pouch, handbag, or even school bags is very easy. Furthermore, they offer peace of mind when one is commuting or having weekend trips. There’s no need to worry about dying phones. These power banks are always to the rescue.

There are a lot of available power banks and portable chargers in the market. They have different styles, designs, colors, features, capacity, and performance. You can choose what best suits your requirements and budget.

Listed below are some of the best power banks and portable chargers available in the market.


Anker PowerCore20100 Power Bank

Anker PowerCore20100 Power Bank

This is one of Anker’s latest and best-selling power banks. Compared to other power banks, this model is more extensive and heavier. But, it has a high power capacity of 20,000mAh. It has dual USB charge ports where the charging cables can be connected and can charge two devices at once. It comes with a USB slot for charging up, taking up to 10 hours to charge at full capacity.

Moreover, it has a sleek design, making it portable. Furthermore, it has reliable performance and stable build quality. It can charge Android phones and iPhones up to 50% in about 40 to 50 minutes. This is the best portable charger to consider.

Purchase it now and charge your devices anytime you want to.


MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank

MAXOAK 50,000mAh Power Bank

This is one of the best capacity power banks, with a high power capacity of 50,000mAh. It has six output ports and can charge mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. It is important to know that the five ports can be used all at the same time. This means that you can charge different devices all at once. Additionally, this portable charger recharges quickly with the use of the home charger included in the package. It will only take 6-8 hours to recharge it completely.

Moreover, this power bank is sturdy and very reliable. Its capacity lasts for days, depending on the use of the power bank. It’s the perfect portable charger for those who love to travel. There’s no need for a stable source of power because of its superb power capacity.

Buy this at Amazon today and charge all your devices simultaneously.


RAVPowerLuster Portable Charger

RAVPowerLuster Portable Charger

This small-sized portable charger may be super cheap. Yet, it delivers a full-fledged charging experience with its 6,700mAh battery capacity. It is light, has a compact body, and extreme power. This power bank can charge devices up to 2x faster than the other. Additionally, it delivers and detects the optimal charging current for any connected devices.

Also, it has four LEDs that inform the remaining battery capacity. It has a single micro USB port for charging the battery charger itself. When charging the battery, the light panels will blink. They will become steady when charged. Furthermore, it provides safety protection. It shutdowns automatically when a short circuit or overload occurs while charging.

Purchase this portable charger now and charge your devices on the go.


iMuto 20,000mAh Power Bank

This compact power bank can cater to the whole family’s devices with its battery capacity of 20,000mAh. It is quite long but thin. However, it is reliable for people who are looking for a high-capacity and a fast-charging power bank. It has a quick charge port and a normal USB port. They are very useful for both quick-charge device users and normal device users.

Charging this 20,000mAh power bank is faster compared to other power banks on the market. Since it is using a quick-charge tech, recharging will only take 6-7 hours. Also, there’s an LCD power capacity display where the power capacity in percentage is shown. This power bank uses basic safety features making the user and device safe while charging. It is available in Amazon and other online stores.

Purchase this now and charge your devices even while you are traveling.


RAVPowerUniversal Power Bank Travel Charger

This cylinder designed portable charger has a battery capacity of 20,100mAh. It is an ideal choice for people with a bit more cash and loves the idea of charging a Macbook and smartphone. It has a sleek design but with a thin rubberized coating. However, it is a lightweight and portable battery pack. It has Type-C and iSmart USB ports that allow for fast and simultaneous charging. By pressing and holding down the power button, this power bank can be turned on or off.

Also, this portable battery charger has five LED lights that show the remaining battery. It recharges in just four hours which is faster compared to other portable battery chargers. Also, it provides advanced protection from overcharge, short circuit, and current surges. It also has air vents for heat dissipation.

This portable charger is available today and can save your phone from dying during an important phone call.


Mophie Powerstation Plus XL

This aluminum top plated power bank is the best for the iPhone. Its 10,000mAh battery can recharge four smartphones and a tablet. It has a pass-through charging feature. It charges a device first than itself while recharging from the USB wall charger and a supplied 9″ micro-USB cable. Its built-in switch tip cable charges a variety of Apple and micro USB devices. It features an elegant design and is 40% thinner than previous generations. Moreover, it offers smart adaptive charging technology. It can identify the fastest charging speed for various devices and delivers up to 2.1A of power.

Also, it has power indicators that show how much power is left and when it is fully charged. The added smart charging circuitry on this power bank communicates with the device. It provides short-circuit, overcharging, and temperature protections.


Anker PowerCore II Ultra Slim 10000 Power Bank

This is a small and light all-around portable battery charger. It can charge smartphones a couple of times a day with its 10,000mAh battery capacity. This power bank gets the perfect spot for a must-have power bank because of its size and ability. It can charge up to three smartphones and offers faster charging and recharging. It has a slim profile and features Anker’s in-house designed charging chip. Moreover, this power bank intelligently identifies the device to deliver the fastest possible charging experience.

Additionally, this portable battery charger has four LED power capacity indicators. These LED lights blink when charging is ongoing and once charged, the lights turn off. It will only take four hours to fully charge this portable battery charger. This is the best power bank for people on the go.

This product is available today and will give your phone a boost in power when needed.


AUKEY Power Bank 20,000mAh

This small and slim power bank has a high battery capacity of 20,000mAh. It utilizes a wide range of advanced charging technologies to meet all the device-charging needs. This power bank uses quick charge and can charge up to three devices simultaneously with up to 90% efficiency. There are three ways of charging in this power bank. It has a USB-C port that serves as an output. Also, there are two USB-A ports wherein one serves as a fast-charging port. The other one is for standard charging.

Additionally, there are four white LED power capacity indicators at the top of this portable battery charger. These LED lights show how much battery remains in the power bank and when it’s on full capacity. However, it will take this high capacity power bank 10-16 hours to be fully charged. Furthermore, you have to press the power button to begin charging from any of the charging ports. Its safety features include built-in safeguards that protect devices against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging.

This is available in Amazon and other online stores.


Omnicharge 20 USB-C Portable Power Bank

This sturdy and well-designed power bank has a high battery capacity of 20,100 mAh. It has a pass-through charging feature, which allows charging devices while the battery pack itself is being charged. Moreover, it contains two USB-C and two USB-A ports. The USB-C ports can be used for charging the battery from the wall or for charging other devices. The USB-A ports are for charging different gadgets. One of those USB-C ports works as a USB-C hub. Plugging flash drives or whatever into the battery packs and accessing files from a laptop or phone is possible.

Additionally, there’s an OLED screen that gives information on the status of the battery, temperature, and the input/output power. It can recharge in only three hours. Also, it has a built-in wireless charging feature. Wireless-enabled devices can be charged just by placing them on top of the Omnicharge.


PoweraddPilot 4GS

This lightweight cellphone look-alike portable power bank is ideal for on-the-go users. It can provide devices with an enormous amount of power with its 12,000mAh battery capacity. It has two USB ports, which make it possible to charge two devices simultaneously. One port is for fast charging while the other port is charging micro-USB enabled devices. Moreover, it has ID Identify TechAuto that detects the devices and delivers power according to each device’s requirements.

Additionally, it has four blue LED lights that indicate the estimated percentage of the remaining battery. Also, its signature feature, the built-in Lightning port, enables recharging iPhone and iPads twice as fast as the regular portable charger. This is extra convenient for Apple users because it reduces charging times by 50%. However, this portable charger needs ten hours to charge entirely using the USB port. The advanced li-polymer battery cells and built-in microchips provide intelligent safety protection. They can prevent overcharge, over-discharge, overheating, and short circuits.

Purchase this power bank today and recharge your devices anytime.


RAVPower 27,000mAh Power Bank 85W

This solidly built universal power bank can power up to three devices simultaneously. Its battery capacity is 27,000mAh. It comes with USB Type-C and two USB iSmart ports for charging devices. USB Type-C output port is for charging the latest Macbooks and laptops. It allows maximizing the run time of the power bank. However, the two iSmart USB ports are for charging smartphones. They automatically sense and adjust charging current, allowing charging of smartphones and other devices twice as fast as the usual charging ports.

It will take six hours to charge this portable battery charger fully. The eight blue indicator lights display the power level. Moreover, it has built-in air vents. They keep the power bank’s temperature to the average level despite extended use. Also, it is TSA approved and flight-safe, which means it can be carried in flights to charge devices.

This product is available on Amazon right now and it lets you charge 3 devices at a time.


EC Technology  22400mAh Power Bank

This solid-built and constructed all-purpose portable battery charger is worth considering. It suits a wide range of charging needs with its large 22,400mAh battery capacity. Moreover, it has three output ports that make simultaneous charging of devices possible. Also, it comes with AUTO-IC technology. This automatically detects the device plugged in to charge. Also, it delivers the fastest, safest, and most efficient current. This is the ideal device for a long road trip.

Additionally, it has four LED lights, which serve as an indicator of the remaining battery. Also, it has a small LED flashlight with three modes, namely: highlight mode, average mode, and SOS mode. This power bank recharges itself in 12 hours with a 2 amp charger. However, when using a phone charger, it may take up to 24 hours. Furthermore, it is equipped with anti-overload protection, over-discharge, over-voltage, over-current, and short circuit for the safety of the user and the devices.


EasyAccMonster 20000mAh

This power bank with a “handle-friendly” design has a high power capacity of 20,000mAh. It has four USB charge ports that make charging four devices simultaneously possible at full speed. The built-in Smart Technology in this portable charger can automatically detect the input of the devices connected. Also, it ensures the most efficient charge for each device.

This power bank has a built-in LED light that is useful when there are power interruptions. A button on the battery charger needs to be pressed to turn on the light. Also, it has four LED lights that indicate the remaining power in the battery. Four lights on means that the power bank is fully charged. Three or less means the device is declining in power. Furthermore, this can be charged fully in just six hours. It also has a built-in safety protection feature. It effectively prevents devices from overcharge, overcurrent, and short circuits. Also, it conforms to CE, RoHS, and FCC.


Xiaomi Power Bank Pro

This sleek and well-designed power bank is the latest arrival on American shores. It has a battery capacity of 10,000mAh. Moreover, it intelligently detects and charges a device at maximum speed. There are two ports on the front of the power bank. One USB port is for charging the phone or tablet. The other port, the USB-C port, is for charging the power bank itself.

Additionally, this power bank has four white LED buttons. Each button represents approximately 25% of the battery level. Usually, it takes six hours for a power bank of this capacity to fully recharge. With USB-C, it just takes over three-and-a-half hours to fully recharge.


Veho Pebble P1 Pro 10400mAh

This is an ideal power bank on the go. It has an impressive 10,400mAh battery capacity. Also, it has dual USB outputs for charging two devices simultaneously. The USB-C input charging port makes this power bank compatible with future USB-C devices. Moreover, the fast 2.1A charging output is ideal for charging tablets, smartphones, Sat Nav’s, GPS trackers, and other portable USB devices fast and efficiently. Also, it has a Mfi Apple certified lightning cable.

Additionally, it has an LED power indicator that gives the exact percentage of the battery. It has an auto shut-off mode against short circuits, over-current, over-charging, and over-discharging. When charging the power bank, the LED power indicator can be the basis if it’s fully charged or not.


Why You Should Buy A Power Bank?

Charging with power bank
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To stay connected with devices on the go!

When it comes to adding extra power to your devices and gadgets, power banks are sure to come in handy at all times. It will be useful and convenient at times of emergencies. It would also ensure that your device won’t get drained at the most unfit times. 

These power banks are sure to give an exceptional performance at affordable prices. Each offers promising features such as fast-charging and dual USB ports. They are compatible with almost all types of devices and come in a variety of sizes. Power banks give peace of mind to people on the go. You need not worry about the occurrence of drained batteries on your devices.


Things to Consider When Buying Power Banks

Power bank compatibility

You may not know this, but there are many power banks for different devices. 

  • Phone/tablet power banks – As the most common type of power bank, the phone/tablet power bank is small and portable. It can fit right in your pocket and are roughly the same size as your phone.
  • Laptop power banks – These are a bit heftier but have immense power. As its name suggests, these can charge your laptops on the go.
  • Solar-powered chargers – These types of power banks use solar energy to power your devices. There are solar-powered chargers available for phones, laptops, and other devices as well.
  • Phone case power banks – Some phone cases come with a built-in power bank. They might add a bit more weight to your phone, but you will never forget to bring it.



You can determine a power bank’s capacity by its milliamperes per hour (mAh). There should be an indication of mAh on the power bank itself. This determines how long and how many times your power bank can charge. But you shouldn’t take the label at face value, as this measurement isn’t always accurate. It’s safer to assume that it will charge less than it says. On average, 2000 mAh can give you a 25% charge, while 10000 mAh one should give you at least one full charge.


Size and Durability

You’re most likely going to use a power bank in emergency situations when your phone battery is out of juice. You don’t want to get lost outside with a dying phone, right? With that in mind, you should consider a durable, right-sized power bank. Find a power bank in the size that fits your daily carry-on so you won’t forget it. It’s also better to invest in a power bank that is long-lasting. 


Battery lifespan and Voltage

Power banks are typically made of Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer. Lithium-ion is the most common type of cell found in power banks. On average, these power banks can last for about 3 years, give or take. Make note of the voltage of the power bank as well. The voltage must not be more than the voltage of your device.


How to Use Your Power Banks?

Connecting power banks to device

Standard power banks come with a USB type C or micro-USB cable to connect to your device. Turn on your power bank and then connect your device through this cable. For laptop chargers, there are adapters you can use to connect your power bank to the USB type C port.


Charging your power banks

A power bank has four lights indicating how much power left the power bank has. If all four lights are lit up, then the power bank is fully charged. If there are fewer, it might need charging. This can depend on how much you estimate you’ll need for the day. 

Plug the power bank on a wall socket for optimal charging. You can also opt to connect it to a laptop to charge, though it might not charge as fast. The power bank should come with an estimate charge time to serve as your guide. 


Power Bank Maintenance

Take proper care and maintenance of your power bank for it to function well. As a rule of thumb, take care to store your power banks somewhere it won’t overheat. Note that using your phone while charging it will cause the power bank and your phone to overheat. Avoid dropping your power bank as that may damage the batteries.