Create Your Own DIY Phone Stand: A Beginner’s Guide

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Almost everyone has a phone nowadays. But when you’re watching movies or playing games, it can be hard to do so while your phone is lying flat. In this guide, you’ll learn how to let your creativity flow by creating a DIY phone stand. Instead of buying one, you can make your own with everyday materials. 

There are various things that you could use in making your phone stand DIY. Here are 7 DIY phone stand ideas you can make at home. 


DIY Phone Stand Ideas

DIY Phone Stand using Binder Clips

Binder clip phone stand
Photo by kristinazero via Instructables


One of the easiest DIY phone stands is using binder clips. You can use this phone stand at your desk. Let’s walk you through how to make a DIY phone stand using binder clips.

Step 1: Find 1 or 2 medium-sized binder clips. 

Go to your supply drawer and get 2 medium-sized binder clips. You can choose any color you want.

Step 2: Bend One Binder End to Make a J-shape. 

Using one binder clip, grab one of its ends. Bend it into a J that will hold your phone in place. You can use the gap between two desks or your desk drawer. Insert one end between desks and then bend, form a J. You can also wedge the end in when you close your desk drawer. Press down until it forms a J-shape.

Step 3: Insert The First Binder Clip (J-end) Inside the Second Clip. 

The first clip with a -end should be inside the second clip. Both clips should be parallel to the desk. One end of the first clip should be able to hold the phone while its J-end should be parallel to the desk.

You can add your personal touch. You can even add a USB cap on top of the end of the first binder clip. This will provide a larger pad for the back of the phone. Tada! You’re done!


Dinosaur Toy Phone Stand

Dinosaur phone stand
Photo by Liz Gumbinner via Coolmomtech


Want something a little out of the box? Or maybe you’re looking for a DIY project with your kids? You can try making a phone stand made out of this toy dinosaur. 

Step 1: Get Your Dinosaur. 

You can choose which favorite dinosaur toy you want. Make sure that it is sturdy when it stands. You can look for the tail of the dinosaur, whether it’s long enough to stand.

Step 2: Cut Dinosaur in Half. 

Using a utility knife, cut your dino in half. (It’s best to use one which is hollow inside.)

Step 3: Insert Caulking Inside Dinosaur’s Tail. 

Fill the dinosaur’s tail with caulking. Using your fingers, make sure that caulking is fully-packed inside.

Step 4: Insert a Suction Cup. 

Insert the suction cup while the caulking is still wet. Put your phone against it to make sure that the cup has the right angle. Remove any excess caulking using a small paintbrush.

Step 5: Dab Caulking into Dinosaur’s Feet.

This is important to make sure that the dinosaur’s tail stays in place whenever you use it as a phone stand.

Note that the caulking inside the dino’s tail takes a few days to dry, about 4 to 5 days. But, hey, having a dinosaur phone stand is unique, fun but inexpensive so it will be worth the wait.


DIY Wooden Phone Stand

Wooden Stand
Photo by KirstieLynn via Instructables


There are lots of designs that you can do when it comes to making your DIY phone stand. One perfect material that you can use is wood. You can always buy pre-made wood blocks and assemble them easily. Or you could make your masterpiece and make your own DIY cell phone stand.

Step 1: Choose the wood of your choice. 

You can always pick your type of wood, from maple, oak, or even pine trees.

Step 2: Chop your wood. 

Before chopping, make sure that you have your design in mind. Make an estimated size of your phone stand as well. You can start with about 5.5 x 3.5 or 6.25 x 3 inches.

Step 3: Cut the groove for the phone.

 Using a table saw, cut the groove where your phone will stand. Adjust the blade to cut the slit, just about halfway through the wood. You can adjust the depth of the slit depending on your preference. The deeper the better. This will hold the phone better. For a wider groove, keep running the wood through the saw as you adjust the fence.

Step 4: Make an angle to the groove. 

Cut a slight angle into the groove. It will allow the phone to stand in an angle, preventing sudden fall. You can adjust depending on the angle you want.

Step 5: Smooth out the groove. 

Using sandpaper, smooth out rough and uneven surfaces from the groove. You can use a wood block to wrap your sandpaper to maneuver through the groove with ease.

Step 6: Finishing touches. 

After smoothening everything, apply linseed oil or any polishing oil or your choice. You could also paint your DIY cell phone stand for the desk with the colors you want. 


Chopstick Phone Stand

Photo by julenka via Pixabay


Do you love making videos for your beauty and cooking vlogs through your phone? Then this DIY phone stand for recording project is what you need. This is a very simple project on how to make a DIY phone stand from chopsticks.

Step 1: Glue the Chopsticks.

Glue the chopsticks into your desired shape using wood glue. You can start with a U-shape. You will need 13 chopsticks. 6 chopsticks on each side, a total of 12. Then, cut the other chopstick into small pieces. Glue them on the bottom of the two glued 6-piece chopsticks. Make sure that your phone can slip inside the U-shape chopstick phone stand.

Step 2: Use Another Chopstick as Bolt. 

Use another chopstick as a bolt to hold the U-shaped phone stand together. This U-shape stand is perfect for all your recording needs. But you can always think of other designs and find what works best for your needs.


Cardboard Phone Stand

Cardboards are perfect materials in making DIY projects. Shapes and sizes are limitless. You can also make your design and make adjustments to measurements. That is why a DIY cardboard phone stand is one of the best phone stands you can do for your phone. Let us start by picking your design or making your own.

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood via Pexels


Step 1: Choose Your Design. 

There are different designs that you can see when you browse through the internet. You can pick depending on the size of your phone or the shape of the phone stand that you want to do. For this purpose, you can use a simple design. The length should be 12 inches, the size of a ruler, with about 2 to 3 inches in width.

Step 2: Draw your Design on Cardboard. 

Once you have chosen your design, draw it on cardboard. Use a ruler for precise lines and measurements. Draw a straight line, 12 inches in length and 2 to 3 inches in width.

Step 3: Make a Triangle. 

Cut your cardboard and fold 1/2 inch on both ends on the cut-out cardboard. Then, fold the cardboard to make a triangle. The triangle should be able to stand alone.

Step 4: Assemble the Triangle.

Apply glue on one folded end of the cardboard so that the triangle would stand on its own. You should glue the end of the cardboard half an inch from the other folded end of the cardboard. Thus, making a triangle with the gap where your phone should stand. Put a small tin box inside the triangle or something that would hold down the cardboard.

Let everything dry before using your new DIY cardboard phone stand. You could customize your cardboard phone stand by adding some colors or designs. You can even put paper mache to make your phone stand more sturdy.


Phone Ring Stand

DIY Phone Ring Stand
Screenshot from oceanobservations on YouTube


The DIY phone ring stand is a fun project that you could do at home. All you need is a suction cup and lots of creativity. Let’s start.

Step 1: Get Your Suction Cup and Start Designing. 

Prepare your suction cup and start with making your designs. Designs are limitless-you can make whatever you want. Using different colors of nail polish, paint your cup.

Step 2: Make a Vertical Hole on Top of the Cup. 

You can use something metal that is pointy or sharp. Run your needle in a lit candle. Then, when it’s still hot, immediately poke the center of the suction cup starting from the right side. Repeat this until you poke the top of the suction cup through the left side. Imagine poking meat with a barbecue stick.

Step 3: Insert the Keychain Ring in the Hole. 

Once the hole is large enough, insert the keychain ring. Do this until everything goes all the way through.

And you are pretty much done! Now, you have your own DIY phone ring stand! You can use it as a cell phone stand for your desk at the same time, a phone holder. Pretty neat, huh?


Hanger Phone Stand

Clothes Hanger Phone Stand
Photo by Adam Doud via AndroidAuthority


If you have a discarded coat hanger, you might want to keep to do this next project. The solid electrical wire inside of the hanger will keep your stand sturdy and durable.

Step 1: Cut the Wire. 

Start by cutting 35 to 45 cm of wire. Bend the wire in half but do not kink it.

Step 2: Make two 90 degree bends. 

Once you have marked the center, measure 2.5 inches in either direction from the center. Bend two 90 degree angles from the same direction. Now, you have a three-sided wire with an open end.

Step 3: Bend each side 90 degrees perpendicular. 

From each side of the triangle, measure 1/2 inch. Bend the wires 90 degrees, perpendicular to the bends before.

Step 4: Bend each leg 45 degrees the opposite way.

Bend again to 3/4 inch, about 45 degrees in the same direction on both sides.

Step 5: Bend each leg 90 degrees the opposite way. 

If you notice, you now have a sort of Nike swoosh logo, with the check design. Halfway up the swoosh, bend it about 90 degrees. This will hold your phone in place.

That’s it! Your DIY cell phone stand hanger can hold your phone in both portrait and landscape mode.


Bonus Accessories

PS4 Phone Mount 

Controller phone stand
Photo by Rob Gillian via Lifehacker


If you love playing games using your phone, then this DIY phone stand is perfect for you. you will only need a PS4 controller and two binder clips.

Let’s proceed on how to make a DIY PS4 to phone stand.

Step 1: Bend Your Binder Clip. 

Get two binder clips. One is large and the other is medium. (The larger clip should be bigger than 1 5/8″ medium clip.) Get the large binder clip and bend the tips. You can place the tips in your desk drawer. Close the drawer then, using a firm hand, press down the clip to a 45-degree angle. When you fold back the clips, the bent should be inward and facing each other.

Step 2: Wrap the Binder Clips Together. 

First, you have to remove the handles of the medium binder clip. Then, put the Large clip on top of the medium clip. Imagine putting two triangles together, side by side, forming a rectangle. Using two rubber bands, wrap them tight to keep them together.

Step 3: Attach the PS4 Controller. 

For this step, you’ll need two heavy-duty rubber bands. Diagonally tie the binder clips and the PS4 controller together. Make sure that the binder clips are on top of the controller and the large clip facing forward. You should form an “X” from the diagonal wraps. Start over the top of one side of the binder clip. Then, go all the way down diagonally to the controller, besides the analog stick. (This will not affect the movement of the analog sticks.) Do the same with the other side of the binder clip and the controller. You can also double wrap each rubber band to secure the controller. 

Step 4: Mount your Phone. 

Mount your phone inside the binder clips. You can add a rubber band and wrap it two to three times around the binder clip handles to have a better grip. Use your imagination in whichever design you like. Now, you’re ready to level up your gaming experience with your new PS4 phone stand!


Phone Charging Dock

CD phone charging dock
Screenshot from Howcast on YouTube


If you don’t want to buy a charging dock, you might want to check this out. Making a DIY phone-charging stand lets you enjoy the perks of having a stand and charging dock at the same time. You can do this by using the CDs you have lying at home.

Step 1: Stack the CDs. 

You can stack 5 to 10 CDs depending on the height that you want to achieve. You can use glue to make your dock fixed in place.

Step 2: Attach the Charger. 

Insert the Charger inside the CDs’ hole until the tip is just a little more than the height of your stacked CD.

Step 3: Insert Stuffing inside the CDs. 

You may use anything from like rock stones or pebbles that would hold the cord of your charger in place.

You may add a base to your phone charging stand dig project to make it sturdier. Now, you are ready to use your unique charging dock for your mobile phone.