PhonePe, Swiggy, Flipkart Affected By Yes Bank Crisis: Report

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According to a recent report, the ongoing crisis at Yes Bank has had a significant impact on some of India’s leading mobile app-based services. PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart, which are widely relied upon by millions of users, have all experienced disruptions due to the restrictions placed on Yes Bank accounts. PhonePe, a popular mobile payment app, faced temporary outages and transaction failures as it had relied on Yes Bank to process its transactions. Swiggy, an online food delivery platform, also faced challenges as it used Yes Bank for its payment services. Additionally, Flipkart, one of India’s largest e-commerce platforms, encountered issues with processing payments for its customers.

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PhonePe Services Disrupted

PhonePe, one of India’s leading digital payment platforms, has been facing disruptions in its services due to the ongoing crisis at Yes Bank. Yes Bank, which is one of the banking partners for PhonePe, has been placed under a moratorium by the Reserve Bank of India.

Due to this moratorium, PhonePe users have been experiencing issues with their transactions, money transfers, and wallet balances. Many users have reported failed transactions and delays in receiving refunds. This has caused inconvenience to millions of PhonePe users across the country.

The crisis at Yes Bank has led to a temporary halt in PhonePe’s operations as they are unable to process payments and collect funds from their customers’ bank accounts. This has impacted not only individual users but also merchants who rely on PhonePe for their business transactions.

PhonePe is working diligently to resolve the issue and resume its services at the earliest. They have assured their customers that their money is safe and will be refunded in case of any failed transactions. PhonePe is also exploring alternative banking partners to minimize the impact of the Yes Bank crisis on their operations.

In the meantime, PhonePe users are advised to stay patient and bear with the inconvenience caused by the disruption in services. The company is providing regular updates to its users through their official social media channels and customer support channels.

It is important to note that this disruption is a result of the ongoing crisis at Yes Bank and is not a fault of PhonePe. The company has been proactive in addressing the situation and is working towards a speedy resolution. Once the services are restored, PhonePe users can continue to enjoy the convenience and ease of digital payments that the platform offers.

Swiggy Payments Impacted

With the recent crisis surrounding Yes Bank, one of India’s largest private sector banks, several sectors have felt the ripple effects, and the food delivery industry is no exception. Swiggy, a leading online food delivery platform, has been significantly impacted by the crisis, especially when it comes to payments.

Many Swiggy customers rely on digital payment options to settle their food orders. However, with Yes Bank being unable to process transactions temporarily, this has created a major hurdle for Swiggy, as a large number of its customers use Yes Bank accounts for their digital payments.

This has resulted in delays and difficulties in processing payments for Swiggy orders, causing inconvenience for customers who are used to the seamless and quick payment process offered by the platform. Users have reported instances of failed payments, long waiting times, and even cancellation of their orders due to payment processing issues.

Swiggy has been quick to address the issue and has been working closely with Yes Bank to find a resolution. The company has assured its customers that it is actively exploring alternative payment options to minimize the impact on its users. However, until the situation is fully resolved, Swiggy users may experience continued payment-related challenges.

It’s important for Swiggy users to stay updated with the latest developments and announcements from the company regarding the payment issues. This can be done through the Swiggy app or their official social media channels. The company is likely to provide regular updates on the progress made in resolving the payment processing hurdles.

Despite the temporary challenges caused by the Yes Bank crisis, Swiggy continues to operate and deliver food to its customers. The platform remains committed to ensuring that customers receive their orders and enjoy the convenience of online food delivery. Users are encouraged to be patient and understanding during this period of disruption.

Flipkart Orders Delayed

In the wake of the recent Yes Bank crisis, Flipkart, one of India’s leading e-commerce platforms, has been experiencing delays in order fulfillment. The bank’s financial turmoil has had a ripple effect on various industries, and the online retail sector is no exception.

Flipkart relies on Yes Bank for its banking services, including processing payments and facilitating transactions. With the bank’s operations disrupted, Flipkart has faced challenges in completing orders efficiently.

Customers who placed orders on Flipkart may experience delays in receiving their products. This delay is primarily a result of the temporary suspension of Yes Bank’s payment services, affecting the smooth processing of transactions between Flipkart and its customers.

Flipkart is working diligently to address the situation and minimize the impact on its customers. They are exploring alternative banking arrangements and partnering with other financial institutions to ensure seamless order fulfillment.

In the meantime, Flipkart has been proactive in communicating with its customers regarding the delays. They have been sending regular updates and notifications about the status of their orders, informing customers about the expected delivery timeframe.

It is important for Flipkart customers to remain patient during this challenging period. The company is making every effort to expedite pending orders and restore normal operations as soon as possible.

Customers can also reach out to Flipkart’s customer support team for any queries or concerns related to their delayed orders. The customer support team is available round the clock to provide assistance and address any issues faced by customers.

Flipkart remains committed to delivering a seamless and satisfactory shopping experience to its customers. They are actively working on rectifying the delays caused by the Yes Bank crisis.

Yes Bank Crisis Impact on E-commerce Platforms

The recent crisis at Yes Bank has sent shockwaves across various sectors, and the e-commerce industry is no exception. As one of India’s leading private banks, Yes Bank plays a vital role in facilitating seamless transactions for numerous online platforms. The sudden disruption caused by the crisis has led to significant implications for popular e-commerce companies such as PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart.

PhonePe, a widely used mobile payments app in India, is heavily reliant on Yes Bank for processing user transactions. With Yes Bank facing severe liquidity issues, many PhonePe users have reported difficulties in making payments and sending money. This disruption has caused inconvenience and frustration among PhonePe’s vast user base, leading to negative impacts on its overall user experience.

Similarly, the crisis has also affected Swiggy, India’s leading food delivery platform. As an online platform that heavily relies on digital payments for its operations, Swiggy has witnessed disruption in its payment services. Many users have faced challenges while completing their transactions, causing delays in food deliveries and affecting customer satisfaction levels. This has not only impacted the revenue of Swiggy but has also tarnished its reputation as a reliable and efficient delivery platform.

Another prominent player in the e-commerce industry, Flipkart, has also felt the repercussions of the Yes Bank crisis. Flipkart, known for its wide range of products and seamless shopping experience, has experienced delays in processing customer orders. Many customers have reported payment failures and order cancellations due to the issues faced by Yes Bank. This has resulted in a loss of trust among Flipkart’s customer base and has impacted their confidence in making online purchases.

It is worth noting that these disruptions are not unique to PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart. Various other e-commerce platforms that rely on Yes Bank for payment processing and banking services have also been affected. The crisis has highlighted the importance of having a robust and diversified banking ecosystem to ensure uninterrupted services for the rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Despite the challenges posed by the Yes Bank crisis, e-commerce platforms are actively working towards finding alternative solutions. They are exploring partnerships with other banks and payment gateways to restore normalcy in their operations. Companies are also striving to maintain transparency and clear communication with their customers, providing updates on the steps being taken to mitigate the impact of the crisis.


The Yes Bank crisis has left a significant impact on popular mobile apps like PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart. With Yes Bank being a major banking partner for these apps, the sudden disruption in their services has caused inconvenience and financial transactions to come to a halt for many users.

However, it is important to note that efforts are being made to restore services and find alternative solutions. PhonePe, for instance, migrated its UPI infrastructure to Flipkart’s partner bank to enable uninterrupted transactions for its users. Similarly, Swiggy is actively working to transition to other banking partners to minimize the impact on its customers.

While the Yes Bank crisis has undoubtedly caused temporary setbacks for these mobile apps, the incident highlights the critical importance of diversifying banking partnerships for businesses to mitigate such risks in the future. As the crisis is resolved, it is expected that these platforms will bounce back stronger and continue to cater to the evolving needs of their users.


1. How is the Yes Bank crisis affecting PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart?
The Yes Bank crisis has had a significant impact on PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart. PhonePe, a popular mobile payment platform, has been hit hard by the crisis as Yes Bank was its primary banking partner. This has disrupted PhonePe’s services, leading to the temporary suspension of transactions and inconveniencing its users. Similarly, Swiggy and Flipkart, which relied on Yes Bank for their financial operations, have also faced challenges in processing payments and managing their business operations effectively.

2. Can users still use PhonePe for transactions despite the Yes Bank crisis?
Yes, users can still use PhonePe for transactions, but they may encounter certain limitations and interruptions due to the Yes Bank crisis. The temporary suspension of transactions and other disruptions are being actively addressed by PhonePe, and alternative arrangements are being made to ensure minimal impact on user experience. Users are advised to stay updated with the latest developments and follow any instructions or guidelines provided by PhonePe during this period.

3. Will the Yes Bank crisis have long-term implications for PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart?
The long-term implications of the Yes Bank crisis on PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart are yet to be determined. While the immediate impact has been significant, these companies are actively working towards finding solutions and mitigating the effects of the crisis. It is essential to note that PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart have a large user base and strong market positioning, which provides them with the ability to recover and adapt to the changing circumstances.

4. Are there any alternative payment options available for PhonePe users during the crisis?
Yes, PhonePe has been actively exploring alternative payment options to minimize the disruption caused by the Yes Bank crisis. They have already partnered with other banks and payment service providers to ensure continuity of services. Additionally, PhonePe users can also consider using other mobile payment apps available in the market as an alternative during this period.

5. How can users stay updated on the developments related to the Yes Bank crisis and its impact on PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart?
Users can stay updated on the developments related to the Yes Bank crisis and its impact on PhonePe, Swiggy, and Flipkart by following official announcements and statements released by the respective companies. They can also monitor news updates from reliable sources and keep an eye on social media channels for any updates or guidelines provided by these platforms. It is recommended to rely on trusted sources for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the situation and its implications.