15 Best USB-C Headphones to Buy in 2022

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Google Wired Digital USB-C Earphones

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Latest smartphones bade farewell to the old-school headphone jacks in exchange for type C, pushing many to wireless earphones.  No offense to true wireless earbuds, they certainly look stylish, but nothing beats the reliability of wired earphones. They do not run out of power and they can keep up to your music needs day after day. Thankfully, you don’t have to let go of this perk because there are now many USB C headphones you can buy online.

But, how do you choose a USB C headphone? Well, a good one should double as a noise canceling earbuds. Better if it’s a waterproof headphone, or if not, it should be durable at the very least. In this article though, we list down the best USB C headphones that can strike a balance on every music lover’s demands.


What Are USB-C Headphones?

AKG Type-C
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USB-C headphones make use of a more modern connection compared to their predecessors. Instead of using an audio jack, it makes use of a faster outlet for data to transfer. While it’s true that the USB-C audio has various pitfalls, it’s okay for others, especially users that aren’t audiophiles or need awesome audio that much. Also, there are manufacturers like Google that also include USB-C earbuds when users buy a jack-less phone, making the fact that 3.5 mm inputs are missing a non-issue for any general consumer.

USB-C audio is a welcome addition for people who still prefer wired headphones but hate audio jacks. When you compare it with wireless earbuds, those that use it don’t have to deal with Bluetooth codec compatibility and concerns about its battery life.


What Is USB-C?

USB-C is an industry-standard connector that’s used for transmitting either data and power on one cable. The USB-C connector was made by the USB-IF, or the USB Implementers Forum. These same groups of companies have also made, certified, and led the way for the development of the standard USB throughout the years. Also, the USB-IF has more than 700 companies in its aegis. Among these companies, are Apple, HP, Dell, Intel, Samsung, and Microsoft.

This wide acceptance of the big wigs in the industry is important, due to it being a huge part of why the USB-C has been so widely accepted by nearly all PC manufacturers.


Best USB-C Headphones Available Today

USB-C headphones may not be the groundbreaking technology it once was. However, it still sees use on newer devices being sold in the market. If you don’t prefer wireless headphones, a pair of wired USB-C headphones is a good way to go.

While it may not be the most popular option around, there are still high-performing products that make use of USB-C ports. Whether you prefer earbuds or earmuffs, there are USB-C headphones that can suit your preferences.



Shure AONIC 50 Over-Ear Headphones

The Shure AONIC 50 is currently one of the best USB-C headphones out there. While not the typical USB-C headphones in this article, they do have the ability to allow pass-through listening through the use of a beleaguered connector. This allows it to qualify for the USB-C headphone status. The technicality here is because the headphones are primarily Bluetooth that also have a USB-C listening option for us, the people that want it. Luckily, you’re not required into the wired listening if you wish to go and transfer sources.

For these qualities, the Shure AONIC 50 is a pair of great headphones that have noise-canceling capabilities.


CKLYYL USB Type C Earphones

If you’re just looking for an affordable pair of USB-C earbuds that can perform well, the earbuds from CKLYYL are something you should consider. In addition to the low price that the earphones have, they also got an in-line microphone and media controls.

All this alongside a few ear tip sizes that you can use in the box, and you have a pretty good bang for your buck choice right here.

Check out the CKLYYL USB Type C Earphones on Amazon to enjoy a cool-looking set of in-ear headphones.


Google Wired Digital USB-C Earphones

The Google Wired Digital USB-C Earphones are a low-cost pair of earphones that are made by Google. At a price of less than $25 retail, anyone will feel that they’re getting a cool bargain. Not only is it affordable but its performance is comparable to more expensive options on this list.

The 24-bit digital audio allows it to deliver not only rich bass but also clear mids, and the earphone’s inline media control allows users excellent control over their smartphones without taking the phone out of their pockets. From there, you can also activate Google Assistant, as well as playing music (which is the most important thing here), answering incoming calls, and checking notifications.



Razer Hammerhead USB-C ANC

Razer is a brand that’s well known for its creation of various gaming peripherals. However, the company also created a smartphone that, surprisingly enough, doesn’t have an earphone/headphone jack. Luckily for everyone involved, Razer made in advance a pretty good option for USB C headphone that they call the Hammerhead ANC. And while it’s true that the active noise canceling of the Razer Hammerhead isn’t at the quality of its Bose counterpart, it’s not a bad choice at all. Especially if you use the headphones with the Comply memory foam ear tips that come alongside it.

These tips come in multiple forms to fit any ear size and are pretty cheap. The green accents and the booming sounds make it easily identifiable as a Razer product. You won’t be unsatisfied. As an addition, this version of the Hammerhead has active noise cancellation that’s built-in to the headphones, so you’ll have uninterrupted sound without needing to charge.

The earphones also come with a braided fabric cable that avoids being knotted too easily and comes with decent sound quality that allows the user to hear the bass in songs without needing to over-emphasize the lower notes. Overall, this pair of headphones is a great pick up at under $100. These will make your listening and gaming experiences better.

Check out the Razer Hammerhead on Amazon today to enjoy headphones that are good for gaming and auditory experiences.


Betron BS10C USB-C Headphones (In-Ear)

If you want an in-ear USB C headphone that combines value and performance, the Betron BS10C is for you. Sporting a modern-looking silverish gray exterior, this pair of headphones get the job done. It comes with a built-in microphone that allows you to answer calls while using it. The BS10C also comes with different-sized earplugs for added comfort.



TriLink USB Type C Earbuds Headphones

The TriLink USB C headphone delivers great audio, which allows the user to have an excellent auditory experience. They’re sturdy, but also lightweight in design, which does not give the user any kind of discomfort while wearing them. For those that prefer to switch off the world around them on long excursions or exercise times, this is great news, and it meant that there’s no need to keep readjusting the earphones to get the perfect fit. This allows the earbuds to stay in the user’s ears easily.

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows though, and while it’s true that they are compatible with many USB-C smartphones out there, there are some functions that either won’t work as intended, or won’t work at all on older models. You can control the music that’s playing on any device. However, you won’t have that much control over phone calls. This means that you have to reach into your pocket, take your phone, and answer the call as usual.

Well, the last one was a jest. These are a pair of reliable headphones that doesn’t only look good; they also won’t set you that far off your pocket.



Hosal USB-C In-Ear Headphones

Hosal’s in-ear USB C headphones are not only clean-looking, but they’re also affordable. Despite its dirt-cheap price, however, this Hosal product doesn’t underperform. Thanks to its DAC chip inside, you can enjoy your music at a high resolution like an audiophile.

Hosal USB C headphone is made with a nod to Pixel phones, but it is compatible with most phones that makes it a great pick. It also boasts a lightweight design and a comfortable fit that won’t hurt your ears.



WamGra USB-C Headphones

The WamGra USB C HiFi Stereo is a solid USB-C headphone option that you have to check out. It offers either deep, clear, light, and high sounds depending on the user, and ensures that every note in the song is heard, and all the various pitches and beats are satisfyingly enjoyed by the user.

With how loud people can be and how much noise there is on the outside, the best escape that a person can have against all of this noise is a pair of great-sounding, quality-assured, noise-canceling earphones that can block out all types of noise.

This leaves you at the zen of your self-made, mind-clearing, therapeutic playlist that you know makes all your problems go away and gives you the notion that everything can be so much better. This headphone is made with durable materials which ensure that it will last for a long time.

This product features oxygen and sweat-free copper wires that allow you to wear it while you’re breaking a sweat. Whether answering calls, rejecting, and ending said calls all take an easy press of the headphone’s control buttons. You may also use the in-built microphone so you no longer need to pick up your phone when on a call.



C G CHANGEEK Digital Headphones

If you’re a person who prefers a pair of simple USB-C headphones, this one is for you. The CG CHANGEEK Digital Earphones is an awesome pair that’s very affordable. However, do not let the price fool you; these headphones perform well. Its built-in dynamic high-sensitive microphone features clear voice technology that lets you talk without any fuzz.

It is also compatible with most modern devices and is durable enough to withstand 5,000 bends.



Acessorz USB-C Headphones

Noise-canceling features are a plus when it comes to headphones. Luckily, the Acesorz USB-C Headphones have built-in passive noise-canceling features to let you enjoy your auditory experience to the maximum. Aside from noise-canceling, it is also compatible with a lot of devices which makes it a joy to use.



Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless

While it’s true that the Momentum 3 Wireless headphones are Bluetooth first, they also come with a USB-C port that doesn’t just charge the headphones but also allows you to attach the headphone to either your phone or PC, and then it outputs audio over. It’s a Sennheiser headphone, so you can expect the best. The design is not only top-notch but also one of the best out there, with a guarantee that the premium design is made out of build materials that meet the standards.



OnePlus Type-C Bullets

Another great option for a USB C headphone is the OnePlus Type-C Bullets. These earphones do not only come with high-resolution audio that’s realistic, but it also gives you some of the clearest and crisp audio that you can get out of an earphone. Its flat wire design is said to prevent it from tangling, and its inline remote control makes sure that a consistently immersive audio experience is what you will get.

They not only are reliable but also have a fantastic look, so you can make sure that the earphones blend in perfectly with what kind of look you’re going for on that day. They’re also pretty cheap. These headphones are great for listening to music or answering calls.



AGVEE Type-C Earbuds

If you’re looking for an affordable pair of USB-C headphones, you should try these earbuds from AGVEE. This pair of headphones come in a sleek design that makes it a good option for people who like to keep it simple. One of the best draws of this product is that it’s compatible with most iOS and Android phones.

Also, if you’re scared of bending wires, don’t worry as the AGVEE Type-C Earbuds can survive more than 5,000 bends.



Mindorlen USB Type-C Headphones

If you’re on the hunt for a good pair of USB-C headphones that cost less than $20, this is the one for you. Mindorlen’s USB Type-C headphones are compatible with a wide array of phones and devices. This product might be affordable, but it is also durable and can stand multiple cable bends and pulls. It also comes with a mic that allows you to answer calls while using them.



KINGONE VddSmm USB Type-C Headphones

If you’re looking for a pair of headphones that are compatible with a lot of devices, this is the one for you. KINGONE’s VddSmm Type-C Headphones showcase a modern yet sleek design that makes it simple yet elegant. If you’re tired of earplugs being too big or small, this product comes with three earplugs of different sizes. This allows for maximum comfort while you’re listening to your favorite songs. This pair of headphones also have a microphone, which allows you to answer calls.



Things to Consider When Buying USB-C Headphones

USB-C ports are developed to act as universal and multifunctional inputs. However, it is not perfect and you should be aware of its flaws as well.

The absence of universal Audio Device Class 3 integration limits a USB-C headphone’s functionality. Mobile devices that are not compatible with USB Audio Class 3.0 specifications rely on add-ons to get features. One such feature is noise cancellation. However, if device manufacturers adopt the USB ADC 3.0 technology in their products, new and better features can be implemented.

There are two sets of rules that USB-C audio abides by, Android OS defaults and smartphone specifications. Think of it like making rules for your town; it should be in adherence to that of the ones made by the state. However, things, in reality, are not that simple.

There is still confusion about what needs to be done by companies to make their phones and devices uniform. This is the same in the USB-C audio field, as results of confusion and compatibility issues are constant. Until all companies adopt USB ADC 3.0 for their products, consumers may continue to experience inconveniences tied into this issue.

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