Is the Etsy App the Best When it Comes to Online Shopping? 

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For sellers worldwide, creating an online presence has become the best way to raise awareness of their business and products. What better way than to sell but through an online platform? As technology became more sophisticated and smartphones were introduced, selling products and services online became more lucrative. E-commerce companies that launched websites where individual sellers could hawk their wares started developing apps too. Long-existing websites like Etsy joined in, and now sellers and buyers experience more convenience and fun using the Etsy app.

Etsy has long established a name for itself as the go-to venue for vintage items, handcrafted products, art, and many more.


What is Etsy?

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How It All Started

Etsy has always been described as an e-commerce website.

Esty began with the idea of having an online platform for crafters to sell their products. By 2007, Etsy had almost 500,000 registered sellers who reached about $26 million in sales. It was growing and the idea was working effectively. Because selling on Etsy was doing so well, investors took note, and the company received more than $3 million in funding. It seemed a great venture, and there were high hopes for this company that wanted people to sell anything and everything quirky and finely crafted.

If you look into the Etsy app, you will find yourself in a world filled with such marvelous products and know that your art-appreciating soul has found a shopping home.

Dissension occurred, and some of the founders left the company leaving Kalin to handle the reins.

Despite inevitable setbacks, Etsy grew and changed its “terms of service.” Now, you can sell not just handmade works but also manufactured ones. There may have been a little resistance from the crafters, but they could not deny the drawing power of Etsy. Sales increased year by year, and by 2015, the company boasted 54 million members.


What Does Etsy Offer?

If you were to visit Etsy in the years before developing the Etsy fashion app, you would have found many individuals selling exquisite handmade items, artists, and sellers who wanted to sell one-of-a-kind items. Artists who focused on photography sold their prints, and crafters sold everything from hand-beaded bags and jewelry to clothing.

For those who love everything handmade, unique, and vintage, Etsy was the place to look. Etsy became known as an online store that sold anything handmade, craft supplies, and vintage. A lot of items or products fall under these categories. These items could be home décor, tools, toys, and more. It was like one big craft fair and was exactly what the free-spirited needed.

Now, it still is known as that but some standards have to be met. For example, vintage items have to be about 20 years old.

Etsy’s move to become more corporate has had its advantages. It had championed small business owners and crafters, so the company retained most of its ideals.

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How To Get The Etsy App And Signing Up

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If you’re interested either in selling or buying, the recommendation is to get an Etsy app.

Apps are remarkable advances in technology, and for all gadget-wielders, it is the best thing invented yet. You can buy wherever you are, or you can monitor your little business anytime and anywhere.


Step by Step Instructions

The Etsy app is not that hard to download.

If you start searching online, you may find yourself a little confused with all the kinds of Esty apps available.

If you have an iPhone, download the Etsy app on the Apple App Store. Alternatively, if you are using an Android-run phone, download the app on Google Play. Alternatively, you can also download the app from the official website.

This Etsy app review will help you by demonstrating how to do it on Android devices.

For Android users

Selling app for Android

For iOS users

Selling app for iOS


Installing The Etsy App

Search Etsy App on Google Play, then click on install. Once it has completely installed, you will see the open button light up in green.


Open The Esty App

When you click on open, you will see a little notification telling you that Etsy is available on dark mode.

The dark mode is this new design feature where your background is not white but black.

Another button there asks you to Get Started. Click on this to start up your registration.


Getting Started On The Etsy App

To sign in, the Esty app will ask for your email address or a username. All of these are on one page, and all you have to do is click on register.

You may continue with Google or Facebook. Once done, you will be brought to the Etsy homepage. Then, you can then browse what’s available in the market. You will find categories such as Personalized Gifts, Storage & Organization, and many more.



What does the Sell on Etsy App need? Simple, your email or username and password; that is if you are an existing member.

Also, you’ll have the option to select the Don’t have a Shop button. When you click on this, you will be directed to a home page where you sign in to continue and provide your email address and enter with your password.

You can start editing your profile. Click on Edit profile and get started. Make sure to add a photograph to let people know who you are. You can also write a short bio.

You will need to tweak your settings if you want to sell on Etsy. Select your shop language, your location (country), and the currency you prefer. When you decide to sell on the Etsy app, you should be able to present yourself as a legitimate seller. You do this by uploading photos of your logo. It is also best to have a banner to welcome shoppers to your account.

To get in touch even more with your buyers, tell them something about it. You can write this down on your shop’s bio, explaining what you have to offer and telling a story of how you started.

Before you start selling, you should come up with your store policies. Outline how buyers can order from you, how you would like to get paid, how you ship, and all other purchasing details.

Esty recommends purchasing USPS shipping labels.

To sell on Etsy, you will need to provide more information such as stating if you are a part-time seller or a full-time one. Other information you will need to provide is how you want to be paid.


Accepted Payment Methods

If you live in the United States, you can choose Etsy Payments. You will have to enroll in this, and you can start the process by proceeding to Shop Manager and clicking on Finances.

If the country where you are selling from is not eligible, you can opt to pay through Paypal.


Etsy App Features and How To Use Them

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The Etsy app is said to be updated to make the shopping experience more satisfying than before.

On the Etsy app homepage, you will find three tabs. These are the following: Recommended, Etsy Picks, and Your Activity.


The Recommended Tab

By clicking on the Recommended tab, you get to see featured items and shops. When you regularly use the Etsy app, what you will be shown is based on your shopping history. This feature makes the shopping experience easier over time since it will be based on your preferences.


The Etsy Picks Tab

If you are looking for trending products or products that stand out in their category, this is where you do your search. What is presented are also curated items that will help you keep track of what is more popular at the moment.


Quick Sale Feature

When you start selling on the Etsy app, you can make things easier by using the Quick Sale feature. Because Etsy updates your shop’s inventory, this feature helps you list an item for sale along with its price by entering the same.


Reviews Feature

When you are shopping on Etsy, you can look through reviews. Before you add something to your basket, you can read the reviews first. There are ratings given by other buyers, as well as testimonies regarding the product.


How To Buy Items

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Buying with the Etsy app is like buying with the other apps. You can find what you need by scrolling down and finding the category you most likely would find your item in. When you’re good to go, just press the Add To Basket button.

You can continue shopping if you want and proceed to add more items to your basket. You can also press the Buy It Now button if you want a single transaction.

If you are done adding items to your basket, you can view the item you want to purchase. There are more options at this point. You can give the item as a gift, save it for later, or remove it. You can also apply coupon codes.

The usual finalizing of your purchase happens. You choose where the item is to be delivered, which mode of payment your will use, and then check out.

It is all fast and easy on the Etsy app.


How To Sell Items

Selling on the Etsy app is made better with the Etsy Credit Card Reader. This is available on the Sell on Esty app. You can order this from Etsy for free and use it to process credit cards like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discovery. Etsy does charge 2.75% for each swipe, and there are other fees.

Before you start selling on the Etsy app, make sure that it is updated. Do not forget to set it up so that you can accept Etsy payments.

If you are a first-timer with Esty, accept the Terms and of Use so you can enable more features.

Once you know you are good to go with your Etsy app, click on the More button. After that, click on the In-Person Sales portion. Click on Sales Tax followed by the Add Sales Tax button.

You need to add the descriptive name for your state’s tax rate under the Name option. Enter the Tax Rate option and the desired date, then click on Done.


How To Pay

For most countries, the preferred payment is through Paypal. You can create a Paypal account if you are over 18 years of age. This account can also be used with other online shops.

The seller chooses what payment options she or he prefers. You may be able to pay with your credit card if the seller has availed of this feature.


How To Receive Payments


As a seller, you can get paid through two ways: Etsy Payments or Paypal. Etsy Payments give more payment options to the buyer, and the money is directly deposited into your bank account.

Etsy payments are not available all over the world, so you can get paid through Paypal instead. Sales from Etsy are deposited into your Paypal account.


How To Ship Items And Complete The Order

When you have sold an item, it is your responsibility to ship the item immediately to your buyer. It would be best to notify your buyer about the successful sale and that you will take care of the order. Buyers expect their purchases to be shipped immediately.

Once you have shipped the order, you have to log into your Esty app, click on Shop Manager followed by Order and Shipping. Click on Mark Complete and you are done. After this, it will then be transferred to the Completed section.

You can add the date of the shipment as well as a little note to your buyer. Etsy recommends buying shipping labels with couriers it trusts.


Etsy VS Other Fashion Apps


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Etsy focuses on a niche market and a specific market of people who appreciate arts and crafts. On the other hand, ThredUp is an online store with a different market and targets thrifters who want to help the environment and maybe earn a little from their preloved items.


Rent The Runway

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Rent the Runway works with a different interest. Clothes, bags, and jewelry are rented out and are expected to be returned on the due date. Etsy does not rent out its items for sale.

Rent the Runway is a company that already has a collection and warehouses for its massive collection while items on Etsy stay with the seller until bought and shipped out.

Both online websites work in different spheres of fashion.



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Depop’s target market is the much younger generation who are more interested in great bargains for fashionable clothes and accessories. On the other hand, Etsy is a shop that targets crafting enthusiasts and those who love arts and crafts and anything vintage.

Depop has a much younger buying and selling community than Etsy.



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Their app focuses on selling high-end shoes and apparel that are all brand new. On the other hand, Etsy focuses more on helping small business owners and entrepreneurs to sell on the e-commerce website.


Is The Etsy App A Great Shopping App?

If you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur who wants to sell items that have your artistic mark, you can always count on profiting at Etsy. The online platform is for individuals who have a different set of skills and taste.

If you want to be an effective seller, better download the Etsy app so you can closely monitor your sales and be the ethical entrepreneur you are.