Top 15 Android Radio Apps Of All Time

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There are countless Android radio apps available for online streaming, each providing thousands of radio stations chock-full with great music, news, and talk shows to choose from. Whatever your taste and preferences, you can be sure to find something you like. Here’s our choice of the top 15 Android radio apps of all time.


All the radio apps on the list are free, with the possibility of in-app purchases.

Best Android Radio Apps
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Top 15 Android Radio Apps Of All Time


1. Tuneln Radio

Tuneln Radio
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TuneIn Radio counts among the most popular radio apps. This incredible application comes with a vast array of radio stations featuring music, sports, comedy, talk shows, and news. The free version includes more than one million on-demand programs. And if you decide to go for the premium version, you’ll also gain access to audiobooks and ad-free music streaming. TuneIn includes a handy car mode that lets you listen to your favorite tunes while driving. In addition, you can use the app on Android Wear devices, Google Chromecast, Android Auto, and Android TV.


2. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio
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Pandora Radio belongs among the most popular radio apps that you can download on your Android device. Pandora offers a number of preset playlists. At the same time, it also lets you create your own stations around your preferred artists, music genres or songs. The free version of the app displays ads, but if you own the premium version, you can stream ad-free music. The premium option boasts a number of additional features, such as high-quality audio streaming, music download for offline listening, and unlimited skips and replays. Pandora Radio additionally runs on Android Wear 2.0.


3. iHeartRadio

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iHeartRadio is one of the users’ favorite radio apps for Android devices. The app offers an extensive selection of radio stations, including iHeartRadio’s own stations. No matter what your listening preferences are, you can be sure to find the perfect playlists. You can both save and replay the songs and stations you like, and discard the ones you don’t. The app allows you to search for playlists based on various moods, genres, and seasons such as Christmas or Halloween. iHeartRadio can be used with Chromecast and Android Wear support, too. While it is free to download, for a monthly subscription fee you’ll get an ad-free version and several supplementary features.


4. Replaio

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Replaio radio is one of the most popular radio apps available for Android devices. With this feature-rich app, you’ll be sure to find both some great internet radio stations and Radio FM stations that broadcast via the Internet. In addition, Replaio sports several music-only radio stations. These are only some of over 30,000 stations from around the world that Replaio offers. Furthermore, the app interface is clean and attractive and allows for easy navigation. To search for radio stations, simply enter the artist name, city, country, genre, or the name of the song. What is more, thanks to Replaio’s sleep timer and alarm, you can fall asleep and wake up with your favorite music every day.


5. SiriusXM

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SiriusXM is an app with an attractive interface and a strong focus on live content. The app features over 300 channels with music, sports, comedy, interviews, shows, and news.  With SiriusXM, it is possible to create personalized stations filled with your favorite music and artists. The app has three subscription models to choose from, based on what kind of content you like to listen to. The subscription also lets you stream satellite radio channels to your PC, tablet, smartphone, and internet radio devices.


6. XiiaLive™ – Internet Radio

XiiaLive™ - Internet Radio
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XiiaLive is a fully featured radio app that provides more than 50,000 live international radio stations. In addition to music, you can listen to talk shows that cover a variety of topics. Plus, you can easily save your chosen radio stations to listen to later. In addition, the app supports different streaming audio formats and includes a sleep timer and an alarm feature. Some of its advantages are the customization option that lets you change themes according to your preferences, together with the backup and restore options.


7. Dash Radio

Dash Radio
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Dash Radio is the biggest digital radio broadcasting platform in the world. This commercial-free app is the optimal choice if you don’t wish to focus on a specific genre or artist. With Dash Radio, you’ll have over 75 live streaming radio stations at your fingertips, with great music selection and a variety of talk shows. The music available in this app ranges from classics to new hits and special releases. Its biggest draw lies in the fact that many of the special broadcast programs are designed by famous DJs.


8. Radio Players from Audials

Radio Players from Audials
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Audials is a pretty great radio app for Android devices covering more than 50,000 radio stations. The app contains many useful features, one of them being the possibility of selecting radio stations based on different genres, countries and artists. It also lets you record any station and save it to your device. Additionally, Audials includes a built-in audio and video player, equalizer, sleep timer, and car mode. And the best part? The app is completely free with no in-app purchases and no ads.


9. myTuner Radio

myTuner Radio
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If you like traditional radio station content, myTuner Radio is definitely the right Android radio app for you. The app boasts an impressive collection of around 50,000 radio stations from 200 countries and territories. In addition to the online radio, you can choose to listen to podcasts, internet radio, and FM radio. You can search for new radio stations by country, genre, or city and find some new favorites to add to your collection. The useful extras include a sleep timer, an alarm function, and sharing options via social media, SMS or email.


10. Simple Radio

Simple Radio
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Simple Radio is, as its name says, quite a straightforward and user-friendly radio app for Android. The app contains no less than 40,000 radio stations from all over the world. You can bookmark any station for easy access later. Simple Radio boasts a clean interface and an advanced search function where you can look for something new to listen to by typing the country name or the genre of the song.


11. Radio Online – PCRADIO

Radio Online - PCRADIO
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Radio Online belongs to the more traditional Android radio apps. Its hundreds of radio stations comprise both internet-hosted radio and FM stations that support online streaming. The radio stations are well-sorted according to music genres like rock, pop, metal, and many others. The app is free, but you’ll get some nice additional features included in the premium option, like live radio recordings and a sleep timer.


12. Loffee Radio

Loffee Radio is one of the most unique radio apps for Android devices on the market today. It boasts a rich music collection from all over the world and focuses on promoting new talent. The interface is clean and simple, and the stations are personally curated. The music info button displays the full details of a track, including the artist’s name, the title of the track and all associated artworks. The handy timer option allows the app to play for a set amount of time.

One of the many advantages of this app is that it lets you listen to your favorite music offline, in the gym or while studying, for example.


13., with over 30,000 radio stations from around the world, is a popular radio app for Android. This is one of the best-designed radio apps on the market featuring a great intuitive user interface. The app allows you to find the best radio stations from your current location, and to favorite radio stations and songs you like. One of its most useful features is “similar stations,” that offers suggestions for radio stations similar to your favorites. had a convenient built-in sleep timer and an alarm clock that will let you start your day with the music of your choice.


14. AccuRadio

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AccuRadio is a powerful free radio app for Android. The app offers 1,000 radio channels with more than 50 different genres of music ranging from rock, pop, and jazz to alternative and country. You can customize each channel, mark and rate favorites, and choose to remove songs that you don’t like. And a handy “history” option allows you to look for channels that you previously viewed. If you’re searching for one of the best radio apps to download on your Android device, you don’t need to look any further. 


15. Di.FM

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If you love electronic music, then this unique niche Android radio app is the right choice for you. Di.FM radio is fully dedicated to playing electronic music. The app features 90 high-quality and human-curated radio stations. The app allows you to search for the best electronic music by stations, styles, and popularity. Di.FM is free to use with ads, however, with premium subscription you can not only remove ads, but also stream higher quality audio and get unlimited streaming for the web and mobile devices.


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