11 Best iPhone 12 Pro Cases to Buy in 2022

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The iPhone 12 Pro incorporates an advanced A14 Bionic chip, state-of-the-art cameras, and showcases a sleek design. The gadget, having premium parts and finishes, is also what makes repairs due to serious damages and scratches cost a lot. That is why it is imperative for you who owns or is about to purchase the device to get an iPhone 12 Pro case.

If you are now on the lookout for an iPhone 12 Pro case, read on. We have here the best recommendations for you.

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What to Consider When Getting an iPhone 12 Pro Case

First-time buying a case for your gadget? If yes, let us help you with what features to prioritize first.

While there are many factors to consider when buying an iPhone 12 Pro case, always keep in mind that you should never compromise on sturdiness. Given the iPhone 12 Pro’s glass finish, you need to pick a case made of materials that can either absorb or repel shock from falls or bumps.

The design of the case is the next aspect to think about. For that, we suggest smartphone cases that come with a kickstand, folio cover, or ring attached at the rear for added functionality. As for the patterns and hue, those are subjective. Feel free to go with what suits your mobile fashion sense best. For example, select vibrant styles to match your quirky personality or formal-looking designs for your iPhone 12 Pro to complement your business getup.


Top iPhone 12 Pro Case Picks

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For your shopping convenience, our team compiled the best iPhone 12 Pro cases you can get today.

The cases featured below range from minimalist to rugged, including budget-friendly and premium variants. In the end, we hope this buying guide helps you make the wise choice for protecting and accessorizing your iPhone 12 Pro.

Apple Leather Case Otterbox Strada Folio Series
Spigen Liquid Air Armor SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro 360
Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series Otofly Minimalistic iPhone 12 Pro Case
Casetify iPhone 12 Pro Cases Casekoo Crystal Glitter Case
Spigen Rugged Armor Case Meifigno Magnetic Case
Rhinoshield iPhone 12 Pro Bumper Case


Kickstarting our list is an Apple-branded case that is perfect for the iPhone 12 Pro.

This minimalistic leather iPhone 12 Pro case is the best fit for your gadget because it supports wireless charging. How? The case itself has built-in magnets that align well with the iPhone 12 Pro’s magnets. That means it does not need to be removed if you want the device’s MagSafe technology to work.

Also, the surface of this case is soft to the touch, like anything leather. Furthermore, the case itself does not make your phone heavy.

As regards extra protection features, the case has raised lips on its back. Those ensure that your device’s rear cameras do not incur unwanted scratches, which affect the quality of the photos and videos you take.

Considering all aspects, we think this case’s price tag is perfectly justified.

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Spigen is known for producing sturdy and trendy cases, that is why it is the go-to brand for many iPhone users in the US. And its Liquid Air Armor case is a great example of durability and style combined.

In terms of sturdiness, the case is designed to prevent your phone from slipping from your hands and withstand falls in case you still drop it. It is lightweight; therefore, it is easy to hold. Also, it has military-grade protection and Air Cushion technology to avoid shock from impact.

As regards design, the case is in leather with a matte finish and showcases nice details on the rear and sides.

The case has a hiccup but is minor. It has to be removed at times for MagSafe charging to work, as experienced by some users. Nevertheless, the case does not affect the phone’s overall performance.


Nothing beats a clear case for a mobile phone. Not only is it evergreen in terms of design, but it is also quite fluid because it somehow adopts the color of your iPhone. Perhaps the only downside to a clear case is that it appears old faster than opaque cases over time. This case from mobile accessory frontrunner brand Otterbox is different, though.

The Otterbox Symmetry Clear Series Case can retain its transparency because it is anti-yellowing. Yellowing is a common issue in clear cases, that is why they are quick to replace.

The see-through case also has other great features. Firstly, it integrates polycarbonate, a synthetic rubber material that prevents the whole phone from slipping from your grip. Secondly, there is a lip around the screen that is raised. That feature is for support and protection of the touchscreen against any bumps and scratches. The same is true for the raised edges around the rear cameras. And lastly, the ultrathin design makes MagSafe charging easy for iPhone 12 Pro users.


Casetify has become a household name not only for iPhone 12 Pro users but for iPhone fans in general. That is because its cases excel in style. And when we say style, we mean from the simplest there is down to the very decorative ones. You will find cases from the brand that look formal with basic hues and ones that resemble artworks with embossed details and a splash of color. That is not to say design is the cases’ only highlight – although it is one of their main selling points.

Casetify is not available on Amazon. However, you can access its iPhone 12 case catalog using the CASETiFY Colab app. With the app, buyers like you would be able to connect with innovative designers, find out the stories behind the case designs, and receive special offers. Special offers include access to limited-only cases.

Download CASETiFY Colab App for iOS


This Spigen Rugged Amor Case stands out for us due to many things. Firstly, it looks sturdy. The case protects the phone from being crushed when dropped, thanks to the flexible TPU material in its interior. Secondly, Spigen brought a classic yet loved design detail to this case – the rear hole revealing the Apple logo. And who doesn’t love showing that off? Lastly, we also like how the case has a cover that can reveal the cameras. The last detail is a welcome touch considering no iPhone user would want to damage or scratch the glass of their devices’ rear cameras.

Additionally, this case also incorporated Air Cushion technology that shields against falls and bumps. It protects the side buttons too, retaining their solid feedback when pressed.

Overall, the case is not boring considering the spiderweb patterns in the sides, bottom rear, and the camera lid.


Bumper cases are great accessories to have because they do not look too busy and intrusive, style-wise. You wouldn’t even notice at times that the protective features are there. And among the bumper cases in the market today, the RhinoShield case for the iPhone 12 Pro is one of the top choices.

Contrary to the fact that bumper cases are usually made of steel or plastic, this case adopts military-grade yet flexible material. That ensures that when your iPhone 12 Pro falls, the bumper case will absorb the shock, effectively reducing any substantial damage.

The design is also well-thought. To elaborate, the case’s sides are raised. That means the maker considered that the sides typically hit the ground first when the gadgets are dropped. Also, the sides have the right cuts to ensure solid feedback from the buttons and easy access to the charging port. However, the case only protects the sides, so it would still be wise to put a screen guard for the front and even the back of the device. Despite the need for a screen guard, you will still love this case because it does not hinder MagSafe charging.


Folio cases are an all-time favorite case type. That is why it is an easy decision for us to include them in this list. The said accessories are timeless picks for anyone who wants 360-degree device protection.

The OtterBox Stada Folio Series Case is a sought-after variant worth featuring. The case has military-grade protection standards. That means it would absorb the shock, leaving the phone intact if the device falls. Additionally, the folio case has added functionality. Its inner front flap has two pockets that can hold an ID and a credit card for when you are on the go.

Style-wise, this iPhone 12 Pro case is minimalistic yet gives your gadget a formal and sophisticated look. The synthetic leather finish is enough to give your iPhone 12 Pro the style anyone would envy.

Furthermore, the OtterBox leather folio case is slim and does not add bulk to the device. This also makes the case wireless charging compatible.


In contrast with folio cases, other variants that offer 360-degree protection are typically sturdy but bulky. Some buyers would consider those, but end up buying something else that will fit their taste. The preferences are subjective, though, and do not mean full cases are not good.

If durability outweighs bulkiness for you, the SupCase 360 cases are a perfect choice. These cases combine ruggedness, functionality, and design. Their exteriors are made from polycarbonate, which is a typical material used among many durable phone cases in the market today.

On top of that, the iPhone 12 Pro cases come with screen protectors to prevent the touchscreens from getting scratched. Meanwhile, the cases have belt holsters at the rear for hands-free carrying and a kickstand for easy video viewing.


This iPhone 12 Pro case by Otofly is made for those who want a case but don’t want to feel like their phone has a case. You can conclude that because of its minimalistic style. There are no prints, busy color mixtures, patterns, and cutouts.

Considering this case is basic, you can also expect that the liquid silicone gel material used to make the case would not add any bulk to the phone when the device is held.

As for other notable features, the case has a lip around the screen that is slightly raised. That is to protect the screen from scratches. The same raised edges are found at the rear to offer protection to the cameras. The sides, meanwhile, are precisely cut so you can press the gadget’s buttons easily.


The Casekoo Crystal Glitter Case is Studio 54 Disco Era meets glitz and glamour. It is essentially appealing if you want to stand out, like it loud, or bask in anything shiny, shimmery, and splendid.

Don’t let the case’s glitz make you believe that it is all that is offered. Although the glamorous design is the focus, the case’s designers incorporated safety features. For example, the four built-in corner airbags absorb shock when the phone is dropped. There are also raised edges around the screen and rear camera, giving those areas protection from scratches. Moreover, the transparent material the case is made of will not turn brown or look too dirty.


The last entry in this list is the Meifigno Magnetic Case. Like your official iPhone 12 or 12 Pro case, this one is MagSafe-ready. Your phone will power up on a wireless charging pad even with this accessory on.

Another noteworthy feature this product has is its smudge-resistant translucent surface. No more worrying about cleaning your fingerprint marks if you have this iPhone 12 Pro case. You’ll also be at ease carrying this around with your gadget for it has passed military-grade drop tests.


Which iPhone 12 Pro Case Should You Get?


If the decision was all up to us, we would suggest trying one case per type or style. That is so that you can swap your mobile accessory depending on your changing needs or preferences. For instance, you can get a minimalistic folio case for use in the office and a rugged case for when you are outdoors. iPhone 12 Pro cases do not come cheap, and we all know that. That is why if you have a tight budget, we have more prudent advice for you. Choose one that offers the best functionality and fashion style that suits your taste at the same time.

We hope this article narrowed your choices for an iPhone 12 Pro case. Bookmark this page and let us know which item from our list you have picked!