Best True Wireless Earbuds Buying Guide (2020 Edition)

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Looking for the best true wireless earbuds? There are lots of them out there. This can make choosing a harder job than it should be. But if you’re in the market for such, this is the best buying guide for you. 

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Why Get Wireless Earbuds? 

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First things first. Why do you need the best true wireless earbuds? There are two main reasons. You are in it for the convenience. No wires mean you don’t have to disentangle anything before you use them. And last, the portability is top-notch. When was the last time you used full-sized headphones? Too much trouble taking them out, and they’re often cumbersome. But not earbuds. 


What Makes Great Wireless Earbuds?

When looking for the best true wireless earbuds, judge them like any other headphones. You need to take note of four main categories. 


Sound Quality

This is the most basic. All the best true wireless earbuds have a balanced sound across three frequencies. That’s the bass (low), mid, and treble (high). A general rule of thumb is it must be no overpowering bass or treble. And the instruments should sound clear and not drowned out. 

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Wireless Reliability

A wireless earbud that keeps on disconnecting is useless. Since most wireless earbuds use Bluetooth, be on the lookout for versions. There’s Bluetooth 5.0, 4.2, etc. 5.0 is the latest technology, but do you need it? The short answer is yes. It has 4 times the connectivity range of 4.2. No need to worry about your headset disconnecting when you get too far. It’s also two times faster. But make sure your device supports Bluetooth 5.0 before buying. This is because the tech doesn’t allow backward compatibility with 4.2. 

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Battery Life

Good Bluetooth technology requires a great battery life. Wireless earbuds often last 6 to 8 hours of continuous use on a single charge. But remember this is the least you can expect. You can also see features such as an extra 15+ hours of standby battery life. There are also fast-charging options so you can plug it in and go. 

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Price Points

You’re lucky when it comes to price points. Even the best true wireless earbuds have attractive prices at the low end. You can find good buds below $100. There are also options below $50. The best brands can fetch beyond $150. But always remember that at the lower price points, you must look at product reviews. If it’s cheap but has great user reviews, you’re good. 


Best True Wireless Earbuds By Category

Enough dilly-dallying. If you are looking for the best true wireless earbuds, this is it. Take note of the recommendations according to three main categories. You have under $50, under $100, and best workout earbuds. These recommendations are according to Amazon user reviews. 


Under $50 

Cheap, but it doesn’t mean they’re of bad quality. Here are two of the best recommendations under $50, according to Amazon reviews. 

DFTune X10

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DFTune is not a well-known audio brand, but you should give it a second look. More so, take a look at the reviews of this product. For its very attractive price point, it sure has a lot of clout behind it. Get this and you can enjoy six hours of continuous use on one charge. If you put it in the case, there are an extra 60 hours of standby battery life. As for the sound quality, it uses a special material called graphene to improve it. It makes the sound immersive, letting you enjoy your music like never before. 


Boltune Bluetooth V5.0

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Boltune’s Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds offer 2x the wireless transmission speed. This means if you get this, you can expect minimal signal loss and disconnections. And with Bluetooth version 5.0, it’s not only the music that sounds good. Your conversations will sound as clear as ever. You get crystal clear clarity with deep, rich bass. Perfect for you, if you’re a basshead. 


Under $100

At this price point, you can expect niftier features and excellent build quality. Still affordable in a relative sense, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out too much. 

Anker SoundCore Life P2 

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Four microphones. That’s what you’ll get if you buy this great value product from Anker. All those mics work to make phone calls crystal clear. Ever wanted to never have to repeat yourself on a phone call? It’s glorious. Not only that, but graphene drivers produce best-in-class sound quality. Graphene is the “wonder material” that’s thinner than paper but 100 times stronger than steel. It reduces distortion by as much as 50 percent, making your audio clear as can be. You can expect as much as seven hours of listening, and another 40 hours standby battery life on a single charge. 


Enacfire F1 

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The Enacfire F1 is one of the best true wireless earbuds in its class. It uses a state-of-the-art Qualcomm chip to reproduce rich, crystal clear 3D audio. Get this and you can enjoy the longest continuous playtime on Amazon so far at eight hours. If that battery life doesn’t convince you, nothing will. And you don’t need to worry about it falling off either. It comes with ergonomic ear tips to ensure a secure fit. 


Best For Working Out

When buying the best true wireless earbuds for working out, look for certain features. You need great sound quality and sweat protection above all else. Good sound means you get all pumped up for the workout. Sweat protection is… self-explanatory. 


Jabra Elite Active 65T

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Believe the name. There is a reason the Jabra Elite Active 65T is an Amazon’s Choice product. Jabra’s design is for an active lifestyle, no matter how hard and fast you go. Get this and you can enjoy a comfortable, secure fit even during the most intense of workouts. And never worry about your music cutting off, too. Jabra’s 3rd generation wireless technology ensures top-notch connection stability. You also get crystal clear voice calls and professional quality audio. Register via the Jabra Sound+ app and get a two-year warranty on dust and sweat. 


Jaybird Vista True Wireless

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This is the most durable wireless earbuds out there. Bar none. The Jaybird Vista True Wireless is waterproof, dustproof, crushproof, and sweatproof. Get this and see that almost nothing can break these earbuds, even high-intensity workouts in any weather. You can also expect cutting-edge audio quality that you can personalize. Yes, you read that right. These buds come with the Jaybird app which offers a customizable EQ. You can make your earbuds sound like you want them to be. 


Which Have The Best Sound Quality? 

When it comes to the best true wireless earbuds, sound quality should be above all else. But which of these recommendations have the best sound quality? One word: graphene. Putting this wonder material in speaker drivers reduces distortion and improves frequency response. 

As such, your best options for sound quality are as follows: 


DFTune X10

One of the cheapest in a line of earbuds that feature graphene in their audio drivers. 

Don’t let the price fool you because it can give great value for money in the long run. 


Anker SoundCore Life P2 

Features graphene-enhanced audio drivers and an excellent sound stage. All for a fraction of the price of more expensive competitors. 


Which Has The Best True Wireless Earbuds Today? 

Lots of brands out there claim to be the best. But according to the most recent Amazon reviews, you should go for Anker. They feature cutting-edge technology in their wireless earbuds at affordable prices. It’s hard to find graphene in audio products at Anker’s niche. But they manage to keep doing it anyway. This is what Anker is proud of. And it would make sense for you to experience the sound for yourself. 

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Final Thoughts

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So, how do you pick the best wireless earbuds for you? At the end of the day, it’s your choice. But if you’re looking for a rule of thumb, take note of one word: balance. 

There must be a balance in the low, mid, and high frequencies. Not too much bass, not too much treble, and clear-sounding instruments. There must be convenience and portability. The battery life must be extensive, and connectivity should be stable. Here are the final recommendations by category: 


Best For Everyday Use: Enacfire F1

The Enacfire F1 offers the longest continuous use at eight hours. If you need buds for daily use, these are the ones to go for. The long battery life means you don’t need to worry about charging them every other hour. You can miss a full charge and still have enough for use. Plus, its comfortable and secure design ensures ease-of-use for commutes. 


Best True Wireless For The Price: Anker SoundCore Life P2

At this price, you get features you often see on high-end audio products. Four microphones for clear voice calls? Nice. Seven hours of continuous play and a max of 40 hours standby charge? Whoa. And graphene-enhanced audio drivers for professional quality sound? Sign me up. 


Best For Working Out: Jabra Elite Active 65T

Elite Active is not a mere product name. It’s the representation of a product that would withstand your most intense workouts. You won’t have to worry about sweat, water, and the buds falling out of your ears. And the music it pumps out? It can amp you up enough that you’d likely smash every gym record you have.