Best Suunto Watches Fitness Buffs Should Have

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Suunto 9 Baro

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The most active people in the world know Suunto watches are among the best fitness watches to get. That is because Suunto produces rugged smartwatches that are truly sturdy and powered by batteries that last multiple marathons. With the market getting competitive nowadays, delivering the best fitness smartwatches is how Suunto continues to thrive as a brand.

While a Suunto timepiece may not have the same regard as Fitbit watches or Garmin watches, it certainly is still popular. There is indeed a dedicated and loyal following in the market today. If you are not yet one of the patrons and still unconvinced about getting a watch from the said brand, we suggest going over some of the best Suunto watches we’ve featured here.

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8 Best Suunto Watches to Buy

In this buying guide, we review the best Suunto watches that you can try during your gym time or any active outdoor activity. In the end, we’ll let you decide whether these timepieces are worth adding to your bucket list or not.

1. Suunto 9 Baro 6. Suunto D4F Dive Watch
2. Suunto 9 Peak 7. Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Watch
3. Suunto 7 Watch 8. Suunto Eon Core Dive Watch
4. Suunto 5 Lightweight Watch
5. Suunto Core Watch


Making it as the top premium pick is the Suunto 9 Baro titanium watch. This exceptional product is suitable for multisport use. Backpackers, for example, appreciate its best-selling point – the GPS feature that won’t let you get lost outdoors.

In terms of the build, the watch’s exterior is sturdy and bulky. The frame is finished with glass fiber-reinforced polyamide while the bezel is in stainless steel. That shows Suunto is uncompromising when it comes to durability in watches. Moreover, the Suunto 9 Baro watch is also one of the most reliable waterproof smartwatches you can get from the market today. It can withstand water up to 100m.

With all that said, this titanium premium watch leans toward the pricey side of things. Additionally, it lacks some miscellaneous elements, such as music storage, that fitness buffs would often look for in a watch. But given its superb look, the lack of the said feature can easily be brushed off. Simply put, this Suunto watch is a decent option for a fitness smartwatch.


The Suunto 9 Peak is essentially an upgraded Suunto 9 Baro and the company’s flagship wearable for 2021. In comparison with the Baro titanium watch, the Suunto 9 Peak watch is slimmer by 10.6mm. That dimension makes it more comfortable to the wrist. Although slim and toned down in looks, the timepiece is still durable thanks to its sapphire lens finish.

The Suunto 9 Peak watch also has a slew of other notable features. Among those that will impress you is its upgraded battery that lasts longer depending on the use of the GPS feature. Suunto says the watch would run 170 and 25 hours on GPS tour and high-accuracy GPS tracking modes, respectively. In general use, the watch can last up to two weeks before it will require recharging. That feature alone is perfect for when you are fond of long trekking on weekends or intend to use a fitness watch as your everyday timepiece.

However, we would have been 100 percent on board with this Suunto watch if only the company somehow was able to put music storage and online payment features – things that are also missing from the Baro watch. Nonetheless, this watch is a win for Suunto and its fleet of fitness smartwatches.


The Suunto 7 watch is a dilemma for many wearable enthusiasts. That is because the watch is pricey and overhyped as a smartwatch (but not as pricey as its other newer siblings) yet its design leans toward how everyday watches look. That is why many people looking into this Suunto 7 watch can’t help but compare it with direct competitors Apple Watch and Garmin Venu. Nonetheless, this specific Suunto watch does not come unprepared for its matchups in terms of functionality.

Among the many features that a fitness buff would appreciate out of the Suunto 7 watch include its sharp display and smart functionality, a heart rate sensor, built-in GPS feature, offline maps feature, and running/cycling heatmaps. Not to mention, it’s running on Wear OS.

To new users, the watch may come off as overwhelming due to the combined touchscreen and push-button controls. However, that can easily be worked on once you get the hang of this fitness watch.

The Suunto 7 watch is often seen as a fitness watch on steroids and can easily go head-to-head with its direct competition also because of the powerful battery under its hood.


If the first three Suunto watches we have featured are pricey for your taste, consider the lightweight and casual-looking fitness Suunto 5 watch.

Despite being one of the oldest Suunto watches in the market today, the Suunto 5 watch is not a poor excuse for a wearable. The timepiece packs many features that fitness buffs will appreciate. Most of those functions are dedicated to fitness and training. Features include tracking for 80 sports notes, fitness metrics, a host of workout recovery notes, a heart rate monitor, and GPS that does not consume too much power.

We mentioned this watch can easily pass for a casual everyday watch. That is mainly because the display is smaller compared to its siblings. Some buyers might not appreciate the dimensions, though. It’s certainly not the ideal display one would hope for a fitness tracker. Nonetheless, this remains a good alternative fitness watch from Suunto.


The Suunto Core watch is a perfect sports watch or wearable for those who love to run and be active most days of the week. Not only is it lightweight, but it also packs some of the best functionalities one could hope for in a fitness watch.

The watch has five push buttons dedicated to controlling functions, including the altimeter and barometer, compass, and time. More importantly, the timepiece leans toward the budget smartwatch category.

If you rely on GPS features most of the time, you will find the Suunto Core accurate in terms of tracking because of the altimetry technology it carries. The altimeter reader in the Suunto Core is highly capable of measuring pressure and not coordinates, making it perfect for any outdoor activity. The said technology is arguably better than GPS tracking because it continues to work in areas where GPS satellites no longer function.

However, we think the Suunto Core will most likely appeal to many smartwatch enthusiasts because it has a habit of recording a user’s altitude gains and losses. Also, it can display information in a graph for better data interpretation.


Suunto watches are not just for use on land. The company behind them has also been producing watches that are intended for deep- and scuba diving.

One of those models is the Suunto D4F Dive Watch, a timepiece seen by many as the perfect entry watch for anyone who is on a budget or new to freediving. The watch features a stainless steel body, mineral crystal glass material, composite case, and elastomer strap. It weighs 86 grams and can be submerged in up to 100m water.

Some of the wearable’s features that are perfect for freediving are an apnea timer, programmable backlight, and configurable sample rate. There are also five depth notification settings, matched by master “alarm” settings for depth and time.

When used for about a hundred diving cycles, the battery of the D4F Dive Watch can last up to 1.5 years. In general, the watch can last up to two years before it requires repairs or wears off.


Another Suunto watch that is a perfect entry point in the dive watch category is the Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Watch.

The Zoop Novo highlights durability, ease of use, and reliability. The timepiece’s features are easy to navigate thanks to the four push buttons on the sides. Furthermore, the watch offers Air, Nitrox, and Gauge modes that are essential when freediving. On top of that, the watch comes with a reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM) technology that helps in calculations.

The exterior of the watch is what makes it durable and sturdy, withstanding even the harshest of environments and being used 80m underwater. The body and display adopt composite exterior and acrylic glass materials. Moreover, the watch can last up to 1.5 years if used for about 100 dives or two years if worn less frequently.


To complete our list, we’re showcasing one more contender to becoming the best Suunto dive watch in the market: the Suunto Eon Core. The look of this dive watch might be intimidating to some people, but many users say they were able to adapt to the wearable in less than 60 seconds.

This featured watch measures 5×3.8cm, having a 320×240 resolution display where vital and basic diving information is shown. Data outputs have a bright and readable backlight.

In terms of battery specifications, the wearable takes almost five hours to charge when completely drained of juice. However, the device can be used in different durations: 14 hours when the brightness is turned all the way up, 19 hours when used in default mode, and 27 hours when the brightness is turned all the way down.

This Suunto Eon Core is not marketed as a watch for anyone starting to venture into diving. Instead, it is highlighted to be perfect for the most active divers in the world.

Which Suunto Watches Should You Choose?

Before buying any of these Suunto watches, make sure you know why you need one and what the brand is all about. Knowing those things is essential because those can affect your satisfaction with the products.

Let’s keep your purchasing reasons in check first. Are you the most active person you know? If yes, Suunto has a fleet of watches perfect for long treks, marathons, or gym hours. Those watches have the features you could wish for in a fitness tracking wearable. Moreover, the products can even help you read your fitness data in a comprehensive graph. Premium picks suitable for you, in this case, are Suunto 9 Baro and Peak. But if you are on a budget and want the same features, you can opt to buy older releases like the Suunto 7 and Suunto 5 watches.

If you are one of those active people whose recreational activities are out of the normal realms, you can check out Suunto’s other fleet of watches. For example, the brand’s dive watches you can use during extreme underwater adventures. The beauty about those is that there are two types: entry and professional level. That is to ensure you get a wearable suitable for your specific needs.

Now let’s wrap up the brand profile for you. Suunto is performing well in the wearable market, particularly in the midrange to high-end segment. Yes, the brand itself is expensive and there are definitely alternatives that are sold at lower prices. However, Suunto is already known for the features one can hope to find in a fitness tracker wearable. Plus, the company backs that up by producing durable and reliable devices. That speaks volumes about the quality you get for the price, so go ahead and pick from our list the best Suunto watches for you.