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Having a cell phone tripod makes taking selfies, groupfies, or streaming movies with ease. You don’t have to worry about how to place your phone on a flat surface, or if your phone’s going to fall when taking a photo. Phone tripods will help keep your phone in place and won’t make you worry about it suddenly falling off. We’ve got the best and latest cell phone tripods for vloggers and selfie enthusiasts here. You’re sure to get the one that’s right for you.


Most Affordable Cell Phone Tripod: Acuvar Tripod with Wireless Remote

Acuvar Tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


One of the most affordable tripods for your phone is the Acuvar Tripod with Wireless Remote. Ranging for about $10 to $16 on Amazon, this tripod won’t burn a hole in your pocket. It even comes with a wireless remote that’s compatible with both iOS and Android phones. Bundles with a carrying case, it’s a truly great value tripod kit you should consider.


DIGIANT Aluminum Tripod

Photo taken from Amazon


DIGIANT has a durable aluminum build like most good quality tripods. It can extend up to 50′, so you can get chest-level portraits easily. You can definitely bring it everywhere since it can fold into something pocketable! The padded grips help in holding on to most surfaces. Its price range is from $13 to $18 which isn’t a bad deal considering the build quality and features. For a good quality tripod, check out the DIGIANT Tripod.


UBeesize Portable Tripod

Ubeesize Cell Phone Tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


The Ubeesize tripod is a great option for those who like flexibility. You can make it stand on any surface and hold your phone securely. The mount is also grippy to keep your phone place. It even includes a wireless remote with a 30-foot range. The metal legs make the tripod very sturdy and strong. It’s small enough for you to bring everywhere. It costs between $13 to $18 on Amazon.


Most Flexible Cell Phone Tripod: JOBY Gorillapod Ballhead Tripod

JOBY tripod with rubber grip joints
Photo taken from Amazon


The JOBY tripod has grippy rubber joints that allow you to place it anywhere. It’s very compact so you can bring it everywhere without having to take too much space in your bag. You can bend the legs and wrap it around anywhere to take the best selfie or groupie.


ChargerCity MegaGrab2

ChargerCity MegaGrab2
Photo taken from Amazon


The legs of ChargerCity MegaGrab2 comes with shock-proof padding. You can turn it around to a full 360-degree without having to move the legs with a full-turn swivel function. It also includes a wireless remote with a 25-meter range, so you don’t need to use a self-timer.


LOHA Flexible Tripod

Loha Flexible tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


The Loha Flexible tripod has a lifetime warranty, so you’re getting your money’s worth. It’s small enough to slip inside your pocket. You can bring it anywhere to take photos of yourself or with friends. The top plate of the mount has a very good grip, so it’s sure to hold your smartphone in place. It’s a great small tripod for selfie enthusiasts and vloggers.


Most Sturdy Cell Phone Tripod: Square Jellyfish Jelly Grip Tripod

Square jellyfish tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


Weighing in at 2.6 ounces, the Square jellyfish tripod is one of the lightest and smallest tripods out there. It’s completely foldable so you can just pop it in your bag and go on your day without even noticing you have it with you. The mount is completely adjustable to any angle, so taking photos or watching videos will be a breeze! It’s sturdy and reliable, and the legs have a very grippy rubber material to make sure that it stays in place.


Fotopro Waterproof Tripod

Fotopro tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


The Fotopro tripod is completely waterproof and durable. You can put it through any weather and adventure and it would still be functional. The legs are fully adjustable so you can get any angle you want. You can bend or twist the legs as much as you want and it will remain sturdy on any surface. For a durable choice, check out the Fotopro Waterproof Tripod.


Ravelli Lightweight Aluminum Tripod

Ravelli Cell Phone Tripod
Photo taken from Amazon


Ravelli is one of the few crossover tripods that includes a cell phone mount. This sturdy tripod is made from durable aluminum and has a pan and tilt feature that can make your smartphone a stabilizer.  The legs are extendable up to 61″ which is great for experimenting with angles. It even comes with a carrying case so you can lug it around everywhere.


Overall Winner: Ubeesize Portable Tripod

The Ubeesize portable tripod is great for first-time buyers and camera enthusiasts alike. Its legs are very sturdy and grippy so it will definitely stay in place while you take photos or videos. It’s affordable and available on Amazon for $13 to $18 only and that’s a great value for a truly high-quality tripod. You can adjust it to your liking to get your desired angle. It even includes a wireless remote. For a price floor of $18, you’re really getting the best value for your money.


Phone Mounts for Your Tripod

Not all tripods come with their own phone mount. Most phone mounts sold separately are universal and compatible with all smartphones. We’ve also picked the best phone mounts (or holders) for you to use with your tripod.


RetiCAM Tripod Mount

Reticam mount
Photo taken from Amazon


This durable metal mount is sturdy so it’s sure to last you a long time. The clamp has rubber padding inside to keep your phone secure and protect it from impact. You can screw the bottom to any tripod.


Glif Tripod Mount

Glif Tripod Mount
Photo taken from Amazon


The Glif tripod Mount is one of the most universal mounts around. It’s made to fit any smartphone easily and securely. You can be sure that your phone stays in place while mounted on your tripod. Both of its ends have a 1/4 inch screw mount, so you can attach it to your tripod either way.



Shoulderpod1 phone mount
Photo taken from Amazon


You can use the Shoulderpod1 phone mount on its own with an included strap. You can use it to watch videos or take photos without worrying about dropping your phone. It can fit any smartphone by adjusting the dial. It also has a rubber lining to reduce damage or scratches on your phone while clamped. 


Why do people use cell phone tripods?

Watching videos

Having to hold your phone while watching videos can get taxing after a long time. It’s not a hard job, but you want to watch to relax, so why have to work for it, right? Having a tripod to hold your phone at the most comfortable viewing angle is very handy. And you won’t even need to worry about it slipping off of a book or wall and having to re-adjust the angle. A tripod will hold your phone in place.



If you’re vlogging about your day or doing reviews or hauls, it’s good to have your phone steady. You won’t need to constantly re-adjust your phone angle. And there’s no need to worry that you may have to cut and edit a video just because your phone suddenly slid off. Also, in low lighting, it’s good to keep your phone steady to avoid blurry shots.


Selfies or groupfies

Why buy a cell phone tripod
Photo by Martin Lopez via Pexels


No cameraman? No problem! All you need is to set a timer or wireless remote and you can take photos of yourself or with friends easily. Tripods are holders for cameras, basically. So just get your preferred angle and take a photo.


The difference between a phone tripod and a camera tripod

Phone tripods are basically three-legged stands that hold your phone in place. It can adjust to an angle or height of your preference. The biggest difference of a phone tripod to a camera tripod is weight and size. Camera tripods usually weigh more and are bigger than phone tripods. But you can always just use your camera tripod for your phone, all you need is a phone holder or mount.


Different kinds of tripods

Traditional tripods

Traditional tripods are compatible with phones, given the right mount or holder. This kind of tripod is usually bigger and bulkier but gives the best and most stabilized images. It’s recommended for people who want to take photos or vlogs at events. Having a flat surface to place the tripod to take great photos.


Bendable tripods

Bendable tripods make it easier for you to place your phone on a tree branch or an uneven surface. You can capture group photos without someone behind your camera phone, just set the timer. 

This kind of tripod is best for people traveling and going on adventures. No need to worry about finding a flat surface for it since it’s completely adjustable. Every joint is bendable giving you complete freedom to get the best position.


Tabletop tripods

Tabletop tripods are the smallest of all the different cell phone tripods. As its name suggests, you can place these tripods on top of a table. This kind of tripod is great for people who want a stand for the phone as they stream videos. 

It can also be for vloggers who want a holder for their phone as they do a review or ramble about topics. And if you want to take photos with your friends in the office or small gatherings, then this is the tripod for you. It’s small and easy to pop in your bag.


Cell Phone Tripod Buying Guide

Choosing A Cell Phone Tripod: A Buying Guide
Photo by Pexels via Pixabay



Always make sure that your phone is compatible with your tripod. Most cell phone tripods have an adjustable mount that can fit almost any smartphone. But in case you want to use a camera tripod as your phone tripod, then you can get a phone mount. 

A phone mount is an adjustable holder for your phone that has a base with a screw-type mechanism. The base of the mount will make it compatible with any camera tripod. Then, all you need to do is place your phone on the mount and attach it to the tripod. 

There are some tripods that include a wireless remote. The majority of wireless remotes are compatible with most smartphones. Make sure to read the description on the wireless remote to ensure that your phone can work with it.


Portability and storage

If you’re planning to bring your tripod with you everywhere you go, then go for a portable option. Tripods are usually foldable but can also be heavy. It’s always a good idea to check if your tripod is easy-to-carry and travel-friendly. 

After each use, keep your tripod in its carrying case or a bag that will protect it from dust. Make sure that it’s completely dry before storing to prevent it from rusting.


How to maintain your cell phone tripod?

Cell phone tripods don’t require much maintenance. if you don’t expose it to many outside elements, then there’s really no need to worry. But if you do use your tripod in extreme environments or in water, then you will need to make sure you dry it completely. 

Storing your tripod with moist will make rust and deteriorate fast. Always wipe off all moisture from the legs and base before keeping placing it back in its carrying case.


Cleaning your tripod and using a lubricating compound

Every now and then, it’s good to give your tripod a thorough cleaning. You will need to disassemble it and wipe off all the dirt and grime. To do this, just gently twist off each thread to disassemble your tripod and pull off the legs. Use a soft cleaning cloth to wipe it all off. Then, use a bit of lubricating compound on all the threads of the legs. The lubricating compound will keep your tripod free from rust for smooth adjustments.



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