Huawei’s AI Life App Experience Is Messy, And It’s A Shame

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Huawei’s AI Life app has quickly become a popular choice for those who use Huawei smartphones. With its promise of streamlining various aspects of our digital lives through artificial intelligence, many users were excited to try out this app. However, the experience has been far from smooth for many, leaving users feeling frustrated and disappointed. It’s a shame because the concept behind the AI Life app is promising, but the execution falls short. In this article, we will delve into the messy experience of using Huawei’s AI Life app, exploring the flaws, limitations, and missed opportunities. Whether you are a current user or considering downloading the app, read on to discover the problems you may encounter and how Huawei can improve the AI Life app to live up to its potential.

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Huawei’s AI Life App Experience is Messy

When it comes to managing smart devices, having a reliable and user-friendly mobile app is crucial. This is where Huawei’s AI Life App comes into play. Designed to control and connect Huawei smart products, the app promises convenience and seamless integration. However, the reality falls short of expectations, as the AI Life App experience is nothing short of messy.

One of the main issues with the app is its lackluster user interface. Upon launching the app, users are greeted with a cluttered and confusing layout. The navigation menus are cramped and disorganized, making it difficult to find specific features or settings. This can be frustrating, especially for users who are new to the app and are looking for an intuitive and streamlined experience.

Furthermore, the AI Life App’s performance is inconsistent at best. Users have reported frequent crashes, slow loading times, and unresponsive controls. This not only hampers the overall usability of the app, but it also undermines the reliability and effectiveness of managing smart devices. Imagine trying to dim the lights or adjust the temperature, only to have the app freeze or crash repeatedly.

Another major drawback of the AI Life App is its limited compatibility with smart devices. While the app is primarily designed for Huawei products, it lacks extensive support for third-party devices. This means that if you have a mix of brands in your smart home setup, you may find yourself unable to control all of your devices through the app. This not only defeats the purpose of having a centralized control hub but also limits the flexibility and convenience that a smart home should provide.

Lackluster User Interface

One of the major pain points when using Huawei’s AI Life app is its lackluster user interface. The app fails to provide a smooth and intuitive experience, leaving users frustrated and confused. The design is cluttered and poorly organized, making it difficult to navigate through the various features and settings.

The lack of a cohesive design language is evident in the inconsistent use of icons, color schemes, and typography. This adds to the overall confusion and makes it challenging for users to quickly find what they are looking for. The unintuitive layout and confusing menu structure can make even simple tasks feel like a labyrinth.

Furthermore, the app is plagued with slow loading times and unresponsive controls. Simple actions like tapping on a button or opening a menu can result in frustrating delays and lag. This not only hampers the user experience but also gives the impression of an app that is poorly optimized and lacks attention to detail.

In addition, the lackluster user interface also extends to the customization options. The app fails to offer enough personalization choices, limiting the user’s ability to tailor the app’s appearance to their liking. This can be a disappointing experience for users who value aesthetics and want to make their app usage more visually appealing.

Inconsistent Performance

The inconsistent performance of Huawei’s AI Life app can be a major frustration for users. While the app promises seamless integration and control over smart devices, it often falls short in delivering a smooth and reliable experience.

One of the main issues with the app’s performance is its tendency to lag and freeze. This can be particularly frustrating when trying to control smart devices in real-time or when navigating through the app’s various features and settings. The lagging and freezing can significantly impact the overall user experience and make it difficult to efficiently manage connected devices.

Another aspect of the inconsistent performance is the app’s occasional crashes. Users have reported instances where the AI Life app suddenly crashes, forcing them to relaunch it and start all over again. This not only disrupts the user’s workflow but also raises concerns about the stability and reliability of the app.

In addition to the performance issues, some users have also experienced connectivity problems with the AI Life app. Devices may occasionally fail to connect or become disconnected, making it challenging to control and manage them effectively. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to automate tasks or create personalized routines with smart devices.

It is worth noting that the inconsistent performance of the AI Life app may vary depending on the user’s device and operating system. Some users may experience smoother performance on certain Huawei devices, while others may face more significant challenges on older or less powerful devices.

Overall, the inconsistent performance of Huawei’s AI Life app is an unfortunate drawback to an otherwise promising platform. It hampers the user experience, making it difficult to fully enjoy the convenience and capabilities of smart devices. Huawei should focus on optimizing the app’s performance and addressing these issues to provide a more seamless and satisfying user experience.

Limited Compatibility with Smart Devices

One of the main issues with Huawei’s AI Life app is its limited compatibility with smart devices. While the app offers a range of features and control options, it often falls short when it comes to connecting with other brand’s smart devices.

For users who have invested in a variety of smart devices from different manufacturers, this limitation can be frustrating. The AI Life app may not be able to recognize or connect with these devices, rendering certain features or controls useless.

Additionally, even with Huawei’s own smart devices, compatibility can be hit or miss. Some users have reported issues with the app not being able to connect or control certain Huawei devices effectively.

This lack of compatibility can greatly hinder the overall experience of using the AI Life app. Users may find themselves unable to fully utilize the app’s potential due to the limited range of devices it supports.

It is crucial for any smart device ecosystem to have seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices from various manufacturers. This allows users to create a truly integrated and interconnected smart home experience.

Unfortunately, the limited compatibility of Huawei’s AI Life app restricts users from fully leveraging the app’s capabilities and enjoying a truly connected smart home environment.


Overall, the Huawei AI Life app has proven to be a disappointing experience. While it promises to bring convenience and integration to Huawei devices, it falls short in several key areas. The cluttered interface, lack of intuitive navigation, and inconsistent performance dampen the overall user experience.

Despite its shortcomings, the Huawei AI Life app does offer some valuable features and functionality. The ability to control various Huawei devices from a single app is a convenient concept, and when it works, it can streamline daily tasks and enhance the connectivity of your devices.

However, the app’s messy execution and slower performance overshadow its potential benefits. Huawei must address the issues we have discussed and prioritize user feedback to improve the app’s functionality and reliability.

In conclusion, while the Huawei AI Life app has the potential to streamline your Huawei devices and enhance your daily life, the current execution falls short. It’s a shame that such a promising concept has been marred by a messy user experience. Hopefully, Huawei will take the necessary steps to optimize the app and provide users with a more seamless and enjoyable way to manage their devices.


1. What is the AI Life app?

The AI Life app is a mobile application developed by Huawei that offers a wide range of smart features and functionalities for users of Huawei devices. It serves as a centralized hub for managing various smart devices, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other smart home devices.

2. What can I do with the AI Life app?

With the AI Life app, you can control and manage your Huawei devices seamlessly. You can perform tasks such as connecting to your device, accessing settings, configuring personalized preferences, managing notifications, and even controlling other smart home devices that are compatible with Huawei’s ecosystem.

3. Is the AI Life app available for all Huawei devices?

Yes, the AI Life app is designed to be compatible with all Huawei devices. Whether you own a Huawei smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, or any other Huawei device, you can download and install the AI Life app from the respective app store for your device’s operating system.

4. Can I use the AI Life app with non-Huawei devices?

While the AI Life app is primarily developed for Huawei devices, it may have limited functionality or compatibility with non-Huawei devices. It is recommended to check the official app description or consult Huawei’s support channels to ensure compatibility before attempting to use the AI Life app with non-Huawei devices.

5. Is the AI Life app user-friendly?

The user-friendliness of the AI Life app can vary depending on personal preferences and familiarity with similar apps. Some users may find the app easy to navigate and highly functional, while others may experience challenges or find it less intuitive. It is advisable to explore the app’s features, settings, and documentation to make the most of its capabilities.