14 Best Android Games With Controller Support

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Mobile gaming has gotten better and better over the years, but something doesn’t feel quite right. Yes, mobile processors work like a beast nowadays so there’s no reason why you can’t game on a phone. However, the experience is just incomplete when you play on your phone or tablet.

That’s because the tactile feeling of gaming on phones feels clunky and unwieldy as compared to controllers—this becomes especially prominent when gaming for long periods of time. Fortunately for you, there are now many Android games that come pegged with controller support. That said, not all of these are your cup of tea, and so we narrow down the following list of 14 games for you to check out:


Best Android Games With Controller Support

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call Of Duty Mobile
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It’s no secret that the Call of Duty franchise has enjoyed commercial success since it was first released. However, always having to play on a PC is not always feasible, especially when you’re out and about. Enter Call of Duty: Mobile. This game lets you play one of the best first-person shooters on the go. It’s just as action-packed as the original PC version. The app is free to play but also contains ads and in-app purchases going from $0.99 to $99.99.

Controls work fairly well on Call of Duty: Mobile. It’s certainly one of the most fun Android games with controller support you can get for first-person shooters. Call of Duty: Mobile also has some of the best frame rates we’ve seen on mobile games. 

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2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania Symphony Of The Night
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Despite the popularity of Metroidvania-style games, they’re not that common, whether it be on PC, console, or mobile. That’s why Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is a head-turner if you’re looking for a mobile Metroidvania game. It offers classics from the Metroidvania theme like challenging 2D platforming in a relatively open-world setting. You can explore the world and discover its secrets as you play, whether on your phone or tablet.

Castlevania is one of the best Android games with controller support, and it’s not just because of the controls. That’s because it is so well optimized for the phone, making its nine-hour completion time well worth it. Moreover, it’s super cheap, only going for $2.99 on the Play Store and has zero in-app purchases or ads.

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3. Dead Cells

Dead Cells
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Platformers don’t get enough credit or credibility in the gaming world. Most people prefer 3D games with an open world and wildly complex and intricate graphics. However, Dead Cells can easily prove naysayers wrong. Despite being an indie game, it doesn’t disappoint with its challenging yet engaging combat system. It’s rewarding enough to make you feel accomplished when you defeat your foes. 

Dead Cells also serves up solid graphics and gameplay. To get the most out of this game, a controller is recommended, along with appropriate tweaks to your graphic and framerate settings. It is, however, one of the pricier games at $9 on the Google Play Store

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4. Doom

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It’s no secret that first-person shooter games sell very well and have strong fanbases. And Doom is credited as the game that started it all. In answer to the difficulty of acquiring the game in its original release, Bethesda officially released an Android port. 

The game is fairly easy to control and fun to play even with just the touch screen. Controllers do make the experience much better, giving you that dose of nostalgia as you go through one level after another. It’s also not too expensive at $4.99, and for the price you pay, you don’t have to grapple with pesky ads and microtransactions.

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5. Evoland 2

Evoland 2 is one hybrid game you don’t want to miss: it is at once a fighter, platformer, RPG, top-down shooter, and trading card game bundled in one delectable package. It also switches up its graphics to match different gameplay styles to ensure that you’ll never be bored. Furthermore, the game supports most Bluetooth controllers, so simply take your pick among the many that are available on the market.

Evoland 2 is available on the Google Play Store for $7.99.

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6. Fortnite

© Photo by Epic Games

Fortnite has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years and for good reason. It simply gets a lot of things right when it comes to battle royale shooting games. With so many people already invested in the game, it’s easy to jump right into the chaos. It also boasts gorgeous graphics and skins that are well worth your money. 

Fortnite also has controller support, letting you play the game the same way you would on your PC or console. The best part of the game is that it’s free to play with no ads, so you don’t need to spend any money to enjoy it

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7. GRID Autosport

GRID Autosport delivers console-level racing fun to your Android phone, boasting the same gameplay, variety, graphics, and controls that you typically expect. With many unlockable levels and tracks in this game, it’ll last you for a good long time. You’ve got dirt tracks, city streets, and a wide range of cars to race with. The graphics are realistic and can certainly pull you in when you’re on the track. The game also features a compelling 30-hour campaign you can play through, so it’s well worth its asking price of $9.99.

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8. Horizon Chase

Horizon chase android games with controller support
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Horizon Chase is a cheaper alternative to GRID Autosport. It features a classy retro design that makes it stand out from the crowd of racing games with realistic graphics. Horizon Chase also comes with cloud saving, multiple car upgrades, and tons of events to keep you hooked.

The game is also compatible with many external devices like the Android TV, MFi gamepads, OUYA, Nvidia Shield devices, and more. Above all, it’s free, but if you want access to the full game, it will cost you just $2.99.  

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9. Minecraft

Minecraft android games with controller support
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Even non-gamers have heard of the legendary game called Minecraft, instantly recognizable from its iconic blocky graphics. Minecraft is not merely a survival game with endearing graphics, but also complex with the endless possibilities it offers you in terms of building mechanics. Players have created whole worlds within Minecraft, devoting huge amounts of time to perfect their builds. 

That’s why Minecraft’s mobile version is a very welcome addition to the Minecraft community. With it, you can finally play Minecraft on the go. What’s more, you can even play it with a controller! The game will run you $6.99, but for what you pay, you get to build masterpieces on the go.

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10. Oceanhorn

Even though it’s not a recent game, Oceanhorn is still one of the best Android games on the market. That’s because the gameplay is delightfully reminiscent of the Zelda series. In Oceanhorn, you venture into a colorful world filled with fantasy and wonder. You have to make your way through the game’s world and story while tackling the different obstacles. These obstacles and challenges can either be puzzles to solve or enemies to defeat—very similar to typical Zelda games.

Apart from the gameplay and story, Oceanhorn is simply beautiful to look at. The world is vibrant and colorful, making it a pleasure to take in as you play. Its controller support only adds on to the experience, and on top of this, it also supports the Shield TV. You can enjoy it on a small screen or a bigger one for a more immersive experience. Above all, it’s free with no ads, but it does have some in-app purchases. 

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11. Oddmar

Oddmar android games with controller support
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If you were a fan of Leo’s Fortune, then you should certainly check out Oddmar. The developers went above and beyond their standard for the first game and you can expect the same for Oddmar. It features a gorgeous 2D world that you can traverse and explore. Oddmar is a 2D platformer and does more than enough justice to the genre in both gameplay and graphics.

Of course, the game does come with a price, but it’s pretty cheap at just $4.99. If you want to get a feel of the game before buying it, you can play the first chapter for free. 

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12. Portal Knights

Portal Knights android games with controller support
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Not all games are as versatile as Portal Knights, which combines voxel-based survival with RPG gameplay and story. In this game, you set off on an adventure, but you can pretty much do what you want. You can craft and build structures to your heart’s content, or set off on a journey to fight enemies. You can also craft items or even participate in co-ops online.

What’s more, Portal Knights is a port from a console game, making it come with superb controller support by default. It’s no doubt one of the best Android games with controller support we’ve seen. Moreover, it’s pretty inexpensive, going for only $4.99.

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13. Riptide GP Series

Riptide GP Series android games with controller support
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If racing is your thing, then playing the Riptide GP Series is a must. That’s because this racing game trio offers more than just your average racing mechanics. With Riptide, you’re placed on jet skis that you can race with and perform stunts on. The more stunts you pull off, the greater the boost that you get for your race.

As you progress through the game, things get more complicated and challenging to keep your gameplay interesting for longer.  This game is also fairly cheap, going from $0.99 to $2.99 on the Google Play Store.

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14. Stardew Valley

Sometimes mobile games can get pretty intense. There’s a lot of commitment and complexity with a lot of them, demanding your attention to every detail. If that’s not quite your thing, maybe you can try a relaxing game instead, and Stardew Valley fits the bill for this purpose.

In Stardew Valley, you’re the owner of a farmstead, and it’s your job to revitalize it with crops and animals. It’s simple enough to not overwhelm you, especially in the beginning. There is significant game progression as you dive deeper into the game’s campaign and sink your teeth in. You can easily spend hundreds of hours in this game and enjoy every minute of it. Check it out on the Play Store for only $7.99.

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Final Word

Gaming on mobile is always a pleasure, especially when the controls are decent. Knowing this, developers have been proactive in including controller support to better complement their games. Whether it’s an exciting racing game, a relaxing game, or a full-on RPG you’re after, there are tons to choose from.