Minecraft Legends, a New Strategy Game, Is Coming in 2024

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There’s a new action strategy game based on the hit sandbox title arriving in 2023, Minecraft announces. But, debunking many’s speculations, this won’t be a sequel or a spin-off of the original game. Minecraft Legends is an entirely new game that will carry different gameplay and genre, albeit its familiar blocky, pixel art style.

Minecraft Legends
Photo by Mojang on Steam

There’s not a lot of information about the game yet, but here’s everything we know.


Minecraft Legends Gameplay Teaser

In a press release, the developers revealed that Minecraft Legends will involve strategy mechanics with action and exploration elements in the mix.

The game starts after the peaceful coexistence of mobs and villagers has been put at risk by an imminent force corrupting the overworld. The goal of the players is to restore the balance by gathering allies who can aid them in putting down the piglins and bosses. Consequently, players shall give their allies directions and lead them in defending the remaining peaceful settlements against the spreading Nether corruption.

In addition to the main gameplay, Minecraft Legends’s release teaser suggests that it may also involve several side missions in an open-world environment. PvP will also be available according to its Steam page. This will allow players to team up with or challenge others in defending villages.

Every moment in the game will unlock on player’s eyes in a third-person perspective.


Who Develops Minecraft Legends?

Mojang Studios recognizes that they can’t do everything alone with two other games, Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, on their hands. So this time, the Stockholm-based developer has partnered with Blackbird Interactive (BBI) in realizing Minecraft Legends.

In a press statement, Mojang said, “Combining their strengths with ours is what resulted in the game’s unique personality. We’re thrilled by our collaboration with the talented teams at BBI and we can’t wait for you to experience the fun of a Minecraft strategy game.”

BBI is a Vancouver-based independent game maker that has several portfolios both in the sandbox and strategy genres. Some of their past projects are Hardspace: Shipbreaker, Crossfire: Legion, and HOMEWORLD 3.


In Which Platforms Is Minecraft Legends Coming To?

Mojang confirms that Minecraft Legends will arrive on Windows, Game Pass, Steam, XBOX, PlayStation, and Switch. Unfortunately, the list of devices did not include Android and iOS. But, it doesn’t sound impossible if we get a mobile port, given the huge fanbase of Minecraft on mobile.

Minecraft Legends is slated for a 2023 release with no specific date yet.