Best Headphone Jack Adapters to Use for Your Phone

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Alilong 3.5 mm TRS to TRRS Adapter

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Ienza 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm Headset Adapter

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Music is undeniably one of the things that many can’t live without. More often than not, we find ourselves not being able to do our tasks properly without listening to our favorite tunes. This is why headphones and earphones are staples when it comes to mobile accessories. They are considered essential for people to enjoy music. At present, these are the mobile phone accessories that you will always see at phone stores and that people always buy.

Whether you’re a fan of using headphones or you trust wireless earbuds — there will be a gadget for you. Headphones for audiophiles will give clarity to everyone’s favorite music, while noise-canceling earbuds will give you the isolation you need.

But have you ever experienced buying headphones to find out that they aren’t compatible with your device at all? It may seem like a long shot, but it happens and more often than not, we are left disappointed by it. While you can switch to the best wireless earbuds, they often come at a price. Fortunately, headphone jack adapters are here to save the day!

Headphone Jack Adapters: What Are They?

Put simply, headphone jack adapters are made so that you can connect an audio output to a device that has a different port. Nowadays, this has become a problem since phone manufacturers have started using USB-C ports. In situations like this, it’s very handy to have a headphone jack adapter. Using one, you don’t have to shell out on buying a new pair of headphones just so you can use them with your device.

Types of Headphone Jacks

Before you head on to the store to buy your adapters, it’s important that you first understand the different types of headphone jacks that are in the market. Let’s take a look at your options. 



USB Type C plug
© Photo by Denys Vitali on Pixabay

When you purchase a recently released phone, you might be shocked to find the absence of a headphone jack in some models. Newer models of certain brands support USB-C or Type C, which replaces the regular audio jack. Contrary to the traditional audio jack, there are a lot more things involved in the way that Type C devices process audios, which means that quality may differ. Remember that, even though the ports have changed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get better audio out of it. Using Type C audio devices might even cause your audio to come out at an unfavorable quality.

Note that not all Type C headphones will work with all phones — check if you are using or getting the right thing. Before purchasing your pair of Type C headphones, make sure first that they work with your phone. Most brands include USB-C audio devices; when you purchase your phone, you might want to check-out other Type C headphones to help you find which one is the best one for you and one that will work with your device. 


3.5 mm Audio Jack

Jack plug
Photo by Andreas Lischka on Pixabay

These days, the universal audio jack size is the 3.5 mm jack. You can find it on smartphones, laptops, and PCs. It’s also the most common one that’s used for headphones. There are a couple of types of 3.5 mm but for brevity, we’ll breeze through the TRS and the TRRS, which are the ones that you will commonly find in the market. 

The TRS-type audio jack typically only supports stereo sounds, not a microphone. With audio devices that have this type of jack, you’ll only be able to listen to music but not talk in calls or videos. Moreover, you’ll find the TRS audio jack is used mostly on microphones and speakers. On the other hand, TRRS supports both stereo and microphone functions, which means that you’ll be able to make calls, record, and listen to audio with it. 


2.5 mm Jack

small 2.5mm audio jack (lower left) compared to two 3.5mm audio jacks
© Photo from Wikimedia Commons

The 2.5 mm jack is the smallest that you will see. It’s usually used on cordless phone headsets and other electronics. This jack is mostly used for headsets to connect to landline phones, lightweight radios, and video cameras. This is the least common audio jack that you’ll find in the market. But its scarcity doesn’t mean that you don’t have access to it. It will surprise you that some high-end and premium brands have a 2.5 mm jack for their headphones.

Best Headphone Jack Adapters

Now that you have an idea of what type of plug your headphones might have, it’s time to look for an adapter that will suit your device. We’ve compiled some of the best products that you can purchase now! 


USB-C to 3.5 mm TRRS

This device is compatible with most Type C devices including Samsung and Huawei devices. The adapter is also compatible with up to 24-bit/96-kHz, which means that you can get a higher fidelity sound using the device. Further, you can trust that this device can stand being bent and is durable with its relief strain design.

You can check out JSAUX on Amazon.

This adapter supports most Type C devices and provides users with high speed and stable signal transmission and lossless digital sound quality. It also features an anti-interference design that ensures that your music or call is never distorted in any way. Further, its durable design makes it easier to carry around without the fear of breaking or straining it.

Get SYIHLON on Amazon.

This adapter features premium sound quality and powerful noise reduction. It’s compatible with up to 32-bit/384-kHz, which ensures that you’re getting amazing music quality from it. You also don’t have to worry about headset matching problems as this particular device can also automatically recognize headphones with two different standards.

Xumee is available on Amazon.

This device is compatible with a range of Type C devices and maintains the high-resolution acoustics of your headphones, ensuring that you’re listening to Hi-Fi sound quality music. This device also gives you the ability to use your headphone controls for playback functions and for answering your calls.

Purchase Cdyle on Amazon.

This Apple device lets you connect your trusty 2.5 mm headphones or speakers to your Apple Type C device. Note that this device will only work on devices that have a Lightning connector and support iOS 10 or later versions.

Check out Apple Type-C adapter on Amazon.

3.5 mm TRS to TRRS

Equipped with a smart chip module, this device is compatible with most audio devices and microphones with a 3.5 mm output. It also features a high fidelity design that ensures the stable transmission of audio signals that won’t diminish the sound quality. Moreover, it also sports a friendly design so you won’t have to worry about using it if you’re using a protective case as this will surely fit the port perfectly.

Get Alilong adapter on Amazon.

This device will help you when your microphones don’t function out of the box — which is common with most smartphones and tablets. This adapter will solve that problem by helping you easily connect your mics to your device. It’s advised that when using this adapter, you should unplug it first before listening to playback as you won’t hear anything if it’s still plugged in.

Purchase Movo MC3 on Amazon.

This device boasts high signal transfer and the perfect audio quality. This device promises clearer audio transmission with flexible compatibility so that you’re sure that you can use this on your smartphone or tablet. Its small size makes it handy to carry around if you’re always on the go.

Check out BOYA TRS adapter on Amazon.

These connector cables are compatible with the majority of smartphones. It helps transform your audio to its best quality with its great signal transfer. It also features a durable design that will help surely benefit you in the long run.

Moukey TRS adapter is available on Amazon.

This adapter allows you to connect your external devices to your smartphone or tablet. This device is easy to use and promises not to affect audio quality despite its size. You can also easily take this accessory anywhere with you and not worry about it getting damaged due to strain.

You can buy a COMICA TRS adapter on Amazon.

2.5 mm to TRRS

This adapter lets you connect your headsets with 2.5 mm jacks to more recent models including iPhone and Android devices that support a 3.5 mm jack. Further, this device also supports headphone and microphone functions. This adapter, however, will not work on older electronic devices such as the iPhone 4, Playstation Vita, and the 2013 MacBook Air among others.

Read more reviews about the Ienza headphone jack adapter on Amazon.

With this adapter, you can easily use your 2.5 mm earphones with your 3.5 mm device with great audio quality. You can also use this with most of today’s smartphones such as Samsung phones and even Apple devices.

You can check out the Josi Minea adapter on Amazon

This device allows you to easily convert your audio devices from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm without the hassle of frequently changing cables. It efficiently allows you to use your existing headphones with any device. Further, it not only supports audio but also supports calls, making it a very handy device to carry.

You can check out this product on Amazon

This handy adapter allows you to use 2.5mm earphones on devices that feature a 3.5 mm jack. It promises great audio quality and reduced signal loss despite its compact size.

You can buy this D&K adapter on Amazon.

This small adapter will efficiently convert your 2.5 mm plug to a 3.5 mm plug, making it compatible with most modern devices. The device promises great and clear audio quality.

Purchase the Geekria Apollo adapter on Amazon

How to Use Headphone Jack Adapters

Now that you’ve purchased your adapter, you must know how to correctly connect them to your devices and ensure that you’ll be getting the best out of it. 

Simply plug in your headphones to the adapter and plug the other end of the adapter into your port. This way, you’ll still be able to use your trusty headphones despite having different devices. You can also use these adapters to plug your phone into some speakers that don’t support a Bluetooth function.


Final Word

Headphone jack adapters have proven to be helpful for those who want to use old headphones for new devices. Many people would often get new headphones that work for a certain device. However, it isn’t always practical. In any case, it is always up to the user to make the choice. You can buy a new pair of headphones or stick to your old ones and purchase a headphone jack adapter instead.