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A stable Internet and cellular connectivity are essential when living in a fast-paced and digitally-connected era. As you have noticed recently, the majority of businesses and companies are switching to remote work. Hence, a robust cellular reception is crucial for completing tasks and attending online meetings.

Due to network restrictions in remote areas, some people don’t have the luxury of experiencing a reliable cellular reception for faster mobile data or uninterrupted phone calls. The good news is that many cell phone reception boosters are available nowadays that serve as a workaround.

Unlike previous years, many people can now remediate signal problems without spending too much money and bulky equipment. With cell phone reception boosters, the majority of cell signal challenges are going to be resolved and provide people with a faster and more stable cellular network, especially in remote locations.

Without a doubt, many cell phone reception boosters are available in the market. As a result, the options are overwhelming as to which one you should purchase, considering many reception boosters have specific purposes. For your convenience, we’ve listed down the ten best cell phone reception boosters for your mobile.


What Causes Weak Reception

Before anything else, let’s discover the reasons why you are experiencing a weak reception. In this section, we highlight the three primary causes of having a bad cellular reception or weak signal.


Building Materials

One of the causes of cellular reception problems is the building or construction materials that are used in vehicles and establishments. 

Wire mesh, sheet metal, concrete, blocks, and brick building materials are some of the popular and noticeable blockers of a cellular network. Other causes of major reception problems include water fixtures, metal or tile roofs, and energy-efficient window coatings.

When you notice a bad reception inside your house, office, or vehicle but significantly improves once you’re outside, building materials are likely the main culprit.



The second culprit of poor signal reception is the presence of blockages between the nearby cell tower and you. Some of the common blockages include buildings, hills, and mountains. Furthermore, others can experience intermittent or loss of signal reception if they’re in an underground, below the valley, and don’t have any nearby cell tower.

Signals can’t penetrate through large blockages; thus, they can’t reach you. Cell reception bounces off buildings or hills and extends you through reflection. As a result, you have intermittent and weaker signals. Without this process, you won’t have any signal in your area.


Cell Tower’s Distance

Cell reception is broadcasted from cell towers built by service providers. The closer you are to a cell tower, the more stable and reliable cell signal you have. As you travel farther away from it, the cell service becomes weaker.

Living or traveling in very remote locations often have weak cell reception. Without a cell tower nearby, you most likely have poor mobile data and dropped calls.


What Is A Cell Phone Reception Booster

Also known as a repeater or amplifier, a cell phone reception booster consists of three primary components namely interior antenna, amplifier, and external antenna. These devices create a wireless system to improve signal reception.

The external antenna gains cellular signal from the nearest cell towers and moves it through a cable to the signal booster. The cell phone reception booster amplifies the signal strength and eventually moves it to another cable to the interior antenna. With this process, it broadcasts the stable cellular signal to the location where it’s needed the most.

On the contrary, cell phone reception boosters can also work in reverse. For instance, when someone calls you, or you’re using mobile data, the data moves through the system. Once it passes through the system, it is amplified, and eventually broadcasted to the nearby towers.


Best Cell Phone Reception Booster

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is one of the popular DIY cell phone reception boosters for mobile phones. It is a signal booster that works best with small to medium homes. The device can cover a range of a maximum of 5,000 sq. ft. if your outdoor cellular network is excellent. The majority of people will experience a signal boost between 2,000 to 3,000 square feet. However, if you’re living in a remote location with an extremely poor outdoor reception, you have less coverage area for a signal boost. If you have a poor outdoor signal, this is an average cell phone reception booster.

The Home MultiRoom has a sleek, and elegant design. Its interior antenna panel has a fabric material on the front and blends like a component of the house. With its robust yagi directional antenna, it can even cover faraway cellular towers.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom improves cell phone reception for all North American mobile service providers. If you’re planning to switch mobile carriers, this cell phone reception booster from weBoost will still function. As a milestone on weBoost products, the Home MultiRoom is compatible with Sprint bands.

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to your poor cellular service without spending too much, the weBoost Home MultiRoom is an excellent signal booster for you.


  • – Elegant and Wall-Mounted Panel Antenna
  • – Improves Signal In Different Carriers
  • – Cable is included


  • – T-Mobile Band 71 isn’t compatible with boosting
  • – Individual Parts to place around your homes


WilsonPro 70 Plus is an excellent contender for the best cell phone reception booster. Although it’s in the more expensive price range, WilsonPro 70 Plus has the strongest signal boosting for multiple mobile service providers. WilsonPro 70’s multiple carrier support has also received approval from the FCC, and a 3-year warranty.

Speaking of WilsonPro 70’s features, it is integrated with a lightning arrestor kit for protection against static electricity surges, and an LCD for more convenient and easier troubleshooting and installation. Unlike other cell phone reception boosters, WilsonPro 70 Plus can amplify outside cellular reception and convert into more coverage indoors.

If you require boosting your signal in multiple carriers simultaneously, this cell phone reception booster from WilsonPro provides the most expansive coverage area possible around your homes. Speaking of installation, WilsonPro 70 Plus is easier to install compared to other WilsonPro units. Aside from that, the device is protected against surges passing through the exterior antenna cable.

The WilsonPro 70 Plus is an excellent option if you have a house or office that has several floors with a complicated setup.


  • – Supports Wireless Installation and Connection
  • – Integrated Amplifier LCD for System Monitoring
  • – Multiple Phone and Carrier Support


  • – Not Suitable for Regular Houses
  • – Doesn’t Support Multiple Carriers
  • – Expensive

Made for individuals with small to mid-sized homes or offices, the SureCall Fusion4Home is a perfect alternative to the Home MultiRoom signal booster from weBoost. This cell phone reception booster can cover 2,000 sq.ft., and boost signal strength for multiple devices simultaneously, regardless of the mobile service providers.

Hence, the Fusion4Home amplifies cellular reception for 4G LTE service, calls, and texts for all mobile networks. Aside from that, this device decreases the number of dropped or missed calls due to poor reception. Through Fusion4Home’s omnidirectional antenna, your cellphone’s battery life is also enhanced.


  • – Comprehensive Kit
  • – Indoor Whip Antenna, Outdoor Omni Antenna, and 50 ft.- RG-6 Coax Cable are already included.


  • – Best for Weak Indoor Signal Only
  • – Provides good boost but not as much as other brands


weBoost Installed Home Complete offers the first and only cell phone reception booster that comes with a professional installation without a fee. Hence, if you prefer an expert to install your signal booster, this is the best option for you.

weBoost Installed Home Complete can cover a large house with a fair external signal. Aside from that, it can cover a mid-size home with a poor exterior signal. This cell phone reception booster can boost a maximum of 7,500 square feet of coverage area with a stable exterior signal.

The majority of people experience a coverage area ranging from 3,500 to 5,500 square feet. If you want to boost the signal in other areas of your home, then you need to purchase more antennas. Also, if you’re residing in a very poor reception remote location, you can enjoy a maximum of 2,000 square feet coverage area.

If you prefer a professional to install your signal booster, the weBoost Installed Home Complete is the perfect cell phone reception booster for you.


  • – Ease of Use
  • – Excellent Signal Boost


  • – Inconsistent Results
  • – Not the best option for very remote locations


The weBoost Drive Reach is the best and strongest cell phone reception booster for vehicles from weBoost. This device works perfectly in yachts, boats, fleet vehicles, RVs, semi-trucks, trucks, SUVs, cars, and campers. Also, this cell phone reception booster offers you a diverse range of options.

You can either have an AC power supply, or a hardwire. Regardless of any adventure you have, weBoost Drive Reach can either have an inside antenna for a yacht or boat, or an OTR antenna for RVs and trucks. The Drive Reach can amplify a maximum of four vehicle cellular devices simultaneously. 

weBoost Drive Reach has the highest uplink power released from Wilson Electronics. Hence, it is the perfect cell phone reception booster for very remote highways and roads. It’s an upgrade from the older Drive 4G signal booster.


  • – Affordable
  • – Multiple Carrier and Multiple Device Support
  • – Plug and Play Installation


  • – Difficult to troubleshoot
  • – Straight Wires with no option for reducing wire clutter
  • – Dropped calls are still existing

The Cel-Fi GO X is a best-selling and most powerful cell phone reception booster for a single device or service provider. Since it’s a single carrier signal amplifier, Cel-Fi GO X can only amplify the signal in one of the major service providers at a time.

That said, it’s more powerful than any multiple carrier cell reception booster. If you purchased a family subscription on a single carrier, Cel-Fi GO X offers outstanding performance in boosting your cell reception regardless of how poor your outdoor signal is.

Through the Cel-Fi GO X, the service provider you’re currently using can be swapped using a mobile app easily. As a result, you don’t need a new cell phone reception booster if you’re planning to change to a new service provider along the way.

With Cel-Fi GO X, you can conveniently configure your device with numerous types of cables and antennas to cater to a diverse range of purposes. Hence, it’s a one-stop-shop for all your signal boosting needs.

The device even lets you install different GO X reception boosters side by side, one for each service provider, so you can enjoy the multi-carrier support, and the 100dB of boosting capacity.


  • – Simple and Straightforward Installation Instructions
  • – Complete Package with Lightning Surge Protector Kit and 2 N-Type To SMA Pigtails included


  • – Supports Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T carriers only
  • – Works with one carrier at a time


Another excellent cell phone reception booster for small to medium homes is SureCall Flare 3.0. The device can amplify your signal to a maximum of 72dB. That said, this cell phone reception booster is as powerful as the multiple-carrier boosters but with a cheaper price range.

The SureCall Flare 3.0 includes an external directional antenna; hence, it’s perfect for an existing poor outdoor signal. The sole difference between SureCall’s Flare 3.0 and other signal amplifiers is that the amplifier and internal antenna are integrated into a single component that requires to be placed in a location that acquires better reception. That said, it’s probably not the best cell phone reception booster for some users who don’t want a glaring boosting device.

If you’re fine with a visible cell phone reception booster around your room, the SureCall Flare 3.0 is a suitable alternative for you.


  • – Excellent Signal Boosts for Multiple Carriers
  • – Flexible Placement of the Unit
  • – Easy to Install


  • – Boost for T-Mobile Bands 41 and 71 isn’t available
  • – Not recommended for office or corporate buildings


The weBoost Home Room is an excellent option if you’re new to the world of signal amplifiers. It’s a stable entry-level signal booster that is excellent for amplifying the signal in a one-room unit apartment or house. Otherwise, you can purchase the SureCall Flare if you require a more powerful and cheaper alternative.

With weBoost Home Room, you can have an introductory experience of what cell phone reception boosters can do with poor signal. If you are ready to upgrade and enjoy more coverage, then you can choose its newer sibling – the weBoost Home MultiRoom.


  • – Supports Multiple Carrier
  • – Value for Money


  • – Small Range at 1,5000 sq. ft.
  • – Suitable for individual offices and small apartments only
  • – Mediocre Signal Boost


The SureCall Fusion2Go Fleet is a comprehensive signal boosting solution for fleet vehicles such as service vehicles, delivery vans, and police cars.

Unlike traditional signal boosters that require cigarette light power adapters and magnet mount antennas, this cell phone reception booster is built for permanent placement in a vehicle.

If you require a cheaper alternative to weBoost’s Drive Reach, then SureCall’s Fusion2Go Fleet is the perfect device for you. It also offers a similar performance as the Drive Reach.

With SureCall Fusion2Go Fleet, you have the strongest multiple-carrier vehicle reception booster.


  • – Reduced Dropped Calls
  • – Easy Setup


  • – Many Amazon buyers claimed no improvement on their signal
  • – LED doesn’t have any indicators for easy troubleshooting


WilsonPro 1100 is the best cell phone reception booster with versatile features. Although it’s made for commercial establishments, WilsonPro 1100 can be installed in huge houses. This device boasts many unique features including signal monitoring. With WilsonPro 1100, you can have a coverage area of a maximum of 35,000 square feet, given that you have a stable outdoor reception.

WilsonPro 1100 is a highly flexible signal booster. Furthermore, it offers different types of antennas. This cell phone reception booster includes a dome antenna for drop tile ceilings, yagi antenna for remote locations, and an omnidirectional antenna for cities.


  • – Powerful Cell Phone Reception Booster
  • – Compatible with multiple cellular devices, and carriers
  • – Best for Large Establishments


  • – Expensive
  • – No remote monitoring