Wireless Car Charger: Which Ones to Get in 2022?

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Imagine you’re on the road driving your car. Then suddenly, your phone is running low on battery. You pull out your phone’s charger cord and attach it to any outlet in your car or to your power bank. But then, the charger cord is distracting you from driving. This is where you’ll just wish you had a wireless car charger.

A wireless car charger makes it easy for you to power up your phone inside your vehicle. To use it, you simply have to place your phone on its magnetic pad. Once your gadget is docked, there are no cords to worry about.

Don’t have one yet? Worry not. You’ve got this list featuring our top wireless car charger picks.


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  1. Best Wireless Car Chargers
    1. Topume
    2. ZOOAUX
    3. LUKKAHH R3
    4. ZeeHoo
    5. iOttie Easy One Touch
    6. iOttie iTap 2
    7. BASENOR
    8. ZealSound
    9. Mophie
    10. Grip All-in-1+
    11. Squish
    12. VANMASS
  2. What to Consider When Buying a Wireless Car Charger?
  3. How Does Wireless Charging Work?
  4. Installing a Wireless Car Charger
  5. Charging Phones Using a Wireless Car Charger
  6. Maintaining and Fixing a Wireless Car Charger


Best Wireless Car Chargers

There are many wireless car charger options in the market, so we have already done the handpicking for you. Here are the best wireless car chargers that fit various phones, car interiors, and customer needs.

1. Topume Wireless Car Charger Mount

Topume Wireless Car Charger Mount
Photo from Topume Store on Amazon

This wireless car charger from Topume is smart. When you mount your phone on it, its clamps will move on their own to secure your gadget in place. You can rotate your phone at any angle afterward. The in-vehicle accessory touts 10W Qi charging, meaning it can power up your mobile device quickly.

Love it? Purchase the wireless car charger on Amazon right now.


  • Smart clamp sensors
  • Air vent-mounted
  • Matches 4 to 6-inch Android and iOS phones
  • Supports charging with a phone case on


2. ZOOAUX Fast Wireless Car Charger

Photo from ZOOAUX Store on Amazon

If you are looking for an easy-to-setup wireless car charger, this ZOOAUX product is for you. ZOOAUX’s offering grips your phone instantly. Thus, you won’t risk your driving safety only to mount your gadget on the charger’s pad. Also, with 15W fast charging, the mobile accessory is great for today’s generation of powerful smartphones.


  • Automated clamping
  • Air vents
  • Compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones


3. LUKKAHH R3 Wireless Car Charger Mount

LUKKAHH R3 Wireless Car Charger Mount
Photo from LUKKAHH Store on Amazon

With or without a case, the latest smartphones can be fully charged by the LUKKAHH R3 Wireless Car Charger Mount rapidly. The auto-clamping mobile accessory is capable of 10W Fast Charging for the latest Samsung phones and 7.5W charging for the newest iPhones.

For other Qi-ready gadgets, charging is up to 5W. The wireless car charger isn’t only versatile in terms of compatible phones. It also attaches easily to windshields and dashboards.

Buy this wireless car charger to try it for yourself.


  • Smart clamp sensors
  • Holds 60 to 80mm-wide Android and iOS phones
  • Supports 360-degree phone rotation


4. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger
Photo from ZeeHoo Store on Amazon

Zeehoo offers something unique other auto-clamping wireless car chargers don’t have — a smart power-off delay feature. With the said upgrade, you can release your phone manually if the gadget gets left on the charger when the car engine is off. Convenient, right? Besides that, it matches its competitors thanks to 15W fast charging, 360-degree rotation, and compatibility with the latest smartphone releases.

Interested in this smart product? Check it out on Amazon!


  • Upgrades include power-off delay, supercapacitor
  • Automatic clamping mechanism
  • Windshield-, dashboard-, and table-mount accessory


5. iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Charger

iOttie Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Charger
Photo from iOttie Store on Amazon

iOttie’s Easy One Touch Qi Wireless Charger’s best-selling point is its Easy One Touch feature that makes mounting phones using one hand hassle-free. The mount is also compatible with many wireless-charging phone models.

Get this wireless charger now to experience its perks!


  • Available as a vent, dashboard, or CD slot mount
  • Easy phone mounting with Easy One Touch’s quick-open and -close one-hand operation
  • Mount’s foot allows for easy phone alignment with charging receiver
  • Compatible with most phones thanks to its Qi coil’s location
  • Mount rotation is up to 360 degrees
  • Can hold phones and 2.3- to 3.5-inch cases tightly


6. iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Mount

iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Mount
Photo from iOttie Store on Amazon

The iOttie iTap 2 Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Mount features a set of strong magnets on its charging plate. Those magnets ensure that your Qi-compatible phone is in place during wireless charging. The wireless car charger also has a placement guide and a protective film. Those are for the safe mounting of your gadget.

Get this wireless car charger today so you’ll never worry about dropping your phone while driving.


  • Available as a vent, dashboard, or CD slot mount
  • Two magnets made of rare earth materials securing phones into place
  • Separate metal plate to place magnets on
  • Alignment guide
  • Protective film with adhesive
  • Mount secured with a reusable suction cup with a layer of sticky gel


7. BASENOR Tesla Model 3 Qi Charging Dock

BASENOR Model 3 Qi Wireless Phone Charging Dock
Photo from basenor.com

The Model 3 Qi Wireless Phone Charging Dock from BASENOR is for use in Tesla Model 3s. This dock can charge up to two Qi-compatible phones. Placing the phone on the dock already starts the wireless charging process. The dock is compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and other Qi-compatible phones.

Check out this offering from BASENOR for the Model 3 and have a safer driving experience.


  • Compatible only with the Tesla Model 3s
  • Two Qi charging coils
  • Compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and other Qi-compatible phones
  • Stable even when the car is accelerating


8. ZealSound Fast Wireless Charge Slim Pad Station Dock

ZealSound Fast Wireless Charge Slim Pad Station Dock
Photo from ZealSound Store on Amazon

The ZealSound Fast Wireless Charge Slim Pad Station Dock allows for quick wireless charging. The dock consists of a single piece of silicon and is big enough to fit an iPhone, Android phone, or a Qi-compatible phone. The silicon is nonslip, so the phone and the dock do not move as the car speeds up. The wireless car charger also includes a charging coil that can power phones with cases. That component also allows for faster charging compared to other wireless car chargers.

Own this product today and charge your phone while you keep your eyes on the road.


  • Dashboard-mount charging dock
  • Made of nonslip silicon
  • Compatible with iPhones, Android phones, and other Qi-compatible phones
  • Charges twice as fast as your typical charger
  • Wireless charging for phones with cases
  • Temperature control, surge protection, and short-circuit prevention


9. Mophie Wireless Charging Vent Mount

Mophie Wireless Charging Vent Mount
Photo from Mophie Store on Amazon

The Mophie Wireless Charging Vent Mount makes wireless phone charging simple. You can install this mount on any car vent or dashboard using an adapter. The phone is then attached to the mount with easy-to-adjust grips that lock it into place.

Get this item today for hassle-free charging.


  • Fits into any car vent and dashboard via an adapter
  • Wireless charging for Qi-compatible phones up to 10W
  • Adjustable nonslip grips
  • Allows one-hand use


10. Grip All-in-1+ Wireless Charging Mount

Grip All-in-1+ Wireless Charging Mount
Photo from Grip Store on Amazon

The Grip All-in-1+ Wireless Charging Mount makes wireless charging a breeze. You can attach the mount to dashboards, windshields, air vents, and CD slots. The mount is capable of holding most Qi-compatible devices for wireless charging. It supports up to 15W wireless charging.

This product is available on Amazon right now, and it will help you focus on the road while charging.


  • Suction mount for dashboard or windshield attachment
  • Clip for air vent and CD slot attachment
  • Compatible with phones up to 3.5 inches wide and 8 inches tall
  • 15W fast wireless charging for Qi-compatible devices


11. Squish Wireless Car Charger

Squish Wireless Car Charger
Photo from Squish Store on Amazon

The Squish Wireless Car Charger offers flexibility in wireless car charging. The mount can be easily installed on dashboards using a suction cup or on vents using a holder. It can charge Qi-compatible devices fast with up to 10W power output. Its use of auto clamping allows for easy phone mounting even while you are driving.

Own this product today and experience the convenience.


  • Suction cup for dashboard installation
  • Holder for air vent installation
  • Fast charging for Qi-compatible devices
  • Up to 10W power output
  • Auto clamping


12. VANMASS Wireless Car Charger Mount

Vanmass Wireless Car Charger Mount
Photo from VANMASS Store on Amazon

The Wireless Car Charger Mount from VANMASS is an easy-to-use wireless charger. It also serves as a flexible phone mount that you can use while driving. It provides wireless charging for up to 10W power output for Qi-compatible phones. The mount has an electric automatic clamp and an adjustable bottom tray. These allow the mount to hold most phone sizes. It also supports 360-degree phone rotation.

This wireless car charger is available today!


  • Air vent mount
  • Electric motor-powered automatic clamping
  • Adjustable bottom tray
  • Compatible with phones up to 3.8 inches wide
  • Wireless charging for phones with cases up to 0.16 inches thick
  • Wireless charging with up to 10W power output


What to Consider When Buying a Wireless Car Charger?

why buy a wireless car charger
Image by Sophieja23 from Pixabay

If any of the wireless car chargers above has caught your interest, be sure to consider these factors first before making the purchase.



First, check if your phone is Qi-compatible. Most smartphones these days are compatible with the Qi wireless standards. Some older models are also Qi-compatible. These include iPhones (iPhone 8 and later) and Samsung phones (Galaxy S6 and later).

The compatibility of the power output to the phone is not an issue. This is because the necessary outputs are available on most chargers.


Size and Fit for Your Phone

Second, you should check if your phone fits your wireless car charger mount. This is necessary especially for mounts that use clamps to hold phones into place. You should also take into consideration whether your phone case will hinder the charging functions of the mount or not.


Placement in the Car

Third, decide on which part of the car you will install the mount on and make sure it will fit. This is in consideration of personal preference and comfort while driving. After deciding where to place it, get the appropriate wireless car charger mount.


How Does Wireless Charging Work?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Wireless charging transfers power from an outlet to a phone without the need for any wire. This happens through a process known as resonant inductive charging, which involves two coils. Those parts generate an electromagnetic field where an electric current will pass through.

One of those coils is a pad that transmits the electric current while the other one receives it. The current is then used to charge the battery of the receiving device. For it to work, the receiving device should be within the range of the transmitting pad.

Another need for wireless charging to work is a Qi-compatible device. There are other wireless charging standards such as Powermat. Powermat is a standard used by Starbucks in wireless phone charging. But, Qi is the mainstream standard as it is widely used by smartphone manufacturers.

Qi standard allows for wireless charging of devices up to 40mm away. It has three power output settings for wireless phone charging. Five watts is the minimum power output and is compatible with all Qi-standard devices. Meanwhile, 7.5W and 10W or higher are usually for iPhones and Samsung phones, respectively.

Wireless charging is convenient as charging cables can be a hassle. But, wireless charging is far slower than wired charging in-car. This is not ideal if you want a quick charge for your phone. But, if wireless charging during a long drive, wireless car chargers are ideal.


How to Install a Wireless Car Charger?

Wireless car chargers can be installed in two ways: using a vent clip or a dashboard mount.

You can install vent clip wireless car chargers on a car’s air vents by clipping them on the vent’s grills. Make sure that the air vent grills for installing the mount are straight. Curved or circular grills will make your phone mounting unstable.

You can install dashboard mount types on dashboards or any flat surface of your car. Some chargers make use of suction cups. You can use those features to stick wireless car charging mounts anywhere in your car. Other dashboard mount chargers make use of adhesive for mounting.


How to Charge Phones Using a Wireless Car Charger?

battery low
Image by k-images from Pixabay

Phones can be wirelessly charged by simply mounting them on a wireless charger. The coil of the wireless charger and the receiver of the phone should be as close to each other as possible.

There are other things to do aside from mounting your phone before wireless charging. These depend on the brand and specifications of the charger.

Phone cases might be a hindrance to wireless charging. This is because phone cases add distance between the transmitter and the receiver. Make sure to have a phone case that is thin enough to allow for proper wireless charging. It is also possible to just remove the phone case during wireless charging.

Other chargers would need the phone to be perfectly aligned with the coil. Make sure that you follow a charger’s guide for the proper alignment of the phone. It is also recommended that you know where the coils are on your wireless charger and your phone.

Moreover, it’s ideal not to use the phone to access apps or find directions while charging. This may result in the phone draining more power than actually gaining it.

Note that you should connect the wireless car charger itself to a power source using a cord. You should make sure of this while doing wireless charging.


How to Maintain and Fix a Wireless Car Charger?

Wireless car chargers are simple accessories. This means that they only need minimal maintenance. You can maintain their charging capabilities with proper use. Some wireless car chargers have lights, which show whether the charger is working properly.

There are no fixes when wireless car chargers are no longer able to charge. The next best step is buying a new wireless car charger once it breaks. This is because the only breakable part of a wireless car charger is its coil, and getting it repaired or replaced is more costly than getting a new wireless car charger.

Also, note that what is usually thought of as issues with the wireless car charger are usually not issues at all. It may be the result of improper use of the charger. Check if you are following the instructions for the use of the wireless car charger. Also, confirm that there are no issues with your phone or your phone case before doing a wireless charge.


Have a Safe Trip With the Best Wireless Car Charger

The best wireless car charger definitely helps lessen your driving distractions. You only have to pick the right product that addresses all your needs while on the road and fits your gadget. And keep in mind all the road rules drivers have to follow to ensure a safe trip.