20 Best Strategy Games For IPhone You Can Play (2024)

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Mobile gaming has come a long way since the early days of Snake on Nokia phones. Today, the App Store is filled with an abundance of strategy games that offer immersive gameplay, stunning graphics, and complex tactics. If you’re a proud iPhone owner and a fan of strategic thinking, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ve curated a list of the 20 best strategy games for iPhone that you can play in 2023. Whether you want to build an empire, conquer the world, or engage in tactical battles, these games offer a variety of gameplay experiences to suit your preferences. From classic titles to new releases, there’s something for everyone. So grab your iPhone and get ready to exercise your strategic prowess in the palm of your hand.

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Top 20 Strategy Games for iPhone in 2023

Are you a fan of strategy games and own an iPhone? Then you’re in luck! The App Store is brimming with an incredible selection of strategy games that can provide hours of entertainment and challenge your tactical skills. To help you navigate through the sea of options, we have compiled a list of the top 20 strategy games for iPhone in 2023. So, grab your iPhone, prepare your mind for some strategic thinking, and let’s dive in!

1. Clash Royale: Experience intense real-time battles in this popular strategy game that combines elements of card collecting and tower defense.

2. XCOM: Enemy Within: Take control of an elite paramilitary organization and defend Earth against alien threats in this turn-based tactical game.

3. Civilization VI: Build your own civilization from scratch and lead it to greatness in this renowned 4X strategy game.

4. The Battle of Polytopia: Engage in tactical battles and conquer the world in this addictive and visually appealing turn-based strategy game.

5. Rome: Total War: Immerse yourself in the glory days of ancient Rome as you command armies, manage cities, and expand your empire on the iPhone.

6. Hearthstone: Engage in strategic card battles featuring iconic characters from the Warcraft universe in this addictive collectible card game.

7. Plague Inc.: Develop and evolve a deadly pathogen to wipe out humanity in this unique and immersive strategy game.

8. Dungeon Warfare: Set up traps and defenses to protect your dungeon from pesky adventurers in this challenging tower defense game.

9. The Escapists: Plan your escape from prison by crafting tools, gathering resources, and outsmarting the guards in this intriguing strategy game.

10. Kingdom Rush Origins: Defend your kingdom against hordes of enemies using powerful towers and strategic abilities in this acclaimed tower defense game.

11. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Embark on an epic journey in the Star Wars universe as you make choices that determine your path and destiny.

12. Threes!: Combine numbered tiles and make strategic moves to achieve the highest score in this minimalist and addictive puzzle game.

13. Company of Heroes: Command your troops and lead them to victory in this World War II real-time strategy game optimized for iPhone.

14. Football Manager 2023 Mobile: Take charge of your favorite football team and make tactical decisions to lead them to championship glory.

15. Chess – Play & Learn: Hone your chess skills and challenge players from around the world in this highly rated chess app.

16. Iron Marines: Control a group of fearless soldiers and save the galaxy from alien threats in this action-packed strategy game.

17. Mini Metro: Build an efficient subway system to meet the demands of a growing city in this minimalist and captivating strategy game.

18. Ticket to Ride: Plan your routes, connect cities, and outsmart your opponents in this digital adaptation of the popular board game.

19. Age of Civilizations II: Rewrite history and conquer the world in this grand strategy game with multiple scenarios and civilizations to choose from.

20. Poly Bridge: Design and construct bridges that can withstand the test of physics and safely transport vehicles in this challenging puzzle game.

With these 20 strategy games, you’ll have plenty of options to satisfy your hunger for tactical thinking and strategic decision-making. Whether you prefer turn-based battles, city-building simulations, or card-based strategies, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, go ahead, download a few games, and let your strategic genius shine on your iPhone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these games free to play?

A: While some of these games are free to play and offer in-app purchases, others may require a one-time purchase. Make sure to check the pricing details before downloading.

Q: Can I play these games offline?

A: Most of these games require an internet connection to play, either to access online multiplayer features or to download updates. However, some may offer offline gameplay options. Check the game descriptions in the App Store for more information.

Q: Are these games suitable for all age groups?

A: The age rating and suitability of these games may vary. Some may be suitable for all ages, while others may contain content more suitable for mature players. Always check the age rating and review the game’s content before letting children play.

Q: Are these games optimized for the latest iPhone models?

A: Yes, these games are designed to run smoothly on the latest iPhone models. However, older iPhone models may experience slight performance differences.

Q: Can I sync my progress across multiple devices?

A: Many of these games offer cloud save functionality, allowing you to sync your progress across multiple devices. Check the game’s settings or support documentation for instructions on how to enable this feature.

Q: Are there multiplayer options available in these games?

A: Yes, many of these games offer multiplayer features, allowing you to challenge friends or compete against players from around the world. Check the game’s description or settings to find out more about the available multiplayer options.

Top Strategy Games for iPhone in 2023

Strategy games offer a unique and engaging gaming experience, requiring players to think strategically, plan their moves, and make critical decisions. If you’re a fan of strategy games and own an iPhone, you’re in luck! In this article, we have compiled a list of the 20 best strategy games for iPhone that you can play in 2023. From intense battles to world conquest, these games will keep you captivated for hours on end. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting world of strategy gaming on your iPhone.

1. Clash Royale

One of the most popular strategy games on the iPhone, Clash Royale combines elements of card collecting and tower defense. Engage in intense real-time battles against players from around the world. Build your deck, strategize your moves, and take down your opponents’ towers to emerge victorious. With its addictive gameplay and competitive nature, Clash Royale is a must-play for strategy game enthusiasts.

2. Civilization VI

If you’ve ever dreamt of building and ruling your own civilization, Civilization VI is the game for you. Lead your civilization from the Stone Age to the Information Age, making crucial decisions that will shape the destiny of your empire. Explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate your way to victory in this highly acclaimed 4X strategy game.

3. XCOM: Enemy Within

Take on the role of a commander in XCOM: Enemy Within and defend Earth against alien threats. This turn-based tactical game challenges you to manage resources, recruit soldiers, research alien technology, and engage in intense battles. With its deep gameplay mechanics and gripping storyline, XCOM: Enemy Within offers a thrilling strategy experience on your iPhone.

4. The Battle of Polytopia

The Battle of Polytopia is a visually appealing turn-based strategy game where you must conquer the world. Choose your civilization, gather resources, explore new territories, and engage in tactical battles against AI opponents. With its simple yet strategic gameplay, The Battle of Polytopia is perfect for both casual and hardcore strategy gamers.

5. STAR WARS: Empire at War

Immerse yourself in the Star Wars universe with STAR WARS: Empire at War. Take control of either the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire and lead your faction to victory in epic space and ground battles. Manage resources, build armies, and make strategic decisions that will determine the fate of the galaxy. With its iconic characters and immersive gameplay, this game is a must-play for Star Wars and strategy game fans alike.

6. Plague Inc.

In Plague Inc., you play as a disease that must evolve and spread to wipe out humanity. Develop your pathogen, strategize your infection strategy, and deal with countermeasures from governments around the world. Can you infect and destroy the entire population? Plague Inc. offers a unique and addictive strategy experience that will test your strategic thinking and planning skills.

7. Rome: Total War

Experience the grandeur of ancient Rome in Rome: Total War. Command armies, manage cities, and expand your empire in this immersive real-time strategy game. Engage in epic battles, forge alliances, and conquer new territories to solidify your dominance in the ancient world. With its rich historical setting and engaging gameplay, Rome: Total War is a strategy game that should not be missed.

8. Hearthstone

Enter the world of Warcraft with Hearthstone, a strategic collectible card game. Build your deck, summon powerful minions, and cast spells to defeat your opponents. With its fast-paced gameplay and strategic depth, Hearthstone is a game that will keep you coming back for more. Challenge players from around the world or embark on thrilling solo adventures in this digital card game sensation.

9. Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade

Step into the Warhammer 40,000 universe with Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. Pilot a massive Imperial Knight and fight against enemies in intense battles. Customize your knight, equip powerful weapons, and unleash devastating attacks. With its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade is a strategy game that offers a unique blend of action and strategy.

10. Company of Heroes

Experience World War II like never before in Company of Heroes. Take command of your troops and lead them to victory in intense real-time battles. With its immersive graphics, realistic gameplay mechanics, and strategic depth, Company of Heroes delivers an authentic World War II strategy experience on your iPhone.

11. Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Become a legendary pirate in Sid Meier’s Pirates! Set sail across the Caribbean, engage in battles, loot treasure, and build your pirate crew. Make strategic decisions, form alliances, and navigate the treacherous waters of the pirate life. With its open-world gameplay and mix of strategy and action, Sid Meier’s Pirates! offers a unique and immersive strategy gaming experience.

12. Kingdom Rush Frontiers

Defend your kingdom against waves of enemies in Kingdom Rush Frontiers. Strategically place towers, employ powerful abilities, and command your heroes to fend off the relentless hordes. With its charming visuals, challenging gameplay, and a variety of tower upgrade options, Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the perfect choice for tower defense enthusiasts.

13. Shadowrun Returns

Enter the cyberpunk world of Shadowrun Returns, where magic and technology collide. Solve mysteries, engage in tactical turn-based combat, and make meaningful choices that shape the outcome of the story. With its immersive atmosphere and strategic gameplay, Shadowrun Returns offers a captivating strategy experience on your iPhone.

14. The Settlers

Build your bustling civilization in The Settlers. Gather resources, construct buildings, and expand your territory in this classic strategy game. With its charming visuals and addictive gameplay, The Settlers provides a relaxing and rewarding strategy experience on your iPhone.

15. Anomaly Warzone Earth

Anomaly Warzone Earth flips the tower defense genre on its head. Take control of a convoy and navigate through hostile environments while strategically deploying offensive and defensive units. With its unique gameplay mechanics and challenging missions, Anomaly Warzone Earth offers a refreshing take on strategy games.

16. Total War Battles: Kingdom

Build your own kingdom and battle against other players in Total War Battles: Kingdom. Expand your territory, raise armies, and make strategic decisions to ensure your kingdom’s dominance. With its immersive visuals and real-time battles, Total War Battles: Kingdom offers a mobile strategy gaming experience like no other.

17. Planetfall: A World Apart

Survive and thrive on a harsh alien planet in Planetfall: A World Apart. Manage resources, research technologies, and make tough decisions as you build and expand your colony. With its deep gameplay mechanics and challenging scenarios, Planetfall: A World Apart is a must-play for fans of sci-fi strategy games.

18. Skulls of the Shogun

Enter the spirit world and lead an undead army in Skulls of the Shogun. Engage in turn-based battles, capture strategic points, and outsmart your opponents in this fast-paced strategy game. With its unique art style and engaging gameplay, Skulls of the Shogun is a strategy game that stands out from the crowd.

19. Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times

Embark on epic quests and battle against monstrous creatures in Warhammer Quest 2: The End Times. Assemble your party of heroes, navigate treacherous dungeons, and uncover the secrets of the End Times. With its immersive gameplay and rich lore, Warhammer Quest 2 offers a fantastic strategy RPG experience on your iPhone.

20. Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Enter a world of magic and mayhem in Chaos Reborn: Adventures. Engage in strategic battles, summon mythical creatures, and cast powerful spells to defeat your opponents. With its deep mechanics and addictive gameplay, Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a strategy game that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

These are just a few of the best strategy games available for iPhone in 2023. Whether you’re a fan of intense battles, world conquest, or immersive storytelling, there’s a strategy game on this list to suit your tastes. So, grab your iPhone, download these games, and get ready to embark on exciting strategic adventures!

In conclusion, the world of mobile gaming has expanded exponentially in recent years, providing gamers with an incredible range of strategy games to enjoy on their iPhones. The list of the 20 best strategy games for iPhone showcased the diverse and engaging experiences available, from intense battles and tactical decision-making to resource management and empire building.

With stunning graphics, immersive gameplay, and intuitive controls, these games offer hours of entertainment and challenge. Whether you’re a fan of turn-based strategy, real-time strategy, or tower defense, there’s a game on this list to suit your preferences.

So, take your pick from the list and dive into the exciting world of mobile strategy gaming on your iPhone. Explore new worlds, conquer enemy territories, and unleash your strategic prowess as you embark on thrilling adventures right at your fingertips.


  1. Can I play strategy games on my iPhone?
  2. Yes, you can definitely play strategy games on your iPhone. There is a wide range of strategy games available on the App Store that are specifically designed for iPhone users. Whether you’re into turn-based tactics, real-time strategy, or tower defense, you’ll find plenty of engaging options to satisfy your strategic cravings.

  3. Are strategy games free to play on iPhone?
  4. Many strategy games on the App Store follow a “freemium” model, where they are free to download and play, but offer in-app purchases to enhance the gaming experience. However, there are plenty of strategy games that can be enjoyed without spending a dime. Take a look at the App Store descriptions and reviews to see if a game fits your budget and preferences.

  5. What are some popular strategy games for iPhone?
  6. There are numerous popular strategy games for iPhone that offer diverse gameplay and captivating experiences. Some of the top choices include “Clash Royale,” “Plants vs. Zombies,” “Civilization VI,” “Hearthstone,” “XCOM: Enemy Within,” “Minecraft,” “The Battle of Polytopia,” “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” “Rome: Total War,” and “Into the Breach,” to name a few.

  7. Can I play strategy games offline on my iPhone?
  8. Yes, many strategy games offer offline gameplay options. However, keep in mind that certain features, such as multiplayer modes or online leaderboards, may require an internet connection. It’s always a good idea to check the game’s description or user reviews to verify its offline capabilities before downloading.

  9. What should I look for when choosing a strategy game for my iPhone?
  10. When choosing a strategy game for your iPhone, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, you should consider the genre of strategy games you enjoy, such as real-time strategy, turn-based tactics, or tower defense. Additionally, pay attention to the game’s graphics, user interface, and overall gameplay mechanics. Reading reviews and checking out demo videos can also provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision.