Is Diablo Immortal Best On The S22 Ultra Or Steam Deck?

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In the world of mobile gaming, two devices have been making waves recently: the Samsung S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck. Both devices have garnered attention for their high-performance capabilities, making them ideal for playing graphics-intensive games like Diablo Immortal.

But when it comes to deciding which device is the best for playing Diablo Immortal, the choice is not as straightforward as it may seem. Each device has its own unique features and advantages, and players have differing preferences when it comes to gaming experiences.

In this article, we will explore the qualities of both the Samsung S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck and discuss which device offers the best gaming experience for Diablo Immortal. So, whether you’re a die-hard Diablo fan or new to the game, read on to discover which device should be your go-to for immersing yourself in the captivating world of Diablo Immortal.

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When it comes to mobile gaming, the choice of device can greatly impact the overall gaming experience. With the upcoming release of Diablo Immortal, a highly anticipated mobile game, players are eager to know which device will provide the best gaming performance: the Samsung S22 Ultra or the Steam Deck. In this article, we will delve into the features of both devices and compare their performance to determine which one is better suited for playing Diablo Immortal.

The Samsung S22 Ultra is a flagship smartphone known for its cutting-edge technology. It boasts a powerful Exynos processor, which ensures smooth gameplay and fast loading times. The S22 Ultra also features a large, vibrant display with high resolution, providing immersive visuals for an enhanced gaming experience. Additionally, it comes equipped with a high-capacity battery, allowing for extended gaming sessions without interruptions. Overall, the S22 Ultra excels in delivering a top-notch gaming performance on a mobile device.

On the other hand, the Steam Deck is a handheld gaming device created by Valve Corporation. It runs on a custom AMD APU, which provides PC-level gaming performance in a portable form factor. The Steam Deck offers a wide range of control options, including physical buttons, thumbsticks, and a responsive touchscreen, ensuring precise and intuitive controls for Diablo Immortal. Moreover, it has the advantage of accessing the vast library of games on the Steam platform, offering players a diverse gaming experience beyond just Diablo Immortal.

When it comes to performance, both the Samsung S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck are capable of delivering exceptional gaming experiences. However, there are a few factors to consider. The S22 Ultra’s powerful processor and optimized software make it ideal for running demanding games like Diablo Immortal smoothly. Its superior display quality and long battery life further enhance the gameplay.

On the other hand, the Steam Deck offers the advantage of a dedicated gaming device, designed specifically for gaming enthusiasts. Its custom AMD APU and control options make it a formidable contender for optimal Diablo Immortal gameplay. Additionally, the Steam Deck’s ability to access the expansive Steam library provides a variety of gaming options beyond just a single title.

Features of Samsung S22 Ultra

The Samsung S22 Ultra is a flagship smartphone that offers an impressive array of features, making it a powerful device for playing mobile games like Diablo Immortal. Here are some of its standout features:

1. Display: The S22 Ultra boasts a stunning 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED display with a high resolution and HDR10+ support. This results in vibrant colors, deep blacks, and excellent contrast, providing an immersive gaming experience.

2. Processor: Packed with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the S22 Ultra delivers exceptional performance and smooth gameplay. The powerful CPU and GPU combination ensures that Diablo Immortal runs seamlessly without any lag or hiccups.

3. RAM and Storage: The S22 Ultra comes equipped with ample RAM and storage options, providing the necessary space for storing and running graphics-intensive games like Diablo Immortal. With up to 12GB of RAM and up to 512GB of internal storage, you’ll have plenty of room for all your gaming needs.

4. Battery Life: Gaming on the go requires a reliable battery, and the S22 Ultra doesn’t disappoint. With its large battery capacity, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without worrying about running out of power. Additionally, it supports fast charging, allowing you to quickly recharge and get back to gaming.

5. Cooling System: Intense gaming sessions can generate heat, but the S22 Ultra is equipped with an advanced cooling system to prevent overheating. This ensures that the phone stays cool even during extended gameplay, maximizing performance and preventing performance throttling.

6. Software Optimization: Samsung has consistently worked on optimizing its software to improve gaming performance. With features like Game Booster and Game Launcher, you can further enhance your gaming experience on the S22 Ultra. These features help optimize resources, reduce distractions, and boost performance for a smoother gameplay experience.

7. Camera: While gaming may be your primary concern, the S22 Ultra also boasts an impressive camera system. With its high-resolution sensors and advanced camera features, you can capture stunning photos and videos when you’re not busy slaying demons in Diablo Immortal.

8. 5G Connectivity: The S22 Ultra supports 5G connectivity, allowing for fast and stable internet speeds. This is crucial for online gaming, as it ensures minimal latency and smooth multiplayer experiences.

Overall, the Samsung S22 Ultra offers a combination of powerful hardware, exceptional display quality, and optimized software that make it a top choice for mobile gaming, including playing Diablo Immortal. Its impressive features deliver a smooth and immersive gaming experience, bringing the world of Sanctuary to life in the palm of your hands.

Features of Steam Deck

The Steam Deck, developed by Valve Corporation, is a handheld gaming device that offers an impressive array of features for gamers on the go. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the Steam Deck aims to provide a seamless gaming experience with its powerful hardware and intuitive controls. Here are some notable features of the Steam Deck:

1. Powerful Hardware: The Steam Deck packs a punch with its custom AMD APU, delivering impressive performance for gaming. With a quad-core Zen 2 CPU and AMD RDNA 2 GPU, it is capable of running demanding games with ease.

2. High-Quality Display: The Steam Deck boasts a 7-inch LCD touchscreen display with a resolution of 1280×800 pixels. The display supports a wide color gamut and offers vibrant visuals, making your gaming experience immersive and visually stunning.

3. Expandable Storage: Storage space is crucial for gaming, and the Steam Deck understands this. It comes with a built-in storage capacity of 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB, depending on the model you choose. Additionally, it also features a microSD card slot, allowing you to expand the storage further.

4. Customizable Controls: The Steam Deck offers a wide range of control options to suit your gaming preferences. It features a full-sized control layout, including analog sticks, D-pad, and buttons. Furthermore, it also includes gyro sensors for enhanced motion controls, giving you precise and responsive input.

5. Operating System: The Steam Deck runs on SteamOS 3.0, which is based on Linux. It provides a user-friendly interface specifically designed for gaming. Additionally, you can also install other PC platforms like Windows, giving you flexibility in choosing the operating system that suits your needs.

6. Multiplayer and Online Connectivity: The Steam Deck supports multiplayer gaming, allowing you to connect with your friends and compete in online matches. With its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options, you can easily connect to the internet and pair external devices like controllers and headphones.

7. Battery Life: The Steam Deck comes with a 40 watt-hour battery, providing hours of gaming on a single charge. The exact battery life will vary depending on usage and game intensity, but Valve claims that it can last up to several hours, making it ideal for long gaming sessions.

Overall, the Steam Deck offers a powerful and versatile gaming experience in a portable form factor. With its impressive hardware, high-quality display, customizable controls, and expandable storage options, it is a compelling choice for mobile gamers who want to enjoy their favorite titles on the go.

Performance Comparison

When it comes to mobile gaming, performance is a crucial factor to consider. Both the Samsung S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck are powerful devices with impressive specifications, but how do they fare when it comes to playing Diablo Immortal? Let’s delve into the performance comparison.

The Samsung S22 Ultra boasts a cutting-edge Exynos 2200 processor, coupled with a generous amount of RAM. This combination ensures smooth and fluid gameplay, even in graphically intense moments. Whether you’re battling against hordes of demons or exploring vast open-world environments, the S22 Ultra delivers stunning visuals and responsive controls.

On the other hand, the Steam Deck is powered by a custom AMD APU, designed specifically for high-performance gaming on the go. With its quad-core Zen 2 architecture and integrated RDNA 2 graphics, the Steam Deck offers a level of performance that rivals many gaming consoles. You can expect seamless gameplay with impressive framerates and ultra-realistic graphics.

When comparing the two devices, one significant factor to consider is the operating system. The Samsung S22 Ultra runs on Android, a versatile and widely used platform that supports a vast array of games and applications. This means you’ll have access to a large library of mobile games, including Diablo Immortal. With the Google Play Store at your fingertips, you can easily download and enjoy the game.

On the other hand, the Steam Deck runs on SteamOS, a Linux-based operating system developed by Valve Corporation. While SteamOS is known for its extensive library of PC games, it may have certain limitations when it comes to mobile gaming. However, with the Steam Deck’s ability to install other operating systems, such as Windows, you can potentially run the mobile version of Diablo Immortal smoothly.

Another aspect to consider is the display and control options. The Samsung S22 Ultra features a stunning AMOLED display, providing vibrant colors and deep blacks. Additionally, its touchscreen capability and support for external controllers ensure a versatile and immersive gaming experience. You can choose to play Diablo Immortal using the on-screen controls or connect a gamepad for enhanced precision.

The Steam Deck, on the other hand, comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display as well as built-in controls, including thumbsticks, buttons, and triggers. This handheld device offers a similar experience to traditional gaming consoles, allowing for precise control and effortless gameplay. Whether you prefer the touchscreen or physical controls, the Steam Deck has you covered.

In terms of battery life, both devices excel in providing long-lasting gaming sessions. The Samsung S22 Ultra comes with a large battery capacity, ensuring hours of uninterrupted gameplay. Similarly, the Steam Deck is equipped with a solid battery that can handle extended gaming sessions. However, it is worth noting that running graphically demanding games like Diablo Immortal may consume more power and impact the overall battery life.

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing between the Samsung S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck for playing Diablo Immortal, the decision boils down to personal preference and priorities. If you prioritize a seamless mobile gaming experience on a widely supported platform, the S22 Ultra may be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you lean towards a handheld device with console-like controls and the flexibility to install different operating systems, the Steam Deck may be the better option.

Both devices offer exceptional performance and are more than capable of delivering an immersive gaming experience with Diablo Immortal. Whichever device you choose, get ready to venture into the world of Sanctuary and embark on thrilling adventures in Diablo’s universe.


After a comprehensive analysis, it can be concluded that the choice between playing Diablo Immortal on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra or the Steam Deck ultimately depends on individual preferences and priorities. The S22 Ultra offers a superior hardware specification with its powerful processor, high refresh rate display, and advanced cooling system, making it an excellent choice for gamers seeking top-notch performance and immersive gameplay on a mobile device.

On the other hand, the Steam Deck, with its PC-grade hardware and extensive game library, provides a more versatile gaming experience. It allows gamers to not only play Diablo Immortal but also dive into a wide range of PC games on a handheld console. Additionally, the integration with the Steam platform offers convenience and access to a vast selection of games.

Ultimately, both the S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck offer exceptional gaming experiences, and the choice between the two comes down to whether you prioritize a high-performing mobile device or a portable PC gaming console. Whichever you choose, you are sure to enjoy the thrilling gameplay and immersive world of Diablo Immortal.


1. Which is the best platform to play Diablo Immortal, the S22 Ultra or Steam Deck?

Both the S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck offer powerful performance and are capable of running Diablo Immortal smoothly. However, the choice ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for a mobile gaming experience with a large screen and superior graphics, the S22 Ultra might be the better option. On the other hand, if you prefer the versatility of a handheld device and want to play Diablo Immortal on the go, the Steam Deck could be the ideal choice. Consider your gaming style and preferences before making a decision.

2. Can I sync my progress in Diablo Immortal between the S22 Ultra and Steam Deck?

As of now, Diablo Immortal does not support cross-platform synchronization of game progress. This means that you cannot transfer your progress from the S22 Ultra to the Steam Deck or vice versa. Each platform will have its own separate game data. If you plan to play Diablo Immortal on both devices, you will need to start a new game on each platform.

3. Are there any performance differences between the S22 Ultra and Steam Deck when playing Diablo Immortal?

Both the S22 Ultra and the Steam Deck are powerful devices that can handle graphically demanding games like Diablo Immortal. However, there may be some differences in performance. The S22 Ultra, being a flagship smartphone, is optimized for mobile gaming and may offer a slightly smoother gameplay experience. On the other hand, the Steam Deck, being a dedicated handheld gaming device, may provide better controls and a more immersive gaming experience. Overall, the difference in performance might be marginal, and it largely depends on individual preferences.

4. Does the S22 Ultra or Steam Deck offer better battery life while playing Diablo Immortal?

Battery life is an important factor to consider, especially for extended gaming sessions. The S22 Ultra is equipped with a large battery capacity and advanced power-saving features, which can ensure longer gaming sessions. However, the Steam Deck also boasts a decent battery life and is designed to offer extended gameplay on the go. Both devices will provide satisfactory battery performance while playing Diablo Immortal, but the exact duration may vary depending on individual usage and settings.

5. Can I play Diablo Immortal on other smartphones or handheld gaming devices?

Diablo Immortal is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices beyond just the S22 Ultra and Steam Deck. It is available for both iOS and Android devices, so you can play it on various smartphones and tablets. Additionally, if you prefer other handheld gaming devices, as long as they meet the game’s requirements and have access to the compatible app store, you should be able to enjoy Diablo Immortal on those devices too.