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Razer is one of the biggest lifestyle gaming brands in the world. Everything from keyboards, mousepads and gaming hardware, Razer has your peripheral needs covered. One of their more famous products is their line of headsets. Owning a Razer headset will allow players to experience crystal clear sound while playing their favorite games. Whether you prefer Razer headphones or earbuds, the brand know for their three snakes logo has you covered.

Razer headsets not only perform well but they also look good. Do you like a pink Razer headphone to come with your all pink gaming set-up? Don’t fear, Razer offers one of its headphones and other peripherals in that color. How about a Razer headset that you can use with your mobile devices? Yes, Razer does have headsets that you can use while playing games either on your computer, console or mobile devices.

Not convinced about Razer’s quality? Razer is trusted by streamers, casual and professional gamers across the world. Included in their roster are North American Esports powerhouse, Evil Geniuses, and LCK mainstays, Gen G.

So are you looking for the best Razer headsets available in the market? Don’t worry as we will now list down the best gaming headsets from Razer that will fit your gaming needs.


Wireless Razer Headsets


Razer Nari Ultimate


The Nari Razer headset that performs well and sounds good
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Let’s start with Razer’s newest premier Bluetooth gaming headset, the Nari Ultimate. Top of the line products come with a premium price but this set of Razer headphones is way ahead in terms of technology. Featuring Haptic feedback, this pair of gaming headphones will make you feel as if you’re inside the game. 

Other features include cooling gel-infused muffs which prevents your ears from being too sweaty. Razer’s Nari Ultimate also includes THX spatial audio, Razer Chroma features, and lag-free compatibility. Tired of your friends being too noisy while in-game? These headphones feature a Game-Chat balance to finetune your sensory experience. Lastly, the Nari Ultimate can also support wired connectivity.


Razer Thresher Ultimate


Razer headset for console gamers
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If you’re the type of gamer that prefers playing on consoles then this is the Razer headset for you. Built specifically for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, the Thresher Ultimate comes in two versions that are specifically compatible with these two consoles. Love being part of the game then this is a pair of headphones that you don’t want to miss out on. Featuring Haptic feedback and Dolby surround sound, this Razer headset will allow you to immerse yourself more.

Need to be away from the keyboard but still wanna talk to your friends online? Razer’s Thresher Ultimate gaming headphones allow a lag-free connection for up to 12 meters.

Want to switch from your chosen console and into your PC? Thresher Ultimate headsets come with a stand that allows you to switch its connectivity.


Wired Razer Headsets


Razer Kraken Tournament Edition


Razer headphones for those who want a reliable product
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Kraken, arguably Razer’s most reliable line of headsets is your go-to gaming headset if you prefer crisp in-game sound accompanied by a strong bass. Giving you total control with how you want to fine-tune your audio experience, Kraken Tournament Edition headsets are a must-try. Whether you plug it into your PC or Playstation, you’ll experience audio control with this pair of headphones. 

Using your Kraken Tournament Edition headsets on PC will allow you to experience the full audio sensory experience. Included in the USB driver are the game-chat balance, bass trigger, and spatial audio controls.


Razer Tiamat V2


Razer Tiamat headphones offer 7.1 surround sound
Photo taken from

Named after the primordial goddess of Chaos, the Razer Tiamat gaming headset is truly awe-inspiring. If you are a fan of true 7.1 surround sound, the Tiamat headphones are for you. Immerse yourself through the 10 discrete drivers which can be found within the ear cups (5 in each cup). 

Want more control with your audio experience? Razer’s Tiamat headphones come with a new audio driver that lets you adjust the sound to your preference. Worried about discomfort during long gaming sessions? Don’t worry as the Tiamat’s headband allow players to enjoy their extended playthroughs as if they are not wearing anything. 

Do you fancy a flashier side to your gaming experience? Razer’s Tiamat also features Chroma backlighting for that extra flair and style. 


Mobile Razer Headsets


Now that we’ve talked about the bigger options, we can now discuss headsets for people who want to be discreet. 


Razer Hammerhead Pro V2


Subtle design yet strong sound, that is what the Hammerhead Pro V2 is all about
Photo taken from

If you’re expecting this pair of earbuds to have a smaller sound profile, then you’ll be shocked. Armed with bigger drivers compared to its predecessor, the Hammerhead Pro V2 lets you experience a heavier audio profile. This lets players experience a more immersive experience compared to other earbuds available in the market.

Specifically built for mobile gaming, these gaming headsets use flat wires to make them more durable. This is perfect for people who are always on the go and keep their earbuds in their pockets. Durability is indeed needed especially when you are constantly using these on the go. The Razer Hammerhead Pro V2 earbuds have a built-in microphone that allows you to talk to your in-game friends and answer calls.


Razer Hammerhead for iOS


Built for iOS devices, Hammerhead earbuds in white and silver
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Looking for a more exciting audio experience when playing your favorite games on your Apple device? Razer has got you covered with its Hammerhead headset that is specifically built for iOS devices. Making use of Apple’s Lightning connection, these earbuds produce output that is very distinct compared to those that use audio jacks. Packing bigger audio drivers like the Pro V2, these Hammerheads will help to amplify your experience. 

Want to customize your audio experience to your preference? Download the Hammerhead iOS app which lets you either select numerous templates or fine-tune the sound yourself. 

These iOS Hammerhead headsets are available in either Razer’s trademark colors or Apple’s distinct white and silver combination.


Stylish Razer Headsets


We’re done covering wired, wireless and mobile-specific gaming headphones from Razer. Now, let’s talk about their best headphones that will make you stand out especially if you’re a gamer that loves to stream your sessions.


Razer Kraken: Kitty Edition


Featuring cat ears, this headset is stylish and adorable
Photo taken from

Remember those cool looking Razer headsets that streamers have been using? Well, those are the Kitty Edition Kraken headphones from Razer. Featuring cute cat ears that will help you look adorable while dominating your competition. Wanna customize your style even further? The Kitty Edition headphones feature Razer’s Chroma lighting technology. This allows owners of this gaming headset to choose the colors that they want for their headset. 

Oh, those cat ears aren’t just for looks as they also respond to whatever happens to your stream. To get this function, you can download the Streamer Companion app to link your peripherals to your stream. You can also customize the lighting effects for every specific action. 

These headphones also feature a noise-canceling microphone that blocks any background noise when you are speaking. Perfect for streamers who want to reach out to their viewers with more clarity and substance.


Razer Nari Ultimate: Overwatch Lucio Edition


Stylized into Lucio’s colors, this Nari Ultimate headset is for Overwatch diehards
Photo taken from

If you’re a Lucio main and want the best sound immersion experience while playing Overwatch, this is the gaming headset for you. Featuring all the features of the Razer Nari Ultimate, the Overwatch Lucio edition allows players to get a better feel of their surroundings. Perfect for a fast-paced team-centric game like Overwatch.

Now you’ll be able to style on your opponents after you beat them. Lucio is known for his music and support abilities and this pair of headphones will allow you to hear crisp sounds and better communicate with your teammates. Aside from the Lucio-inspired Nari Ultimate, Razer also has other peripherals that compliment your love for the character.

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