The Best Phone Grips That You Can Buy Today: A Buying Guide

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Popsockets Swappable Popgrips

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Spigen Style Ring

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Lazy-Hands 2-Loop

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When buying something, you want to ensure that it lasts long enough for you to get your money’s worth on it. This is true in most products, but especially in things that cost a lot of money to buy. Smartphones are one of those things, and it’s made necessary because of what it offers. The ability to call and text anyone, surf the internet, play games, are just a drop in what it’s capable of. This understandably makes it terrible when it falls off your hands because of slips and breaks. This is where mobile device stands and phone grip models come to play.


Best Phone Grips Today

Exactly what it says on the tin. This phone grip allows you to swap the pop socket, allowing you to grip your phone. Not only that, but its design is a good statement on your particular style. Which is easily changed by popping off the pop socket as stated above. It’s availability, and a wide range of customizable looks makes it a popular choice amongst smartphone users.

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This is one that fits quite a bit into its pouch (literally). Not only is it a grip for your phone, but it’s also a wallet. Allowing you to store your cash, credit cards, and ID’s in a place that’s ALWAYS in your hand. It’s convenient, it’s stylish, and it’s also cheap.

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Crafted from a strong zinc alloy and completely flat when not in use. The FitFort Ring Holder is for those who wish for class and comfort. Its streamlined design belies a strength that you wouldn’t expect from such a small grip. It comes in silver, black and rose gold and has a 360-degree swivel to cater to different grips.

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For those who wish to still stick your phone into places but keep the slim look. The Cat Tongue non-slip maintains the sleek look of your smartphone yet allows you to stick it in any vertical surface using an ultra-strong adhesive.

Couple that with funky designs and it’s quite an endearing piece. The only hiccup is the fact that there’s nothing to help you grip it in your hand. The cover itself IS soft though, so that’s a plus.

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The Monet MN17 is a durable and slick phone grip to use. Also, it doubles as a wallet just like the B-Grip Pouch. A definite minus in the design though is the fact that it interferes with wireless charging. But if you’re not using that capability, then there’s no problem.

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A sturdy phone grip that also functions to position your phone well in any area. The B-Land is very well made and can handle any rugged usage. There’s also an air vent clip that allows you to clip it to the air vent of your car. Which is a cool addition as well. 

The bulky format and limited color options might turn off some buyers. 

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A choice for those who wish for durability in their grips. The TFY Sec. The strap is both durable and functional. Its metal brackets clamp to the upper and lower parts of your phone. Allowing you a secure grip that you can slip your entire hand into. It’s a slick addition to your smartphone and you can check it out on Amazon today.

The LoveHandle Universal is nice for those who find themselves multitasking. This is because you can easily flip your device to the back of your hand and still hold it. Enjoy your phone’s features by checking out this product on Amazon today.

The original Spigen phone grip’s been one to swear by for years. It’s durable and easy to apply. (and easy to swap between cases 3-4 times before it starts losing its stick). The flat edge is also perfect as a kickstand. If it could lay flat, it’d be perfect.

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The FlyGrip Gravity accommodates your hand’s natural posture. It also doubles as a kickstand that works in portrait and landscape modes. It has been tested with dozens of different devices to ensure a comfortable hold on all of them. 

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If you need a secure way to hang onto your phone without any bells and whistles, then you’ll appreciate the no-frills Lazy-Hands 2-Loop phone grip. This soft and stretchy handcrafted option is exceedingly comfortable, and it installs and removes in seconds via a Velcro tab.

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Speck’s phone grip is the size of a credit card, comes in dozens upon dozens of styles, and is easy to keep a precise grip on. Best of all, since the grip is wide and flat, your phone won’t wobble around your desk the way it might with other phone grips.

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This stretchy silicone grip allows you to attach your phone to a lanyard, which can be useful for younger users who might tend to drop their phones or leave it behind. This is for the people who are clumsy with their phones.


What are Phone Grips?

Phone grips are exactly what it says on the tin. It allows you to keep a grip on your phone no matter what. This is usually done by attaching it to the back of your phone and putting the grip between a finger or two. This allows you to keep a grip on your smartphone even when you have your palm open. Pretty useful stuff.

As always though, not all grips are created equal which you can see in the grips that we’ll show you right now. These grips may come in any form and will have their pros and cons. But they’re some of the best phone grips currently out there.