15 Best Tablet Stands to Use for Movie Nights

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Tablet PCs are a revolution in consumer electronics, fusing the best physical aspects and functionalities of a smartphone and a laptop. The said gadgets, also being bigger than mobile phones yet smaller than a computer, makes them the great screen for watching movies or shows anywhere. Tablets are perfect even for movie nights or marathons; however, you still need to hold or angle them for comfortable viewing. And that is why you have to craft a DIY phone stand or, better yet, buy a tablet stand to go with your gadget.

Tablet stands help keep your tablet propped up. They also eliminate the need for you to put out books or random items that clutter your desk or bed even if they serve as a kickstand. The mobile accessories come in various shapes and sizes. Although that means there are many variants to choose from in the market, you can make an easy and wise buying decision via our guide.

In this article, we will go over 15 of the best tablet stands that you can get your hands on today from Amazon.


Best Tablet Stands To Buy

Whether you are going to have a Netflix and chill night, an online study session, or just surf the web, these tablet stands will surely back you up – and your tablet. Get yourself one of these tablet holders, so you can say goodbye to neck strains and uncomfortable positions.


The UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder is an Amazon bestseller in the tablet stand category. There is no surprise to that because the portable tablet stand is lightweight. You can place it inside your backpack and carry it with you with ease wherever you go.

The accessory is perfect for iPads, which is why many buyers consider it to be among the best iPad stands. That does not mean it cannot be used for other mobile devices. Here’s a list of gadgets it is compatible with:

  • iPad 10.2
  • 2019 iPad Pro 11 Inch
  • 2020 iPad 9.7
  • 2018 iPad Mini 5, 4, 3, 2
  • iPad Air
  • Nintendo Switch
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone X series XS XR X
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6

Although the official list contains mostly Apple devices, consumers have found out that it can also hold Android devices including, but not limited to, the Samsung Note20, S20 Ultra, and S10.


  • 1. The stand is foldable and can easily be slipped into a pocket.
  • 2. It is adjustable in multiple angles.
  • 3. The product is sturdy due to its durable materials.


  • 1. Not perfect for bigger tablets like the 2020 iPad Air 4th Gen.


With the rise of tablets with huge screens, it is inevitable for accessory makers to come up with tablet stands that would cater to the new standard dimensions and weight of the devices. Nowadays, designers consider the center of gravity, use new heavy-duty materials, and add functionality for the product.

Such is the case with the Lamicall Tablet Holder. The design of the tablet holder can pass as a dead-ringer for a desktop monitor when the tablet is latched on it. As a result, the accessory is perfect for bigger tablets. An example of a tablet it suits is the Apple iPad Air 4th Generation, which can be used as a computer when paired with a keyboard. Additionally, the stand is made from titanium aluminide and steel alloys that can support heavy gadgets.

On top of that, the tablet stand has extended hooks and rubber cushions to make sure the device would not slide.


  • 1. Height and angles are adjustable.
  • 2. The product is portable and ergonomic.
  • 3. It is anti-scratching and -sliding.


  • 1. There have been buyer complaints about the design not being what they expected it to be based on the photos.
  • 2. Some buyers reported the stand is not as sturdy as it seems.


We are nominating this tablet holder as one of the must-have accessories for video conferencing. That is primarily because the accessory holds your tablet in place like a viewing monitor. However, that is not to say this is not perfect for watching movies or TV series on your tablet. In contrast to the Lamicall Tablet Holder, the PWR+ stand clasps the tablet in place from the top and bottom. The back has a ball joint that allows you to adjust the tablet’s view from landscape to portrait or vice versa.

The stand is supported by a metal base that carries and distributes the weight. The said part is also stable on the bed as long as the surface is flat. Looking into the clutches that hold the tablet, they are firm. That ensures the tablet will not slip.


  • 1. It is sturdy and durable.
  • 2. The tablet holder is perfect for home, school, and business use.


  • 1. The stand is heavy, which older people might not appreciate.
  • 2. Height can’t be adjusted.


Next on our list is a tablet stand that is also ideal as a phone holder for bed lazy people. That is because the accessory is flexible and stable even if not on a desk.

Design-wise, the Gooseneck Tablet Phone Holder is quite different when compared to the first three accessories we have featured so far. It features a long hose or neck that acts as the stand’s main spine. That aluminum-magnesium alloy neck is attached to the base clip and the claws. Moreover, it is bendable yet can support heavy tablets like the Apple iPad Air 4th Gen or Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE. Designers, though, advise users to bend the stand into an S or Z shape or circle for better stability. Meanwhile, the clamp is perfectly capable of attaching to your bed or a table next to it.

This tablet stand for bed use is great not only for movie nights. It can also be used when reading using your tablet, phone, or Kindle e-reader. The universality makes it stand out even more among others.


  • 1. The stand keeps the tablet at a perfect distance to avoid eye strains.
  • 2. It is budget-friendly.
  • 3. The accessory is great for universal use.


  • 1. Some buyers think the gooseneck is too stiff to bend, making adjustments cumbersome at times.


Here’s another option for gooseneck-style tablet stands, the MAGIPEA Tablet Stand Holder. This bedside accessory is fairly similar to the SRMATE Gooseneck stand in terms of the length and composition of the rod. The said part extends up to 30 inches and is also made from aluminum-magnesium alloy.

Designers are pretty confident about the gooseneck for they didn’t stipulate a specific loop to ensure stability. Nonetheless, it might still be a good idea to loop the cord into an S or Z shape.

With plenty of gooseneck stands in the market today, many buyers consider the MAGIPEA stand the best buy. Consumers cite how effective the gooseneck and clamp are in doing the job. Given that, this item might just be the product you didn’t know you need until you buy it.


  • 1. The gooseneck and clamp are sturdy.
  • 2. Pricing is reasonable.
  • 3. The stand can hold almost any type of tablet or phone.


  • 1. Some buyers reported that the gooseneck arm sags when their iPads have been latched.
  • 2. The claws might not be able to completely hold the tablet if the device has a case.


The OMOTON Cellphone and Tablet Stand is another good movie night companion. The dock is ideal to use when you are watching from your tablet because of its adjustable height and tilt range. It supports your desired angle and view also when you are playing your mobile games, going on Facetime, and more.

In terms of product strength, the aluminum alloy used to make the OMOTON stand gives it its sturdiness. It also has an anti-slip element preventing your smartphone or tablet from falling and incurring damages.

When it comes to ease of use, this stand is unlike many other products. It is quick to set up. Just prop the device on the tablet holder’s metal claws and you’re good to go. It works pretty fine, too, with or without any protective case around your device.

You will surely enjoy this stand for you can assemble it first. That way, you can also make sure that the screws fit tightly and would not buckle down.


  • 1. Charging the device is easy thanks to the ergonomic design of the stand.
  • 2. It sells at an affordable price.
  • 3. The product is compatible with most device types.


  • 1. The stand wobbles when propped on the bed.


In contrast to the first two featured stands with gooseneck arms, the CTA gooseneck floor stand is not a clamp-type accessory.

We like how different the design of this stand is compared to others. The tilting headpiece and tablet holder are slanted, unlike traditional top-to-bottom or side-to-side holders. And that makes it easy to get better angles or views when using your tablet.

Additionally, the stand is perfectly capable of holding even the largest of tablets in the market today like the iPad Air Gen 4 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S6. It won’t sag or tip over.

Overall, it is a versatile workstation companion in your room, classroom, or office.


  • 1. It has a perfect angle and height adjustability.
  • 2. The maker gave it an ingenious design.


  • 1. It isn’t as affordable as other stands on this list.
  • 2. Some buyers complained that the foot stand is defective and it would not hold the entire thing together.


If you are searching for a stand that combines accessibility and convenience – not that the other tablet stands we have featured so far don’t consider these two – the MoKo Tablet Stand might just be what you are looking for. Made from aluminum and silicone, this portable stand makes a perfect tablet hinge for an optimal viewing experience during movie nights.

Here are three things that make this stand a standout:

  1. The back knob can be adjusted up to 210 degrees for comfortable viewing.
  2. Tablets won’t slip — thanks to the silicone cushions smartly placed on the product.
  3. Its design considers where cords may pass through when charging is needed.

The stand is capable of holding 3.5 to 10-inch tablets, be those in portrait or landscape viewing modes.


  • 1. The design is ergonomic and elegant.
  • 2. It is a portable and sturdy stand.


  • 1. Height adjustments are not possible.
  • 2. It does not do well in holding tables larger than 10 inches.


The Suchek Adjustable Tablet Stand is a trusty accessory for holding your tablet or any other gadget. In fact, it is universal. It can accommodate an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Nintendo Switch while you are in the office, kitchen, or bedroom.

What we like to highlight, though, is how perfect the stand is for movie nights. In contrast to other stands that share almost the same design, the Sucheck stand has dual knobs that can be adjusted so you can prop it better with your device on your bed or a bedside table. This way, you can have an optimal viewing experience without the fear of the whole thing wobbling when placed on the bed.

As regards materials, the stand is made from aluminum with soft silicone cushions. The cushions prevent your device, even if it does or does not have a protective case, from falling and incurring scratches.


  • 1. The design is rugged and sturdy.
  • 2. Accessibility, portability, and functionality of the item are great.
  • 3. The stand sells at an affordable price.


  • 1. Some buyers have reported factory damages, preventing the tablet stand from doing its job.


This MoKo foldable stand comes in two types: a variant that can hold 9 to 12.9-inch tablets and another version that can clasp 7 to 8-inch tablets. Both models stand out.

The product, no matter the variation, is not only ideal for tabletop use. It is also great for watching a movie or Facetiming while on the bed. That is because the stand is made from metal covered in soft rubber. The latter material stops the device from slipping easily or incurring unwanted scratches.

Furthermore, the metal stand touts a design that is simple but sturdy. In fact, you would notice that a device propped on it will seem to float because of the holder’s minimalistic hollow structure. And at the same time, it does not compromise portability because it is lightweight.


  • 1. The stand combines excellent design and functionality.
  • 2. It sells at an affordable price.
  • 3. The product comes in two types to accommodate many tablet sizes.


  • 1. There were a few customer reports regarding the knobs not tightening very well, which causes the device to fall off.


Still wondering what tablet stand to choose? Here’s another good choice: the SAIJI Portable Foldable Desktop Stand.

We like how this tablet holder was engineered. The accessory’s dock is divided into two. One platform is adjustable for an optimal viewing experience, while the other is the main support bed. To elaborate, the latter is the block where the adjustable platform can get support as it pulleys up or down. The leverage mechanism also makes the stand universal. It can cater to many types of tablet devices including, but not limited to, the iPad Air, iPad Pro, and Kindle e-reader devices.

With this accessory, you can watch your favorite movies or TV series, do homework, attend virtual conferences, or learn new things while wrapped in your bedsheets.


  • 1. The design is smart and ergonomic.
  • 2. Portability and functionality are combined in the product.
  • 3. The stand is good for many types of tablets.


  • 1. Not advisable for use with larger tablets, especially when the gadgets are in portrait view.


The MoKo pillow tablet holder is perhaps the most quirky and fun tablet stand we are featuring. Not only does it do well in terms of functionality, but it also pushes the envelope in terms of design.

The mobile accessory can be rolled in and out depending on how far you want the gadget to be from your hands or view. Moreover, designers have placed small pockets that can hold your Apple Pencil, earphones, and charging cable.

As regards materials and size, it is made of linen and cotton. That is why the stand is lightweight but sturdy for extended use of your phone, tablet, or e-reader. It is also big enough for tablets up to 11 inches, so universality is not a problem.

Overall, this tablet stand puts your gadget in the best position possible when you are watching movies. You don’t have to worry again about your device falling off or getting scratches with the MoKo Pillow Stand for devices.


  • 1. The accessory combines fashion and functionality.
  • 2. It is portable and universal.


  • 1. It is a little pricey compared to other options.
  • 2. Users might find it hard to get used to its design, compared to other options in the same niche.


If the novelty of the MoKo pillow tablet holder did not suit your taste, this Lamicall tablet stand might be better for you.

This tablet holder boasts a different design compared to the previous recommendation. It is minimalistic, hence it does not have adjustable angles and pockets where you can hide your Stylus or Apple Pencil. There are ridges, though, for docking the accessories instead.

Overall, the item is a straight-up bed kickstand for your tablet or e-reader. Nevertheless, it can perfectly hold your tablet in portrait or landscape views.


  • 1. The product is less expensive than most pillow tablet stands.
  • 2. It is ergonomic and minimalistic, design-wise.


  • 1. Tablets with cases might have problems when propped against the ridges of the pillow stand.


If you are looking for a tablet stand that is inconspicuous but readily accessible when you need it, the MOFT Tablet Stand might just be for you.

The design concept of this product is fairly simple to grasp; it serves as a foldable kickstand at the back of your tablet. It is minimalistic and unobtrusive because it is ultrathin. Also, it is not bulky when docked or held.

The stand is essentially attached to the skin of your tablet through a removable adhesive. The designers have also ensured the kickstand is precisely cut to make your viewing experience possible from various angles.


  • 1. The stand has an ergonomic and minimalistic design.
  • 2. It sells at an affordable price.
  • 3. The product is ultrathin and unobtrusive.


  • 1. The stand might not be as sturdy as other options.
  • 2. It might not be suitable for big tablets.


Now, here’s the last entry on our list – a folio case. Why is this ProCase Universal Folio Case in this tablet stand buying guide, you ask? The answer is that this Amazon Choice product is a case that moonlights as a tablet stand.

The accessory in question is great for holding your tablet while you are in bed or keeping the device standing on your bedside table. That is because it is made of leather, which is comfortable to touch and sturdy enough to hold 9 to 10.1-inch tablets. The versatility allows you to have an unparalleled viewing experience.

If you are not a fan of metal or gooseneck stands, this might just be the perfect tablet holder for you.


  • 1. The product incorporates sturdy leather material.
  • 2. It combines portability and functionality.


  • 1. There is no back camera hole on the case.


Tips on Choosing the Right Tablet Stand

Choosing the right tablet stand is not easy, so we have some tips for you. Firstly, factor into your decision how you wish to enjoy using your tablet. Do you want the device propped on the bed or somewhere else? No matter what your setup preference is, we’re sure you will find the right stand in this list. Secondly, consider the size and weight of your tablet. Some stands might look sturdy in photos, but might not be able to handle the gadget’s weight in reality. To not make a size or weight mistake, better confirm whether the stand can hold big tablets before purchasing one. Read reviews or look for actual buyer photos if necessary. Finally, choose a stand that delivers the best functionality but will not burn a hole in your wallet.


Wrapping It Up

Whatever type of tablet stand you have in mind, we hope this article helped you trim your own list down. The marketplace is not limited to these 15 options, though, so there are other products out there that might also meet your needs. But as far as we are concerned, we think this list is already a gold mine for tablet holder buyers.

Let us know what you think!