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Platformer games are among the oldest and most popular games offered online. This is because platformer games are offered with very exciting yet straightforward gameplay. Due to its popularity, many platformer games that were released recently can now be accessed and played using commonly-used mobile devices. Thus, a lot of game developers have shifted their efforts towards the creation of platformer games and eventually earn more revenues from doing such.

As a result of this trend, the number of transformer games available for download has increased tremendously, and this made the selection of the best game quite difficult.

But as for the year 2019, the following are considered as the top platformer games for mobile.

Best Platformer Games On Mobile
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Top 20 Platformer Games For Mobile


1. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run
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Super Mario Run is a very popular and one of the most exciting platformer games that millions of players came to love worldwide. This game is designed as an auto-runner and side-scrolling game. It is developed by Nintendo for both the iOS and Android platform. The iOS version of the game was released on December 2016 while the Android version was launched in March 2017.

Super Mario Run is regarded as a representation of “Mario,” one of the first games developed by Nintendo for mobile devices. The game comes with four major game modes. First is the core game which involves controlling Mario or the other characters while they were automatically running across the screen. This involves timely timing jumps to collect coins as well as the other awards offered.

Second is the Toad Rally, which requires you to compete against the other players’ ghosts. The third is Remix 10 which allows you to complete altered level versions from the core game. Fourth is the Mushroom Kingdom area that you need to expand by using the coins and the other collectibles collected from the other modes. The game is free to play but requires a certain fee to unlock the full version of the game.


2. Vulture Island

Vulture Island
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Vulture Island is an exciting video game. This comes with an adventure platform along with an interesting focus on exploration designed to tickle your curiosity instead of getting high scores as well as completing each level. This platformer allows you to freely roam in an open world as well as do other exciting explorations like exploring caves, pirate ships, temples, swamps, and more. Vulture Island is available for Android and iOS users for free.


3. Terraria

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Terraria is a video game played by millions worldwide. This is an action-adventure sandbox game that was developed by Re-Logic. This platformer game was first released on May 16, 2011, for Microsoft Windows. After that, other versions, especially those that are compatible with PCs, handhelds, consoles, and mobile platforms. The game features exploration, building, combat and crafting. This also comes with creatures that were generated in 2D world. Terraria is available for download in exchange for a few dollars and works with the iOS and Android platforms.


4. Vector 2

Vector 2
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Vector 2 is a simple platformer and side-scrolling game similar to the “Mirror’s Edge.” This game is also reminiscent of other games that involve endless running. Fortunately, Vector 2 comes with an ending. To get the best results, you should swipe up and down to jump as well as slide and roll through the next level. This is accomplished by helping your shadow-like hero to sprint past lasers, mines as well as the other obstacles all towards the exit. Many players loved this game since it is nice, simple and addictive. Vector 2 is presently offered for free for both the iOS and Android devices.


5. Star Knight

Star Knight
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Star Knight is an addicting platformer game. The game allows you to have the chance to help Naro, the main character of the game to battle the evil forces and return the sun to the citizens of Gaon. To do this, you need to get past through various levels that come with light and dark elements. This platformer is available for download for free. This comes with versions that are compatible with iOS and Android devices.


6. Oddmar

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Oddmar is a very entertaining platformer game, and many players enjoy playing the game. This is because the platformer comes with enhancing graphics and straightforward gameplay. Oddmar comes with twenty-four levels that provide platforming challenges and puzzles that are physics-based. This game I presently offered for free download and available in both the iOS and Android devices.


7. Adventure Island Games

Adventure Island Games
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Adventure Island is one of the oldest platformer games that many online players came to love. Also, this platformer makes use of the side-scrolling platform. It is produced by Hudson Soft and was released in Japan on September 12, 1986. The North American version intended for Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in September 1988.

This game is regarded as an adaptation of Sega’s arcade game Wonder Boy. After the initial release, a series of sequels that were independently developed by Hudson Soft was released. Also, this includes the versions that work with Android and iOS devices.


8. Witcheye

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Witcheye is known as an old-school and colorful platformer game. It is offered along with a uniquely-designed touchscreen control system that allows unparalleled control of the hero. To play the game, the player needs to perform a swiping motion to let the character move. Also, the entire game revolves around the task of bouncing off of enemies as well as dodging hazards in all the game’s six worlds. This platformer is currently offered in Android and iOS versions. Also, it can be downloaded in exchange for a fee.


9. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is a platformer game that was developed as well as published by Sega. This is intended for use on the Sega Genesis console and was first released all over the globe worldwide on November 1992. The Hedgehog 2 is regarded as the second major entry to the Sonic the Hedgehog series. In this version, Miles “Tails” Prower was introduced as Sonic’s sidekick and can be controlled by a second player. The game can be downloaded in exchange for a fee by Android and iOS users.


10. Rayman Jungle Run

Rayman Jungle Run
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Rayman Jungle Run is a platformer game known to mobile players worldwide. It is believed that the gameplay of this platformer is designed to be easily picked up and played by new players. However, it is considered challenging to master by a lot of longtime Rayman fans. The game revolves around the goal of completing the journey throughout the game’s 20 new levels. Finally, the game is available in versions that work for Android and iOS devices.


11. Dandara

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Dandara is a popular platformer game that uses the Metroidvania platform. This platformer is developed by the Brazilian studio dubbed as the Long Hat House. Also, the game was published by Raw Fury. This features the Brazilian game figure Dandara. Players take control of the protagonist that warps between white surfaces and traverse the game world. Finally, this game was developed in several versions, including those that suit the iOS and Android devices.


12. Teslagrad

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Teslagrad is classified as a 2D side-scrolling puzzle-platformer game. It is developed as well as published by Rain Games. This platformer was first released on Steam on December 13, 2013. The iOS and Android versions were launched on November 8, 2018. The game has straightforward gameplay. The game allows the players to control a young boy who was caught in a conspiracy which also involves a despotic king who ruled the entire nation for several years with iron fist. Teslagrad is presently available for download in exchange for a fee.


13. Dan the Man

Dan the Man
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Dan the Man is a platformer game that features gameplay inspired by the old-school brawler theme. This platformer allows the player to punch and kick their way to complete the 12 action-packed stages included in the game. Also, this enables players to play a game that comes with intense hand-to-hand combat, combo moves and a lot of weapons as well as secrets to find. Dan the Man is available for free download and works both on Android and iOS devices.


14. Thomas was Alone

Thomas was Alone
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Thomas Was Alone is a platformer video game that makes use of the indie puzzle platform. This platformer is created by Mike Bithell and was released as a Flash-based game on October 2010. The game was expanded, and this was followed by its simultaneous release in different versions. The game version that works with iPad devices were in May 2014. Also, the versions for other iOS and Android devices were launched in July 2014. Finally, the game is currently offered for download after the payment of a few dollars.


15. Duke Dashington

Duke Dashington
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Duke Dashington is a very entertaining platformer game that many mobile players like. It comes with gameplay that allows players to control a Duke to pillage the trap-filled tombs using the simple screen swipes. The player needs to swipe left to make the hero fly to the left until he crashes. Finally, the rules of the game are simple, and the levels are short yet very challenging. Thus, this makes the platformer a compelling game to be played on the go.


16. Blackmoor 2

Blackmoor 2
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Blackmoor 2 is regarded as one of the latest platformer games that were released to the public. This platformer allows the player to use the simple narrative option in playing which involves a decent, ten heroes and boss fights. Also, the game comes with several playing options like the online PvP and cooperative multiplayer. The game is available for Android and iOS users for free.


17. Swordigo

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Swordigo is considered as a relatively older platformer game. This platformer comes with great graphics and provides a 2D side-scrolling experience. Also, the game bundles RPG, adventure and action elements. And, the game provides the players with various weapons that are very helpful in completing their quests that usually involves fighting with monsters.  A lot of mobile players like Swordigo since it comes with simple and customizable controllers. This is also downloadable on iOS and Android devices for free but with several cheap in-app purchases that help remove ads and provide more seamless playing experience.


18. PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist

PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist
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PewDiePie: Legend of Brofist is a unique platformer game that offers a lot of exciting features. This platformer allows the player to assume the role of a YouTube star as it goes through a series of tribulations and trials. This game also features several boss fights, unlockable YouTube stars to play with and the retro style gameplay. The game is presently offered in versions compatible with iOS and Android devices. This can be downloaded and installed on devices after paying a fixed fee.


19. Super Phantom Cat 2

Super Phantom Cat 2
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Super Phantom Cat 2 is the second installment to the popular platformer game series that uses the same name. Many mobile players prefer this over the other platformer games since the Super Phantom Cat 2 is quite easy to play and comes with compelling gameplay. When playing, the players are allowed to assume the role of an ordinary cat with some phantom powers. These powers enable the players with various ways to fight the bad guys, solve mini-puzzles, jump over some stuff as well as stay alive. Also, the game offers a list of exciting features that include multiple available characters, all-new levels and a range of hidden secret areas to discover. The game is presently available for Android and iOS users. Also, it can be downloaded free of charge.


20. Super Cat Tales 2

Super Cat Tales 2
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Super cat Tales 2 is the second edition of the famous platformer game bearing the same name. Firstly, this platformer makes use of the 2D side-scrolling platform along with some adventure and puzzle elements. The game allows the players to play with about a hundred levels, use multiple playable characters and take part in several boss battles. Also, players are given a chance to stack up achievements, loot and unlock some secret areas.

Aside from the features enumerated earlier, Super Cat Tales 2 is considered as a favorite by a lot of players since it comes with simple controls, colorful graphics and smoother gameplay. Also, this game is available for download in exchange for a minimal fee. This also works on Android and iOS devices.


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